Douluo Dalu – 300 – Sacred Sun Sword

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49 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 300 – Sacred Sun Sword

  1. Sorry for the long silence.

    I came out of an extremely stressful summer and ended up basically just putting everything aside, and it somehow ended up turning into an unplanned hiatus.

    I hope for your forebearance.

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  2. I hope everything is better for you now :).
    You don’t have to apologize you do it for free.
    Anyway thanks for the chapter ;).


  3. Thank you for continuing to translate for us, I have been reading this for a very long time and I appreciate the hard work you have put in to it. Hopefully thing are getting better and thanks for the chapters


  4. I’m expecting Tang to hit the ocean, and for Quian to try and follow only to be met by a Ocean god silhouette and shit herself from it.


  5. Wow its getting closer and closer to the end, I’m proud to say ive never read ahead anywhere else and stayed true to your translation Bagel-Sama !


  6. Hi Bagelson, I’m glad you’re okay. I actually went to the wuxiadream website to finish reading the novel, but I kept coming back and reading the responses to see if you’re alright. Glad you’re okay(again) bye.


  7. I am simply glad you are okay. you are just doing for fun and for us so its natural that ur private life takes priority. ignore the ungrateful haters…

    btw. thanks for this, past and the coming chapters.


  8. I missed you bagelson!!!

    I’m so happy you’re okay. I really hope that whatever happened or is happening will fix itself very soon.

    Thank you for everything! ❤


  9. Bagelson this is my first comment you are legend i am writing this comment to encourage you dude keep up and release a chapter today its almost a week dude seriously love you cant have words to describe


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