Douluo Dalu – 259 – Slaughter King? Great Grandfather?

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79 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 259 – Slaughter King? Great Grandfather?

  1. Yup, it’s the gramps…

    And that’s true, Bibi shouldn’t take her pain out onto the world…

    I do feel sorry for her though…

    That said, even then, if she didn’t have her side attack the other 2 Empires, then they’d have destroyed Spirit Hall… So I don’t completely blame Spirit Hall…

    And frankly, 100,000 year rings are pretty much too much of a boon to resist, so I don’t have much blame for that…. especially since Bibi Dong is the leader of Spirit Hall

    But she also shouldn’t ask for mercy either… being understood and being forgiven are 2 different things….

    I pity her, but she’s still an enemy…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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    • Why should the other 2 empires destroy spirit hall? It was spirit hall (or rather, Bibi Dong) who started the war against the 2 empires, before that spirit hall was just a mix between a church and an academy, am I wrong on that point?

      I agree on the other points tho, her urge to aquire 100k year spirit rings is understandable. It was the same case with Xiao Wu too, if she wasnt the girlfriend of the MC there wouldnt have been half as much of a fuss about Bibi Dong trying to kill her. If she was on the enemy camp Tang San probably wouldve killed her for her spirit ring too so… well.


      • No, Spirit Hall and the other 2 empires had a balance of power, but all 3 powers wanted to rule.

        So both of the other empires want Spirit Hall gone and vice-versa.

        Also, Spirit Hall has the majority of Spirit Masters, so it just makes the empires uncomfortable.

        If they had the power and confidence that Spirit Hall had, they’d be the ones starting the war.

        And if Spirit Hall didn’t start this war, once they declined and the other 2 powers gained momentum, they’d be destroyed.

        Spirit Hall is its own power. Heck, even Dai Mubai admitted that the 2 empires wouldn’t allow an organization like Spirit Hall normally.

        There is a series called Spirit Realm on Wuxiaworld that has a sect in a similar situation called Armament Sect.

        It chose not to raise its power and conquer when it had the chance, and after its power dropped, the other powers all ganged up on it and tried to destroy it.

        So Spirit Hall kinda needs to succeed…

        What I like about Douluo Dalu over other Chinese fantasy are that there aren’t too many bad guys (though there are enemies).

        this author doesn’t always follow the troupe where the MC just makes almost every other person his enemy and every rank has new people and powers ready to kill him.

        This is a series where the characters aren’t as black and white.


        • Mh, you got a point there. Its just that from this point of view its kinda illogical that the 2 kingdoms didnt suppress Spirit Hall much earlier (just like the copper forces of SR did with Armament Sect once it had the chance to rise again). Might have something to do with the light/angel god but for a kingdom to allow a sect/church to become this powerful on its own territory is… weird. In SR its more understandable because there are many sects and the copper-forces do not “own” the land.

          I basically forgot that Spirit Hall was not a part of the 2 kingdoms but an own entity in itself (at the start)… well. Basically Douluo Dalu plays the same tune as SR right now, just with reversed roles. Thanks for pointing that out to me! 😀


          • No Problem.

            Also, they weren’t able to stop Spirit Hall. It collected Spirit Masters to fast and the other 2 Empires were fighting each other.

            Also, the smaller kingdoms all slowly joined with Spirit Hall without the 2 Empires noticing.

            Spirit Hall isn’t really a religion, but an empire that didn’t call itself an empire. Heck, it never called itself a religion to most people, but was a Spirit Master organization.


        • just don’t forget Bibi Dong is Rakshasa’s chosen(or maybe just it’s hierophant or just possessed by it) I’m guessing one of her trials is to take the angel god’s power presumably by killing her father-in-law(something it seems she’d be happy to do) but her daughter being the angel god’s chosen put a slight crinkle in her plans for the moment.(unless I remember the scene from around when Tang San got his trials wrong)


          • Maybe… is she really the chosen?

            Well, I wouldn’t mind if she killed him.

            That guy’s son (the previous Spirit Hall Pontiff) seemed to have been one of the few actually bad people that deserved death (at most, most people were just arrogant).

            In Douluo Dalu, it’s actually not too stupid to spare an enemy since most people don’t actually seem that bad… arrogant and pissy… but not bad…

            Though it’s too bad they’re all enemies…

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            • I’m starting to believe that conquering the continent is the 9th trial of the Rakshasa’s inheritance, it makes sense that a god completely devoted to evil and desire would want his successor to be all powerful, seeing that he deliberately fucked with the Asura’s trials, if the sea god didn’t come into existence after he already left this plane than I think he would have already won out.


              • You say conquering, I say destroying… while I don’t remember the details, I believe she has already vowed to unify everything under spirit hall and yet to also destroy spirit hall. And thus, the world was once again bathed in darkness… and it was good.
                All things considered, Bibi might have become infected by Rackshasa’s influence indirectly through her second spirit, the soul eating spider emperor thing or by some plot of the previous supreme pontiff. I believe she will be returned to a ‘good girl’ when Tang SAN uses the true seagod light after reaching divinity. This theory is based on my belief that the author seems to dislike sad conclusions and takes joy in reversing seemingly irrecoverable situations. This would bring her back similar to Tang Chen’s return from insanity.


                • Though that does sound nice I find the idea a little dissatisfying, Bibi is a a grade lunatic and she has definitely done a lot of baaaad shit to a lot of people to maintain her position, it seems more likes to me that the generally evil disposition of her spirits is what qualified her in the first place, but she is taking the trials willingly. I like to think that the combination of the distinctly noble existence of the silver emperor and the domineering existence of the Clear sky hammer combined is what appealed to the Seagod’s heart, as I see the Seagod’s as a sought of lawful neutral existence among gods, the Asura can be considered lawful evil and the angel lawful good (to a fault), and the Rakshasa is obviously chaotic Evil.


                  • I am also pretty damn sure that Seagod accepted Tang San because he could withstand absorbing/assimilating the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud when he first got it, remember? I think it was also said a couple of chapters ago that it was because of this that Tang San got the 9 trials instead of just 8 or below…


          • Peace is often the cause of war. So long as multiple sides exist they will always find themselves at odds with each other. Coexistence is normally seeded with a blurring of the lines in division of one another or a complex agreement founded on checks and balances. Without a common enemy, peace often leads to corruption and internal disputes.


  2. Armored Raven mentioned that he was the only one updating it for a while so I think the schedule doc has been dropped until they (bagel and raven) decide to both start using it again. Besides it just caused the community to go crazy when they didn’t get a release and saw that a chapter had been worked on X amount of days ago and wasn’t released/finished. So we’ll just get them when we do now I suppose like normal leechers :).


    • I see. But yeah, I did notice how people got antsy once a chapter was being worked on. I guess this is ok too. More of a surprise 🙂 I just wish there was some sort of updates thing. Like a twitter or facebook page for this site in general. So they could say, “x amount of chapters being released this week!” or “Started working on chapters x and y” or just comment here every now and then. I understand that they’re doing this because they want to and I really appreciate that. But just to make some of those people in the comments chill XD Anyways, I look forward to the next ones! I wonder if there’ll be a break seeing as the christmas week is pretty much here already.


      • The problem is that these translations already take them some time, I think. And after all that, they probably don’t want to spend whatever free time remains writing here to explain why the chapter is 5 minutes late. I personnaly understand because the more they give, the more the people will claim. I think they already do a lot of things and I think it would be wrong to ask more of them. We should simply take whatever they’re willing to give and not ask for more.


        • Taking less than 1 minute to say that a chapter won’t be released on that day takes so little effort. It shows that the translators care about the community and that they are aware that people appreciate communication. No one really complains about a chapter being 5 minutes late. People complain when a week has gone by without any acknowledement from Bagelson when he is posting on other sites. If he has the time to post there, then he has the time to post here. We all appreciate that they’re translating this for us, but we want to know that a chapter won’t be posted when they know it won’t be posted. I don’t think the majority expect a reason for a chater not being posted. We just want to know that we shouldn’t be lookin forward to a new chapter. Mutual respect goes a long way.


          • Wow. Are you seriously complaining? Honestly been reading this since it got picked for translations and I’m just glad I’m able to read it but for you to say 1 minute is effortless after translating all this definitely sounds ungrateful and I know you are, although just the things being said makes it look like the opposite. I think if neither of them want to post then they shouldn’t have to since they do this for free for all who don’t speak and understand the language and to me that’s good enough. Respect does go both ways if you both give and take, to an extent, equally. So just be satisfied with what you get cause unless you donate then can’t really complain.


            • You seem to have something brown on your nose. You should clean that off. If you think that posting 4 words (No chapter this week) takes effort, then you’re either extremely lazy or just white knighting. If you’ve been following this translation from the beginning like you say you have, then you should know that many people have offered to donate, but have been turned down because Bagel doesn’t want to feel obligated to translate every week incase something comes up. Saying that everyone should accept someone providing a service no matter how good or bad the service is provided is a pretty lame attitude to have. I really wasn’t even complaining, just giving a counterpoint to the person I responded to. You seem to be pretty thin-skinned about anyone being anything but positive. A lot of people look forward to reading this every week so it’s hard for me to understand why you think taking a minute out of your day to let your fan base know what expect is asking too much of someone. Everyone appreciates what Bagelson is doing, but just because we don’t give him money doesn’t mean that we can’t ask for him to let us know what’s going on. Even an “unsure if there will be a chapter this week.” post would probably stop a lot of people from posting negative comments. I am grateful for what he’s doing. I love this series. Just because I post only positive things doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work that has been put into translating this novel.


              • The probem is that if they begin doing that, people will immediately ask for more! The more you give, the more people will want and the translators already give us a lot with their work. I personnally know that I don’t have anything to offer them except my gratitude and I’d find it rude to ask them for explanations on why they post or not. That’s their life and they already do a lot of things for us! Don’t ask for too much unless you’re willing to lose everything!


  3. So it is quite apparent that Bibi Dong is doing the Rakshasa Trials. Well if you think about ‘evil desires’ and combine it with the scene we read in the Rakshasa and Angel Trials chapter, then you’ll agree with me.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    This was a very shocking chapter. Although I thought that the Slaughter King was using the power of a god, I didn’t connect that with Tang San’s great grandpa.
    Also, I really do feel bad for Hu Liena. She’s one of the most miserable characters in the series, I think.


  5. After reading the MTL version until the end, I’m not sure which one is it. The story is too easy to predict, or people likes to troll by spoiler. Yeah, and I regret reading the comments from the last chapter because there are no suspense on reading anymore.


  6. So Bibi Dong is the chosen of the Evil God. Makes sense. Getting nine spirit rings for her 2nd spirit is probably one of her trials, like it is for Tang San. No surprise she was going for their spirit rings, it was the only reason I could think of for why she was away and left Hu Liena in charge.


  7. Oh yesssssssssssss!!! This means Tang San is finally getting the head of a Titled Douluo! I hope he manages to get more than one~ and I REALLY hope that stupid Chrysanthemum Douluo is one of them!


    • ^^ You should Imagine the face of the Clear Sky Elders when he drops of a Bunch of Head of SpiritHall TitleDouluos and has 5-6 Red Sprit Rings with just level eighty Something.


  8. Lots of tragic romances in this work…

    Xiao Wu’s friends are probably going to die for the sake of plot and power ups… Probably give Tang San the rings and give the bones to Xiao Wu for when she gains a body.


  9. This is a cold speculation but maybe she (Bibi Dong) was raped by highers up from elder hall? and so she gather strength for her revenge on that person, while at the same time claimed to strengthen spirit hall (empire). Anyway, Daydream brother might be watching from somewhere in this era lol


    • Well actually Bibi Dong hinted at it back when her daughter came back from Heaven Dou. Seeing as Qian Daoliu is her ‘father-in-law’, she never actually married. Former Supreme Pontiff was her master, and he raped her, getting her pregnant, etc. etc.


    • “Tang San sneered,
      “Unfortunate? As Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff, and now as Spirit Emperor, where do you say she’s unfortunate? Even if she really is, can she lay her own pain on everyone else?” She`s raped, and the world in brink of chaos because of that lol. Grandmaster really must sacrifces himself to polygamous marriage (one late-virgin and the other is black widow) lol


  10. Thank you, Thank you so much….can’t really help being greedy but still am Hoping to receive another Christmas present from you..Really really grateful Bagelson-nim.

    Muuaaaahhh. Advance Merry Christmas Sir 😀


  11. Well, looks like Tang San will get to fulfill the ‘Kill a Spirit Hall Titled Douluo’ portion of his trials by the Clear Sky school pretty damn soon.


  12. So, since Tang San’s nickname is already “Thousand hands Asura”, I feel like he might also get Asura 9 tests, reaching deity level for both his spirits.


  13. technically speaking, achieving deathgod domain should already have been a lower asura test if you think about it? its clearly not assosciated with rakshasa god. it was a part of slaughter city which was asura/rakshasa trial place. it is lower than the red sword which is 8th asura test. so hm. depending on which of the things he had to do to get into and survive in slaughter city were asura or rakshasa influenced, he might even be something like 3rd or 4th test asura?

    but, thing is, the seagod thing is rly what he is making leapes and bounds towards. I dont think you can be both at same time so maybe he finishes just the one, and well, he gets some bonus from unknowingly having done some tests of the other (aka deathgod domain, assault)


  14. inimical seems like the wrong descriptive word in the sentence it’s in the one that describes the great grandfather s clear sky hammer


  15. I wonder if we will get a Christmas treat of a big dump this weekend it would make a brighter Christmas for me but I wouldn’t fault them if they didn’t do any this weekend


  16. My guess, is that with six elders and bibi dong attacking that the situation for the ape and bull python is already pretty grim. I imagine that when Tang shows up that they will probably underestimate him and Tang will use that along with usual shock of when he releases his rings to strike first and turn the situation in husband favor but ultimately at most all he can do is hold them off temporarily while the two spirit beasts escape ( but not unharmed), ultimately they will sacrifice themselves as a way to die on their terms and to force Tang San into the title douluo level. That will also help him replace the spirit bone that he will have to return to Xiao wu when he revives her.


  17. I was kinda of wondering about Xiao Wu’s mother.
    1. What kind of spirit monster was she?
    2. What spirit bone did she drop (eq. Leg or arm)?
    3. Did Bibi use it or save it? (Probably used it but she may have had a complete set)


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