34 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 310 – Two Inheritance Options, Seagod Or Asura God?

    • Don’t worry, after he inheritance the Seagod, maybe he’ll inheritance the Asura God too.. We know how greed Tang San is.. Or should I say, how overpowered TJSS made Tang San.. Lol


      • I expect him to do it honestly, at this point xD. Have the Asura God be part of his clear sky hammer and the Seagod be part of his Silver Grass spirit. Then become double god and roflstomp the enmy!


        • I expected that for a while now… honestly, I am still surprised that he ‘only’ inherits Godhood instead of creating one for himself. But considering that, I was certain that he would get a Godhood per spirit, I just assumed that the second one would be one he created himself… I’m still surprised about that.


  1. Oh nice. I just decided to randomly check today to see if there was an update and there was.

    Kinda sad that Tang Chen died. Though if he were alive, it’d probably make the coming battles too easy. A level 99 peak title douluo with the Asura God’s inheritance would steamroll almost every opponent besides a god. Anyways, I’m sure Tang San will end up somehow inheriting both god powers since he’s already OP enough.


  2. Gahhhh seriously!? Pretty much just one chapter a week!??? Most other novels get a chapter a day! There’s only like 26 chapters left! I have a feeling you have it all translated already, but are slowly milking the novel!! Hurry hurry hurry and give us the ending!


    • Although there aren’t many chapters left, each chapter is the equivalent of multiple chapters from those other novels that you are talking about so it isn’t exactly fair to use that as an example. He also has no reason to milk the novel as he isn’t getting paid to do this, save for possibly the adsense on the site. I’m also impatient but it’s ungrateful to make demands when he does this as a hobby and is willing to share with us. There is another group that has finished this novel already but it is badly translated; if you are unable to wait for bagelson’s quality translation then you can just read the alternative, you won’t miss too much of the story that way.

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      • Is not a chapter but 3… The autor like to divide a chapter in three parts. That’s why the chapters are more extense that others autors of wuxia novels.

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      • Blahzee blahzee blah. Attracting more people to the site is worth milking, and most translators have a stock of chapters. While these may not be as short as the smutty novels with female mcs, it’s a stretch to put them above all over novels. There are quite a few that match roughly around the same length and get released faster.

        Lastly, if fans want to urge them to hurry up because they want to read more, who are you to get in the way?.

        TL;DR White-knight elsewhere plz.


        • Didn’t see an edit button, but p.s. it’s been two weeks since the last release. That’s slow, whether the chapters are a bit longer than some other novels or it being free. That’s just slow.


          • how about you take your comment, shove it right up your ass and then go do some translation yourself. Or better yet, why not get the fuk out of here if this is just so slow that a little fuk like you cant wait.





    • i aint no worshipper, im just as dissatisfied, but that doesnt entitle me to bitching cause i aint paying for this, im not subbed to his patreon or anything. if you want this so bad go read the garbage tl on a different site, this novel is finished, and bitch about quality since you feel so entitle to opinions and all.


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