Douluo Dalu – 282 – Tang Sect Supreme, Buddha Fury Tang Lotus

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  1. Wow, his weapon shocked the world…

    That said… doesn’t this chapter contradict stuff stated in earlier chapters about how Grandmaster leaving her????

    She even complained about how he left her and stuff…

    And now she’s the one that left him????? The f***??? Did the author forget??? Well.. it was a lot of chapters ago…

    But considering her attitude… I’m guessing something bad happened to her making her leave… but still… I’m guessing rape… since she has a daughter, but wanted to be with Grandmaster…

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    • He mentioned before that the previous supreme pontiff, her teacher, was behind him leaving her; maybe he had someone use illusion abilities on him, and he only realised it later on after he’d left; he was fairly calm and patient when meeting her during the tournament, more than he should have been if she did hurt him like that.

      And from what she said to him when they met before I always figured her teacher threw him out of spirit hall literally; he physically took him away and kept him from making contact with Bibi Dong, so she’d end up assuming he abandoned her, and having him leave like that would fit; after all if he was forced to leave her directly he could have communicated something to her, or she could have figured something out from hearing him; and her teacher probably didn’t want to risk her leaving spirit hall for him.

      It’s not like the author hasn’t changed some details in the past, but he has cleared up some things in the past with a few simple details, so maybe he’ll clear this up as well. Or maybe he did just change it.

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      • I liked how you stated it at the end… I dunno why, but it was just funny as I read it out loud…

        But ya, maybe it was intentional… or maybe he just forgot…. I wish I could read Chinese and find the novel (not the web novel, but the printed and edited novels)…

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        • He totally changed it. When Grandmaster went to see Bibi Dong before she was pissed as hell that he had left her, and he then revealed that the previous Pontiff forced him to leave. Which would also contradict the whole her wanting revenge on the Tyrant Blue Lightning Clan for his sake, because she planned that before she learned the truth and was still pissed enough to want to kill him.


          • No, that last part wasn’t any contradiction.

            She never wanted Grandmaster dead, and her hate for the clan that mistreated her lover still stayed even after he left her.

            In fact, it probably got worse since she got darker and darker…


            • You do realize that it is common for an emotional event to change in a person’s mind or be changed (aka brainwashed) by people that know how to influence. And what could be more emotional than a woman in love? No offense


              • No, even grandmaster seemed to have agreed with how she explained things. And if such a thing happened, the author would mention it… so it’s just more likely he forgot…

                Cause I think he wrote that part years before he wrote this chapter….. or he changed his mind… you got to remember, they post these chapters at a time and can’t change things once the chapter is posted…


            • Even if she didn’t say she wanted him dead, she did say “That I became Supreme Pontiff is admittedly thanks to you, but, I hate you. In all my life, you are the person I hate the most. I want you to suffer, I will not only kill your apprentice, I’ll still kill Liu Erlong. No, I won’t kill her, I’ll torture her to make you suffer.” So I find it find it hard to accept that she wanted to destroy his clan because they mistreated him. If anything, she would have wanted to destroy them because she knew it would hurt him.

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              • She can’t be with him anymore, so she’s saying words to keep them apart… I actually thought that was obvious….

                She said she hated him while actually loving him… she wanted to keep him away from Spirit Hall’s war with the other 2 Empires…..

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                • sometimes love and “hate” are the same thing.. or atleast there is a thin line since they are both sides of the same coin in my personal opinion. now, don’t get me wrong and go think i’m saying or even thinking that hate isn’t real but it is one of the most extreme feelings we know of, just like love. i recently read in Ancient Strenghtening Technique something that made a lot of sense.. being: the opposite of love isn’t hate but total apathy, complete silence, totally ignoring someone.. it’s hard to do once you got something or someone on your mind, but after i read it, everything just clicked and i have to agree on a certain level.. i could get into it even more but i believe that most regulars (actually everyone who has read DD tbh but hey, this is for all you other leeches, like me :P) will understand what i’m saying and why i agree with that quote.. anywhooo.. Belgianlindo out!

                  ps: thx for the epic translations Bagel-sama.. it’s been a while since i last let ya know i’m still supporting you all the way man! the end is near, i know you’re craving for it 😛


                  • Love and Hate have the same roots… to care… one is just positive, the other is negative. But she didn’t truly hate him…

                    We need to remember that words can be deceptive..

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          • Let’s combine all your info together.
            When GM was young:
            He’s in love with Bibi
            One day Bibi left him “told” him he’s trash SH don’t need.
            We could assume that the previous pontiff was behind this.
            Same goes to Bibi, she was made belief somehow GM dump her.

            One day GM learnt the truth that the previous pontiff is the culprit but he already awoke his incest love.

            Later when Bibi and GM met again, Bibi was piss she got dump but GM was much calm cos he already learnt the truth.

            Today, GM repeat the scene when he’s young in his mind to show us readers how much he’s hurt by past event.

            Like this the author will made no mistake and everything make sense.


            • You’re really stretching things there and it still doesn’t work. Bibi Dong originally said “Could you still love? You’re not fit to speak the word. Would you still leave me if you loved me?”, and Grandmaster replied “As for why I left you back then, you shouldn’t ask me, you should go ask the dead Supreme Pontiff.” He clearly admitted that he’s the one who left her. It’s a direct contradiction. Also, if you go way back to chapter twelve, it was said: “Is it that Grandmaster who once published the spirit ten great core competencies, and afterwards was expelled from Spirit Hall?” So it doesn’t make sense for him to be expressing willingness to join Spirit Hall if he was already a member, which is another contradiction.

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              • I admitted that I can’t remember their conversation in the past chapters.
                But it is still possible that my scenario is correct with adjustment, thank to your post.

                1st – “As for why I left you back then, you shouldn’t ask me, you should go ask the dead Supreme Pontiff.”
                GM is over Bibi already at this time.
                He just told her that his leave is due to previous plaintiff’s scheme.
                He’s tricked too at that time but the current him have his sister now.

                2nd – “Is it that Grandmaster who once published the spirit ten great core competencies, and afterwards was expelled from Spirit Hall?”
                SH is a high organization, they both probably study in the same school or sth under SH.
                Then Bibi was called back to SH HQ while GM was trying to follow her to HQ he got rejected.
                Then he was expelled from SH later.


              • i fail to see how it cant be both and why this is so hard for ppl..

                it seems pretty clear to me the first time when bibi dong went back to spirit hall she left him. that part was made clear in the story today in that GM chased after her and even tried to join spirit hall. this is also around the same time he crossed paths with hao doulou, because as you should remember hao doulou too had a badge of elder in spirit hall. (not sure if it was his or from the guy he killed, either way they met AT spirit hall)

                now, how long of time passed before the previous supreme pontiff cast GM away is questionable, but its just not hard to imagine at all that GM was able to change bibi dong’s resolve and she wanted to love him again, so this time it would appear that GM left her, in her eyes, CAUSING her to hate him. she drew up the resolve to push love aside and give her all to spirit hall, then after he follows her and breaks her resolve, he leaves her.

                two perfectly viable points of view, because there were elements working behind the scenes neither of them knew about.

                GM didnt know anything about spirit hall before bibi dong left him for it (im assuming) and once he joined and was cast aside by the previous pontiff, in bibi dong’s eyes it looks like he tricked her, basically. even if she found out the truth later, would it have really mattered? her love for him turned to hate. two completely extreme yet opposing feelings for the same person. logic and reason cant solve it.


        • I think there is a chance that Qian Daoliu (High Priest of the Seraphim) has helped his son rape Bibi Dong to produce a successor for the Seraphim which is Qian Renxue. He probably used an illusion to make his son (Previous Supreme Pontiff–not the one Tang Hao killed) to look like Grandmaster. Later on, Bibi Dong has noticed the illusion and wanted to take revenge by killing her baby in her womb. However, Qian Daoliu threatened to kill Grandmaster if ever she would do her plan. Thus, the only choice of Bibi Dong is to banish the Grandmaster to protect his life and also to ease the pain in her heart. I guess this is why she still has plans to destroy Spirit Hall on her on powers and that she destroyed the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. She has deep hatred with Spirit Hall since she was forced to give birth to Qian Renxue which she also hates so much.

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          • My head is starting to hurt from too many people coming up with random theories without checking if it actually makes sense with previous statements. She did not find out that it was the previous Pontiff who forced her and Grandmaster apart until the tournament. For 20 years prior to that, she had hated Grandmaster. She actually fell to the floor when she realized the truth, with no one else in the room to be faking it for, so there’s no way she knew the truth before then.

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            • It was mentioned as a possibility that Bibi Dong was raped. However in earlier chapters (I don’t quite remeber which one) it states that the previous supreme pontiff did in fact rape Bibi Dong to produce an heir to the Seraphim spirit, and that the supreme pontiff was also Bibi Dong’s teacher. Which lead to Qian Renxue being disconnected with Bibi Dong as her mother because Bibi Dong sees Renxue as the living reminder of what her master did to her.


      • Guys this novel is about tang san not about his teacher so how can the author define that bullshit about his teachers and bibi dong…..what r u guys thinking…. Its simple just focus on tang san and xiao wu they are the lead….


  2. Tang sect weapons simple to use? The crossbow sure, but the Jama needle required rank 40 spirit power as well as jade hand to avoid the poison…


  3. hey, didn’t lotus buddha (hidden weapon of tan sect) supposed to even kill an un-prepared title douluo so why was tan san so surprised to see it kill only seventy some spirit sage’s.


    • Pretty prolly surprised that it successfully killed all my of them who were clearly prepared.. Also they were in spirit avatar form. Also he prolly was surprised by the range and of the attack


      • Yeah, the body enhancements of beast spirit masters give a huge boost to defense just by activating their spirits, and spirit avatar even more so. An unprepared spirit master basically has defense equivalent to a support type spirit master.

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    • Well they’re all prepared, and in spirit avatar, plus he’d never actually seen it being used; reading about the effects, and hearing about them, are very different.


  4. I’m too lazy to go back and check but wasn’t Grandmaster the one who left Bibi Dong after her father (or grandfather can’t remember) Basically forced him. What’s all this Bibi dong Left him and he wanted to join spirit hall to be with her. Am I remembering wrong, is it a problem with the translation or did the author just contradict himself.


    • In Bibi Dong’s eyes Grandmaster left her. In Grandmaster’s eyes she left him. Notice something? Notice how she lamented the loss of her love and that they dont deserve to be happy to her Student? Something seems quite fishy here, and its not fault of Bibi and Grandmaster.


      • No, the author just changed things again. When Bibi Dong originally accused him of leaving her he wasn’t the least bit surprised and hinted that her master, the previous pontiff, had forced him to leave.


  5. Was just thinking how remarkably awesome it would have been for the Tang Lotus to be a dud…….like a total dud…..everybody’s watching it they all burst out with their Avatars and *plop*…..nothing


  6. Didn’t the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus use gunpowder? Where’s the explosion? A golden red tornado that sucks people in before they suddenly drop dead doesn’t sound like it involves gunpowder,


  7. I don’t remember the exact phrase, but isn’t the author always talking about being lenient on one’s enemy is being ruthless to your allies? I kept thinking about that when he was repeatedly lenient on Hu Liena


    • Yeah that he keeps letting her go and even goes out of his way to save her multiple times even in midwar, when shes tries to stop him and goes against him, is annoying me to no end and is completely bs. This is one of the biggest bs mistakes the author has made in this ln imo. He keeps mentioning how tang never goes easy on enemies and such, yet keeps doing this bs with hu lenah. And the worst part is that they have practically no history together and he has zero reason to have such a good impression of her. The only thing is that they went trough slaugther city, and that should be nothing considering his hate for spirit hall and bibi dong.


      • I feel like hidden doesn’t necessarily mean that no one notice in the story, but more the surprise factor, like someone hiding then jumping out and yelling boo. If looked at like that then the sudden power of the weapons could be considered “hidden”


  8. I have a feeling Xiao Wu is gonna be super careful with those now Lotus’ now. Some people give their girlfriends chocolates, Tang San gives micro nukes.

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    • 😂 LMAO. So true… She did play around with the first secret weapons (or at least wanted to) that Tang San gave to her.


  9. Hu Liena, you silly potato. Why didn’t you stand back and wait for Tang San and Bibi Dong to start fighting, then use your probably Spirit Sage or so strength to hold Grandmaster hostage? That seems like a far more effective method to resolve the situation than to try to shield someone that is leagues above you against someone else that is leagues above you.

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    • wow, that’s actually kinda genius…
      admittedly it would probably fail, but that would truly be grabbing both tigers by the whiskers. Too bad she’s a poorly developed character, unable to think beyond a child’s level. By poorly developed, I mean that she is naive and and acts sheltered even after gaining experience at that slaughter/Asura’s trial place.


  10. I don’t understand why they went through all of this. Why didn’t he just use his sea shroud to make himself invisible and assassinate vibe dong and the rest of the title doulou? And bring in he poison doulou to kill all of the normal people. After all, currently the only person who could possibly detect him even at her peak, Bibi Dong, has her mental energy weakened. Seems it would be a lot smarter…


  11. So, I can’t help but compare the recent fights to the old fights, and there just isn’t much teamwork anymore. I know that Tang San has pretty much always had a thing for ditching his allies and fighting alone, going back as far as his battle with Zhao Wuji at the entrance exam for Shrek Academy in chapter 19, where he tells Rongrong, Xiao Wu, and Zhuqing to just chill while he beats Zhao Wuji alone with Tang Sect techniques. However, these past few battles haven’t even tried much to have teamwork. Everyone just fights alone. I feel that the whole “Shrek Seven Devils” thing doesn’t happen anymore, where people play off of each other’s abilities to give birth to new strategies.

    And the thing is, it could still be really cool. If TJSS used some of the more side-characters to fight Bibi, we would have a narrative fear of them actually dying, whereas when Tang San fights, you know he will just win every time.
    So, here is a theoretical Formation for our Devils and Friends.
    The cast: Tang San, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, The Golden Iron Triangle (as one unit), Bone Douluo, Sword Douluo, Ning Feng, Dugu Bo, Tai Tan, Niu Gao, and Yang Wudi. So 3 effective high tier Title Douluo, 7 effective low tier Title Douluo, 2 effective high tier Spirit Douluo, and Ning Feng, Ning Rongrong and Oscar as pure support.

    The enemies: Bibi Dong, 8 associated mid-low tier Title Douluo, and let’s say 100 enemies ranging from rank 60 to rank 89.

    Sword and Bone Douluo block Bibi Dong. Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Dugu Bo, and Yang Wudi act as front line fighters. Ma Hongjun and the Golden Iron Triangle provide ranged support. Tang San controls everything from the middle. Niu Gao and Tai Tan act as a defensive line, temporarily taking the place of any fighter who needs to return for sausages, and smacking away any Spirit Sages who dare get too close. Ning Feng, Ning Rongrong, and Oscar boost. Xiao Wu is the Harvester (I’ll get to this).

    Yes, this does put the frontliners each in a 2v1. However, we can allow that because Ning Rongrong isn’t being an IDIOT and is using the Erect Gold Fly. As is Ning Feng. This means that Ning Rongrong is boosting not at 90%, but at 135%, and Ning Feng is boosting at 120%. A 135% boost should allow them to hold out even in a 2v1, especially given that they also will have nigh-infinite stamina (gonna get to that), Gold Flies of their own and another 30ish% boosts from Tang San’s domains and Oscar’s Pink Sausages. Also, they have powerful, similarly boosted attacks from the ranged group to harass the enemies.

    So, then we have Xiao Wu. Her job is simple: Spot a low ranking enemy (Spirit Emperor or Sage). Teleport to them. Point blank stun with her spirit bone-boosted Charm Eye. Waist Bow throw them to Tang San. Teleport to safety in the formation. Repeat. Ideally, the enemies would be ones without flight abilities, so that once they are airborne, even if they snap out of the stun, they can’t avoid landing next to Tang San.

    This supplies Tang San with batteries. Stab each enemy with the Spider Lances. Drain them and use the Blue Silver Domain to funnel this power into Rongrong, Feng, and Oscar. No Spirit Sage really stands a chance against boosted Tang San. He can drain a Sage in seconds, and can drain 8 people at a time. This, along with Oscar’s concentrated sausages and on rare occasion, the new Full-Refresh caterpillar sausage, should keep the formation close to full strength. Any time they feel the need to get more sausages, the front liners dash back, grab a handful, and eat them. The defensive line covers the hole temporarily. Refreshed, they return to fight their slowly fatiguing enemies.

    Tang San is thus freed up to do what he does best: Control things. No head-to-head bashes against a Peak Douluo, just perfectly timed abilities to disrupt the enemy attacks and formation. At this point, he has so many control abilities with varying ranges and applications that he will easily tilt any of the individual battles.

    So, yeah. This formation took longer to type up than it did to come up with. And it is easy to come up with other ones.


    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Non-Devils form a wall while the Devils do the Fusion Ability, which, combined with Tang San’s Clear Sky hammer of Blue Silver Emperor should be absurdly potent. 7 average level 40’s reached level 70ish strength. 7 average level 80’s should surpass Peak Douluo.
      Oscar produces complete replenishment sausages for Tang San as fast as possible, while Tang San uses every boost at his disposal. He then launches his Cage ability hundreds of times. Before the enemy powers can escape, our team slaughters the lower level threats (Emperors, sages, and Spirit Douluos), following Tang’s principle of “Better to destroy a part than damage a whole”.
      Give Bai He (speed clan chief) a spirit tool filled with basic explosives. Once one of the above is occurring and all powers are busy, he does a bombing run on the ballistae.
      Cosmic Sea Shroud to gain a sneak attack, then do one of the above.
      There is also an entire category of strategies involving mass usage of Oscar’s Mirror Sausages. Like, the Spirit Fusion ability is super powerful per person, but requires almost perfect compatibility. The Fusion Technique is only fairly powerful per person, but only requires excellent compatibility, so you can combine more people. Mirror Sausage combo attacks require no compatibility, just timing and spirit power.

      Give out a few hundred Mirror Sausages (they last a year. OSCAR CAN PREP FOR A YEAR!). Give 300 rank 60-90 people Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Spirit. Boost as much as possible. Phoenix Domain. Burn Jianling Pass to the ground! This can be done for any ability with energy attribute attacks.
      Duplicate Bibi Dong’s scouting party technique, but many times faster and all flying using Bai He’s blood in Mirror Sausages. Their supply lines are wrecked, and they cannot catch you.
      Get a few dozen rank 40 spirit masters and give them Xiao Wu’s blood. Each one can now teleport and use Golden Invincible Body, capable of blocking even a Title Douluo’s attack.
      And so on and so on.


      • I also want to note how broken the support abilities of Oscar, Rongrong and Domains are when used in unison. There used to be a problem with over-stacking boosts that we saw when the fully boosted Hell White Tiger smacked Xiao Baibai the 100,000 Year Shark, which is that one single strike completely drained their energy. However, we now have Oscar’s broken 8th ability, Crystal Caterpillar Sausage, which fully restores the recipient’s spirit power. So we can fully boost, attack, run out of power, eat a Caterpillar Sausage, and repeat.

        So, relevant boosts:
        Ning Rongrong: 90% overall boost. 10% boost to the 90% by “spitting out her heart’s blood” (ch 226)
        Oscar: 10% boost from Pink stimulating Sausage. 30% Boost from Limit Surpassing Sausage. 50% temporary boost from Erect Gold Fly. 30% boost to sausages made via Gold Fly, doesn’t work on the Gold Fly itself.
        Tang San: I can’t find numbers for the % boosts from the upgraded domains, but let’s be conservative and say 20% from Blue Silver Domain, and that he can’t use both domains simultaneously.

        These alone, multiplied:

        I’m assuming that Rongrong’s boosts aren’t increased by Pink or Green, though her stamina would be, and the same for Tang San’s domains. Also, only the Gold Fly can boost Oscar’s Sausages. Again, this is a conservative estimate.

        Seven Treasure boosted by Heart’s Blood and Gold Fly, boosting an ally who themselves is boosted with a Pink Sausage boosted by Gold Fly, a Green Sausage boosted by Gold Fly, Gold Fly itself, and 20% from the domains.

        So, 1 person*1.9*1.1*1.5*1.1*1.3*1.3*1.3*1.2*1.5=……13.63. Yes, Thirteen THOUSAND Percent of their base strength..

        A 90% boost lets a Spirit Douluo fight a Title Douluo. This should let Oscar beat Bibi Dong with one hand tied behind his back.

        Which also raises the question…. where are all the Spirit Hall support spirit masters? I get that they are much rarer and harder to raise to high levels, but out of tens of thousands, surely they have a handful of Sages with at least one Spirit Douluo support. Where are they? Why aren’t they boosting the Title Douluo to crush Heaven Dou’s elite fighters?


        • And another thing! (man I have been storing up rants for a while)

          Oscar’s new ability can effectively let them store up spirit power. We see in chapter 278 that the Crystal caterpillar, which “fully restores” a spirit master’s strength. As per usual with support abilities, this ignores the strength of the person being restored. Rank 1 or Rank 99, you are Fully Restored. So, Oscar restores Tang San’s strength, who has more than double Oscar’s spirit power. We don’t know how much it costs Oscar to make this new sausage, or how long it lasts.

          Now, Tang San can use his Blue Silver Domain with his Eight Spider Lances to transfer his own spirit power to others. We don’t know the efficiency rate (so far as I can tell).

          So, let’s say that Tang San, with the Lances extended (since that helps the transfer as per ch 225) can transfer at 50% efficiency. A fairly conservative estimate, I’d say. Let’s say that Oscar’s ability consumes 90% of his spirit power. Again, fairly modest assumption. Finally, let’s say that Tang San has double Oscar’s Spirit power. From chapter 264, we know that his rank 91 power was “more than twice as much as with 8 rings”. This could be rank 89 to 91, which would mean his current rank 93 should be closer to triple that of Oscar’s rank 82 strength. It could also mean it doubled from rank 85 to 91, which is what we’ll go with. Again, I am trying to show the worst case scenario is still broken. Assuming Tang San’s rank 85 strength was not significantly different from Oscar’s current strength, he still has more than double Oscar’s Spirit Power at the moment.

          So, Oscar makes a sausage. His power, we’ll set as a default 100, drops to 10. Tang San refills Oscar. His 200 goes to 20. He then banks the remaining 20 into nearby Blue Silver Grass via All Rivers Run to the Sea. And we repeat. Once the grass has 180 power, use that to make two Crystal Sausages at a time. Then they just keep repeating this until Oscar has a hundred sausages, and they never lose.

          More realistic estimate (as much as ‘realistic’ applies): 75% transfer efficiency, 40% consumption of Oscar’s power, triple Oscar’s power. 100>60 for Oscar. 60>20 for Oscar (two at a time). 300>194 for Tang San, 20>100 for Oscar. Oscar makes a third and fourth. 100>20. Tang San fills him up again 194>88. Tang San eats a sausage 88>300. Net gain: 3 sausages.

          Also, Tang San uses SeaGod’s Light to boost the grass, which we already saw has a net gain of power/cultivation banking. ’cause why not?


  12. As powerful as the weapon is, I kinda wish it felt more like a hidden weapon. The way they describe it doesn’t sound like a machine. It creates a random tornado and kills everyone. I wanted it to be something more mechanical, like a rain of poison needles or razor sharp wires shooting everywhere. The thing that made his weapons so scary was how different they were from spirit abilities. This one kinda just felt like it could have been a spirit ability.


    • What makes it incredible, is that it uses no spirit power at all. A regular person can use it. Also, its so small, it can easily be concealed. I would say that’s a bit different than a spirit ability.


  13. After reading the chapters where Tang Chen appears i had thought that bibi dong might not a bad person as what her current personality shown. Grandmaster did say that back then she is quite different and can’t be compared to her right now thus make her the greatest love of him if it weren’t for her betrayal. Tang Chen does revealed that Rashasa is the evil god that governs the evil desires differently to your Asura god which is in charge to a pure slaughter business. It did played to person’s evil desires and control them as Rashasa continuously corrupting their mind the same as Tang Chen amidst in his Asura 9 test. Bibi dong is quite good in holding her sanity a bit than Tang Chen I think. The fact that she can be calm and show her good side to hu liena is pretty impressive, but most of the time she act heartlessly insane and more inclined to destruction and domination I think this is the influence of the rakshasa’s intent of evil desire to her which is hard to fend off because she pursuit it in first place.


  14. Rakshasa has the ability to drive people insane. As seen by Tang Chen, personality and memories are manipulated to make the person turn toward the path of evil. Considering Tang Chen was a lvl 99 douluo and he was only influenced by a residual shadow of the Rakshasa’s power, we can imagine the young Bibi Dong would be extremely susceptible to its influence. Sadly, the demon god seems to be powerful enough to resist the influence of Tang San’s incomplete seagod light, sabotage the ‘Asura’ and stand in alliance with the ‘angelic’ divinities. If he passes the seagod trial and steps up into divinity he could probably resolve this war with a beam of true seagod aura, eradicating the ‘evil’ that is corrupting her…


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