Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 012 – Headshake

Sure enough, Zhao Hai hadn’t been sitting for long when Green walked inside, bowing and saying: “Young master, I have put the family’s matters in order, I will set off shortly.”

Zhao Hai nodded: “No need to rush, it’s fine if you don’t worry. I have those things here, nothing will happen. Even keeping them for ten years wouldn’t be a problem. After you leave, you have to find a big client, then sign a long term contract with them. You must also remember that we will be breeding large amounts of Blue Eyed Rabbits, and this is also something that will go through them. If I guess correctly, after the shock of the magic radishes we have on hand, the market price will drop. This is something we have to be prepared for.”

Green nodded, and Zhao Hai indicated he sit to the side: “Grandpa Green, sit. I’m not comfortable having you stand like that. Sit, I still have a lot of things to tell you. Blockhead, go get grandpa Green some breakfast, let him eat here today.”

Blockhead glanced at Green. Green nodded, and Blockhead then turned towards the kitchen, and Green also sat down. Zhao Hai didn’t express any opinion about this, he was very clear about the character of the previous Adam. If not for Green always looking out for him before, Adam would have already died an unknown number of times, so he naturally wouldn’t envy Green’s authority now.

After Green sat down, Zhao Hai continued: “Grandpa Green, I’m also aware of our current circumstances, therefore I hope you will remember, low key, we have to stay low key. We’re in a place like this now. If we do something those grand nobles can’t stand, then we’re also finished. Consequently, we cannot let people know our relation to this deal.”

Green nodded, and Zhao Hai sighed: “Even if I don’t know why those grand nobles would let my Buda clan off, only sending us off to a place like this, but I know what we have is something they would definitely have misgivings about. If they wanted to deal with us, they would have to pay a very large price, but if we now let them learn that the Buda clan might have a chance to rise again, then regardless of the cost, they would definitely destroy us. That’s why we have to be low key now. Even though talking about being low key sounds cowardly, to let our Buda clan continue until the day we can rise again, we can only keep low key for now.”

Green’s eyes reddened, standing and bowing to Zhao Hai: “Don’t worry, young master, I will definitely handle this well.”

Zhao Hai nodded: “Don’t be like this, grandpa Green, sit down. You have to remember, the magic radishes are only the first step. For the next while I will experiment and see whether I can change the black soil outside into something that can be farmed, that would be even better. But we also need even more manpower, so you have to buy some more slaves through every channel you can. Regardless of race, as long as they’re useful, as long as they have skills, buy them all. Anyway, most people wouldn’t come over to look at us, but we still have to be careful.”

Green nodded. He discovered that the young master had changed. If it was the previous young master, then it would be impossible for him to think about this. The current change, to the Buda clan, was definitely a good thing.

Now Blockhead also returned to serve Green breakfast. Zhao Hai glanced at Green’s plate. Very simple, making Zhao Hai shake his head, turning to Green: “Grandpa Green, after the magic radishes are sold, first buy some Blue Eyed Rabbits, second buy some Long Tailed Chickens, third buy some Scaleless Fish. The castle moat is empty right now, and it seemed to me that it was running water, suitable for raising fish. First we won’t care about making money, we have to improve our own standard of living. When you go, don’t be afraid of how much magic radish they want, however much they want, we can supply. But I think a lot of people will be struck by us attacking the magic radish market like this, and they will definitely investigate. Therefore, no matter what, you absolutely cannot let them trace it back to us. Also, buy some books. Best is books related to flora and fauna on the continent, this will be of great use to us. Anyway, right now I can only think of these, you deal with the rest on your own. Oh, right, our current defensive strength is too little, you pay attention and buy some slaves with fighting strength if you can. But we’ll do it bit by bit, the first goal is to improve our lives.”

Green ate and listened to Zhao Hai, remembering what Zhao Hai said. These matters were also of varying degrees of importance, but they were all things he was capable of handling.

Before long, Green had finished eating and let Blockhead bring the tray to the kitchen. He stood and bowed to Zhao Hai: “Young master, I’m leaving. I won’t be present for a few days, if there’s anything, you make sure to speak to Meirin. Young master, you must look after yourself well. You are the last hope of the Buda clan, if anything happens to you, I won’t be able to face the late old master.”

Zhao Hai smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, grandpa Green. I know what to do. I also won’t be as wilful as before. Leave quickly and return soon, as long as everything is handled. Oh, right, transporting our magic radishes is a big problem. If I wait until after you’ve settled things and then deliver them personally, that would draw less attention, what do you say?”

Green pondered: “Let’s leave this matter for when I have made the arrangements. Don’t worry, young master, I will take care of everything.”

Zhao Hai nodded, looking at Green, then suddenly bowed to him: “Grandpa Green, I thank you on behalf of the Buda clan. From today on, you are my family.”

Green’s eyes reddened, but he accepted Zhao Hai’s respect, facing upwards and laughing: “Old master, esteemed master, did you see, the young master has grown up, the young master is thoughtful, the Buda clan has hope. Even if I have to stake these old bones, I will make the Buda clan flourish.” Answering Zhao Hai’s salute, he turned and left. But now Green didn’t have the air of a servant, but with heroic spirit soaring towards the sky, displaying the might of an eighth level warrior.

Zhao Hai looked at Green’s departing back, smiling slightly, the turned and walked towards his own room. Zhao Hai knew that making other people accustomed to his changes would take some time. Right now his display was already very eye-catching. He should be a bit well behaved. Anyway, matters of the house had already been settled by Green, and the remainder was for Meirin and Meg to see to, no need for his involvement. He’d return to his room and go take a look at the farm, there he could settle down and relax.

But Blockhead and Rockhead, those two inflexible fellows, followed behind him like a pair of ghosts, following regardless of anything, thoroughly implementing Green’s orders, leaving Zhao Hai helpless.

Zhao Hai still didn’t want to let Green and the others know too much about the spatial farm, but with Blockhead and Rockhead so inflexible, making them understand that might be impossible.

Entering his room, Zhao Hai turned to speak to Blockhead and Rockhead: “Blockhead, Rockhead, you return to your rooms, I want to rest a while. There’s nothing happening in the castle anyway, you don’t need to worry.

The two shook their heads simultaneously, saying nothing, and Zhao Hai impatiently said: “I will rest, you go help grandma Meirin?”


“I’m going to rest, you can’t always stand by my bedside? Go stand outside the door!”


“I’m the young master, you two get out of here!”


“Big brothers, see it as me begging you, give me a bit of space, be a bit charitable and go out.”


Zhao Hai looked at the two and really didn’t have any means, he could only say: “Blockhead, Rockhead, I know you two were raised by my father from childhood, absolutely loyal to the Buda clan, but the place I’m about to go relates to the future development of the Buda clan. Therefore, it’s best if you don’t follow. If you do you won’t be able to keep up. So, in a moment, if I suddenly disappear, don’t worry, and don’t shout either, okay?”

Zhao Hai just finished speaking when the two brothers reached out and grabbed the twin large swords on their backs, holding them across their necks with a look of ‘if you don’t let us follow we will die’.

Zhao Hai facepalmed. Running into such inflexible people really gave him a frightening headache. But he could do nothing. Looking at Blockhead and Rockhead, he knew that if he really didn’t let them follow him, they really could kill themselves. These were part of a small number of people absolutely loyal to the Buda clan, how could he let them die?

But if he brought them into the space, then they would also know the secrets of that space. Zhao Hai still really was a bit unwilling.

But Zhao Hai still hadn’t completely figured out the space yet, and the seeds had been planted when the sky still wasn’t light, whereas now it was already bright, and he didn’t know how they had grown. He wanted to go take a look, if the radishes were ripe, he could collect them, that was money.

Most importantly was that Zhao Hai still wanted to take a look at whether he could bring the spatial water and soil outside. The spatial soil and water could transform land, and if he really could transform land, then perhaps the black soil outside could be made fertile, and that was what Zhao Hai needed the most right now.

While Zhao Hai was weighing the pros and cons, Blockhead and Rockhead never put their swords down. The two were rigidly staring at Zhao Hai, afraid he would disappear.

Aftera long while, Zhao Hai returned to his senses. Looking over the two, he smiled wryly: “Fine, you follow as well. But what you see today, you absolutely can’t speak of outside. If you do, you can at most only tell grandpa Green, grandma Meirin, and Meg. Those three people. You can’t tell anyone else. You can’t even talk about it in your sleep.

The two nodded simultaneously, but their swords didn’t leave their hands.


Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 011 – Planning

Green had lived in the imperial capital his whole life, what great spectacles hadn’t he seen? He at once returned to his senses, but still didn’t look at the thing on the table, rather looking at Zhao hai with light flickering in his eyes: “Young master, you can use magic?”

Zhao Hai shook his head: “I can’t use magic. You know, anyone who has drunk the Water of Nothingness will be unable use magic. This is just an ability, it has no offensive ability, it can only let me store some things.”

Green nodded, slightly disappointed, then finally turned his head to the table. Seeing the radish on the table, he couldn’t help staring blankly, at once grabbing it and looking it over. Smelling it again and again, he finally took a bite, nodded, placed the radish back on the table and turned to look at Zhao Hai: “Young master, this is a magic weed turnip, a very common magic vegetable.”

Zhao Hai looked distracted: “What’s magic vegetables? Don’t tell me there are still other vegetables?”

Green nodded: “Yes, young master, the vegetables on the Ark continent are divided into two kinds, one is common vegetables, such vegetables are ordinarily eaten by commoners or slaves, and nobles generally all eat magic vegetables. Such vegetables all contain some magic energy, and can only be grown on especially good land, and still need people to nurse them very carefully. Magic radish is a kind of such magic vegetables, but they’re the most common, the current market value is around one silver coin per catty.”

Zhao Hai swiftly calculated in his mind. Right now he had eighty thousand catty of radish, one silver per catty, that was still eighty thousand silver, exchanged for gold it would be eight thousand. This was a lot more than selling in the space, where they could be sold for five hundred gold, a little more than six copper per catty. Referring to the purchasing power of this world and comparing to Earth, if he sold these radishes in the space, he would only get little more than six tenths of an RMB per catty, but if he sold it to the people here, he could get ten RMB per catty, a difference of close to twenty times. Even idiots knew how to do this business.

At this time Green picked up that radish again: “But this magic radish is a bit strange, I’ve never seen such a large magic radish on the continent, and the taste is a lot stronger than magic radish. Young master, where did you get this thing?”

Zhao Hai didn’t answer, he only continued: “Then does Blue Eyed Rabbits eat the leaves of these things? When we buy magic radish, do we buy it with the leaves?”

Green shook his head: “If we were to buy this magic radish, we wouldn’t want the leaves. The leaves of this thing don’t taste good. But it’s still food that Blue Eyed Rabbits are extremely fond of. Why do you ask, young master?”

Zhao Hai stood up, pacing two laps with a happy expression: “The Heavens haven’t forsaken me, the Heavens haven’t forsaken me, hah, too good, with this thing, I can start a pasture.”

Green looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance, and felt a burst of fear. He didn’t know what was up with Zhao Hai, and thought he had gone insane, promptly saying: “Young master, young master, what is it? Don’t scare an old man.”

Zhao Hai returned to his senses, looking at Green and laughing: “Don’t be scared, grandpa Green. I’m only too excited. Oh, right, grandpa Green, let me ask you, is this magic radish easy to sell?”

Green saw that Zhao Hai was alright and was relieved, at once nodding: “Easily, right now there are no major conflicts on the continent, and people have a lot of income. A lot of commoners will also buy some magic radish to eat, and magic radish is the cheapest magic vegetable, so a lot of people buy it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, sitting down and having Green sit down as well: “Grandpa Green, right now I have eighty thousand catty of this magic radish on hand, think of a means to sell it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit cheap, but it has to be sold as quickly as possible. Afterwards buy some Blue Eyed Rabbits, the more the better. The mountain we’re living on has a lot of abandoned dwarven mines, we can turn those mines into Blue Eyed Rabbit warrens, then we can have a stable income later.”

Green stared blankly, standing with an agitated expression: “Young master, you say you have eighty thousand catty of magic radish? How come you have so much magic radish?”

Zhao Hai shook his head: “Don’t mind that for now, implement this as soon as possible. Moreover, find a big buyer and tell him that the magic radish I have on hand is eighty thousand every two days, as much as he wants is fine.”

Green stammered. “Young master, are you telling the truth? You really have that much magic radish? From where?”

Zhao Hai smiled: “Don’t worry about it, as long as you carry this out it’s fine. You have to be quick, but also low key. Don’t let people discover that we’re selling these things. Can you do it?”

Green calmed down. Even though he didn’t know from where Zhao Hai was getting these radishes, he thought it definitely had to be related to that ability Zhao Hai obtained, and so he at once said: “Don’t worry, young master. That much this old man can still accomplish. I’ll start making arrangements at once.”

Zhao Hai nodded, calling after the departing Green: “Grandpa Green, have those slaves not worry about those supplies and put those mines in order at once, we have to put them in order as soon as possible. We will raise a lot of Blue Eyed Rabbits, I will deal with those supplies, no need to worry.”

Green’s eyes flashed, with a new understanding of Zhao Hai’s ability. Even though Zhao Hai said that his ability didn’t have any attack power, just his ability to store so many things, and to provide such quantities of magic radish, it was already astonishing.

Green nodded at once: “Don’t worry, young master, I will arrange it. Blockhead, Rockhead, from now on, you have to closely protect the young master step by step. I will leave for a few days. Meirin, Meg, you see to those slaves, you have to have them follow the young master’s orders in the shortest time possible, understood?”

At this moment, Green finally displayed the dignity and skill of a great butler of a grand noble house, arranging the most important things in the shortest possible time, first seeing to Zhao Hai’s safety, second starting the main focus of the work, third doing outside to sell the radishes. Moreover, very clearly, this third matter he would handle himself.

Meirin and the others were just listening numbly. They really hadn’t thought that Zhao Hai would actually have such a secret. Now being called out to by Green, they returned to their senses and replied, Green then quickly stepping outside.

Zhao Hai looked at Green’s departing figure and nodded. It seemed Green wasn’t someone who didn’t understand. Spending all their money before coming to the Black Waste might be because of the reason he guessed, to keep Adam from having money to spend and could only honestly stay here. But now it seemed that he wouldn’t be so anxious.

Meirin watched Green leave, then turned to Zhao Hai: “Young master, are you hungry? You haven’t eaten a it all morning. I’ll at once get something ready for you.” Finished speaking, she walked towards the kitchen.

Zhao Hai hastily said: “Grandma meirin, it’s alright, I ate half a magic radish earlier, and I’m still full, I can’t eat anything.”

Meirin promptly shook her head: “How is that alright, how could you be full eating nothing but such a thing. Young master wait a moment, I’ll fix something up at once, it’ll be done very quickly.”

Zhao Hai saw he couldn’t block her, and promptly said: “Grandma Meirin, take this magic radish to the kitchen and use it for cooking.”

Meiring replied, then took that half radish and entered the kitchen. But meg stood next to Zhao Hai, and Blockhead and Rockhead stood behind him to his left and right.

Zhao Hai looked at all of them, and couldn’t help smiling wryly. He knew that right now Blockhead and Rockhead wouldn’t listen to anything he said. Those two had very inflexible minds, and right now they only listened to Green, so he didn’t say anything to them, only turning to Meg: “Meg, bring me some keja, I’m a bit thirsty.”

Meg replied, then turned and left for the kitchen. But when she walked behind Zhao Hai she still stealthily glanced at him, then quickly left.

Zhao Hai sat there bored senseless. Right now there could be said to be too few people in the castle to talk to, only Green and the others. It was still impossible for those slaves to carry a conversation with him, and if he went to them they would likely be scared. Consequently, Zhao Hai could only sit here alone.

Originally Zhao Hai thought to chat with Blockhead and Rockhead, but the two of them could both be classified as empty headed, there was basically no way to chat with them. So he could only set there being bored senseless by himself.

Fortunately Meg returned with a pot of keja before long, but after she had served Zhao Hai a cup, she again retreated back behind him, without saying a word. This made Zhao Hai depressed, but he still didn’t know what to say to her. Because of Adam’s previous indiscretions, Zhao Hai also felt extremely awkward when facing Meg.

Meiring really worked very quickly. Before long Zhao Hai’s breakfast was prepared. Almost the same as a western style breakfast from Earth, the breakfast Meirin made for Zhao Hai included bread, meat gruel, and a few fried eggs. These fried eggs were naturally not the same as chicken eggs on earth, but rather eggs from a kind of level one magic beast chicken on the Ark continent.

Zhao Hai turned to Meirin and the others: “Grandma Meirin, you all sit down and eat. After eating you still have a lot of work to do, there’s no need to keep me company.”

Meiring nodded, and didn’t object this time, because she knew that after eating, they really did have a lot of work to do. So Meirin and Meg again went into the kitchen for a few sets of breakfast, in addition to food for Blockhead and Rockhead as well.

After breakfast, Zhao Hai didn’t return to his room, but rather went to the first floor drawing room, sitting there drinking keja. He knew that Green would definitely come inform him once everything was in order, and so he didn’t worry.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 010 – Hope

Zhao Hai only calmed down when the sun had completely left the horizon. Yes, this was the first sunrise he saw in the other world. That magnificent scenery made him carefree and relaxed, giving him a grand heroic feeling, and so he couldn’t help saying that.

When Zhao Hai turned around, he discovered Green and the others standing below the wall, and behind them were also those one hundred slaves. It seemed that these slaves had all passed careful selection, half men and half women, and all very robust, without illnesses. They had now also made themselves presentable, their clothes very neat. Only the men showed the brand on their foreheads, a wild dragon baring its claws and fangs, the crest of the Buda clan, inspired by the battle qi handed down in their family.

Green saw Zhao Hai looking at them, and he immediately bowed, calling out: “Young master, the Buda clan’s glory will definitely illuminate all the land, young master please command us.” When he finished, the slaves behind him all knelt as one, tapping their foreheads on the ground, not one daring to look up at Zhao Hai.

In his old world, Zhao Hai was a common nerd. Seeing a scene like this, he stood there dumbfounded, bewildered, really not knowing what to say.

Slowly calming down after  long while, he looked at Green and the others still bowing, and promptly said: “Grandpa Green, all of you stand up, and the others as well. We’ve come to a place like this, a place without anything, no soil to till, no ore in the mountains, all we have is this abandoned castle for shelter, and all of you. At the same time we have a common name, Buda, whether you are willing or not, you all have the brand of the Buda clan, you are already the Buda clan’s people. The Buda clan is necessary for your existence, if the clan disappears, you disappear, this is an inalienable fact. Yes, right now we have nothing but our two hands. Everything in this world has been created by human hands, and with our hands, we will not starve, we will make our lives better. The majority among you are slaves, you will believe that living better or not isn’t related to you, because no matter how good life is, you are still slaves. But I will tell you today, that as long as you work hard, your children will not be slaves. There will perhaps be a day when they can enter the Buda clan’s troops, becoming glorious warriors. If they do well, they might become knights, nobles. I will ask you to do your best, and I will also give you the best. As long as you work hard, I, Adam Buda, swear by the honor of my clan, that I will definitely fulfill my promise today!”

A slight disturbance rose from among those slaves. In fact, before those slaves were bought, they had all received special training. When the master gave commands, they were not allowed to move, even if the master was just farting they still had to endure, a disturbance like this shouldn’t appear.

But Zhao Hai’s words really were too shocking, there had never before been a noble on the continent that would turn slaves into ordinary people. If you were made a slave, then you would be slaves for generations, your descendants would all be slaves, this never changed.

If Zhao Hai only spoke emptily, these slaves wouldn’t believe it, but Zhao Hai swore on the honor of the Buda clan. In fact, nobles on the Ark continent didn’t easily make vows, and even if they did they wouldn’t swear on the honor of their clan, that was what nobles valued the most. As long as they swore on the honor of their clan, they would definitely accomplish it. In other words, what Zhao Hai said, was all true!

What did slaves wish for the most? That was to one day become ordinary people, to be able to regain their freedom, to let their posterity not have to suffer the hardships of slavery. For this reason a lot of slaves resisted, they rebelled, revolted, but were very soon suppressed by those nobles, because they were only slaves, they had no weapons, they had no armor, they knew no battle qi. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to beat those armed to the teeth noble troops.

But now Zhao Hai was telling them, you don’t need to resist, as long as you work hard, as long as you contribute to the Buda clan, you can all be normal people. To these slaves, this was really like a dream.

It was necessary for slaved to work hard, because if they didn’t and were discovered, they would be put to death. Even if they weren’t, the would at least suffer the harshest penalties. Therefore they didn’t dare slack off. But now someone was telling them, as long as you work hard, I can give you what you want the most, this was too great a shock to them.

Green and the others stared blankly. They hadn’t thought that Zhao Hai would say something like this. Frankly, Green didn’t quite agree with what Zhao Hai said, because those slaves working hard was compulsory. Moreover, there was no noble on the continent that would free slaves, there were too many things involved.

But now Zhao Hai had already said it, and he had no way to object, he could only wait until they had returned to the inner keep to properly talk it over.

Looking over the people below, Zhao Hai also knew that they would react like this. From Adam’s memories he learned about the position of these slaves. It was just because he knew this bit that he used what they wanted to most to coerce them.

Human ingenuity was boundless, as long as they wished it, it would be difficult to imagine the energy they could display. And right now was when Zhao Hai needed just such an energy from them, that’s why he did what he did.

Zhao Hai was quite satisfied with their reaction, and continued: “You can think of all kinds of ways. As long as it benefits the Buda clan, or is something that can improve our lives, something useful, you can take it to manager Green. As long as I recognize that what you have is useful, is good, I will record your contribution. As long as your contribution reaches a certain level, you can become commoners. Even if you don’t, as long as you strive for it, as long as you make a good showing, you can gain some contribution, and as long as this contribution accumulates to a certain level, you can become commoners, become children of our Buda clan, of this Black Waste.”

Those slaves became even more excited. They now viewed Zhao Hai simply like a god, because only a god would be so benevolent. All the slaves unexpectedly erupted with an air of grandeur, an air that made even eighth level warrior Green standing in front feel somewhat fearful.

Green turned to look at those slaves. He discovered that they all seemed to have gained something. When he had looked at these slaves before, he had always thought that they seemed lifeless, like rocks, but now they were like people, with a vigor, an energy.

Green’s heart shook. He suddenly understood Zhao Hai’s manner of handling things. If the Buda clan was to develop, relying on a hundred dead slaves was impossible. But if it was a hundred people brimming with enthusiasm, then that was something completely different. Green didn’t know what a hundred people with such enthusiasm could bring about, but he was very clear about what one hundred slaves could do. Green heaved a long sigh, his face revealing a true smile. At the same time he also gained a trace of determination, he believed the Buda clan would have a chance to rise again.

Zhao Hai also sensed the change in the slaves. He smiled slightly, aware that his words were useful. Therefore he at once said: “Good, you go take care of your work. First sort out these supplies, tomorrow there will be new tasks for you.” Those slaves answered, and walked towards those supplies with quick steps. Their steps seemed a lot more energetic than before, brimming with enthusiasm.

Zhao Hai nodded with satisfaction, coming down off the wall he slowly walked over to Green, saying: “Grandpa Green, let’s return. I have something to ask you.”

Green responded, leading Meirin and the others after Zhao Hai back to the inner keep. Looking at Zhao Hai’s back, Green knew that Zhao Hai truly had changed, he wasn’t that young master Adam from before who only knew how to make trouble, he was now the head of the Buda clan, a true head.

The group very soon arrived at the dining room in the keep. After sitting down, Zhao Hai turned his hand, the half eaten radish from before appearing. He placed the radish on the table, turning to Green: “Grandpa Green, do you know what this is?”

Green didn’t speak. Zhao Hai looked strangely at Green, discovering the old man was distractedly staring at his hand. He also knew why Green would make such an expression, because of his motion for taking out the radish just now.

This world had spatial magic, only spatial magic was extremely difficult to learn. Moreover, the requirements were extremely pitiless, and so few people went to learn it. Even though there were some spatial tools that could be used for storage, using them required energy, whether magic or battle qi, as long as you had energy you could open them. But a person that had drunk the Water of Nothingness couldn’t open a spatial tool even if he had one, let alone when he didn’t.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly: “Grandpa Green, do you see what this is?”

Green returned to his senses, excitedly standing up: “Young master, just now you? Just now you……”

Zhao Hai waved his hand: “It’s nothing, I just accidentally obtained some ability. It’s fine if you know, but don’t spread it around. Do you know this thing?”

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 009 – Morning and Evening Have Only One Sky

Taking another turn around the space, there really didn’t seem to be anything happening. Zhao Hai left the space and lay quietly on the bed, constantly thinking about everything that had happened since he woke up.

Since learning he had transmigrated, Zhao Hai not only wasn’t a bit scared, but on the contrary a bit excited deep down. When he was on Earth, Zhao Hai was a nerd, with a small sum of author’s remuneration each month, living under a great deal of pressure.

But here was different. Here he was a noble, and even if he had been pushed aside, he still had his own fief. Even if it was a deadland, he still had some loyal subordinates. He could decide life and death for one hundred slaves with a word. He had a castle, people to wait on him, and most importantly, he had the spatial farm.

Even if he didn’t know how this spatial farm came about, as long as he had it, he didn’t have to worry about food, and could live good days, free and unfettered.

While thinking of this, he constantly thought about how to develop the farm in the future. But thinking about that right now was useless, he could only wait for the farm to level up one step.

But the farm had clearly undergone changes. Whether this was a good thing or not remained to be seen. Therefore, as long as he had the chance tomorrow, he would definitely take some of the black soil outside into the space, and take a look at whether he could use the spatial soil and water to remodel it. Moreover, he would accumulate funds as quickly as possible and buy some seeds from the space. Best would be if he also out some spatial water. Then, even if the space disappeared later, he still had his own land, the foundation for going on with his life.

While thinking about this, he unconsciously fell asleep again. In his dreams, he established a giant manor, taking up duty as a lord, spending his days quietly. That was beautiful.

Just as he was dreaming beautifully, a sudden voice echoed: “Radishes have matured, please collect them as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai woke with a start, quickly entering the space, discovering that the radishes were already mature. One large white radish after another, crowding up and breaking the surface of the soil.

Zhao Hai couldn’t wait, quickly running over to the side of the field, digging up a large white radish in a couple of digs and wiping the soil off with his hands. Disregarding any dirt, he took a big bite.

Sweet and mildly spicy radish juice flowed down his mouth, and Zhao Hai couldn’t help sighing. This flavor really was good. When Zhao Hai was on Earth, he especially liked eating white radish. White radish tasted sweet, not like green radish which was always very pungent. And these white radishes grown in the farm tasted an unknown amount better than Earth radishes.

While Zhao Hai was chewing on white radish, he sized up the root in his hand. This radish was at least three catty heavy, counting as not small among white radishes. It was also straight, white and plump, looking very appetizing.

Zhao Hai burst into laughter from happiness, holding the radish and walking over to the thatched hut, where he picked up the collection basket and loudly shouting to the land: “Collect!” The radishes in field shot out as if scooped up by a giant hand, one by one flying out and falling into the basket. But the basket never filled. Zhao Hai bowed his head to look, discovering those radishes disappeared as soon as they entered the basket.

Before long, all the produce was completely collected. Zhao Hai inspected the barn, and sure enough, the radishes were all deposited inside, unexpectedly leaving behind numerous holes in the ground.

Zhao Hai didn’t sell these radishes, but rather again bought a bag of seeds. At the same time he ordered the little shovel to start turning the soil, then continued planting this bag of seeds as well. These seeds had just been planted when he heard a ‘ding’ sound, followed by a voice: “Congratulations on reaching level two, the system rewards you with two bags of white cabbage seeds, capacity for each bag, one field.”

Zhao Hai curled his lips: “Really stingy, delivering seeds that can only cover one field.”

After finishing his business, Zhao Hai left the space. Looking at the color of the sky outside, he discovered it was still very early, just a white smear on the eastern horizon.

At this time Green and the others still wouldn’t have woken up, and even those slaves would still be asleep. Zhao Hai was too excited to sleep, and sat in his room nibbling on that white radish he brought out from the space. He couldn’t have enough of that taste.

It was impossible for Zhao Hai to finish a three catty heavy radish by himself. He only ate half before stopping. But a strange thing happened. Zhao Hai felt as if there was a warm current in his belly, his whole body brimming with strength, not a bit of tiredness.

Zhao Hai stared blankly, something like this had never happened before. It seemed as if he hadn’t eaten a radish, but a stimulant, how come? Could it be this was ginseng instead of radish?

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help touching his nose, afraid he would have a nosebleed. But he discovered his nose was still clean, without any blood.

Zhao Hai laughed mockingly at himself. He was originally someone who indulged in flights of fancy, that’s why he frequently came up with notions that were ridiculous to others.

But he could still be sure that it wasn’t any illusion, because right now he still felt energetic, his eyes spirited, without a bit of sleepiness.

Such circumstances were a bit abnormal. He learned from Adam’s memories that he had drunk the Water of Nothingness. Even though it was said drinking the Water of Nothingness didn’t have any effect on people who hadn’t studied magic or battle qi, it would still make people feel very tired. Even relying on physical strength to become a warrior was impossible, so how could he feel such unending strength? There was only one possible cause for such a feeling: that radish.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help having even higher expectations of this radish. He at once put the radish away in the spatial barn, preparing to wait until he could go ask Green what this radish was.

Looking at the sky outside, it had already begun to grow light. But it was still very early, and everyone still hadn’t gotten up. Zhao Hai wasn’t shameless enough to go call them out either, but staying idly in the room was also too boring. So Zhao Hai slowly walked outside, thinking to properly take a look at his castle.

Leaving the keep, he slowly walked forwards, after passing a small courtyard, he was finally outside. The buildings outside the keep were extremely simple, paved with limestone, row after row of stone houses, behind which was a city wall. The wall was very high, more than ten meters. Walking over to the wall for a look, he discovered it was also very thick, close to four meters. The city gate was properly made from pig iron, four meters tall and sealed with a giant iron bolt. Above the city gate was a cranking mechanism, presumably for pulling open that iron bolt.

This mechanism was extremely clever, as long as you cranked the handle below the gate, the machinery above would turn, driving the iron gate bolt to seal the city gate, and the same when opening it.

Zhao Hai nodded, he hadn’t thought that this world’s engineering would already be at such a level. Looking all around again, without discovering anything. Besides the large pile of supplies still in the square, there was basically nothing else.

Looking at those supplies, Zhao Hai couldn’t help smiling wryly. It seemed Green really didn’t have the makings of a businessman, exchanging all their gold for these things. Could it be they didn’t know that gold could give birth to gold, whereas these things would run out one day?

It seemed Green wanted to turn this place into an isolated manor. Though when thinking about it, he had acted correctly. If it was that original Adam instead of the transmigrated Zhao Hai, he might be able to live a bit longer if he lived here. If he had the money to go running around outside, he would die very quickly.

Turning to the stone stairs next to the city gate, he slowly climbed onto the wall. These walls were made entirely from a kind of ash grey rock, and seemed extremely robust. The surface was also conserved very intact, and the battlements extremely tidy. There was basically no need for repair. On the four corners of the city wall rose archer towers that could protect the walls in all directions.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look inside the city walls. The inner keep walls were even a bit higher than the outer defenses, and there were a few arrow towers on top of those as well. It seemed this castle’s defensive capability really wasn’t hidden.

Turning around to look outside the city walls, there was a five meter wide moat. The water in the moat was very clear, it was apparently running water. Over the moat was a five meter wide drawbridge, suspended by arm thick iron chains, exceptionally heavy. The drawbridge was a giant iron frame, covered with wooden boards. The boards were very new, at one look one could tell they were newly replaced.

Starting from the city gate was a perfectly straight main road, also paved with stone, he didn’t know how far it stretched. It also didn’t seem to have been used in a very long time, and weeds grew everywhere.

Zhao Hai knew that this castle had been abandoned for countless years, and that was the road they came by. He believed that nobody would be leaving the castle for several months, and so that road would seem to stay that way.

Besides this road, everything outside the castle was black soil, on which not even a blade of grass grew. It seemed desolate, with a deathly stillness.

By this time the sun had already risen, the golden sunshine illuminating Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stood on the city wall with his hands behind his back, looking at the just rising sun, and couldn’t help a heroic feeling, laughing out loud: “Fine, this castle, all of this is mine. Even if I’m just setting out here, just like the now rising sun, morning and evening have only one sky, I will let this sun illuminate all the land!”

Zhao Hai didn’t discover that, at some point, Green and the others had already gotten up, all of them standing below the walls, silently watching Zhao Hai standing on the walls, draped in golden light like a divinity, their eyes flickering with light.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 008 – Planning

Zhao Hai nodded, continuing: “Grandpa Green, then how do we settle meat right now? Don’t tell me we didn’t buy some magic beasts to rear?”

Green didn’t know why Zhao Hai was asking about this, but believed it was because he was afraid he wouldn’t have meat to eat, and so at once said: “Young master need not worry, we’ve acquired some Blue Eyed Rabbits and Long Haired Pigs to provide meat, there is no need for young master to worry about having meat to eat.”

Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it seemed that Adam’s character really wasn’t up to much before. He wanted to find a kind that reproduced quickly and wasn’t picky about food to raise, but Green thought he was worrying about having meat to eat, all this and that.

At this time, Meirin and Meg brought in a few trays. There was some food on the trays, but a lot simpler than Zhao Hai’s meal.

Zhao Hai glanced at his own plate. His plate had white bread, two eggs, a piece of meat, as well as some vegetables. Under the present circumstances it was quite good.

But on the plates of Green and the others was only black bread and some vegetables. What eggs, meat, there was basically none. This made Zhao Hai’s heart ache, but he didn’t say anything, only picking up his knife and fork to eat. When Green and the others saw him eating, they also began to eat.

Green and the others didn’t eat quickly, only Blockhead and Rockhead did. Moreover, looking at it, the food Meirin gave them was much better than the others.

He had to admit that Meirin’s food tasted good. Even though it wasn’t as tasty as Chinese cuisine, producing such flavor with such simple ingredients was already quite astonishing.

Zhao Hai nodded with satisfaction, swiftly eating the meal before him. Even though he was unaccustomed to eating western food with knife and fork, he really was a bit hungry, and so ate quickly.

But when he had finished eating, Green and the others had also finished, all of them standing there watching him. Zhao Hai wasn’t very comfortable with this, but he also knew that such things wouldn’t change overnight.

After everything was eaten, Meirin and Meg put the dishes in order, then served a pot of something. One sniff at the pot told Zhao Hai that this pot held keja. Keja was similar to coffee, and something the great continental nobles were most fond of.

Green hurriedly poured him a cup. Zhao Hai drank one mouthful, the flavor was similar to coffee, and he couldn’t help nodding. Picking up the pot, he poured a cup for Green, then pointed to a chair by the side: “Grandpa Green, you sit. I have something to consult you about, come, have some keja.”

Green hurriedly said: “I couldn’t, I’m better standing.”

Zhao Hai stood and pushed Green into the chair: “Grandpa Green, you’re from my grandfather’s generation, you’ve watched me grow up, you can be said to be my senior. This time the Buda clan has fallen into such misery, and if not for you, I perhaps couldn’t guarantee my survival. Don’t stand on ceremony, sit, I really have something to discuss with you.”

Green sat down, looking at Zhao Hui, tears suddenly flowing as he muttered: “I’ll sit, I’ll sit, yes, young master has grown up, so thoughtful.”

Zhao Hai feigned a sigh: “Experiencing so much, I should also grow up. I’m sorry, grandpa Green, I let you worry before, I won’t hereafter.”

Green shook his head: “No, young master don’t say that, it was I who failed to protect you, letting such things happen to young master, letting the Buda clan fall to such a place.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, smiling wryly: “This can’t be blamed on you, how could my father have listened to your advice. Fine, don’t mention it, grandpa Green, do you know what magic beast on the continent isn’t picky about food, grows quickly, and also breeds quickly?”

Green looked a bit distracted by Zhao Hai’s question, but this was still something he knew about, and so he at once said: “There are many such kinds of magic beasts on the continent, like the Blue Eyed Rabbits and Long Haired Pigs we raise. They are both considered first level magic beasts, without any attack power. The time for Blue Eyed Rabbits to grow to maturity is just a little past three months, and after they’re mature they can give birth on average once per month, each litter will have no fewer than five. Long haired pigs have a longer growth cycle, roughly eight to ten months or so, after which they can reproduce once every four months or so, each litter will have no fewer than seven. These two kinds of magic beasts are also the most common source of meat on the continent, and a lot of people breed them.”

Zhao Hai nodded: “Which of these two magic beasts is more commonly raised?”

Green said: “Long Haired Pigs. Even though Blue Eyed Rabbits aren’t too picky about food, but they are herbivores and generally only eat some plant leaves. Not like Long Haired Pigs, who eat anything.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He found that the Blue Eyed Rabbits Green mentioned weren’t much different from Earth rabbits. He at once stood: “Grandpa Green, didn’t you say we bought Blue Eyed Rabbits? Bring me to see them.”

Even though Green didn’t know what Zhao Hai was up to, seeing that he had finally started to become concerned about the family situation, he was still very happy. But he still said: “Young master, it’s late, I think we should go see them tomorrow. Young master go back and rest a bit earlier.”

Zhao Hai looked at the color of the sky outside, and also felt he wa being a bit anxious. Nodding, he said: “Fine, then we’ll go take a look tomorrow. But grandpa Green, I noticed there still seems to be a lot of supplies in the courtyard, why not bring them inside the castle?”

Green looked a bit embarrassed: “Young master, it’s not that we wouldn’t but the castle is too small, it really can’t hold so much supplies, and so we’re now having the slaves set up some wooden sheds to store those things.”

Zhao Hai nodded, looking at the color of the sky outside: “Then do the slaves all have somewhere to live? Right now it’s already April, it will soon be the rainy season. It’s fine to let those slaves have places to stay first. So few of the Buda clan remain, we have to rely on them hereafter.”

Greens somewhat restless expression instantly improved. When Zhao Hai asked about the goods in the courtyard, he was afraid of Zhao Hai asking about those slaves. Because in the eyes of the continent’s nobles, those slaves were worth far less than those supplies. If Zhao Hai thought the same, then he would definitely drive those slaves out of the castle, then store the supplies in the rooms.

But Green knew extremely clearly that with the Buda clan in its present state, and with the rainy season approaching, if those slaves were pushed outside they would very easily fall sick, and when that moment came they would be confronted with the predicament of having no people.

But what Green hadn’t expected was for Zhao Hai to actually think of this. This told him that his young master had finally grown up, and so he hurriedly said: “Please don’t worry, young master, everything has been taken care of.”

Zhao Hai nodded at this: “With grandpa Green here, I can be relieved. Fine, I’ll return to rest, if there’s anything, we’ll talk tomorrow.” After speaking, he left the room.

At this moment Meirin and Meg walked in from the kitchen. Seeing Green sitting there with a moved expression, Meirin curiously said: “Old man, what’s happened?”

Green suddenly laughed out loud: “The young master has grown up, become sensible. Hahahaha, the Heavens haven’t forgotten my Buda clan.” Repeating his conversation with Zhao Hai just now to Meirin, he smiled: “The young master knows to care about the clan’s affairs, this is a good thing. As long as the young master can properly manage the clan, even if the Buda clan can’t expand, it can continue on. No matter what, the Buda clan won’t disappear.”

Meiring was also unusually happy, saying: “Expanding doesn’t matter, as long as the young master is safe it’s fine. I think we’re very good right now. When we were in the capital, even if the Buda clan was well off, we were also too affected by people’s eyes. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been entrapped by those people. Now that we’re far from that prison, leading our little days here is even better. The Black Waste doesn’t have anything that anyone would come here for, so our Buda clan is actually even safer.”

Green nodded with a small smile: “Right, that’s sensible. That’s why I bought half male and half female slaves this time, in order to prepare for the clan’s later development. I don’t want anything else right now, as long as the young master can be sage, and the Buda clan continue, I will be satisfied.”

Meirin nodded, a smile on her face. Meg stood behind Meirin, and even though nothing showed on her face, her eyes revealed a trace of happiness.

Zhao Hai could also hear Green’s laughter. Recalling Green’s expression right now, Zhao Hai knew why he would be so happy. Thinking of this he couldn’t help smiling wryly. He hadn’t expected that he would just need to appear a bit normal for them to be so excited. It seemed that the previous Adam really wasn’t any good news.

Returning to his room, Zhao Hai didn’t go to sleep. Maybe it was because he had slept too much in the daytime, but when he lay on the bed now his eyes were like light bulbs, not sleepy at all.

After laying there for an hour, Zhao Hai still hadn’t fallen asleep. Pondering, he still decided to go take a look at the space, and see how the radishes were doing.

Entering the space, Zhao Hai just stared blankly. He hadn’t expected that, just a few hours after planting, the radishes would actually already have grown such large leaves. They didn’t seem far away from ripening.

Zhao Hai stared blankly at these radishes, he really hadn’t expected them to grow so quickly. Even if the spatial soil and water were said to be able to increase growth speed, wasn’t this still too fast?

Zhao Hai couldn’t help walking over to the side of the field and pull up a radish for a look. He discovered it had already grown a small piece of radish, but because it had still grown for too short a time, the radish still wasn’t large, and would require more time to grow.

Zhao Hai laughed and giggled, burying the radish again, then stood and muttered: “At this rate, they might be ripe tomorrow morning. Then I can ask grandpa Green to see if this place has something like these radishes, and in passing take a look at whether those Blue Eyed Rabbits will eat radish leaves. If they do, then I can open a pasture, hahaha.”

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 007 – Not My Regulations

The color of the sky deepened. In the whole castle, besides Zhao Hai’s room which was lit by magic, the other areas used torches.

This magic lamp was made from a kind of magic crystal that existed on the Ark continent, but magic crystals only came from two sources. One was magic crystal mines, where crystals could be both good or bad, calculated by how much energy they contained. If there was a lot, they could be used to power magic tools, if there wasn’t, they could only be used for lighting. And magic crystals from underground were all disposable, once they were exhausted they were trash.

There was still another kind of magic crystal, those born from magic beasts. Such magic crystals were extremely hard to come by, there might not be one magic beast of ten that had one. Even though such magic crystals didn’t contain much energy, they were still very stable, aids for when magicians used magic. Most importantly, such magic crystals could be reused. After it was exhausted, as long as it was given time, it could automatically absorb the natural energy of the same attribute from the world, slowly recharging until it could be used again.

But no matter what kind of magic crystal, they were all extremely costly. Mined crystals were a bit cheaper than from magic beasts, but that still wasn’t a price ordinary people could afford.

With the Buda clan now in such an extreme state, even though Green had bought a few magic crystals, each was very precious, and couldn’t be used wastefully. Therefore, besides Zhao Hai’s room, the other areas were only lit by torches at night.

At this hour the slaves had already eaten and gone to sleep, but Mayling had just finished cooking, and had Meg go call over Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was napping very sweetly. Even though he was in another world, now he had a spatial farm, and the least he had to worry about was making a living. Moreover, because he had been unconscious for all these days, Merine had constantly used magic to heal him, and so there was still a large quantity of water element left in his body. Water element in itself had a soothing effect, and added to him having put down his worries, he slept especially soundly.

Meg reached Zhao Hai’s room, and first eavesdropped for voices inside. The room was very silent, without the slightest sound, so Meg knocked on the door: “Young master, get out of bed, you should eat supper.”

There was still no sound. Meg called out another two times, but there was still no answer. In the end, Meg had no choice but to enter the room.

Once inside the room, Meg heard even breathing. She softly and quietly moved over to Zhao Hai’s bed to look. Zhao Hai was sleeping soundly, basically not hearing her.

Meg sighed. She didn’t know whether Zhao Hai was big hearted or an idiot, able to sleep so sweetly at a time like this.

Meg stood next to Zhao Hai’s bed, softly pushing him: “Young master, you should get up and eat supper.”

Zhao Hai woke up in a daze, muttering: “What time?”

Meg hurriedly said: “Young master, it’s already seven in the evening, you should eat supper.”

Zhao Hai opened his eyes, turning his head to glance at Meg standing next to the bed, then turning his head to look outside, discovering that the sky was already somewhat dark. He slowly sat up, shaking his somewhat sleep dazed head. A bit more awake, he turned his head to Meg: “Meg, what date is it?”

Meg lowered her head: “Young master, today is the sixth of April.”

Zhao Hai nodded, counting in his head. He fell unconscious on the twenty seventh of February 1637, and now it was already the sixth of April. In other words, he had been unconscious for more than a month. To be able to move so freely after being unconscious so long, if he was on Earth, it would be a true miracle.

But Zhao Hai didn’t ask Meg what was going on, because he knew from Adam’s memories that the healing magic of the mages on the continent was miraculous. Let alone a month, even if he was unconscious for a year, he could still get up and walk around as if he’d just had a nap, without any muscular atrophy.

Zhao Hai sat on the bedside, and Meg at once gathered up his boots, about to put them on for him when Zhao Hai at once said: “Meg, put them down, I’ll dress myself.”

Meg looked distracted, but still said: “Young master, you had better let me do it, it’s part of my duties.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t accustomed to something like this, and hastily stopped Meg: “Let it be, hereafter I’ll handle such trifles myself.” He grabbed the boots from Meg’s hands and put them on himself.

Meg looked distractedly at Zhao Hai from the side. She felt that Zhao Hai was very strange today, let alone saying he would put them on himself, the previous Zhao Hai wouldn’t even have taken them off on his own, and today he actually put them on himself.

Zhao Hai finished putting his boots on and stood, turning to Meg: “Let’s go, let’s eat first, I still have some things to discuss with grandpa Green.”

Even though Meg felt that Zhao Hai was very strange today, she still responded, and led Zhao Hai towards the dining room. Meg knew that since Zhao Hai had never left his room since coming here, he still couldn’t find his way around the castle. If she let him go on his own, he definitely wouldn’t know which direction to go.

Leaving the room, Zhao Hai looked distracted, curiously looking all around. This castle was clearly ancient, the construction somewhat aged, but seemingly sturdy enough. But the building style was very old, and the indoor layout wasn’t as good as Adam’s original home, giving a somewhat gloomy feeling.

But Zhao Hai didn’t care about this, he rather liked castles like these. In his imagination, castles should be like this. This was in the ancient style, perhaps he could still find some secret rooms somewhere.

Zhao Hai very quickly also noticed the torches on the walls. Recalling the price of magic crystals, Zhao Hai understood why they would use torches.

Even though Adam was a noble with no sense for value, he still knew the prices for something like magic crystals, because such things were considered luxury goods. They were things people in Adam’s social class bought, and so he knew the price.

Zhao Hai simultaneously thought of that magic lamp in his room, that seemed to be the only magic lamp in the entire castle. Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help feeling warm.

The dining hall wasn’t far from Zhao Hai’s bedroom, and the two entered very quickly. Green, Merine, Rockhead, and Blockhead were just standing in the room waiting for Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai enter, they all bowed: “Good evening, young master, please have a meal.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Walking over to the wooden table and glancing over it, he discovered it was only set for him alone. Through Adam’s memories, Zhao Hai knew that when nobles ate, servant’s couldn’t sit together, only standing to the side and serving.

Zhao Hai sat down, sizing up the dining room. The room wasn’t very large, only a bit more than twenty square meters. Within the room was set a long dining table, covered with a white table cloth. On the cloth were arranged two candle holders, each holding three wax candles.

Eight chairs were arranged around the table, made with very fine craftsmanship, apparently high level goods. Each corner of the dining room held a torch, making the whole room very bright. But besides this, there was nothing else in the room.

Zhao Hao sized up the dining room, then turned to Green and the others: “Grandpa Green, all of you sit down to eat as well. After eating I have some things to ask you.”

Green at once bowed to Zhao Hai: “Young master, that won’t do at all. When you are eating, we can’t sit with you, these are imperial regulations.”

Zhao Hai snorted: “Imperial regulations, but not my regulations. Since the empire abandoned us, why should we still observe imperial regulations? Don’t object, quickly go get tableware and sit down to eat together. While eating I’ll talk about some things. If you don’t come, I won’t eat either.”

Green looked at Zhao Hai and had no means, only turning his head to glance at Merine, who shot him a glare: “What are you looking at me for, the young master hasn’t had a bit to eat for more than a month, don’t tell me you still want to let him go hungry.”

Sure enough, Zhao Hai’s health weighed heavier to Green. Hearing Meirin’s words, he at once turned his head and said: “Then you go with Meg to the kitchen, I’ll wait on the young master here.”

This time Meirin didn’t say anything, and led Meg away, while Green sat down with Blockhead and Rockhead. Blockhead and Rockhead were clearly a bit uncomfortable, sitting there as if on needles. Moreover, one could see that the two were a bit slow, and wouldn’t say much. Ever since seeing Zhao Hai, all they had said was “Good evening, young master, please have a meal” along with the others.

Zhao Hai learned from Adam’s memories that Blockhead and Rockhead were children his father had taken in and raised. They weren’t clever, and could even be called stupid, but the two were talented in other ways, born with great strength, and further adding the Wild Dragon battle qi, the two were now both almost level six warriors, and were moreover loyal and devoted to the Buda clan, and absolutely wouldn’t betray them.

While waiting for Meirin to bring the food, Zhao Hai turned to Green: “Grandpa Green, how much gold do we have on hand right now?”

Green looked distracted, he didn’t know why Zhao Hai was asking, but he still at once stood to answer: “Young master, we currently have one hundred eighty gold coins on hand, but right now we don’t lack any goods, and so these gold coins can all be allocated.”

Zhao Hai hastily made Green sit, continuing: “Then when we came from the capital, didn’t we use wagons to move the things? What about the cart horses?”

Green said: “Young master, this place is small and doesn’t have anything in the way of produce, so in order to save on foodstuffs, we only have five horses. The wagons were all rented.”

Zhao Hai looked distracted, but at once understood Green’s meaning. Green was economizing as far as possible, and had to know that good horses didn’t only eat grass, but had to eat some cereals. And since this place basically couldn’t produce much grain, what could be saved of course had to be saved, and rearing horses was impossible.

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 006 – Plotting

Low key, he definitely had to be low key!

Having read countless transmigration novels, Zhao Hai clearly understood that if he didn’t know how to be low key in another world, then he wouldn’t have a good ending. Zhao Hai believed that novels were just fiction, the reason why those MC’s could call the wind and summon the rain in other worlds was all because of the author’s golden fingers. If one person, alone in an unfamiliar environment, still acted so unbridled, the consequences definitely wouldn’t be good.

Now Zhao Hai’s status was that of the Buda clan’s last heir, and at the same time they had even offended the most powerful factions in the Aksu Empire. Under such circumstances, if he didn’t keep low key, then the first to die would definitely be him.

Even if he had the spatial farm to hide in now, there were still too many ways to kill one person alone, and Zhao Hai didn’t want to carelessly misplace his head while asleep.

Just as Zhao Hai was thinking about these things, there was suddenly a knock on the door. Zhao Hai looked distracted, but at once said: “Enter.”

Meg pushed open the door and walked inside, her head low without looking at Zhao Hai, bowing to him and saying: “Young master.” Then nothing else.

Zhao Hai looked at Meg’s appearance, and also had a brief wry smile. The reason Meg didn’t raise her head to look at him was because Adam had previously wanted to molest her because of her beauty. Ultimately he didn’t succeed, but from then on Meg had always avoided Adam, and even if the met, she would only lower her head and call him ‘young master’, then turn around and leave.

Zhao Hai sighed, this was all trouble caused by Adam, but it fell on him to deal with it. Heavens, this really is a crop of disaster.

Zhao Hai looked at Meg’s appearance, then sighed again: “I’m alright, you go down and rest. I’ll also sleep a while, it’s fine if you come call me for supper.”

Meg made an answering noise, then turned around and left. After stepping outside, she still kept guard outside Zhao Hai’s door. Looking at her as if fleeing from him, Zhao Hai smiled wryly again.

His body was now all better, without any discomfort. The reason why he said he would rest was to put Adam’s memories in order, and take a look at whether there was still anything he didn’t know. Adding that he currently had the spatial farm, this was an enormous help to his future growth. He had to think of how to take advantage of this spatial farm even better.

Right now he was planting radishes in the spatial farm, and if he sold the radishes back to the farm he would obtain at least five hundred gold. In other words, he could earn three hundred fifty gold.

He could also take these radishes outside via the barn, then let Green bring them to sell in other areas of the Ark continent, then he could perhaps gain a bit more gold.

But most important was that he currently didn’t know whether the Ark continent had something like radishes. Adam used to be a wastrel, it was basically impossible for him to go buy vegetables, and the things he ate were normally comparatively good dishes, and probably already cooked once. He basically wouldn’t have asked about what was in the food, and so he basically had no idea whether this continent had a vegetable like radishes.

If those radishes couldn’t be bought outside, then he would also have to process them. The whole radish was a treasure, and harvesting radishes should be done as complete as possible. The radish leaves wouldn’t be neglected either, radish leaves were very tasty, as long as they were simply marinated they could become delicious.

Zhao Hai lived in northern China, that’s why he still clearly remembered his mother using such marinated radish leaves in cooking when he was little, and that flavour was very good.

Such radish leaves could further be used as fodder to feed some grazing animals. If this world didn’t have something like radish, they could sell the radishes and keep the leaves to feed some grazing magic beasts. In Adam’s memories there were some magic beasts that were very easy to raise, eating anything, and when that time came they could breed large quantities of such magic beasts, and not having to worry about meat. Moreover, they could also establish a pasture, with would naturally mean even more income.

Even if this world had radishes, but the price wasn’t high, then he’d sell it to the spatial shop, that way he could still keep the radish leaves. No matter what, he couldn’t be wasteful.

Because his current level was insufficient, Zhao Hai still couldn’t open a pasture in the space, but he could establish pastures here in the Ark continent first. Once the space leveled up later, he could open up pastures in the space as well, then he could raise some Earth animals there.

Zhao Hai had already thought it through. His later development would have to rely on farming. Anyway, the space lacked attack power, so farming suited him best.

Right now he had a large fief, a mountain, plus a deadland, as well as the Carrion Marsh. These areas were all his fief, but to turn these areas useful would take a lot of time.

Zhao Hai only hoped that the spatial farm water and soil really could transform the Black Waste. If it did, then he could have a wide expanse of arable land. No matter when it was, land was always fundamental.

As for manpower, that was something Zhao Hai had never worried about. Because he knew that this world had a kind of people that Earth lacked, slaves.

Earth didn’t have slaves, but this place did. As long as you had money, you could buy lots of slaves, and the life or death of these slaves were all under your control. They were absolutely loyal to you, and moreover wouldn’t run, since each slave was branded with the particular mark of the clan. If they were discovered to be masterless, having secretly run away, then the consequences would be dire.

Therefore, as long as his farm could earn money, he completely didn’t worry about matters of behaviour. The slaves on the continent were numerous, and even if they weren’t originally slaves, as long as someone required it and could produce suitable compensation, those nobles could turn countless people into slaves.

Nobles possessed everything, this world was that simple.

But with Zhao Hai’s current status, if he suddenly bought a bunch of slaves, it would definitely draw attention. Therefore, no matter what, he had to stay low key. Low key was his policy, farming was his main development direction.

Having thought this through, Zhao Hai loosed a long breath, slowly lying back in bed. He still felt as if he was dreaming. He was previously only a common nerd on Earth. Even if he liked reading novels, that still didn’t mean he wanted to transmigrate. But who could have thought that something like this would actually befall him.

Heavens, you had a nerd leave his computer, isn’t that tantamount to castrating a pervert? This really is too cruel.

Zhao Hai sighed deeply, tossing around on the bed, looking at that stone ceiling, and couldn’t help sighing again. Such a place had absolutely no facilities for entertainment, how would he live each day?  My novels, haah, this really is too vexing.

Maybe because he received too many memories just now, plus the unexpected blessing of the spacial farm, had made Zhao Hai’s nerves too excited, and now that the excitement had died down, wave after wave of exhaustion attacked him. Unconsciously, he fell into a deep sleep again.

What Zhao Hai didn’t discover was that, just as he fell asleep, his door was pushed open, and Meg stretched her head inside to glance. Seeing that Zhao Hai was asleep on the bed, she softly stepped inside, picking up the quilt on the bed and covering Zhao Hai. Standing by the bed, looking at Zhao Hai, she sighed and muttered: “Young master, you will be working hard. The Buda clan rests on you.”

Finished speaking, she turned around and left, softly pulling his door closed.

Meg had just left Zhao Hai’s room when Green walked up, looking at Meg and saying: “Meg, how is the young master? What’s he doing?”

Meg said: “Nothing, sleeping.”

Green nodded: “Go take a look at how your grandmother’s dinner preparations are going, when it’s ready come call the young master to the meal. Ai, since we’re in a place like this anyway, noble etiquette can only be abandoned.” Shaking his head, he returned.

Meg looked at her grandfather. She completely understood her grandfather’s mood, he had given his whole life to the Buda clan, and had never thought that the Buda clan would decline before his eyes, how could Green be feeling well?

Meg followed behind Green to the kitchen. Even though Merine was the only chef here now, she was only in charge of the meals for these people. What the slaves outside ate wasn’t her concern, Green had already given them food, and they would help themselves.

Meg quite approved of Green’s way of handling things. Those slaves were pitiful people, and this place was still quite good. Even though the food wasn’t too good, they could still eat their fill. That was basically an impossibility under those other nobles.

Meg also thought extremely clearly. Right now the Buda clan was completely reliant on her grandfather’s support, the young master Adam basically understood nothing, so right now she only hoped that Adam would be sensible enough not to act wilfully, otherwise the Buda clan really would have no hope for survival.

But even if Adam was sensible, he still had a lot to learn. Previously he was basically a hedonistic young master, a typical representation of a lack of learning or skills, he basically didn’t have a bit of experience regarding managing a clan. If he was sensible enough to learn, that was one thing, but if he still refused and gave misguided orders, then they wouldn’t be able to endure for more than a few years with their current circumstances.

Even if the Buda family couldn’t be called very rich before, they were at least still nobility, and even though they had been branded criminals this time, their property hadn’t been confiscated, and so the clan still had a lot of money, altogether close to a hundred thousand gold or so, this was no small sum.

But now Green had already changed this money into all kinds of supplies, leaving only a hundred something gold. If Buda still kept squandering money like before, then these people could perhaps only wash tie their necks and wait for starvation.

Right now, Adam’s qualities decided the survival of the Buda Clan.