Law of the Devil translation

As I’m sure many of you probably already know, translation of Law of the Devil has been picked up by the inhabitants over at Wuxia Translations. This means more frequent updates than what I could ever have time for, so do thank them if you like LOTD.

A translation of Douluo Dalu 2

User pandafuq has started translating the sequel to Douluo Dalu, called a close approximation to Douluo Dalu 2: Exceptional Tang Sect, and has already finished the prologue.

Before I post the link, I should let you know that DD2 contains major spoilers for DD1, the prologue alone has spoilers the size of a Titan Giant Ape. If you have any concerns about spoilers and haven’t already read through the rest of DD1 with MTL or other means, do not click this link.

Of course, as many have pointed out, by the time DD1 is finished there should be quite a few chapters of the sequel ready.