Stellar War Storm – 1.02 – It Really Was A Slip

Wang Zheng finally arrived in front of Yue Jing, “May I ask if you’re student Yue Jing?”

Yue Jing’s gaze swept across Wang Zheng, dismissing him completely in zero point three seconds. He was dressed entirely in cheap goods, and was moreover unfamiliar. Being obscure and unknown at the school was equal to being rubbish.

Chin rising slightly, she said indifferently, “I am.”

“Hello, this is for you, I……” Wang Zheng took out Yan Xiaosu’s love letter, but was impatiently interrupted by Yue Jing before he could finish half of what he had to say.

“I’m not interested in you, you can keep that trash.”

Yue Jing walked past with head held high, fairly practiced and relaxed, directly placing the other side in a glacier ice cave. Next to her Ye Zisu smiled, glancing at Wang Zheng, shaking her head.

“Zisu, I’m up to twenty nine this month, five more than you!”

Yue Jing declared proudly. She acted differently towards different confessors, if it was useful there was no harm in consoling the counterpart. But this one was a toad, and completely cutting off any intentions was best.

Ye Zisu was still beaming, “If you believe a fellow with a gene score of twenty eight still counts, then that doesn’t matter to me.”

Yue Jing stared blankly, “You’re saying he’s the Wang Zheng that set the school record?”

Next to her Ye Zisu couldn’t hold back her laughter, but Yue Jing’s face was ashen. With her outstanding reputation, to be liked by a person like that was simply humiliating.

The two girls didn’t avoid letting Wang Zheng hear, and each line fell into his ears.

Wang Zheng chased up to the two, and Yue Jing turned even more impatient on seeing him, “What else is it!”

“Student Ye, you’re mistaken, this love letter is my friend Yan Xiaosu’s, he likes you.” Being fellow students, what the other side said was unpleasant, but Wang Zheng didn’t get angry.

“Yan Xiaosu?” To the side Ye Zisu held her sides from laughter, “Little Jing, you’re brilliant, this Yan Xiaosu’s family is a nouveau riche producer of sanitary napkins, Little Lucky Star sanitary napkins.”

Yue Jing’s expression grew angry, directly grabbing Yan Xiaosu’s love letter, tearing it up and throwing it in Wang Zheng’s face, “Get lost!”

Shouting angrily, she turned around and left. Ye Zisu just found it too hilarious. Even though the two were friends, they were also rivals, and she had never seen Yue Jing so humiliated.

The laughing Ye Zisu suddenly discovered that Wang Zheng next to her was only watching quietly, without anger, and without dejection.

“Ah, you’re actually not angry?” Ye Zisu was a bit curious.

Wang Zheng smiled slightly, “If a dog bites a person, he wouldn’t bite the dog. My friend is lucky to discover how shallow she is.”

Student Wang left at ease. This outcome was excellent, a woman like that really didn’t suit Yan Xiaosu, it’d shorten his life.

Ye Zisu looked distracted a moment, a bit surprised gazing at Wang Zheng’s back. This fellow knew how to act cool.

This event was just a brief interlude to Wang Zheng. He had thought about it since yesterday, and always felt that he couldn’t give up. Perhaps he’d try to directly join the army next, even the logistics corps was an option. It was said that soldiers who did well would also be sent to study at military school, and that way it was also possible to directly be promoted to mechanized soldier.

He truly felt that he could be a good soldier.

With his parents never around from childhood, Wang Zhen was very independent. In close to sixteen years he had never had any doubts, but this test really was a blow.

Wang Zheng, you believe in yourself, like you believe in the test?

Not much later, Wang Zheng stood on a large rock next to the lake, looking at the gleaming lake surface, his mood relaxed a lot. Twenty eight was twenty eight, so what, in human history there were a lot of untalented successful people. Albert Einstein was an idiot as a child, Alan Tuck also almost failed his university entrance exam!

“I, Wang Zheng, will definitely become a glorious mechanized soldier, Wargod College, prepare to meet the glorious arrival of your master, charge!”

Roar~~~~~ Youth needed passion!

What fucking gene score!

With a resonant howl, student Wang passionately leapt with his full strength, as if the Wargod Academy gate was before him, charging ahead.


In midair, student Wang suddenly remembered something critical. Damn, he couldn’t swim.


A string of shouts came from nearby, “Someone jumped into the lake, quickly save him!”

After gaming for a night and morning, Yan Xiaosu finally left seclusion. His luck really was tremendous, “childrens’” holidays were always so pleasurable, ten fights and eight wins, quite comfortable.

He was a super VIP here, so after freshening up, lunch was already delivered. Bringing up his skylink, he habitually went through the campus news. Graduation was approaching, so the atmosphere around campus was a bit serious, the gene test score had struck a lot of people.

A red headline flashed, only smoking hot news would have such a color. Yesterday Ye Zisu’s gene score had reached ninety two, fiercely striking a blow to the hardcore admirers. The perfect combination of appearance, intelligence and wealth, she was a goddess.

Some hot blooded man had failed his public confession to Yue Jing —— and jumped into the lake!!

Below were more than a thousand comments. Perhaps it was because everyone had been under too much pressure recently, but this news was like rain in drought, immediately arousing everyone’s fervor.

Student Xiaosu was cheerful. Tch, to dare compete with him, that guy would have a tragic outcome!

Good things of course had to be shared with brothers!

Immediately dialing up Wang Zheng’s skylink, when the other side connected, student Xiaosu was like a suddenly exploding little puff mushroom: “Boss, have you seen the news, some new idiot failed his confession to my goddess and jumped into the lake, say if there’s anyone in the world more idiotic than him, this fellow will go down in the history of our Daybreak middle school, wahaha!”

He felt that the other end was a bit quiet, “Hey, boss, you listening?”

On the other end, Wang Zheng was laying on an infirmary bed, holding the terminal, saying word by word: “Student Yan Xiaosu, I’m that idiot you said was about to go down in Daybreak middle school history!”


Yan Xiaosu spit his soup at the waitress across from him, “Don’t tell me……”

“That woman doesn’t suit you.” Wang Zheng sighed, then recounted what had happened.

“Boss, originally I was just trying it casually, too touching, you actually jumped into the lake for your ideals!”

Yan Xiaosu was beside himself with agitation. That really was a true brother, when he couldn’t succeed he would actually die in apology.

“Fuck off, I slipped!”

Wang Zheng roared, but Yan Xiaosu on the other end was already rolling around with laughter.

He really was someone who’d get something stuck in his teeth when drinking cold water. At this moment the doctor walked over, “Okay, you go home and rest. Kids, can’t even take a tiny blow, what can you do in the future!”

Wang Zheng blushed, truly embarrassed, carrying the blame.

He could only smile wryly and nod. Fortunately tomorrow was the weekend, at least there’d be two days for this to calm down…… What bastard played with the school paper.

Wang Zheng had thoroughly made his mark. Gene score twenty eight, jumping into the lake. Having been unknown for three years, on the eve of graduation he became a celebrity.

From the school it was just twenty something minutes by public maglev, but…… it was really quite distant, he’d long since left the urban area.

He didn’t go home, there wasn’t anyone there anyway, instead Wang Zheng headed straight for the bookstore across the road.

Running the bookstore was an old man who everyone called old merchant. He had been coming here for more than ten years, and by now reading at the bookstore had become a kind of hobby. But problem was that old merchant’s bookstore only had some rather profound things, especially scientific materials, leading to the place being deserted. Wang Zheng had come here to chat with the lonely old man, and the two had soon become friends.

Old merchant had two pleasures, drinking and lecturing.

His only student was Wang Zheng.

“Stinking brat, sooner or later you’ll eat me out of my house.” An old man was just leisurely reading books, “Did you finish the sub-square number theory I gave you?”

“Finished long ago, wasn’t anything new. Really, I’ve told you, why don’t you get a skylink, it’s way more convenient.” Having lost a day, Wang Zheng really was hungry.

By finishing old merchant’s assignments, Wang Zheng could eat and live here for free, such a marvellous arrangement had already been going on for more than eight years. At the beginning it had been numbers theory, until now when the things Wang Zheng learned were on a completely different level than what he learned in school.

Old merchant didn’t say anything either, silently waiting for Wang Zheng to finish eating, then pointed to the chair across from him, “Come, chat, do you believe Ya Fang’s belief that the spatial laws cannot be touched is correct or not?”

Wang Zheng wiped his mouth, “Compared to Ya Feng, I’m more partial to old man Tuck’s parallel theories. There really is some kind of cosmic energy walling off parallel spaces, but according to the laws of momentum and motion, in time there should be some chances for natural connections to occur, but of course the chance of one triggering is close to zero.”

Old merchant nodded with satisfaction, “Kid, you have the makings of a natural scientist. What mechanized warriors, that kind of all brawn and no brains work is a complete waste.”

“Ah, how come you know my gene score is only twenty eight?” Wang Zheng blurted out.

Old merchant stared blankly, also dumbfounded, “Twenty eight…… You…… Are you even human!”

Wang Feng really wanted to slap his face, what was this stinking mouth talking so fast for.

Helplessly shrugging, “Life is given by one’s parents, there’s no way to change it, I’m not interested in being a scientist, life is motion, old people can’t understand!”

Old merchant was still mirthless, “I hope that no matter what you encounter, you can keep your optimistic spirit. If you want to become a great person, you must laugh at life.”

“Old merchant, don’t say you’ve met great people. Once I have the graduation certificate, I’ll go enlist in the army. I might not be able to come see you afterwards.” Wang Zheng said.

Old merchant smiled slightly, “Kid, you’re your own treasure, but reaching this stage at your age is pretty good. Remember that mathematics is the basis for all living things, you can use it even when you become a mech warrior in the future. Physics is observing the conditions of the universe, grasp this and all else will follow. Be a soldier with brains!”

Old merchant was zealous about science, but nobody really knew why he’d open a small bookstore here, each time he spoke it was with this difficult to describe arrogance.

“Kid, you’ve already grown up, this is my gift for you.”

Old merchant took out a very simple package and placed it on the table.

“Wow, no way, the legendary miser actually gave a present? Is the sun rising from the west? You wouldn’t be conning me!”

Wang Zheng promptly looked out the window.

“You brat, how can I be the same as your old man, my learning is profound, he was a major con artist!”

Old merchant laughed, back when old merchant just arrived, he became friends with Wang Zheng’s family, and later when his parents left they entrusted Wang Zheng to old merchant.

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  1. I hate math but I loove science so I can’t deny it’s necessity ;( oh well, life is still interesting with science!! I like the old man!


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