Douluo Dalu – 281 – One Man’s Battlefield

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  1. Found either a kinky line or a typo…

    “Kill me if you want. But please, pet my master go. I beg of you, ok?”


  2. and his expression in that instant was all that she head yearned fur

    you mean “all that she had yearned for

    But please, pet my master go.
    you mean “let my master go”

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  3. Nobody is going to comment on the fact that Bibi Dong called out Hu Liena like that? Even Little San was like ‘shit!’

    Many thanks Boss Bagelson!! And I have a little question….. will you ever again put up little previews of the next chapter up on Drive like you use to?

    It will help little sister get through the week!


    • I feel like, if you look at it from a “Human” Point of View, Spirit Hall is in the right. The only reason Tang San really hates her is because they attacked the spirit beasts close to him: His mom, Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu’s family. If his mom wasn’t a spirit beast, he would have pretty much no reason to fight them. The only reason he picked one kingdom over the other was all because of that initial decision, which, from a Spirit Master’s point of view, is normal. So from the perspective of this world, Tang San is being super weird by picking Spirit Beasts over humans. From a detached point of view (without knowledge from outside the world, such as the decreasing spirit population and such that most people in this world don’t know),

      I feel Tang San’s the one in the wrong. But, he’s the MC so yeah. Very few novels actually showcase any decision the MC makes as wrong, even in this one where all he is out for is a personal vendetta and he’s willing to kill millions for his own personal revenge and satisfaction/

      Thanks for the chapters Bagel-San~!

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      • hm, just because something is “normal” doesn’t make it right though. Spirit beasts who had already gained sapience, having feelings and thoughts and their own stories, who just stayed in their forest and protected themselves, or lived similarly to humans, is it really all right to hunt down those kinds of creatures? The only thing that differentiates spirit beasts who have reached that level and humans would be race.

        Anyway, thanks, Bagelson!

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      • Well don’t forget Tang San is actually half spirit beast. From a background point of view it isn’t strange for him to side with spirit beast or humans at all.
        In fact he very much has the right to choose.

        Siding with spirit beast we can look at it as humans and Tang San mutually using each other to fight a common human foe.
        Siding with Humans he’s avenging his family.

        It’s not really that Tang San is right or that he’s wrong, he’s simply fighting for himself, selfish like all humans are to differing degrees. He has made it pretty clear that if not for what his family and lover suffered he wouldn’t even bother fighting spirit hall.

        Thank you Bagelson!

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      • i disagree because if you look at it from a “human” side of view the only side is right is the winning side after a war. opinions from the weak get ignored, which is why spirit hall has and had behaved and continued to behave the way they did the entire story. now that tables have turned and they’re on the losing end of it they dont suddenly gain rights to victimize themselves. “we did nothing wrong. we were just following…”

        the stronger side is declaring their annihilation. the stronger side is right. now, if you want to lob in whatever reasons you feel like do go on. but in terms of who’s right or wrong, its always the winner.

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        • “they dont suddenly gain rights to victimize themselves. “we did nothing wrong. we were just following…””

          Hitler did nothing wrong


      • Well, Spirit Hall did launch unprovoked attacks that annihilated one major sect and almost got another, performed clandestine operations to topple foreign governments, incite rebellion, assassinate anyone they found uncomfortable, and generally push everyone around by virtue of being the biggest bully around. Personally for Tang San, Spirit Hall did kill his mother, his wife, his brothers in law, and repeatedly tried to have Tang San killed as well. But-if-isms don’t really change that.

        I don’t think you could argue it from a human point of view, though you might work it from a spirit master supremacist position.

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        • As well as the fact that while the Clear Sky Sect/Clan, was wrong for exiling Tang Hao, Spirit Hall went after not just Tang Hao but his son and clan as well. I mean the mere mention of “Tang” in front of Ghost Douluo back in the Spirit Master Competition 10 years ago, made him want to kill Tang San, on the spot. Now i don’t know why this is but it seems to be a common Chinese Light-Novel-Trend, just being BORN in a certain clan can make you a criminal in the moment of birth. Like, “I didn’t ask to be born this way!” (said this quote as a child myself) people don’t seem to care, even though you had no choice in the matter.

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          • I know people are going to flame.

            Anyway i believe with how it is worded that he’ll just swat Hu Liena away. After that i would not dare guess. After all i have only read these Novels from translators of at least close to Bagelson’s Quality.


        • Not to forget that Bibi Dong herself is pretty much becoming the very embodiment of wickedness and evil through her Rakshasa inheritance…technically though it isn’t any single persons fault so it would probably be wrong to try and simplify this whole mess too much…please don’t ask me why I suddenly started ranting like that 😉


      • If you look at it from a “Human” Point of View, Spirit Hall is a temple, and Bibi Dong is basically the Pope. One day she said ‘Fuck it, I don’t want to be Pope of the Sky Goddess church anymore, I want to be Empress of the entire continent’, then started a holy war against not one but two empires and then had her temple guards kill tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to try to make it happen.

        The only reason Tang San really hates her is because they attacked the spirit beasts close to him, but considering who he’s up against… he is far from being the one in the wrong.

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  4. 10 days later and the Clear Sky reinforcements still haven’t arrived? I find it hard to believe Tang Hao would be that slow when his son has gone to war with the Spirit Empire. Also, Grandmaster separating from Flender and Liu Erlong seems like a terrible idea.

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  5. even though this was 2 or 3 chapters every sunday, well, the story is just dramatic, hahaha, if bibi dong will die at least hu liena must live 🙂


  6. Thanks for translating as always!!

    “Trying to use water to block a Seagod candidate, wasn’t that just ridiculous?”
    Well isn’t that ironic? (Or wateric? (Not Fe but H2O)) And so obvious but still funny and I didn’t even think it. Obviously OP Tang San is obviously OP.


  7. Can’t help but feel sorry for Bibi Dong and Leina. Especially since I know Bibi’s motive. What she said in this chapter was sincere.

    Ah, communication, it’s such a hard thing to do right.


  8. It’s WAR. It doesn’t matter your motive, all you have to do is survive. How? By killing your enemies (or capturing them/ making them surrender).


    • If he wanted to kill her, he has the trident. It looks like he’s about to slap her, which I doubt would be fatal (though it would probably put her out of commission for the rest of the battle)


  9. Thank you for the chapters.
    Such a tense situation. When is Tang San’s father going to arrive? The Clear Sky school shouldn’t be too far behind


  10. Uh oh, with this setup, I am getting the distinct impression that Hu Liena is gonna save Bibi Dong’s life somehow…


  11. Poor Hu Liena… Although really, after she said she wanted to get revenge on the world and admitted she was causing pain for the sake of pain, Hu Liena should have turned on her. Like, make an offer to the other side. Cripple Bibi Dong’s cultivation and live quietly somewhere. She might even be able to become happy given time if her power was taken away.

    Tang San still won’t accept​ her, but she might have a chance if she befriended Xiao Wu and used her as an intermediary. Though she’d always be secondary in his heart. Harem may be difficult to regular people, but I think it’s different for cultivators. Because when their mental strength increases, time spent apart becomes less important; their feelings will not waver. They probably also have a deeper emotional capacity in general, so if he didn’t have a stigma against it, Tang San’s heart absolutely has room for more than just Xiao Wu. Though all of that also means that cultivators are basically incapable of getting over someone as well. Poor Hu Liena.

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    • Naaaaah. Its the same as our concept of soldiers. Some become detached to the value of life, others become traumatized. Its only a matter of experience and mental fortitude.

      Not everyone is loyal in the same way or as honorable as the MC in this case. Their is stories where harems are accepted if everyone is willing but it depend of the world it takes place. In Douluo Dalu, harem are not seeing as a norm or something honorable to do. But in Martial God Asura world (a other great chinese light novel), its accepted.

      It depend how much in love you were to begin with. For Tang San, he would feel unfaithful if he were to like somebody else and its like that in this world. He was raised like that and everything. But its not a general trait to Tang San or cultivator in general. Their was several lecherous characters in this serie who enjoyed womans greatly.

      Yeah, Hu Liena have earn our pity but she’s still seeing Bibi Dong as her mom/mentor so she can’t betray her without betraying herself. This is war, its not supposed to be pretty or romantic. She would have killed Tang San simply because her teacher asked her in that tournament, let’s not forget that.


    • I do feel sorry for Hu Liena, since her position is pretty shitty… however, dammit, get over him already! She’s been pining for him for years now, despite knowing that a) his heart has been taken b) he is an enemy. She could actually make some effort towards quenching her feelings, since that actually is possible, even though many stories like to pretend it isn’t since tragic love makes for a nice plot.

      And I disagree with the Harem suggestion. Even if it was culturally accepted in this world (which it doesn’t appear to be), it can never be something that works for everybody and neither Tang San nor Xiao Wu seem to be the sharing type. In fact, I would assume both of them would react extremely jealous in a Harem situation. And that is discounting the fact, that Tang San doesn’t seem to be remotely interested in anyone but Xiao Wu. He might like Hu Liena as a friend (if she weren’t an enemy) but I don’t think he would ever consider actually being with her.


  12. Anyone here familiar with this story and the ones that come after? Question for you if you are. Does this story or the following stories explain all of Bibi Dongs reasonings and rationale? No need to spoil it, but I would really like some clouser on the Rakshasa trials and what set her down that path. Thanks in advance if you know.


  13. Am I the only one who feels that Bibi Dongs reasoning seems pretty, well… strange and incomprehensible? Especially the ‘for you’ part… okay, then she slaughtered the Blue Tyrant clan for Grandmaster but the rest? It just doesn’t fit. It seems like either a desperate attempt to make her somehow more relateable or a desperate attempt on her part to gain some sympathy in order to at least stand a chance.


    • You may be right, but with the teasing of the Rakshasa trials makes me wonder if she didn’t make the choice to be evil on purpose but more as a sacrifice. Either for her or for someone else perhaps? I truly have no idea and really hope we get a real taste of her back story. I like to see how authors justify their evil characters. I hope they don’t just gloss over it.


      • Yes, it would be very interesting to get a more comprehensive look at her backstory. To be honest, I felt her to be a much more believable character, when she was just thirsting for power and willing to kill to get it. That actually is a believable motivation, but I feel that every time the author tries to make her seem more relateable, she ends up feeling disjointed.
        Why does she have a daughter but never tried to groom her into her successor? Yes, there is the whole Angel vs Rakshasa thing, but still you would think that if she actually bore the child of someone with angelic spirit that she would also be willing to actually use the strengh of said child and use it as her successor. After all, if her heart is still set on Grandmaster then the likeliest reasons why she would have a daughter with someone who wasn’t him would be a) political or b) she was forced into it. Which might actually explain her dislike for her daughter but even then, why was the father never mentioned so far?

        And then the whole Grandmaster story, which seems disjointed and never quite understandable. First she refuses him help when he asks for it, then she claims that all she did was for him? It just doesn’t make sense. Why only try to get him to join her side now, when the enmity is so deep instead of when he actually came to her for help? Back then, she might have actually stood a chance. Again, this only makes sense if asking him to join now is a desperate bid for sympathy in a desperate attempt to escape utter destruction.
        (Also, it would be pretty anticlimactic for her to die now. I hope she doesn’t.)


        • Also not sure how clear it is but bibi dong isnt excatly sane especially given that she is the evil god candidate


        • Sorry for replying to an old comment, but the father was mentioned. It was the previous pontiff. He got her pregnant, he recommended her for the next pontiff, he interfered in her relationship with grandmaster, and he also lead the attack on Tang San’s parents. What we don’t know is the order everything happened or the reasons behind them (other than the attack on the parents).


  14. Thanks for the update Bagelson!

    So it might be just me, but I kind of support the Tang San/Hu Liena relationship. For one, stereotypically, the guy and the girl are “opposites” yet sharing common interests. Tang San is coldly logical, an ambitious person, but ready to die because of his familial loyalty. Hu Liena is naturally an enchantress, her abilities emotional based, and she’s also willing to sacrifice everything for her family. The relationship’s also a very Romeo and Juliet one. I just feel like Hu Liena was cheated in her love. Xiao Wu and Tang San were made to be as it was written by the author. Things might have been different, however, if Xiao Wu and Hu Liena had both been friends with Tang San at the same time. What if Tang San was taken in by Spirit Hall along with Xie Yue, Yan, and Hu Liena? Things really might be different.


    • I disagree, because there is absolutely zero chemistry between Tang San and Hu Liena (to be fair, I also feel that the relationship between Tang San and Xiao Wu was pretty forced. Those two fit much better together as brother and sister, moving the relationship towards romance felt clicheed and unnatural).

      Tang San has never shown even the slightest interest in Hu Liena. He appears to consider her somebody he could be friends with if not for their enmity, but that’s it. Even using her spirit, she barely managed to get a physical reaction from him and he never showed even a hint of possibly being interested in her if not for Xiao Wu. Nothing.

      On the other hand there is Hu Lienas obsession with Tang San, which seems to be a mixture of awe for his strengh (with does seem to be confused with love quite often in this story…), gratitude for saving/sparing her life when escaping slaughter city and a desire for that, which you cannot have. Which is somewhat understandable, considering her position of owning a spirit which causes sexual interest. I can understand that she would go for a man who doesn’t seem to be affected by her spirit.

      An here is, where I actually agree with you somewhat. A romance between Tang San and Hu Liena could have been very interesting and actually more fitting than the romance between Tang San and Xiao Wu. However, the story would have to run very differently for it to work. (The following is my opinion on how the whole romance aspekt might have been handled much more believeably).

      For one, Tang San and Xiao Wu would have had to retain their sibling relationship. Then, a romance could have actually blossomed in slaughter city, but only if Tang San had actually returned her interest. The fact that his willpower is strong enough for him to be barely affected by her spirit would be even more impressive if he actually was attracted to her. Also, she would have to be much more outstanding. As it is, their power levels are much to lopsided, but if she was written as someone as outstanding (at least) as the Shrek Seven, then I feel that their relationship could also be much more balanced than the one between Tang San and Xiao Wu. Hu Liena doesn’t seem to be the type to rely on ‘her man’ and just lean back an be an obedient little girl.


      • You summed up almost everything I think. Following this plot line, there really is no chemistry between Hu Liena and Tang San, so anything besides friendship is impossible. I can dream, however. Your points clearly showed the reasons why the relationship would/wouldn’t work while including the factor of Xiao Wu. I used to support the 3/5 duo a lot more before Xiao Wu became as meek as she is. When they were younger, Xiao Wu and Tang San were the perfect duo. I usually really like the type of relationship that begins from best friendship. But for those relationships to seem believable, I prefer rivalry. However, Tang San is the main person in the relationship, and now that the two are older, Xiao Wu lost her appeal. Of course what I said was completely opinionated. But it’s what I think.


        • Yes, I kinda started from an opposing standpoint only to find that, the more I thought about it, the more I agree with you x’D

          And yes, Xiao Wu was a much more interesting character, before they became lovers. Since she actually had character and opinions back then. *sigh* I really liked that in the beginning, she was the only one capable of beating Tang San one on one. But the author has made her progressively weaker, not only in terms of strengh but also in terms of character.


  15. Oh great master Bagelson, could you please do a midweek release for my birthday? I won’t eat anything lacking bagels for breakfast the rest of the month if you do. I promise


  16. I came across an interesting line while reading through old chapters. From chapter 107: “the parents’ spirits can’t be identical, the more they differ, the higher the odds of bringing about twin spirits.” Kinda seems like BS that both of BIbi Dong’s spirits are spiders. They could hardly be more similar without being the same spirit.

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    • It simply says that the more different the spirits on the parents are the greater the chances of having twin spirits, that doesn’t mean you can’t have twin spirits from 2 very similar spirits, as long as they aren’t identical you can get them.


      • There have been 4 cases of twin spirits in recorded history. There was said to be a 1 in 10,000 chance of it happening even if you met the two conditions of being of equal quality and being very different from each other. I call BS. She should have had a variant spirit that was a blend of the two spiders (it also said variant spirits was the likely outcome when the parents’ spirits were of equal quality).


        • Just because the chances are super low doesn’t mean it can’t happen, like winning the lottery. Probably not gonna happen but there’s a chance


    • Yeah, TJSS forgets a lot of stuff like that.

      We also hear
      “Of course, after each time using Spirit Avatar, the Spirit Master’s own attributes would weaken by fifty percent, requiring seven days to recover. Therefore, unless absolutely essential, Spirit Masters over seventieth rank would never easily use their Spirit Avatar” from chapter 31, which has been disregarded entirely.

      From chapter 20, Tang Hao’s ninth ring is a 90,000 year old ring, not 100,000.
      “While speaking, the black clad man slowly raised his right hand. Immediately, a black light condensed in his hand, transforming into a huge tool, at the same time, a whole nine spirit rings quietly appeared on his body. Two yellow, two purple, five black. Nine spirit rings not at all like Zhao Wuji’s moving with that kind of rhythm, but were distinctly calmly still on the black clad man’s body, completely enveloping his body within. Nine spirit rings were an extremely terrible existence, especially his that last spirit ring, within the black faintly penetrated red. If Grandmaster was here, he certainly would see, while it equally was ten thousand spirit ring, the disparity was still huge.”


      • I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers these things. It drives me crazy how much this series contradicts itself.


  17. Man, Tang San such is wasting a ton of time. He had 10 days before this attack to do cool stuff, and all he did was tell Oscar to work hard.

    Things he could have been doing:
    Breaking open the 8 Meridians of the Shrek Seven Devils. Why not? It’s a free 1-3 ranks at this point, and it helps their regeneration significantly.

    Trying to regenerate the Sword Douluo’s arm. It might not work, but he hasn’t even considered it. Imagine if he regained his arm and lost vitality? Or ideally, they use a spirit bone to regain the arm, and then Tang San also opens Sword Douluo’s 8 Meridians? He might his rank 98! That would be huge. With Ning Feng’s boost, Sword Douluo would be able to go toe to toe with Bibi Dong.

    A stealth mission. This is possibly the biggest one, with the least explanation plausible reason why he WOULDN’T try this. He clearly knows that only Bibi Dong can pierce his Cosmic Shroud, and then only if she is aware of his coming and uses her Skull Spirit Bone, since he thought he could steal the Trident back alone. Since it is stated that he knows that Bibi Dong would require more time to recover, why didn’t he spend several days with Dugu Bo, the Poison Douluo, and absolutely wreck their army? TJSS keeps stating that Dugu’s strength is in 1v army of weaklings situations where his poison can work best, and that he is basically wasted when he has to fight the Pufferfish Douluo. Why not have him and Tang San, shielded by the Shroud, just fly over the pass and poison all of the water and food supplies? Ideally, some sort of time-delayed poison, so that as many people as possible would be poisoned before symptoms appear and they figure it out. This is such an incredibly strong combination and such an obvious one that it makes no sense for them to not at least TRY it.

    In fact, since his stealth is so overwhelmingly good, he could just assassinate a few Title Douluo. Bring Ning Rongrong to boost him, or hell, bring all of their Title Douluo level fighters, because why not, the Shroud doesn’t have reasonable weaknesses like being worse when there are more people. Kill a Title Douluo, Shroud, repeat, until the entire base is on alert. Retreat. Or don’t, and go attack their supply lines like the Chrysanthemum Douluo was supposed to. Shroud is just OP without Bibi Dong to counter it, and realistically, even then.

    Teaching Ning RongRong or Dugu Bo how to use the Peacock Plume or Torrential Pear Blossom. They both are assumed to have no single-target damage abilities, and are both disproportionately useful compared to their level. They need some protection.

    Figuring out what happened to the Clear Sky reinforcements. Where are they?

    Also, ensuring that everyone has access to Oscar’s Pink Sausages, I don’t know why they keep ignoring the side-effect-free 10% overall boost.

    Learning polearm skills from Yang Wudi. Tang San keeps complaining that he doesn’t know how to use a polearm. Learn it.

    Probably more.


    • The point is kinda that Tang San is actually a pretty poor strategist, he admits this himself. He is only good with things about spirit masters and small battles. As for why no one else suggested it, it would be because they only think militarily and don’t usually rely on spirit masters so the idea never occurred to them.

      Thats a possibility though I agree with most of what you’re saying


  18. Its such bs that he still wants to not fight her, when they are enemies and he dosent even know her that well, his feelings for her just because of slaughter city are so retarded.


    • She’s the only woman to ever turn him on other than Xiao Wu. Plus she’s been honorable to him when leaving Slaughter City, despite being influenced by her killing intent. She’s also never raised a hand to him since then and always defended him even before she knew who he really was. Even if you leave aside her being a control battle master like him and having an intelligent mind more like his than most people he knows, everything else already stated would certainly leave an impression on him.
      I agree he should just kill her, but I don’t agree that he doesn’t know her well. He knows her character, and it’s the kind of character that would have had them be friends if she’d been part of any other organization. He definitely thinks better of her than Huo Wu, and that’s his ally.


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