Douluo Dalu – 283 – Six High Priests, Peak Douluo

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83 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 283 – Six High Priests, Peak Douluo

    • That Tang San… at the very last facking moment, is a sissy… a big mader facking SISSY in bold letters!!!

      Yes he experienced a hard life but that hard life didn’t make him a man, it made him a SISSY!!!

      Madar Fakar!!!

      He ain’t fit to be a hero!!! He knew Hu Liena is a hindrance!! He already have a woman… if he doesn’t have the balls to take in Hu Liena as a woman, and he knew she kept on being a hindrance over and over again… he should have just butchered her!

      Godamn you author!! You’re also a SISSY!!

      All of your main characters in all of your novels are all a bunch of SISSY!!!

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    • That part wasn’t fair… it’s not easy to kill a friend… even if the friend was on the enemies side…

      Because he’s not heartless enough to murder his own friend, he’s an idiot??? I feel like that’s an idiotic thought tbh

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      • Since when were they friends? Even if he didnt hate her and would spare her if he could, Tang San still should seen killing BiBi Dong as more important than saving her. This is just the author forcing a crisis so that there’s something for the Clear Sky to do later.

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        • Even if Bibi Dong was dead, it wouldn’t stop the crisis. Bibi Dong isn’t the main enemy… just the figure enemy.

          And yes, they were friends. He really did view her as an ally and cared for her.

          And it’s not about what is “more important”… actually killing someone you care about is not that easy.

          Objectively, he knows he should kill her, but humans aren’t creatures of logic but emotion. Actually killing her with his own hands is difficult.

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          • Humans and monkeys have similar body so maybe not everyone can’t distinguish one from the other.
            However, thanks to those great scientists along the course of history, we now know that humans evolved from monkeys.

            Something you should know, with such a similarity in anatomy, humans have create a great civilization and technology while monkeys haven’t. This is mainly because humans can think and act more reasonably and logically.

            Humans are creatures of logic. But as everyone can see, people usually are very emotional.
            Why is that? If you look into the history, civilization humans have built up over the years aren’t that old when compared to the time it takes for creatures to evolve. Which means humans have only got the ability to use their brains effectively just recently. And real life evolution isn’t like a game where everyone just level up at the same time. Some people’s brains are more developed while some people’s brains are still … well… a bit better than monkeys… I guess?

            For the evolution of humanity, everyone should try to think sometimes.

            Tang San can do whatever in a fiction. Real people should not spread random information.


            • And you shouldn’t try to sound smart on the internet while saying dumb shit.

              >Real people should not spread random information.

              That’s what you just did. Man didn’t come from the monkey, both came from the same ancestor.

              >Some people’s brains are more developed while some people’s brains are still … well… a bit better than monkeys… I guess?

              There, I have a link for you:

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            • “Something you should know, with such a similarity in anatomy, humans have create a great civilization and technology while monkeys haven’t. This is mainly because humans can think and act more reasonably and logically.”

              Not really. It’s because they can think more, not because they think more reasonably or logically. They also know how to properly write, unlike you, I guess it makes you only a bit better than monkeys. If you were at a human level, you would realise your comment has nothing to do with anything said here.


              • Such hate, it pains me to read so much hate!

                On another note, I was also confused as to why mister Anonymous began to write his oven short novel! Ah, such delight reading his little fan fiction.

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              • Just because someone can think more doesn’t mean what they think is going to work. If something works then there must be a logical explanation for it.

                If that’s not properly wrote, it would not be readable in the first place. What you meant to say was you’re emotionally offended.

                You inability to see how they’re related doesn’t mean they’re unrelated. I don’t have any obligations to explain in more details to you though.

                I knew people just hate truth. My bad.


              • Another thing I forgot to mention.
                Emotional arguments just irritated logical people. While normally I let it be, I slipped up this time. That comment was my fault. And since I could see that you’re emotionally offended and your arguments are clearly aimed to attack the person not to be constructive. You should realize that I don’t see the point in wasting my time with this anymore.
                In case you wonder, I don’t like loose ends so I took my time to reply and won’t bother any further.

                You can count it as your win and be happy.


                • Oh,what do we have here? A creature who’s thoughts are like my thoughts and whose ways are like my ways! Hehe* Delightful!


                • I… was offended by you emotionally? That is disastrous indeed!

                  To be perfectly clear I wasn’t offended by you in the slightest, I just pointed out that your little fan fiction is too stretched out. You are comparing earthen human standards to the standards of the DD world. That is the very first mistake you’ve done. Obviously you could establish parallels between these two worlds by saying that it was a human from earth that wrote DD, but that’s the second argument against you. It’s the author who decided to make Tang San altruistic towards friends to an insane degree. There will always be exceptions though.

                  Anyway, about your win crap. Don’t try to act all high and mighty. You sound way less intelligent like that. I was only joking around and you took offense on a joke. Don’t you think that’s kind of pathetic? Or do you attack every single person expending a joke on you? If that’s the case then you most definitely have a very sad life, but I hardly believe that to be the case, Mr. Anonymous.


                  • In these kids be of situations I just don’t say anything, since I’m usually flamed. But oh wait I’m contradicting myself! My bad!


                    • Just go read this whole thing on LMNTL. Direct English Translation is not that bad. At least you won’t have to wait until 5 years to finish this novel and move on to the next sequel and the sequel after that. At this rate, 5 sequels will be completed until this is going to be completed. Wuxia should just take this over instead of giving this guy a face.


            • Yo, your smartness is cool and all, but recent studies show that human intellect is predicated on emotions. Meaning, emotions are what forms human logic. Thus, you don’t make any sense.

              Sorry… It’s important to keep up on the most recent science.


        • No, that was being human… just cause he isn’t a heartless douche bag doesn’t mean he is a sissy…

          In fact, it’s more likely that someone who is overly insecure about themselves would call others a sissy just cause they didn’t do something….

          That said, he is just a fictional character and you’re probably not overly serious… but still, it comes out as you trying to compensate for something…


          • oh…. ummm… Nah…. indecisiveness like that will not only cost him his life, it would also cost the people around him his life. So what if it’s a fictional character…

            The way it is written, it’s still a sissy character to me.

            And I don’t know WTF you’re talking about. A SISSY is a SISSY!!! With BOLD LETTERS!

            (wtf is wrong with the page!)


            • But it was an important person to him. Even if that girl wasn’t the most important, she was still important. He wasn’t able to kill his friend… that’s not being a sissy.

              If you’re able to kill off your friends that easily, no matter the situation, then there is a problem.

              Heck, in a normal situation, not being willing to kill wouldn’t be considered sissy.

              To be a sissy, you have to be overly scared of sh*t…

              If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t have the guts to do half the sh*t he does.

              And killing isn’t as easy as you make it out to be. And the girl he would have killed was his friend. She may have been on the enemy side, but she was still his friend.


              • Sparing enemies is the benefit on!y the strong or the stupid can give themselves while crying and pouting is that of cowards but that doesn’t even apply here since that girl tried to sacrifice herself for him before she did it for Bibi dong so you can call him a sissy all you want I would never kill a girl that jumped to try and sacrifice her life for mine even if I don’t love her back in the same way, if you really want to do it in your sick sad world that is fine but don’t even try to make it sound like its tge right thing to do


  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Yes, don’t listen to the guy that is right there seeing everything including stuff we can’t see… lets just ignore that and attack with more people….

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  2. Seems like one of those novel that needs to be dropped . Tang san could have killed bibi dong but choose not to and the author keep telling us the readers that the MC is smart and decisive but from this chapters we clearly saw that tang san is just a JP mc . I’m just gonna dropped this shit over here maybe ill read this again when its finished . Thanks for the effort translator 😀 jaanaa


    • What do you mean by “Tang san could have killed bibi dong but choose not to”?

      If I understood correctly, Tang San played a feint to get Bibi Dong to commit her trump card, then used his own full power to try and kill her in her weakened state. It was only because of Hu Liena’s sacrifice that bought Bibi Dong a few seconds for the priests to reach them.


  3. Shit, this is gonna be little ugly i guess…. i think The blame is on both side, Grandmaster Can’t explain it properly because he’s in panic, and That Xue beng that can’t believe in an expert like grandmaster… i wanna see a slap in the face though >:D
    Btw, thanks for the chapter


  4. If HDE won like this, it’ll look very bad for rushing papa.
    We need something left for papa and Clear Sky to achieve.
    May be this stupid decision of Xue Beng will provide the perfect stage for CS.
    Six lv 96+ and such probably couldn’t compare to 96- but possess #1 tool spirit CS.


    • Naaahhh… this is going to be a long ride and we’re all in a huge disappointment because this is a SISSY Main Character’s sissy story. This is expected to be a happy ending with more sissy moments with a girly Tang San.

      Hu Liena should have died there but because he’s a sissy, he couldn’t kill a hindrance like her. He doesn’t even have the balls to make her his woman and this blew his chances of killing Bibi Dong and making their lives easier.

      Well, considering I accidentaly read DD2 in another site, I now regret having to have seen the ending of this sissy story.

      But one thing I noticed to this author’s style…

      Every MC in his novels are all SISSY characters. 100%.


  5. DAMN ITTT!!! My appetite for this cannot be satiated by a single chapter a week. I keep praying for at least a second one to drop in the following days but I know better than to be ungrateful. Thanks Bagelson for the chapter it’s probably hard enough getting one out with all the other responsibilities and duties you might have. And thanks again for all the recent weeks you churned out 3 chapters.


  6. Honestly it seems out of character for Tang San to not kill Hu Liena. In fact with his mental strength he should’ve been able to see her running to block for her teacher long before he launched the attack, a mere rank 60 or 70 something charm spirit master could never be faster than Tang Sans full force attack.


    • Remember she jumped to block bibi dongs attack and failed to block it in time while tang san was fully focused on repelling bibi dongs attack in the exact position to lower its power and deflect it kinda seems like a very likely moment to get tunnel vision


  7. Wow so many of you upset about Tang Sans decision? It’s out of character? What? Yeah he’s super decisive and ruthless to his enemies, but he treats his friends completely different. Obviously he never calls Hu Liena a friend, but if you read this story line by line (not skimming it to the action scenes) then you will have gained enough hints about their relationship especially after slaughter city, you should be aware that inside Tang Sans heart he would:

    1. As soon as he saw little Hu Liena try to block his attack he was probably instantly reminded of his own girlfriend jumping in front of his attacks, remember there would have been a huge psychological scar/inner demon from that incident that would translate whenever he sees other similar situations like we saw in this chapter.
    2. Remember the fact that he is aware that Hu Liena has feelings for him similar to what his master had for bibi dong. This is also an impact.
    3. Slaughter city did breed positive feelings (even if very little) between them.

    All 3 of those things make it completely obvious that he’d try not to kill her int hat strike…are you all reading the same story as I am?

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    • Agreed. The whole point of it is that it is what separates him from others. As the main character and the one we are supposed to be rooting for it wouldn’t make sense for him to kill her. If she was truly his enemy then yes, but she has proven that she is more or less incapable of fighting him. Even if he would also kill the pontif it would have been a Pyrrhic victory.

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    • Tang San just made a large blunder of a sissy moment there…

      It’s fucking infuriating.

      This small sissy moment of him messing up could cost him one of his friends’ life if they were around at the time that he became indecisive. Such indecisive attitude… it’s infuriating all the more when I have read a few more stories with these kinds of characters and just realized that their sissiness were all attributed to them having the same author. FACK THE WORLD!!! Why is this author famous with these kinds of sissy MCs???


  8. Ah, it would’ve been so refreshing if Bibi Dong had been killed there. But you could tell it wouldn’t happen until the very end because this author is big on sacrifice. Nothing ever happens without somebody volunteering to die in someone else’s place.


  9. Just go read this whole thing on LMNTL. Direct English Translation is not that bad. At least you won’t have to wait until 5 years to finish this novel and move on to the next sequel and the sequel after that. At this rate, 5 sequels will be completed until this is going to be completed. Wuxia should just take this over instead of giving this guy a face.


    • Yeah go read your crappy machine translation and leave us to our quality translation I don’t really need to read quality novels that fast I am fine with having more reading material available for a while


  10. very good novel. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game. nin~


  11. Okay this makes me want to drop this ln now, the author has forced this way to much. He made tang stop his attack that would have killed one of his most hated and dangerous enemies, because of some bs like hu lenah jumping in front of her. At this point tang is a complete retard in my eyes, no matter how smart the author tries to make tang out to be. This continued forced bs with hu lenah, is really taking all the fun out from reading this. Im dissapointed with this bs writing.


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