Douluo Dalu – 272 – Divine Craftsman’s Remnants, Exceptional Hidden Weapons

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55 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 272 – Divine Craftsman’s Remnants, Exceptional Hidden Weapons

  1. Two in a row ?! WOOHOO !! 😀


    By the way, my Douluo fanfic will have a other chapter soon AND a battle in next chapter. 90% done and will only wait for my betareader to send it back after Im done. 🙂


  2. This is…. ah I’m so happy because of the two chapters today~ I’m literally smiling for ear to ear an I can’t stop! ❤
    Thank you so much for the chapters, Bagelson! ^^


  3. Tang San going to war against Bibi Dong and Clear Sky Clan will be used for protecting the Heaven Don city? How sad. I wished to his father and mother in action. Anyway, Tang San will dominate with his Seagod Trident as expected… What now, no more twists?


  4. So, Tang San promised the leaders of the four single attribute clans that Tang Sect would never have anything to do with the Clear Sky School, but now he’s the Clear Sky School’s Chief Elder. However you try to spin that, he definitely broke his promise.


    • he promised that they would never become one entity as in tang sect being subordinate to the clear sky school…

      the point was essentially that the 4 single attribute clans didnt want to work under clear sky school ever again, which they dont. Tang san is just part of both organisations as an individual it has no relation to the organisations as a whole

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        • “Moreover, his Tang Sect will never merge into the Clear Sky School, and will exist alone.” -Chapter 176

          Maybe i just missed it but i’ve yet to find anything that says that they’d have nothing to do with them. But in case he did promise that they’d have nothing to do with the clear sky school he’d have broken the promise the moment he gave it since he’s still apart of it. 😛


  5. Thanks for this beautiful chapter.
    Tang San’s abilities have no limit. He has power and intelligence. Even if he didn’t gain other power or aptitude, his vast imagination will suffice to create other miracles.Thanks again.


  6. I don’t know if i remember wrong but wasn’t the strongest hidden weapon of the Tang Sect the “Buddha Fury Tang Lotuses”? When did it become the “Torrential Pear Blossom Needle “?


    • I believe it’s a similar case with how the clear sky hammer is the number one tool spirit but the seven kill sword is supposed to be the most powerful attack type tool spirit or the spear spirit of the breaking clan is said to be almost unstoppable. Just think of it like having an ace of spades and an ace of clubs there different cards but have the same value. The two strongest weapons are different but have similar levels of strength


    • There was some explanation about the top 3 (or 2?) weapons being more or less equal. Which one would be deemed as the strongest would depend on the situation in with it was used.
      The Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was supposed to be the best for destroying large groups of enemies while the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was best used in individual battles, I think.


  7. I am glad that you still continue translating. Please keep up the good works. Your translation work is very good, and we really appreciate it it!!!


  8. Um… Seems like the author forgot that Tang Hao had to discard 2 spirit rings with the loss of his spirit bones and being knocked down to rank 79? Even if his spirit power reached level 96, he wouldn’t know that until he got new spiriti rings.


    • When tang hao severed his limbs he only list his spirit power and not his rings… Its just that he became unable to use them.. Tang san specifically mentioned this to tang hao when he was explaining abkut how he plans to make his limbs grow back…


      • No, he lost his rings, he had to, that’s what happens when your spirit power falls. Tang Hao himself specifically stated that he got rid of his first 2 spirit rings back then.

        It also has been said several times that while your spirit power can surpass a bottleneck, you don’t know for sure how much power you have until you get a spirit ring to break the bottleneck.


  9. Thank you for the release!

    Don’t listen to haters, if they want chapters so bad they should jut learn the language instead.

    Just a small thing, in the chapter it says :

    “Tang Hao har at least returned to the Title Douluo level.”

    I think it may be supposed to be:

    “Tang Hao had at least returned to the Title Douluo level.”


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