Law of the Devil – 020 – Half Horn City’s Magic Beast Incident II

The subordinates really couldn’t get Duwei to change his mind, and what gave Robert a headache was how this little lord seemed set on going to see this magic beast in the mountains.


Robert looked at sir Spann with an amicable expression, he knew that this trouble was all on this fellow’s head. If the little lord suffered even the slightest bit of harm…… Even if he was just scared, he would have to take responsibility himself!


Even if the little lord given a good impression by not putting on airs on the journey and treating everyone mildly, going to the mountain to look for magic beasts definitely appeared to Robert like childishly wilful troublemaking!


But there was nothing to be done. Robert sighed, he could only secretly resolve to stick close to the master’s side after entering the mountain, relying on the sword in his hand to ensure the master’s safety.


Moreover, in such an agrarian region it presumably wouldn’t be any high level magic beast.


Robert was consoling himself, but he couldn’t deny this consolation was effective. On the Roland continent, creatures like magic beasts followed a kind of peculiar rule.


Magic beasts were generally a kind of wild animal that innately could use magic, and the strength of a magic beast could be estimated with an odd rule: According to the current knowledge about the majority of magic beasts, the danger level of these creatures was inversely proportional to its size.


In other words, the bigger the magic beast was, normally it would be weaker. The really dangerous ones were actually very small creatures.


Since this Spann said the nearby creature appeared to be large, his martial skill should be able to cope with it.


But right now Spann couldn’t help feeling like he had passed the point of no return. Compared to the issue of the magic beast, he was even more concerned about this little master’s safety.


While Duwei had already declared he had to go see…… Spann would actually rather not have the help of these several tens of guardsmen.

But Duwei had already declared it, and his meaning was very clear. Even if Spann refused his good intentions, he would still bring people up the mountain himself! After considering it, Spann still felt it would be better if they went together. Like that they would at least have more people, and it would be safer.



Those mercenaries were actually rather efficient. When half an hour had passed, twenty mercenaries waited by the hotel door. And Duwei had the servants stay behind to look after things, while he brought two squads of cavalry.


Duwei was wearing light armor. Even if it seemed a bit weak, it still let the others feel a bit relieved. Rolynn knew that this time they were entering the mountain on a magic beast hunt —— work she had experienced before. Hunting spirit beasts for coin was a very common source of income for adventurers on the continent.


Spann finally gathered twenty people from the Half Horn City garrison. Thus he had finally with difficulty managed to assemble eighty or ninety. Even if some were a bit weak, looking at the bright armor and superior weapons of the Rawling guards, Spann was still satisfied.


Worthy of the imperial army, after the two highest level knights Spann and Robert talked it over, they split the troops into three groups. Moreover the local military, mercenaries, and Rawling guards were all distributed by type. Like this each group was guaranteed to be allocated both skirmishers and archers.


Two of the groups were commanded by Spann’s lieutenants, while Spann himself and sir Robert both stayed at Duwei’s side.


Spann had made up his mind, even if this assignment was a failure, he still had to one hundred percent guarantee the safety of the little master! Otherwise, if the imperial military’s second head’s eldest son suffered a tiny bit of mishap under his protection, then perhaps all his life’s work would have been for nothing! By comparison, catching that spirit beast was unimportant.


Worth mentioning is that the other two groups only had twenty men each, while forty subordinates were with Duwei. Among them were thirty Rawling guardsmen and ten of Spann’s elite archers.


Spann even gave Duwei a precious military crossbow for self defense, since he saw this little master most likely wasn’t familiar with archery. With a military crossbow his safety factor could still increase a bit.


Like this, Duwei’s group consisted of forty elite soldiers (Rawling family guardsmen’s quality could definitely compare to the regular army), as well as two fourth level knights, and still a licensed magician.


Such strength was significant.


The three groups left the city immediately, entering the mountain by three separate paths, searching in separate directions. Each group carried a few things Duwei recognized as similar to signal flares. Once any group found the magic beast, they would be responsible for pinning it while summoning the others.


In the end the three groups were to converge on the center of Half Horn Mountain.


Duwei rode into Half Horn Mountain in a crowd of escorts. This fellow didn’t seem to have the slightest awareness of having become an inconvenience for everyone…… Or more precisely, he knew but played dumb.


After the heavily armed subordinates entered Half Horn Mountain, they immediately fanned out to either side and started searching for an trace of anything suspicious. The two knights Spann and Robert kept a strict guard at Duwei’s side.


The Half Horn Mountain magic beast’s tracks were first discovered by a hunter from a small village on the southern slope of the mountain. According to Spann’s explanation on the way, when the local hunters started to spot footprints in the forest, they mistook it for a large wild animal that had made its way into the mountain woods and gathered a few experienced hunters to track it. But once they found its tracks on the south mountainside they realized they were facing a magic beast, and immediately ran back to inform the city garrison. According to their tale, the magic beast was enormous, the size of a lion or a tiger. While they were too far to see just what kind of magic beast it was, the creature was shining, clearly not just some common animal, that was for sure.


Everyone dismounted after following the road into the mountain forest, including Duwei. The soldiers spread out to search on either side, and a vanguard of five skilled soldiers was sent out to find a path.


Under these circumstances Duwei didn’t talk about seeing any magic beast…… Every step he took was on ground that had been stomped flat by people for him! Not even a rabbit could hide in the underbrush.


Duwei couldn’t help being bored. Looking around at the surrounding dense forest he could hear the chirping of birds. Looking to his side he spotted the nervous sir Spann, and smiled.


He clearly understood what was upsetting Spann: “Sir Spann, may I ask if you’ve encountered magic beasts before?”


Spann looked startled and pondered it a moment: “I have, I once served in the northern Imperial Storm Wind Legion for four years, posted on the eastern edge of the ‘Icebound Forest’ in the north of the continent. The Icebound Forest is well known as one of the most magic beast haunted places on the continent. At that time I once encountered a few while on patrol. Fortunately, the magic beasts that move in the outer edge of the forest are all low level, and not much danger to humans. When we went on patrol we never dared penetrate deeply into the forest, because those high level magic beasts in the forest aren’t something common soldiers can deal with.”


Duwei thought about it: “Then, what do magic beasts look like?”


Spann muttered to himself a moment: “Magic beasts are really just some wild animals. But they’re much more ferocious than ordinary animals. Normal animals just use their claws and fangs to attack. But magic beasts have the innate ability to use low level magic, making them a lot more difficult to deal with.”


“Then, have you personally killed a magic beast?”


Spann blushed, lowering his voice: “Young master Duwei, in those days I was only a second level knight. With my skill I couldn’t have killed a magic beast alone. However, the first time my squad went on patrol, we encountered a terrible creature. It was a creature unique to the Icebound Forest in the north, a ‘Stormwind Magic Wolf’. That creature was incredibly fast, arrows couldn’t hurt it, its fur could instantly turn into ice as hard as our armor, difficult for even swords to penetrate, and furthermore it could summon wind blades with its howl, very difficult to deal with. When our squad encountered it, ten soldiers wasn’t enough to match it…… I remember that fight, four of my companions died, and each of the survivors were injured. In the end our squad captain suffered a wind blade to sever the magic wolf’s tail with his sword…… The weak point of that kind of magic wolf is it’s tail, if it loses its tail, its magic will weaken. Afterwards we skinned the magic wolf, as its fur is valuable, and its magic core could be sold for a good price. Magicians are fond of magic beast cores, since a magic beast core is a tool for storing magic power, and they’re also used to manufacture magic scrolls.”


As Spann recalled his youth he couldn’t help sigh with regret: “I remember when I was posted by the Icebound Forest, every month there would be a lot of adventuring parties entering the forest to hunt magic beasts for money, against our advice. However, a third of them never came out alive. I don’t know how many people have died in the Icebound Forest, even magicians have died inside.”


Duwei exhaled, looking at Thorskei at his side.


Both knew that magicians wouldn’t hunt spirit beasts for coin. But magic beast cores held an exceptional attraction to magicians, for their use as magic materials.


While Spann spoke he used his sword to split a forking branch on the path, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, young master Duwei. The bigger the magic beast, the weaker it is. When we encounter this creature it shouldn’t be too devastating. With me…… En, with the Rawling guardsmen here as well, we will definitely keep you from any danger.”


Duwei nodded and declined to comment, rather looked straight at the taciturn Robert: “Then how about you? Robert, have you killed spirit beasts before?”


Robert’s expression grew serious, and after a moment he pushed aside his thick curly hair to reveal his neck.


Duwei discovered that there was an astonishing wound on Robert’s neck! It was clearly a scar from skewering, as if something had been ruthlessly stabbed into his neck! Even if the injury was old, and clearly a very long time had passed, the scarring was still red, clearly showing how severe it had been!


“I got this from a magic beast.” Robert’s tone was gloomy: “I was once in the southern ‘Sunset Marsh’, and in the swamps our group encountered a flock of Lion Condors.”


Duwei didn’t speak, but sir Spann to his side, as well as Thorskei and even Rolynn behind them, all gasped! Spann even cried out: “A flock of Lion Condors? Heaven, how did you survive?”


“Lion Condor? Is this some kind of very dangerous creature?” Duwei asked.


Thorskei shook his head: “More than dangerous, Lion Condors are a kind of flying magic beasts, even if they’re not considered as bad as the legendary fierce beasts, Lion Condors are still at least accepted as one of the most difficult to deal with magic beasts. It’s a bird type magic beast, about the size of an ordinary eagle, but it can make a roaring sound like a lion, its feathers are as hard as steel, its talons can easily scratch our armor, its beak can even break the sword in a knight’s hand with a peck…… Most troublesome is how it can circle in the air, and the solid feathers that makes it invulnerable to most arrows. Moreover its call can drive people into panic, or if a bit more powerful even knock people unconscious.”


“Mental attack magic?” Duwei drew a breath.


“What’s frightening is that if you just encounter one Lion Condor they’re not much of a problem…… But this magic beast has one thing unique among magic beasts…… It’s a pack animal! In other words, this troublesome creature moves in groups. In the southern marches, even a small army would choose to retreat when facing a flock of these creatures! Because if a large group of such ferocious creatures acts together, and still attacks from the sky, it’s incredibly difficult to defend.”


Rolynn frowned as she looked at the wound on Robert’s neck: “How did you survive?”


Robert shook his head: “At first I thought I was dead. That time half of us died in the swamp. My neck was scratched once by a Lion Condor, and its talons practically skewered my neck. But after that we found a hollow tree in the swamp where we hid for a full day. The entrance to the hollow wasn’t large, and once those creatures lost their air superiority and couldn’t attack from the sky, our situation improved a bit. Relying on defending the narrow entrance, we held out for a day until the Lion Condors left. Finally a rescue team from the clan rushed over and brought us back, and my life was saved.”


Pausing, a sad expression flashed across Robert’s face: “My younger brother died there. Like me his neck was scratched by a Lion Condor, but he didn’t have my luck and lost his head.”


Duwei’s heart shook, looking at Robert he promptly said on a low voice: “I’m sorry, sir Robert, I didn’t know……”


“No, it’s nothing.” The knight shook his head, forcing a smile: “It’s an old story, moreover, since we swore loyalty to the clan, we were always ready to lay down our lives for the clan at any time.”


Everyone felt a deep respect for the sir Robert, even Rolynn couldn’t help watching him. But Rolynn quickly raised a question: “Lord Robert, lord Spann, I have a question.”


“What? Please speak, dame Rolynn.” Spann treated this female honor knight following the noble young master respectfully.


Rolynn slowly said: “According to what I know, while magic beasts live in forests, they will very rarely live at the center of the continent. Because magic beasts require nourishment from magic, they will only live at those peculiar places at the edges of the continent, like the northern Icebound Forest and the southern Sunset March. Those places are filled with all sorts of magic plants…… They’re also places where magic alchemists find ingredients for their preparations. And perhaps some places that produce some kind of special minerals would attract spirit beasts into their surroundings. But…… There’s only a regular forest on Half Horn Mountain, there are no magic plants, just some ordinary pines and maples, and there are no special minerals either. Therefore, doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that a magic beast would suddenly appear here?”


Spann and Robert both stopped walking, their expressions somewhat serious, even the magician Thorskei frowned in thought.


“Rolynn, are you very familiar with magic beasts?” It was Duwei who spoke up.


“I have a lot of adventures behind me, I even followed a few mercenary companies into the Icebound Forest to hunt spirit beasts.” Rolynn explained: “As a result, I’m perhaps the one here with the most experience with magic beasts.”


“You’ve entered the northern icebound forest?” Sir Spann showed an astonished expression. To him it seemed this female knight must have relied on her beauty to obtain an honorary knight’s title from the noble young master. He hadn’t expected Rolynn to actually have such a history!


Even Robert changed color.


Rolynn said in a low voice: “That’s right, I’ve entered a few times.”


“I’m not at all too well acquainted with the habits of magic beasts, if what dame Rolynn says is true…… Then perhaps we must think it over carefully.” Robert lowered his voice: “The appearance of a magic beast really is suspicious.”


But Spann, even if he didn’t say anything, had a somewhat doubtful expression.


Clearly, Spann wasn’t convinced by Rolynn.


An experienced knight like Spann could see the skill level of this female knight, and he had determined her skill wasn’t brilliant. Recieving the favor of a noble young master was most likely with the help of her pretty face…… And those long legs.


Entering the Icebound Forest? Several times? Bullshit!


After searching for an entire afternoon, everyone had come up empty handed. They hadn’t even found the magic beast’s footprints or excrement.


There had been no news from the other two search parties.


Looking up at the color of the sky and the descending sun, sir Spann proposed they should take a rest first, then take advantage of the remaining daylight to return to town, and continue the search early the next morning.


Such an action was taken completely because of Duwei.


If it hadn’t been for this honorable young master, Spann would have continued searching throughout the night. But when bringing along such a young master that mustn’t be offended, and mustn’t be harmed, Spann wouldn’t dare act rashly, and put safety first. Otherwise, the danger would increase when searching for a magic beast in the mountains at night.


As they rested, Robert arranged for a few people to watch their surroundings, and Spann dispatched two archers to climb the trees to keep a lookout.


“Rolynn.” Looking at Rolynn who was just about to sort out her saddle, Duwei suddenly called out to the lady knight.


“Do you have any command, milord?”


“I believe you.” Duwei spoke in a low voice, his words making Rolynn jolt. The lady knight inclined her head to look at Duwei.


Duwei played with some unknown flower in his hand, a leisurely smile on his face: “I know that sir Spann doesn’t believe you, that he thinks you’re a loudmouth.”


Rolynn smiled wryly.


Just a loudmouth? More like he thought she was a lowly woman who relied on her charm and body to become a knight.


Furthermore, it wasn’t just Spann. Perhaps even a majority of the accompanying Rawling family soldiers thought much the same……


Rolynn felt helpless.


“I believe you.” Duwei said in a low voice. He slowly walked forward a few steps, looking at Rolynn’s helpless expression, and smiling said: “Because by lucky coincidence, I know you’re a descendant of the Moon clan. And by an equally lucky coincidence, I once read in an antique book about the Moon clan’s innate ability. If the accounts in that book weren’t mistaken…… I believe that entering that Icebound Forest wouldn’t be difficult for you. Even a pile of spirit beasts wouldn’t pose much of a danger to you.”


Rolynn was more and more astonished, and involuntarily cried out: “This…… You know?”


“Books.” Duwei smiled: “Books are the wellspring of humanity’s knowledge. There will always be benefits to reading books.”


While speaking, this half sized noble reached Rolynn’s side, lightly patting her shoulder: “My lady knight, we will have to make great effort. Otherwise we would let others hold us in contempt. Like today, don’t tell me you didn’t see? They all thought of me as an inconvenience. But you, are my first honor knight, we both have to make great efforts for an acceptable appearance.”


Rolynn cautiously watched this half sized young master, but as these words reached her, she couldn’t help feel a warm current spread through her heart!


Yes! They all thought of me as a woman who slept her way up! And the one who truly respects me, believes in me, is this little master in front of me!


Rolynn bowed her head deeply to Duwei, speaking in a low trembling voice: “Yes, my lord. Rolynn will definitely make great efforts, I definitely will not bring shame to you!”


Spann immediately gathered the people after the rest, preparing to leave the mountain. He had a signal fired to link up with the other two teams, and very quickly the other parties responded. One of the other teams was unexpectedly not far from their position, just half a kilometer or so judging by their signal.


The two knights immediately ordered everyone into formation to converge with their companions.


And after everyone had walked for half an hour, sir Robert who walked at the very front could see that party of comrades already wave at them.


Just at this moment, a mournful howl came from the side! They immediately caught sight of an enormous silhouette swiftly towards them from the side! This large creature’s whole body was covered with soaring flames, and the ground and trees on either side were scorched as it passed!


“…… Magic beast? ! ! !” Whoever it was that first called out, everyone were immediately alarmed!


“In formation! !” A steady call came from behind everyone, sir Robert had already drawn his broadsword, shouting in a loud voice: “Don’t panic! In formation, flank it on both sides! Don’t let it escape! Archers get ready! Front line raise shields!”


A series of commands swiftly left Robert’s mouth. Most of the people here were after all Rawling clan guardsmen, and Robert’s voice immediately steadied everyone.


Spann also wasn’t slow to act, he had already assembled the archers and ordered them to immediately climb the trees.


They didn’t know what was going on with that magic beast, against expectations it had come running out now, as if it wasn’t afraid of confronting so many humans.


Duwei finally got as he wished, seeing a magic beast with his own eyes.


This creature was even bigger than Duwei had imagined, no smaller than an elephant, on its forehead a massive monstrous horn, its skin thick and coarse, its four legs and hooves as thick as pillars, running through the mud as if flying, bashing sideways and colliding straight on, still issuing mournful howls, its whole body emitting flames!


Such a grotesque and enormous creature, emitting flames all over, made it very difficult for everyone to cut it off. The soldiers raising their shields didn’t dare block it head on and could only helplessly get out of the way. The archers in the trees fired arrow after arrow, but those arrows didn’t seem to be able to cause it any injuries.


Fortunately this creature was so enormous that its running speed was quite slow, and after some shouting and fussing, soldiers immediately raised long pikes to menace it at a distance.


“No need to be afraid, it’s just a Flame Rhinoceros.” The speaker was Rolynn, seeming to relax a bit. This lady knight stood by Duwei’s side, and even took half a step forward to shield him. Her voice wasn’t loud, apparently only explaining for Duwei’s sake: “The Flame Rhinoceros is only considered to be a kind of lowest level magic beast, besides its raw strength and the flames it emit, there’s nothing scary about it. Moreover its running speed is quite slow, as long as there are a few skilled archers it will be nothing more than a burning pincushion.”


Rolynn’s words were overheard by Robert who immediately ordered loudly: “Raise the pikes! Pin it down!”


This Flame Rhinoceros ran a few steps, but discovered it was blocked on all sides by humans raising row after row of pikes against it. This Flame Rhinoceros also didn’t dare rush headlong into them, after all, even if it’s skin was thick and tough, it was still far from those high level magic beasts who were impervious to blades. Making a few monstrous howls, it still didn’t dare charge against those rows of pikes and could only stop and turn to find another way, but its slow movement speed also exposed its weakness.


The soldiers swiftly outflanked it from the sides, very quickly blocking its path. At the same time the archers shot it from the trees, and even if the arrows didn’t do much damage, they were numerous, and several flights of arrows stuck on its back.


The Flame Rhinoceros was besieged by the human encirclement several times, and each time its range of movement grew smaller and smaller, while its calls grew more and more fretful. At this time, Duwei’s subordinate magician Thorskei acted.


The magician had already raised both hands, and after a shake of his sleeves, several fireballs launched at that Flame Rhinoceros with whizzing sounds.


An enormous bang! In front of several tens of pairs of eyes, several fireballs accurately struck the magic beast, spouts of flame radiating in all directions, to where everyone were forced to almost close their eyes against the intense red light!


An indignant and unreconciled howl resounded, and suddenly the whole body of this Flame Rhinoceros erupted in a red light! Afterwards, with a cry, under everyone’s attentive gazes……


It disappeared! !


Numerous soldiers stared blankly, but soon after everyone broke out in a burst of cheering!


It seemed this magician was awesome!! Vanquishing this creature with just one move!


But these ignorant soldiers didn’t discover that the magician Thorskei’s own face was vacant and baffled.




I used the fireball spell, but even if fireballs could burn the creature to death, it would still leave a corpse behind!


Common soldiers wouldn’t understand this, but fourth level knights like Robert and Spann would!


The moment the Flame Rhinoceros disappeared, the two showed astonished and unsettled expressions, and once the cheering started Robert called out in a loud voice: “Everyone step back! Be careful!!”


Duwei also looked distracted. The moment he saw the magic beast disappear, he couldn’t help ask: “Rolynn, would the corpse of a magic beast like this disappear after its death?”


“No!” Rolynn had also changed color: “This creature…… I’ve never heard of the body disappearing.”


At this moment a blue flame shot up in the spot where the Flame Rhinoceros had fallen! Immediately afterward a penetratingly resonant howl resounded from within the flame!


This was clearly the howl of a wolf!


After, an enormous wolf suddenly leapt out of the flame!


The enormous wolf had an icy blue fur, as if it had become crystal! And its body held enormous power, its claws like sharp blades! Its movement fast as the wind!


Just after catching sight of it, already a few soldiers were shouting in pain……


The wolf howled immediately, and wind blades could suddenly be seen forming in its mouth!


“Stormwind Magic Wolf! It’s a Stormwind Magic Wolf!!” Spann cried out in alarm. This knight’s expression changed enormously, his face covered with fear.


This suddenly appearing creature was actually the one Spann had talked about with Duwei before, the Stormwind Magic Wolf he had once encountered, and sacrificed the lives of several comrades to kill!


But making Spann afraid wasn’t this magic wolf itself…… Rather, this was too weird!


He had never heard of a Flame Rhinoceros transforming into a Stormwind Magic Wolf after dying!


It was too late to reflect on it now, this magic wolf was indeed had crystal fur like Spann had said, difficult to injure with blades! It was also exceptionally nimble, and adding its sharp teeth and claws, in just a few pounces it had soldiers screaming miserably under its paws.


And those wind blades it had launched were originally aimed at two soldiers holding shields. The shields in their hands burst immediately, and the two soldiers were sent flying!


Duwei saw it all clearly from the distance, and couldn’t help gasping: What a ferocious creature!


“Rolynn, do magic beasts transform? Does Flame Rhinoceroses transform into other kinds of creatures? But these two creatures are so different on the outside.”


“No! Milord, Something’s fishy! This magic beast, it seems…… I don’t know what it is. It absolutely isn’t any ordinary Flame Rhinoceros!” Rolynn’s face was clouded, shielding Duwei with her sword in her hand, her eyes tightly fixed on the magic wolf in the distance.


With a great shout, Robert charged with large steps, the broadsword raised overhead transforming with a silver light! Facing the magic wolf he quickly chopped down.


Duwei’s eyes glittered in the distance: “Battle qi!”


The magic wolf also seemed to respond to the danger of the light at Robert’s sword tip, it didn’t dare take the hit and instead shook its body, throwing itself to the side, scratching at Robert’s chest and shoulder.


Robert shouted loudly, his body bending like bow, holding the broadsword horizontally, light separating from the tip of his sword, thrusting at the belly of the magic wolf!


This magic wolf was indeed ferocious, it could even change direction in midair! Twisting its upper body it managed to just avoid Robert’s battle qi attack, and after landing it immediately struck at Robert’s arm!


Robert grunted as lines of blood immediately appeared on his arm, fortunately the magic wolf was wary of his sword, and the injury wasn’t serious.


At this moment a shout echoed as Spann acted in the distance! He snatched a pike from one of the soldiers at his side and threw it hard!


The pike flew like a shooting star, firmly striking the magic wolf’s back! Only everyone could hear the metallic sound as even this weapon bounced off without penetrating! It could be seen just how hard the magic wolf’s crystal fur was!


But even if it had endured Spann’s pike attack, it still wasn’t pleasant for the magic wolf. The force sent it rolling several turns, and once it got back to its feet it seemed it had slowed somewhat, apparently having taken some damage.


“Thorskei, act!” Robert shouted loudly, raising his sword again, swinging continuously to force back the magic wolf.


The distant magician hurriedly raised his hands as he was summoned, once again quickly launching several fireballs.


Bang bang bang bang bang!


Fireballs rained down continuously, some smashing into the ground nearby, and only three struck the magic wolf’s body.


The magic wolf was clearly repelled by such fire magic, and with a loud howl it became more and more frustrated. Robert caught up to its side, watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike, he chopped at the magic beast’s tail!


Robert had clearly remembered what Spann had mentioned earlier about the tail being the weak point of the Stormwind Magic Wolf!


Sure enough, after the sword severed the magic wolf’s tail it collapsed on the ground with a howl. But immediately afterward Robert looked at the tip of his sword and saw a burst of brilliant light!


After the burst of light, not only had the magic wolf’s corpse disappeared within, even the severed tail had vanished!


Disappeared? This pattern again?


In the distance Duwei shouted loudly: “Everyone be careful, this think might transform again!”


Robert’s expression was also strict, and just as he was about to speak up……


Suddenly, far away a roar echoed! A roar as if from a lion!


Following after the first one came more and more lion roars, distantly, it seemed as if an unknown number of lions was heading towards them!


Don’t tell me it’s a flock of lions? Damn it, this isn’t the plains! How would there be large packs of lions in the forest?


When sir Robert listened to the approaching sounds, suddenly he seemed to realize something. His expression instantly distorted, and he abruptly cried out madly: “Careful! Everyone be careful, it’s……”


Before he had finished speaking, everyone already saw them! In the sky appeared a flock of creatures diving with spread wings! These creatures covered the sky! They had sharp talons and beaks, feathers as solid as steel, as well as…… A call like the roar of a lion!


“Lion Condors!! It’s a Lion Condor flock!!!”


As if a nightmare from the past had reappeared, sir Robert’s face had an expression of despair! He had personally faced a flock of Lion Condors before, and that had been a horrifyingly bitter experience!


With their present strength, what awaited everyone when encountering such a large flock of terrifying organisms could practically only be called a massacre!!!


But the knight didn’t get the chance to say anything before the blood-curdling screams had started. Two soldiers had already been pierced by the sharp talons of Lion Condor’s and been thrown far away!


In sprays of flesh and blood, the large flock of Lion Condors only caught and held on before dropping them from the air……


Rolynn’s expression was also extremely unsightly, she grabbed Duwei and pulled him to the ground……

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