Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – 001 – Transmigration


“Young master, young master, you should get out of bed for breakfast.”
An aged but very solemn voice echoed by Zhao Hai’s ear, but Zhao Hai didn’t care, only feeling a frightening headache. He believed he hadn’t turned off the computer, and was hearing the lines from some drama.

But that voice continued: “Young master, you should get out of bed. As a noble, rising early is a good habit.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly. Because this voice didn’t seem to come from the computer, this voice seemed to be by his ear, and also extremely real. It absolutely wasn’t a voice produced by that broken loudspeaker of his.

Despite his badly aching head, Zhao Hai still forced open his eyes. What entered his eyes wasn’t the white ceiling of his home, but rather a muslin canopy.

Zhao Hai stared blankly. Turning his head, he discovered he lay on a large wooden bed, and next to the bed stood a man in his fifties, grizzled hair combed without a strand out of place, and a solemn face, just now calmly looking at him.

Zhao Hai looked stupidly at this solemn old man, then turned his eyes to look all around. This was a stone house, extremely simple. Besides the large bed he lay on, a desk and a chair were the only furniture. The floor and walls seemed to have just been swept, the windows held wooden frames, on which were pasted a layer of white paper, a sparkling stone above his head provided lighting. There was nothing else in the whole room.

At this time that old man said: “Young master, you’re already fine, please get up. A noble should lead a disciplined life. Now it’s breakfast time, young master please quickly get up.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes turned to look at that man, a thought suddenly flashing through his mind, transmigration! Next he felt a burst of sharp pain in his head, and passed out.

Green Buda looked at the unconscious Zhao Hai. Faintly distracted, he hurriedly stepped outside. Outside the house stood four people, two men and two women. The two men weren’t old, by appearances only teenagers, but they were still more than two meters tall, with muscles like cast iron, swarthy skin, and short hair. The two looked exactly identical, they were unexpectedly twins, but looked a bit foolish.

Of the two women, one was older, past forty, a very plump figure, a head of blue hair, kind brows and pleasant eyes, right now her expression was anxious.

The younger girl was only sixteen or seventeen, but with long cyan hair, a goose egg shaped small face, petite figure and fair skin, she had the makings of a rare beauty. Right now her head was lowered, her expression stupefied.

Seeing Green step out, the older woman at once said: “Green, how is it? Did the young master wake up?”

Green nodded, then shook his head:
“He woke up, but he passed out again as soon as he did. Merine, your magic wouldn’t be effectless? Or a problem with those medicines? Someone did something with the medicine?”

Merine’s expression turned cold: “If that’s really the case, then I’ll go piece it together with those guys. Even if the young master is a bit of a scoundrel, he’s still the last blood of the Buda family. Those imperial bastards, don’t tell me they’ve forgotten how much the old master did for the empire back in those days? Those ungrateful bastards.”

Green said solemnly: “You better go in and have a look, if it’s no good then treat the young master with water magic. No matter what, we have to preserve the last blood of the Buda family.”

Merine nodded, then looked sharply at Green: “If the young master is well, you’re not allowed to pull any noble demands on him. We’re already in this damnable place, noble etiquette and such can all go to hell. Looking at those noble faces makes me nauseous.”

Green looked helplessly at Merine, but still solemnly said: “Out of the question, no matter what is said, the young master is now a viscount, he has to look like a noble. I will teach the young master how to become a true noble, I definitely won’t turn my back on the Buda family’s great favor to us.”

Merine glared fiercely at Green: “If you dare do that to the young master, I won’t cook for you, you can just starve to death. We’re in a place like this now and don’t even know how long we can hold out. Adding those people in the capital, do you really think there would be a chance for the young master to return there? Keep dreaming.”

Green smiled bitterly and didn’t keep talking. He knew Merine was telling the truth. The reason they would be allocated this deserted barren land was because of the imperial king and those grand nobles. If the Buda clan’s previous military success hadn’t been so glorious before, perhaps they would already have directly exterminated the Buda clan.

Even if the Buda clan still existed now, it was impossible to re-enter the noble circles of the imperial capital again. So much so that people would even deliberately forget such a clan had ever existed.

But what made Green most discouraged was that, out of fear that the Buda clan would dig itself out again, the imperial king had actually had their young master, the last blood of the Buda clan, the last hope for the clan to climb back up, Adam Buda, drink the Water of Nothingness.

This Water of Nothingness was a supreme magic treasure, the value of each drop couldn’t be weighed in gold. But it had only one use, to turn your power to nothing.

Just one drop of magic power could make magicians with divine magic power, or warriors with divine battle power, or a divine level knight, instantly turn into an ordinary person, from then on completely unable to use any magic or battle qi, and without any cure.

Even though this potion could make people unable to use battle qi or magic, it still wouldn’t affect the body, only turning you into an ordinary person.

If this person was an ordinary person, then such a potion would be no different from ordinary water, but if it was a noble, or a power, it would instantly turn you into a magic and martial cripple, a useless person, sending you falling from the high clouds into a bottomless pit.

And Adam Buda had been ordered by the king to drink such a potion. It would be impossible for him to study any magic or battle qi in his whole life, he could only be an ordinary person.

If this had happened to any other noble family, there wouldn’t be anything about it, at worst they’d be a normal person, living, eating, waiting for death, without thinking to walk any paths of authority.

But having it happen to Adam meant his life. He was the last heir of the Buda family, he needed strength to revive the clan’s glory, to once again bring the Buda clan onto the stage of the Aksu Empire’s history. But now he had swallowed the Water of Nothingness, he could no longer learn any magic or battle qi. It was impossible for him to revive the clan, the last hope of the Buda clan, was extinguished.

If it was just a lack of strength, Green still wouldn’t worry. He was still an eighth level warrior, and his wife Merine was also an eighth level water mage, their granddaughter Meg was also a sixth level wind mage. With them here, the Buda family would still have enough strength. If they were still in their former fief, restoring the Buda family’s prosperity wasn’t difficulty. After all, originally the Buda family’s fief was in the south of the empire, with one main city and four mid sized towns, a large population, fertile soil, as long as they kept their heads down and worked for a few years, the Buda family would flourish.

But they had never expected that the king would actually change their fief, from the imperial south to the Black Waste in the north.

The Black Waste was the continent’s deadland. Even though it was vast, covering more than a third of the area of the Aksu Empire, this place was basically barren. Nothing grew here, even desert plants would shrivel up and die.

Legend had it that the Black Waste was also once a fertile land, until there was a war where a few divine level magicians came together to use a large scale forbidden spell, turning this land into a deadland, where nothing grew.

If it was just a deadland, Green still wouldn’t be worried. As long as they had some lines of communication, they could do some business and at least provide for themselves. But the Black Waste was surrounded by abandoned dwarven iron mountains, and crossing the mountains, and on the other side lay one of the continent’s great forbidden zones, the Carrion Marsh. This Carrion Marsh was also part of the Buda family’s fief. Doing the calculations, the Buda family’s fief was actually the largest in the Aksu Empire.

But the only way out was the neighbouring Fasseur clan’s territory. Even though the Fasseur family was engaged to the Buda family, with the Buda family in its present state, how could they talk of marriage with the empire’s most influential Fasseur clan? This place wasn’t a deadland in name only.

Fortunately this was previously also within the range of imperial control, therefore there was still a small castle in those abandoned dwarven iron mountains. This mountain also hadn’t been affected by the forbidden spell, and still had some tillable land, so they would at least not starve to death.

After Green had learned their fief had been exchanged for this place, he had at once traded the Buda clan’s assets for slaves and materials for survival, as well as seeds and some tools. Immediately after he had taken the unconconscious from drinking the Water of Nothingness Adam to travel here. It might be abandoned, but they could still live in the small castle.

Following Green was also his wife Merine, his granddaughter Meg, as well as the twin orphans Adam’s father had taken in long ago, Blockhead and Rockhead, plus one hundred slaves, and nobody else.

But Adam had been unconscious the whole way from the empire to the Black Waste. Fortunately Merine was a magician and could occasionally use magic to treat him, thereby letting Adam arrive safely. Moreover, yesterday she had looked over Adam’s condition, and thought he would wake up today, that’s why Green would tell him to get out of bed. But they never expected that the Adam lying in bed right now was no longer Adam, but a nerd from Earth wearing Adam’s skin, Zhao Hai.

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    • You’re dropping your brain apparently, if it wasn’t already dropped.

      Why the fug would Bagelson doing 12 *TEASER* chapters of another novel mean he has to drop his main one? There are many translators who work on multiple novels concurrently, so why would that be the conclusion you’re jumping to?


      • Fifty three hundred. . . over sixteen million words. . . the incredibly hefty wheel of time series isn’t even over four million words! This is an incomprehensibly long work, in more than just one way!


  1. What is this? I was reading Douluo and suddenly I press next to go to chapter 189 but instead this pops up…..huh? Someone care to explain…


  2. Did anyone else CONTINUALLY faceplam while reading this? I mean OH BOY was their situation getting crapper and crapper by the paragraph. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


  3. That was incredibly hard to read though. So much exposition that I didn’t really care. It would have been better to spread that gradually over 3 chapters, but Chinese people being chinese, one shot the exposition in the first chapter, and either leave you bored… or… just bored.

    The Second Chapter is generally the real first chapter. The first chapter is almost always a “prologue” filled nothing but exposition.

    In fact, I got so bored, I just skimmed through most of the chapter, since I know, for a fact, that all the info presented here in this first chapter will definitely be repeated again, and again, in the following chapters dozens of times, since that how chinese people write.

    Prove me wrong.


    • You’re not wrong but you’re not right either. Yeah it’s a big exposition dump but good or bad is a matter of taste. Some people like to pull the bandaid off a little at a time others want it done all at once.


      • Thank you for writing these amazing posts. You really need to be considered a game changer in this field. You need to write a lot more thank this, that is all I have to say. Any additional suggestions or hints? There sure has to be some type of really addictive quality about your website because I can’t go for more than a few hours without visiting. I’m going to highly recommend this site to all my friends.


    • If you can, send me an Email and we will discuss because I have an idea you will like. I really do love the insights you have made here but I kind of doubt any can be applied in the real world. My neighbor said they really love your posts post. Nice posts.


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    This is my style..!!!

    Gooo! Turn the waste land into a dungeon then farm monster cores and aim to be the demon lord afterwards.


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  5. The font is a little bit too small for my eyesight. How can I adjust the font size?


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