Douluo Dalu – 257 – Seagod Trident’s Power

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  1. LOL I just squealed a bit when I saw a sneaky new chapter. YAY! Thank you! (Haven’t even read it yet, but I had to say thank you first. Happy Day 🙂 )


  2. The big question: who is the “formidable and vicious spirit beast”?

    Ah… I remember one which had powerfull killing intent… A dreadful king, and he had a peculiar way to manipulate blood. Don’t forget, the corpses didn’t have a single drop of blood.

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    • I dont think there are many people who are either Strong or knowledable enough to actually use a “backdoor” on the Deathgod domain/Clear sky hammer.

      Also, did I get that right? The ClearSky hammer has a Special Connection to the Deathgod Domain?


  3. I new there’d be some aftermath to his destroying slaughter city one day. It was too weird to just end it like that without telling us what happened. Tang San’s certainly going to get that strong opponent he was hoping for.


  4. Looks like slaughter king is back. Tang SAN wrecked his sitting now he’s feasting to build his power back up and get revenge


  5. Can’t be his grandpa. Possibly a spirit beast. I think the people who said the Slaughter King nailed it, I hadn’t thought of that.



    Hoping it’s his great grandfather………

    P.S. Next time can you PLEASE not upload a chapter like this until you’ve finished the next one T-T

    P.S.S. THANKS for the translation


  7. I didn’t see any way to speak privately with an admin on the site so is it possible to speak about one of your projects in private please ?


  8. I find it out of character for Tang San to be surprised by the strength of the trident, and even more so to be distracted by it in battle. He knew how much it weighed, and he’s supposed to be smart enough to figure out how much force that would mean.


    • Weight is one matter, resistance and offensive power is another. If a spirit tool could be crashed simply by weight, it wouldn’t be that much of a thing.
      Then again, we’re both speculating


      • That’s true. It’s not the weight that broke his spirit, otherwise the earth would also break his spirit, since the earth is heavier than the trident. It may be the hardness combined with its immovability and possibly a subdueing effect on tool spirits.


  9. Thank so much for the TWO chapters! Can’t wait to see what Tang San gains from fighting the Slaughter City King (a bit of humility perhaps…).


  10. First, two things:
    1) This is a rant. It will be long.
    2) Please do not spoil anything. Nothing beyond chapter 257 of Douluo Dalu. Nothing from the machine translated bits. Nothing from the other series. And please, none of the “ehehe, oh, you think X is a problem? Well, I won’t spoil it for you, but X is not the REAL threat” veiled spoilers. Those are the worst.

    So, I’m pretty disappointed in Douluo Dalu recently. This last chapter was pretty exciting, and I’m loving the translators’ pace, but overall the author seems to be giving Tang San more abilities than the author can keep track of. This is destroying one of the great strengths of this series: combining known powers in new and unexpected ways. He is also completely neglecting the other 5 Shrek Monsters as well as everyone else in the series. Also also, Tang is being an idiot, and the recent changes to lifespans as well as info on how becoming a God works is fucking with the overall worldbuilding.

    With the powers, let’s tally what Tang San has. We have 8 spirit rings. 4 are now 100,000 year rings. In total we have Bind, Parasite, Spiderweb, Prison, Spear, Nothingness/8 Stage Drop, Spirit Avatar, and whatever his 8th ring powers are. Then we have Tang Sect powers, Jade Hand (now Jade all-bones-in-my-body), Ghost Tracks, Purple Eye (now God Eye), Controlling Dragon, and Mysterious Heaven Power. Then we have Tang Sect hidden weapons/mechanical weapons, alongside the Ice/Fire Ying Yang water that even 100,000 year beasts can’t survive. Then we have the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, of which he has only ever needed Shock. Then we have domains, Deathgod and Blue Silver, each of which has evolved a couple times. Then we have spirit bones. Spider External Legs (poison, drain, defense/stabbing, integrated with domain), Orca Leg (two powers), Blue Silver Leg (healing and flight), Rabbit Arm (invincibility and teleportation), and the Vast Sea Skull (barrier, stealth, aoe attack, single target attack). THEN he has his Seagod’s Light, and the Seagod’s Trident. EVEN THEN, he still has the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method as well as all self-created techniques. Plus he’s immune to heat, cold, has some resistance to impacts (3rd trial) has some resistance to spirit power (1st trial), regenerates faster due to opening his meridians and is generally super tough. Sooo… 8 rings, 5 tang sect, 9 absolutes, 2 domains, 12ish spirit bone powers, 2 Seagod things for a total of 38 plus an unknown amount of hidden weapons/techniques, mechanical weapons, and self-created techniques. Oh, and he ate 3 Immortal Herbs, and can control all plants. This is entirely too much.

    In comparison, no other Shrek 7 devil has more than 1 domain+1 bone+8 spirit rings. Or 1 fusion+1 bone+8 spirit rings.

    Why does he need all of this? It is far too much! We’re starting to get redundancies here. He has flight from a bone, but as a Title Douluo level Spirit Force user, he also has flight. He has healing from his domain, from his mother’s leg bone, and from Seagod’s light. He has a single target attack from his hammer (and absolutes, undoubtedly), from the trident, from his eye beams, from his Blue Silver Spear, from his Orca leg bone, and from various Tang Sect weapons (Thousand and One Nights, most notably). He has stealth with plants from his domain and stealth from his Vast Sea Skull. Not even gonna address the vaguely defined Seagod’s Light power or the Spirit Force powers. So many of these should never have been given. His domain healing? Gone. Nine Absolutes? At most, make them 3, and one of them was the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method he already learned. Really, 100,000 year things shouldn’t give two abilities. One each. Strong ones, but one each. The Vast Sea Skull/original thing should have just had the stealth. His eye beams should have remained a stun/illusion piercer. That would cut out at least a third, and would eliminate most of the redundancy.

    The other Devils need more time in the spotlight. Mubai has yet (?) to use his spirit bone in combat. Ever. Fatty hasn’t used his in ages. What does Zhuqing’s even do? Did we ever learn? Only RongRong and Oscar get to use their bones regularly. Tang San also should have taught them the Tang Sect Skill that applied to them. The author eventually explained that they can’t learn the Mysterious Heaven Power unless they start with it, so that’s fine, but Zhu needs the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Mubai needs Jade Palms. Teach Oscar some Controlling Dragon and Hidden Weapons so he can defend himself better. Same with Rongrong. This would be a huge and appropriate boost to each of them, and they are already in Tang Sect at this point He initially said “oh, it takes so long to learn…” but then he taught Ji Xiang in a few days, so that’s bullshit.

    What else… So, Rongrong for 3 ranks from her trial, and is not rank 83. Weird. She got a 100,000 year ring for her 8th ring, and Tang got 4 ranks from his 8th ring. It also wasn’t a God Bestowed, perfectly-adjusted-for-you ring. That should put her at rank 86 or 87. What about the rest? They all got another ring for finishing their 6 trials, and they are explicitly rank 81, past the bottleneck, so they must have gotten their 8th rings. None of them made it to 100,000 year? Why?

    What about Mubai’s 8th ring? There was a whole stupid scene where he left with Xiao Bai to get his 8th ring to give the Devils an extra 1% chance of beating the 6th trial…. And then Tang proceeded to ignore him completely and win alone. Then he lied to them. First off, what a slap in the face. “we are all brothers” indeed…. Second, what is his 8th ring? Did they find a 30,000 year beast? 50? How much did Tang’s lies weaken Mubai?

    The other devils also need more bones. I find it hard to believe that the Prince of Star Luo empire doesn’t have any nice family Spirit Bone. Not even one? Same for Rongrong.

    So that’s my issues on their powers… Too many for Tang, not enough for the other Devils, not enough clever usage, too much “oh, I have a new power I never mentioned which perfectly suits this scenario” moments. E.g. *you need to suppress your own domain* “Oh, Seagod’s light does that.” *you need to get past but not hurt fish* “Oh, the Nine Absolutes have a stunning power. Never mind that my modified 4th grass ability has an AOE stun, and I invented it myself for situations like this.” It’s lazy writing, and it’s disappointing.


    • I actually completely agree with you… it has been bothering me for some time that the Seven Devils (except for Tang San) are being pushed more and more to the background – the fifth trial was bad enough (seriously? a single one managed to win without Tang San? Talk about obvious and easily exploitable weakness – they are much to used to his directions and don’t have enough experience thinking for themselves in combat) but the sixth was a joke. Especially after the story with Dai Mubais spirit ring, but the lying was probably even worse. I was actually looking forward to some serious teamwork in the sixth trial to make up for the fifth… and the Tang San pulled a one man show.

      Also, were is Ning RongRongs second ability for her eighth ring? It is a 100 000 year ring after all. And what about the abilities of the others? What is Mubais eighth ability? And what spirit rings did the others get? You would think, they had at least enough time to talk about this… it seriously seems as if the author got bored with his other characters, which are keeping him from writing about Tang San and Tang San alone.

      What also pisses me off is how Xiao Wu is being handled… she has been completely useless in every trial after the third! In the fourth trial she… was sitting in the Treasure Purse and was quickly pulled out for the final? In the fifth trial she was taken along to help – only to sit useless at the sidelines? In the sixth she was as useless as the rest… at least after the seventh she gave Tang San her blood. But helping with the trial itself? Nope.


  11. Why is Tang San going to the forest to get the rings? Sure, he can gamble on his friends and hope they do well, but he has so many OP abilities which would help out a ton in their situation, and they have so much stuff to catch him up on. Grandmaster can talk to him about all the lore he’s learned. Tang Sect can show him their weapons, and maybe give him a Torrential Pear Blossom Needle or at least a Peacock Plume. He can use his wide-area 99th level spirit force to search the city for spies and traitors.

    Better yet, he can take a strike force and ambush a border patrol. His stealth with his Vast Sea Skull and his spirit force combined is so good that Bo Saixi needed to cheat with the trial signal to even have an idea of where he was. He takes the Golden Iron Triangle, Bone and Sword Douluos, Rongrong’s dad, Dugu Bo, the other Devils, and the Tang Sect elders and ambushes the biggest border fort. They stealth into point blank range of the Title Douluo there, Deathgod Domain/Oscar/Rongrong/Her dad buff everyone to ludicrous levels, and they one-shot all of the Title Douluos and Spirit Douluos there. Speed Elder armed with the Torrential Pear Blossom ambushes anyone who flees. They stealth back out. Easy. Odds are, they could kill them and get out without being seen. They gain a number of spirit bones from the Douluos, the Spirit Empire has no idea what to do and lost a few Douluo, and they might even gain intel from the Command center in the fort.

    Now Tang can get the Clear Sky school out of seclusion. 6 more Douluo, with one >95 rank. He also gets 2 bonus bones, one of which he needs to bring Xiao Wu back. He spends a few weeks training, learning polearm skills from Breaking Clan Douluo and preparing the border for war as well getting Dugu Bo to provide poison for all of the weapons. They buy time via political bullshit and denying everything, like Spirit Hall did with the death of the Blue Lightning Dragon clan, and Tang goes and gets his remaining rings.

    As it is, he is leaving his friends with no real defense against Spirit Hall Infiltration other than the Speed Clan. He has no polearm skills with his trident, and is just relying on its sheer weight. They also get the first strike. Last time they waited for Spirit Hall to hit first, the Blue Lightning Dragon clan died and the 7 Tiered Pagoda clan nearly died. The next time, the emperor nearly died and they lost a few thousand spirit masters. With the first strike on their side, Shrek can wipe out easily 3+ Title Douluos with no retaliation. We also get to have some lovely “oooooh, aaaaaaahhh” scenes where everyone admires the 7 Devils, and we get a more detailed idea of the progress everyone else made in the past 5 years. Personally, I want to know if Grandmaster broke into rank 50. One more ring would be pretty huge for their three-person Fusion.


    • Isn’t it really already simply explained? Resurrecting Xiao Wu > all for Tang San. Everything else takes a back seat. Also he only has 5 years to get… 14 spirit rings in the 10k-100k range? 4 spirit bones? Raise his rank to over 90? Otherwise the trial will kill him?

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      • Well… it’s not as if he hasn’t manages du raise his rank 25 ranks in 4 years… so you seriously believe he will have trouble raising it another 5? Besides, he himself guessed that he could easily finish the task in 1-2 years – the only real reason he is hurrying like this is Xiao Wu. Which… well. Okay, her resurrection trumps everything else for him – but seriously, completing the requirements for the Clear Sky Clan could actually make it easier – After all, they do have Spirit Bones.

        But, in any case – I am pretty sure, he will run into at least one Spirit Hall Title Douluo in the Forest – my bet is on Chrysanthemum and Ghost. After all, he still needs to take revenge – why not make that as easy as possible to push the story forward?


        • Why do you think he’s killing all of the spirit masters in this little kingdom? He’s doing it to draw out a title douluo.


      • Sure, but going straight to the forest isn’t the best way to get his 100K rings. After all, only 100,000 years rings have been shown to directly increase the user’s spirit power, and without the pressure of Sea God Island, Tang San’s cultivation will drop a lot. The most reliable way of increasing his power at his level/with his twin spirits is to hunt and kill 100,000 year spirit beasts. However, there are only two in the forest, and they are Xiao Wu’s family, so he isn’t going to kill them. The only two other beasts he knows about are Xiao Bai (not going to kill) and the Demon Whale King (can’t kill), right? So, since “resurrecting Xiao Wu > all for Tang San”, going to the forest is a stupid decision. All of the things he gains from visiting Heaven Dou capital are, from his perspective, just bonuses in comparison to the lore and up-to-date information he can gather from a capital city where he has huge influence.

        Da Ming and Er Ming never leave their forest, so they should only know about 100k beasts within that one forest. Grandmaster has dedicated his entire life to researching this shit, and had at one point access to Spirit Hall records. Ning Fengzhi has the formidable knowledge of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile clan. The knowledge of the Clear Sky sect is vast. The four elders of Tang Sect, especially the scouting clan, might well know about the lairs of some. Finally, the emperor, Xue Beng, owes his life to Tang San and has the resources of an entire fucking empire. In order to get the rings, bones, and ranks, rather than muck about attacking 10k-99k year beasts, he should target 100k beasts first and foremost. Each one he can kill will grant him 1 bone, at least 1 rank, and 1 ring.

        Go to the city. Get info. Kill 5 beasts. Gain 5 rings on the Hammer, 5 bones, and 5 ranks. That should put him at the Title Douluo Bottleneck. Kill another, put that on the Blue Silver Grass. Resurrect Xiao Wu.

        Your plan: Go to the forest. Run around, killing 10k year spirit beasts. Get 9 rings on the hammer. Likely no bones. Likely 1-2 ranks. ????

        Also, he should have had Oscar make a few dozen sausages with Bai Chenxiang’s blood. The Mirror Sausages all last a year, and by using her blood he can save so much travel time. Think about it. Just to get to the city, he’d spend weeks. With her power, he can probably do it in a day, then rest for a day.


  12. So, the more the author has gotten into the rank 95+ world, the more holes have been appearing in his overall worldbuilding. Presumably, the sequels/remaining chapters address this, but as it is, it looks bad.
    So, issues: Contradictions. Ignoring minor issues like the length of the Seagod’s Trident (7 meters to 4 meters to 3+ meters…), he has a number of major contradictions. Consider the life span of people. Initially, we hear that a Title Douluo can live for a few decades over 100. Rongrong’s dad, Ning Fengzhi is concerned that Bone and Sword won’t live too much longer than ~130 years old. Then, we hear that rank 99 can live to “at least 200 years”. Cool. Maybe 250 tops? This all fits.
    But theeeeeen, in chapter 252 we learn from Bo Saixi, reputable source, that no, “When people’s strength reaches past the Title Douluo level, they can live for 300 years. After that, every level adds a century. At my level, one can live at most 1000 years.” So… 1000-300=700. 7 centuries. 99-7=92. 92 is “past Title Douluo level”? Weird point to pick. I’d have picked 95, and said 200 at most, and then added 200 for each level. That would fit the canon well enough that the disparities can be explained by none of them having lived long enough to understand their own limits. So, Sword Douluo would be able to live for another 450ish years, which is pretty crazy. Easily enough to support Rongrong to a similar level.
    The numbers really do matter here, because of how big a deal one’s lifespan is. If everyone lives to be 400 years, Tang San better teach them hidden weapons and such. In the same chapter where they change up the lifespan, Bo says that from 95 to 96 should take a century. 96-97 should take 200. 97-98 takes 300 years. 98-99 takes “600 years of arduous sleepless training”. So, Sword Douluo should have needed to be about 350 years old to reach level 97, but he is only, let me check, “Over eighty”. So he’s between 90 and 100 currently. Given that Tang’s dad had the record of hitting Title Douluo at 45, we can assume they hit rank 90 around 50 years old. So…. Sword Douluo took, say, 35 years to do what should have taken around 400 years. He’s going 10 times the average rate? What’s more, we have yet to meet a single character who follows this average rate. Howling Sky Douluo is Tang’s Uncle. We know he’s older than Tang San’s dad, but not by too much. Be generous, and say… 20 years? That would make him AT MOST 85 years old. And he is “breaking through the ninety-seventh rank bottleneck”. Presumably, he is going from 96 to 97, so he is also going 10 times the “average” rate. If he is going from 97 to 98, he is closer to 20 times average. We don’t know many others. Sword Douluo’s dad took 10 and 12 years to reach 96 and 97.
    Bibi Dong is implied to be somewhere in this rank 95-99 range. Interestingly, she was first pegged at 95. Then, in chapter 223, she says “That final step that (Qian Daoliu) have never managed to take, in no more than ten years, I am certain to be able to surmount.” She appears to be implying that she is rank 99, and in 10 years will break though to rank 100. She thus needed a decade to go from 95 to 99? A decade to do what should take 1200 years? I mean, the Rakshasa cultivations must go faster than normal, sure, but 120 times faster??? Really, unless there is a long history of Title Douluos who take this long, none of which we have met, and every single one we have met was an exception, then this is bullshit. Also, the scene in chapter 196, where Sword Douluo talks about what his father learned on his deathbed from Qian Daoliu becomes really dark. As the High Priest of the Seraphim, he surely knows all the stuff Bo Saixi said about it being impossible to reach level 100 without turning into a god, and yet he makes up stuff about a 10th spirit ring, and a gap of 100% power. The Angel Douluo just flat out lied to the dying man. Damn.
    Speaking of the long history, then we have 100,000 year beasts. I haven’t been able to find the quote, but most spirit beasts gain intelligence with age, gaining near-human levels at or above 10,000 years. Some exceptions exist, sure, like the Titan Giant Ape always being human-level, but it is an ape, so whatever. What this means, however, is that there absolutely be Spirit Beast Clans. It’s not like they are impossible for some reason. We’ve seen plenty of packs, and then we saw the Devil Great White Shark and the Evil Spirit Orca clans. Think of what an advantage these clans are! Here, I’ll protect you, find you weak creatures to feed off of, teach you secret techniques and lore. It’s such a huge, huge deal.
    Think of Xiao Wu and her mother. Xiao Wu’s Soft Bones melee technique was probably developed during her mother’s 100,000 years and perfected in her 100,000 years, and as a result, even fucking Plot Armor McProtagonist Tang San can’t beat her. Why aren’t there more? Why aren’t these explored more? 90,000 years of human level learning is incredible. So many times in this series, you have these questionable plot-info moments. Xiao Wu uses Sacrifice. A 100,000 year beast, itself absurdly rare, choosing to turn human is rarer than 1 in 10. Then, to use Sacrifice? Surely less than 1 in 1000. So we’re looking at a one in a trillion spirit beasts kind of thing. And the Titan Giant Ape says “oh yeah, that happens so often that we have a fucking recipe to cure it. Take one part Grass, two parts Ginseng, and mix it up with spirit rings.” What?!? Then, Xiao Bai corrects that, and then Bo Saixi corrects THAT. How many fucking Sacrifices have happened?
    So.. yeah. Rant over. I love this series, and it was so internally consistent for so long, and it just bugs me that he appears to be writing himself into multiple corners.
    As always, thanks to the translators for translating!


    • Not sure I can help with everything, however you are correct that there are a lot of contradictions. I usually just lie to myself and say that the contradictions are based on incomplete information. However, the matters with spirit beasts are explained a lot more in the second novel, and in the third we see some of those clans you were talking about. It’s just that they don’t come out now for specific reasons.


      • Plot holes, right. Just assume that what people know about lvl 95+ title douluo is strictly limited to the people who actually reach such level, then you can ignore the ‘plot holes’, I mean why fixiate on this, it’s like when Tang’s grandmaster told him about spirits and spirit bones and abilities, even he did not know things that Tang eventually found out,. That’s all I have to say.


    • No doubt a good bit of this is inconsistencies. Part of the issue here though is I think that there has been issues with number translations in the series. I can’t name anything offhand, but I recall there being some inconsistencies early on that had to be mistranslations. In regard to spirit beasts, most of their ‘ages’ don’t actually correspond to age. Like the whale being close to reaching a million years and becoming a dragon despite only being around for ~300,000 years. Some spirit beasts gain ‘years’ by killing other spirit beasts, or spirit masters. Usually weak spirit beasts like Xiao Wu literally ‘age’ for the length of time it takes for them to reach the 100k year level or more. Even they have tricks for cultivating faster just like spirit masters.

      As far as Xiao Bai and Bo Saixi’s ‘corrections,’ I just think they assessed what was needed to resurrect Xiao Wu based on the current circumstances with their own judgement. The circumstances now are far beyond what the Titan Great Ape knew about when he told Tang San of his miraculous recipe. Tang San hasn’t exactly followed it. Actually he already abandoned most of it based on his own knowledge of the effects of the herbs he used, deciding the neidan was too volatile for Xiao Wu, and deciding the Sea God’s light could replace whichever part would sever the soul’s connection to him.

      Bo Saixi’s numbers really do throw off all the lore in the series so far though… I guess it was a web novel. Even if I love this series, web novels aren’t exactly the best literature out there. Published chapter by chapter so it’s not like he can go back and edit if he decides he wants to change something. She does say ‘by ordinary training’ though. So let’s say ordinary training = pure traditional meditation. If we think of it that way, maybe her numbers make more sense. If that was the case raising the multiplier wouldn’t be that hard since we’ve seen that there are many ways to increase the rate of cultivation (mimicry environments, super rare godly herbs, more advanced cultivation techniques, battle/life threatening situation pressure). Still doesn’t explain the life span increases though…

      I just take it in stride and enjoy the story because if I thought about it I’d just get annoyed like you, and I really do enjoy it.


    • Many of the inconsistencies within this story can be explained away in various ways. Most specifically, much of the knowledge and information that the main character is privy to comes from exposition delivered by older, more knowledgeable characters. But, there is a limit to the knowledge a character has. For example, at first using Spirit Avatar was supposed to weaken the spirit master for an extended period of time after using it, but that could all too easily be the result of Zhao Wuji not being skilled at using his Beast Spirit Avatar. To draw from the examples that you’ve used; the various methods given for the resurrection of Xiao Wu can also be explained as different characters having differing levels of knowledge on the matter. This doesn’t mean that resurrecting a human-form spirit beast that performed Sacrifice to save someone is commonplace, but quite the contrary. The information that Er Ming and Xiao Bai have is so piecemeal and flat-out wrong in certain aspects precisely because it almost never happens. In essence, the world of Douluo Dalu is inconsistent mainly because in most cases the author’s mouthpieces are characters that live within the world who may have different and altogether wrong interpretations about how stuff works. It’s also now Tang San has become truly powerful that we’re really delving into the high level stuff. Right now, he occupies a stage where he can see the truth of the world and how things are, so naturally it will render a lot of the earlier teachings he underwent obsolete.


    • I think that was the best coment I’ve seen here so far.
      Thanks for you taking time to open this discussion with your very detailed comment (yes i read it begin to end).
      I also percieved all this inconsistencies, and as some1 already said, web novels are not the best literature out there.
      But I should say, as a writer myself I see a lot of these problems as 2 major problems with the aurhor, first is that sometimes when you have a story that is too long, you start neglecting things that you don’t want to explain because you need to create so much more content and make the story much longer, so he just doesn’t want to do that. Second is the problem that I see as the only thing that I truly dislike about the novel, he is too much focused on the MC and how incredible he is that he create content just to make you impressed about how much of a genius he is, and then he fall on the contradictions, just like the lifespan and time to cultivate, these are just facts created to show how superior the MC is or is going to be.
      And that stuff still does not include tha carelessness of the author about things that were said and then negated, in a lot of cases it cannot be explained by lack of knowledge by the characters, it’s just that the author wanted to change or forgot what he previously wrote.
      So I would really like to see the story edited and fixed.
      But in the end I would like to say that I really like the novel but just like you I can’t help noticing this kind of stuff


  13. It is the giant ape and the bull serpent that has mastered the deathgod domain and inherited the clear sky hammer from his grandfather. they became human just like the mermaids. but only for an hour or so.


  14. I hope tang san wont let hu lena live for some bs reason again, when he keeps saying everyone in spirit hall are his mortal enemies and they have to die, yet lets one of their key members live for bs reasons…


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