April Fool’s 2019


26 thoughts on “April Fool’s 2019

  1. at least release a fake chapter if your going to do an April Fool’s. Are you guys even translating this novel anymore or have you dropped it? please make an announcement.


  2. sadly wuxia dream is plagued with malicious malware, just tried going to it and got multiple red flags guess i’ll never see the end i know he dies and gets resurrected.


  3. not sure what crazy person told you to stop translating, but ignore them and finish the job (with respect).
    its a literal shame you had to stop 6 chapters away from completion. and if the posted remark about wuxia dream is full of malware (which it is) just tested it and got hit with 3 “web attack malicious redirection” viruses trying to break into my system so…. that’s no good.


  4. If you need help with the final touches touches with the English grammar an proofreading, just ask me. I’m more than happy to help! Based on the general timeline and how long you have been translating it would seem that real life (and probably family) is impeding your ability to be able to make time to provide the high quality translations you have been providing us.


    • Yes! Read one chapter a few months back… Translation sucks; obviously machine done by a non-English speaker. Basically a ripoff of a regular translator’s efforts. If you sorta want an idea of what happens in the remaining 6 chapters – i suppose that it’ll do, but…
      Anyway, I’m for Bluesilver to finish, or definitively stat that he’s abandoned the project.

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  5. So does this mean the translation will finally begin again and be concluded or was this just some automated post?


  6. Just read it on qidian or lnmtl, then read child of light (the first in the shared universe). There are 19 novels, so there’s no time to lose!


  7. I’ll wait for you to completely translate this novel even if it means waiting a thousand years.

    Pd: My english is kinda bad so sorry if there are some mistakes 😛

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  8. Guys, stop wasting time. Just finish these few chapters on another site so you can start reading the others. You can find the order on qidian, but it starts out with: child of light, mad god, kindhearted death god, only I shall be immortal, star speed sky mark, magic chef of fire and ice, 12 zodiac patron gods, zither emporer, then DD. Like the poster above said, there is no time to lose, these novels are huge!


    • You can TIME TRAVEL Yuhao?!?! How the hell did you manage to do this? Plz give secrets. :p


  9. Someone posted on another site that this group has discontinued translation hence no chapters for a year. There is another site that has finished it (not as high quality) but for 6 chapters it will do.


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