Law of the Devil translation

As I’m sure many of you probably already know, translation of Law of the Devil has been picked up by the inhabitants over at Wuxia Translations. This means more frequent updates than what I could ever have time for, so do thank them if you like LOTD.


Law of the Devil – Chapter 023 – Pitiful Vivian Young

At last an update! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this one, and yes, it’s been three weeks since the last update, but this is and will remain a side project for the time being. Updates will be sporadic.

For more tales of our gallant young hero, the link is below.

Chapter 023 – Pitiful Vivian Young

Law of the Devil Chapter 0 and 16-20

I’ve been releasing them quietly until I had enough chapters to deserve an update, but I’ve picked up Law of the Devil as a side project where A013 left off. Presently translated chapters are listed below, or found under Law of the Devil in the menu.

Enjoy, and point out any mistakes.

Chapter 000 – The Earl’s Son

Chapter 001-015 (By A013)

Chapter 016 – Intractable Problem

Chapter 017 – Three Hundred Gold Coins

Chapter 018 – A Different Path

Chapter 019 – Beginning! The Devil’s Road!

Chapter 020 – Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident