Stellar War Storm – 1.04 – Wargod Covenant

Wang Zheng felt numb all over. Due to his mood being influenced, he very soon understood what “ten thousand arrows piercing the heart” meant.

The anguished wails continued uninterrupted…….

Wang Zheng finally understood. What genius? It was all a fraud. How had he been so stupid, completely taken in by honeyed words.

He wanted to leave, but Bonehead said he couldn’t until he completed the training.

Wang Zheng wanted to stop training, but Bonehead said there were one hundred and eight methods to rouse the spirits of lazy soldiers. Wang Zheng had no interest in trying even one.

Wang Zheng spent half a month getting familiar with these plum blossom stakes. He astonished himself. He could only say that his potential really was vast.

He really wanted to know how this toy was related to super soldiers; could it be people in the Randt Empire could become super soldiers by being able to bounce?

Never mind other things, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about dancing in the future.

Peoples potential was unlimited. Very soon Wang Zheng understood that what was called acrophobia, trypophobia, aichmophobia, could all be overcome. In half a month, student Wang began to provoke Bonehead again. This was his only pleasure.

“What fresh tricks are there today? Whether it’s slugs, bedbugs or their old mother, I’m not afraid!”

Wang Zheng leapt around on the plum blossom stakes, not forgetting to raise a middle finger at Bonehead.

However, what waited for Wang Zheng wasn’t any unlimitedly nauseating thing, but rather a flawlessly beautiful naked woman, spotless and tender skin that could be broken by the snap of a finger, those watery tender big eyes…….


Wang Zheng once again issued an anguished wail, I’m a minor!

To the side, Bonehead seemed to smile very happily. Of course, the electric shocks from both his hands still flashed very crisply. Failure meant punishment!

In another half month, student Wang also understood. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, the fair sex is also skeleton.

When he thought the plum blossom stake training was finally over, the permutations changed again. What he trained before was all Big Dipper Stakes, afterwards came the Three Star Stakes, Innumerable Stars Stakes, Plough Stakes, Bagua Stakes. Seemingly very simple, the result was that it took more than five months to finish the stake training.

Disturbance tactics emerged in innumerable succession. Bonehead changed into viper pits, knife edge formations, corpse piles, maggot nests, and even some types that were unheard of. As long as it could influence, could nauseate Wang Zheng, they came.

Wang Zheng’s only pleasure was to hide in the corner after training to draw circles, in each circle was a Bonehead.

Ultimately, this hellish year passed. Wang Zheng’s Unity Arts practice was also exceptionally good, already quite familiar with it. Within his body flowed a warm gas, the size of a pinky finger. It would occasionally appear before when he practiced the eight stage breathing, but very faint, and now it was completely different.

“Congratulations, next is the third stage training. This is also the last part of the first phase of your program.” The robot said.

For the first time in a full year, Wang Zheng felt that Bonehead was so cute and handsome, hugging Bonehead, “Darling, you really are good, I will finally be liberated, God tells us that nightmares will come to an end, hallelujah!”

The robot was unmoved, “A simple technique —— Leaning Landslide. I will demonstrate it for you once.”

An obelisk appeared in the space. Bonehead dropped his shoulder, and that thin like lightning body suddenly knocked against it.


Wang Zheng promptly applauded, “Good tackle, continue!”

In his heart he thought, best that Bonehead breaks, as good as pork cutlet and potato soup.

“This is Leaning Landslide, next is training.”

“That’s all?” Wang Zheng was already used to talking to himself, since Bonehead basically didn’t answer most of his questions.

There was no ‘most boring’, only ‘more boring’. Wang Zheng suddenly remembered the plum blossom stakes very fondly, because at least those changed. Every day was nothing but tackle and tackle, he really suspected he had a concussion.

Each time he had to use his full strength, because only by using his full strength would the pillar brighten. Otherwise, what waited for Wang Zheng……

One day was split into three parts. The first was cultivating Unity Arts, the second was to tackle until he knocked his life out, the third was to squint and stare. Wang Zheng’s had to watch tree leaves. He’d been told there was a design on top, and he would pass when he could see them clearly.

Gradually, Wang Zheng’s days of meditating, tackling walls, and staring, passed. He felt his eyes grow bigger and bigger, developing double eyelids. Finally Wang Zheng really saw clearly, the design on that leaf was a Bonehead, gah!

Another year passed. Wang Zheng was already used to the start of the new day, but the hall had unexpectedly returned to that harsh grid of the first day when he just arrived.

“Congratulations, you have completed the first stage of training. You can now leave.”


Wang Zheng stared blankly. Honestly, he had almost grown used to these two years, it had to be admitted that his adaptive capability was peerless. Moreover……. Maybe because he’d gotten used to being oppressed, but he also had some affection for Bonehead. Even if it was a bit cruel, this fellow really was very conscientious.

Only, with the chance to leave, Wang Zheng absolutely wouldn’t hesitate.

After a burst of wild laughter, Wang Zheng gave Bonehead a hug.

“Ah, Bonehead, even if you’re really ugly, you’re quite soft. I will miss you.”

“Once you’ve amassed enough battle energy, you can start your second stage training.” Bonehead spoke quietly.

Wang Zheng laughed wildly in his heart. Your sister, damned if I come back, you can dream beautifully of the four seasons, miehahahaha!

“Training prompt, according to the confidential super soldier training program, if you are unable to amass sufficient battle energy within two years, the humane extermination program will be initiated.”

Bonehead said deadpan.

“Wha, extermination, extermiwhat, fuck, you’re humane!?”

Wang Zheng couldn’t help wailing.

“I look forward to your next arrival.” For the first time, Bonehead exposed a rigid smile.

Wang Zheng then felt the space fade, giving him a kind of abandoned feeling.

GOD, Bonehead, you still haven’t told me what battle energy is!!!

“Bonehead, don’t play around like this!” Wang Zheng roared, abruptly sitting up.

Wang Zheng opened his eyes. He was still in his house, the whole room smelling like a thousand fermented farts. At the first whiff, Wang Zheng hastily opened the window, almost fumigated to death. Fuck, what was that!

Ah, sunshine. Ah, Earth. Ah, gods, he really was back!

Slowing down a moment, he looked at the clock on the wall…… How was this possible!!!

He remembered staying in the super soldier training system for two years, but just two days had passed here. It was now Sunday night. Opening his skylink, it really was right. There were only a few dozen missed calls from Xiaosu.

The Rubik’s Cube was missing. If it wasn’t for that empty box, Wang Zheng would have suspected everything was a dream. A very, very long dream.

He suddenly jumped, boom…….

Wang Zheng suddenly crouched, holding his head and brimming with tears, damn, almost killed him!

But there wasn’t time to think about that. Wang Zheng charged towards old merchant’s bookshop with a sudden big stride. But the house was empty, a letter on the table.

“Kid, don’t ask, I don’t know either. Keep a low profile, don’t get caught and dissected. I wish you good luck. Also, I took your stashed money, consider it tuition for these years!”

Stashed money?

Goddamn, death by a thousand cuts! That was Wang Zheng’s coffin foundation! This meant that the still five months and ten days away from majority student Wang only had three hundred silver dragons left to his name!

How many days could he eat with this?

Wang Zheng used ten minutes to get his thoughts in order. He was still alive, the Rubik’s Cube had turned into a tattoo on his stomach, he really was different, this wasn’t a dream, and old merchant clearly wasn’t an ordinary old geezer!

He was an old villain!

He actually had the heart to work over a poor student, Heaven has no justice!!!

Several hundred meters away from the little shop, in a window facing the currently miserably wailing Wang Zheng, old merchant had already changed his appearance, his face rueful, excited, and happy: “Little fellow, I knew you could do it. I really hope I can live a few more years.”

Wang Zheng brought all the remaining food in the bookstore, not letting off even what had expired. Grandma’s legs, now he was completely and thoroughly destitute. He had to save what he could. Fortunately he was used to it from dealing with his father as a child, after all, in this era it wasn’t that easy to con people with some thousand year inheritance. He really didn’t know how that beautiful mother of his had ever liked him at all.

As for battle energy?

Damn, who would still fear death after two years of such hellish training!

Ah, youth! Ah, sunshine! I, Wang Zheng, have returned!

“Boss, boss, I thought you were missing!”

Yan Xiaosu was desperately urgent. The reason why he called Wang Zheng ‘boss’, was in order to copy school assignments, and with repetition it became habit. Wang Zheng was absolutely a genius in writing school assignments, and this was something student Yan Xiaosu admired endlessly, but each time Wang Zheng took an exam he just barely passed.

“What missing, I just woke up.” Hearing Yan Xiaosu’s voice again, in Wang Zheng’s heart, was comparable to the goddess of beauty.

“Cough cough, boss, I have something to ask your help for. Five lacks one, I know you’re not interested, but today is my first rank promotion match, I’ve waited for three months! Originally we were all set, but that damn Xie Yuxin dropped out, do you have the heart to lend me a hand?”

Yan Xiaosu said tearfully.

On the other end, Wang Zheng was unexpectedly straightforward, “No problem!”

“Boss, I will love you all my life!”

“Get lost. Give me five, no, ten minutes!”

Wang Zheng had to wash, he felt that he really stank. He wasn’t interested before, but he was interested now. Grandma’s legs, being alive was good!

Brothers Net Café.

This was the most popular net café near the school, the name was also good. Without brothers there was no hot blood, and without brothers it would also be very difficult for you to manage in Wargod Covenant.

Even with four experts, as long as you had one noob, the team would be buried.

One against five?


Wargod Covenant, CT for short, was a galaxy wide mech warrior game. Mechanized warriors had already become the most widely used tools and weapons of mankind, the perfect combination of biotechnology and mechanical engineering.

Through tactile feedback, the motions of the pilot in the cockpit would translate to movement of the mech armor. Of course, the burden on the pilot’s body wouldn’t be small, but CT didn’t have any requirements in this respect. Starting out was extremely easy, but in order to become an expert, you needed extremely powerful battle awareness, skill, and experience.

(Author’s note: You can understand it as similar to the operating system in Pacific Rim, but single use mechs. A bit more advanced.)


(TL Note: How does “Wargod Covenant” abbreviate to CT? Actually, CT is the name of the major tech conglomerate that owns the game studio. This is explained in a few hundred chapters.


TL Note 2: The author occasionally uses English in the text. I’ll represent this through all caps.)

7 thoughts on “Stellar War Storm – 1.04 – Wargod Covenant

  1. Not even the Millennium Falcon could cross the distance between this mc and a scientist. I hope that the author stops saying and starts showing that the mc is smart.
    The japanese quirks that started in this chapter are a bad thing too.
    Everything else is good.

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    • I’m very fluent in English so I mostly picked out things that didn’t read right or looked weird. Overall the translation was good just a bit of grammar mistakes.

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  2. I kept track of the months and years, he should be a little over 18 now. How come his buddy didn’t comment that he looked really different? Come on, what is it with online Chinese literature and the complete indifference to small details?


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