Stellar War Storm – 1.05 – Brittleskin

On launch, it immediately became popular in the whole Milky Way, and there were moreover large numbers of girls joining. The galactic finals that took place every four years even had ratings in the top ten programs.

There was nothing to do, the young decided mainstream.

Each match, the winner would earn 1-10 points, and the loser would lose 1-5 points. With one thousand points you could fight a promotion battle to become a bronze contestant, and also earn the qualifications to fight ranked matches.

The professional terminology was, brother, you’re finally not a noob.

According to strength, it was split into the major ranks of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

Among these, the ten strongest players of each planet were known as Kings.

In fact, each star only had ten, so their influence was no less than idols.

As for Yan Xiaosu, even though he bragged in front of Wang Zheng all day, he was actually still an unranked unskilled rookie.

The one thousand points promotion battle was very important, since if you lost, you’d lose fifty points and had to gather them again. That’s why some people took every chance to invite experts to help, like Yan Xiaosu.

Xie Yuxin was Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu’s other best friend, but completely different from the two of them. Xie Yuxin had a gene score of ninety, and even though his name was effeminate, he was ultra-handsome and cold. A lot of people at Dawnbreak didn’t understand why someone like Xie Yuxin would be together with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, it was simply lowering his level.

Presently at Brothers Net Café.

Yan Xiaosu was busy apologizing, “All gurus, just wait a moment, my brother will be here immediately.”

“Tall Rich Handsome, hurry it up, we will charge for the time.”

“Understood, understood, thank you, thank you!”

Yan Xiaosu had no choice but to smile obsequiously, it hadn’t been easy for him to invite three bronze level players to help him out here.

Originally it was settled with Xie Yuxin, that fellow wasn’t just handsome, his strength was also robust. The only reason he didn’t promote was because he didn’t play enough.

“If that person doesn’t want to play it doesn’t matter, let him stay at home.”

“Understood, don’t worry guru, I will justify it.”

The three people in the video feed nodded. Three bronze rankers could easily suppress five newbies.

This difference in strength was like clouds and mud.

In CT, starting was easy, becoming god was difficult. It didn’t have the physical burdens, but in order to operate it properly, you still had to have half the qualities of an official pilot.

Wang Zheng arrived before long. He had some understanding of CT, you could still recognize a pig on the road without eating pork. Even more so when the people around him played, including Xie Yuxin.

“Boss, you’re really reliable in a crisis. Quick, quick, this station is yours, go inside and register some name. Listen to the captain’s orders later.”

These people were really expensive. Calculating the expenses, Yan Xiaosu didn’t dare hold it up any longer.

Wang Zheng entered the simulation cockpit. Let alone anything else, it really was a bit lifelike, no wonder so many people liked it. One headband, two each of hand and foot bands. A light screen flashed, with an inhumanly beautiful girl.

CT’s game guide, very adorable, very NICE, it was said that a lot of men were attracted to this girl at the start.

“Welcome to Wargod Covenant, please confirm your ID and choose the mech warrior you need.”

Five platforms with mech warriors appeared in front of Wang Zheng. Even aware they were fake, student Wang still felt a surge.

As for the name? Wang Zheng suddenly smiled, he’d call himself Skeleton!

Initial players were offered five kinds of mech armor:
Demon Wolf Type V (Assassin)
Wild Beast Type 3 (Tank)
Bata Type V (Warrior)
Hunter Type 3 (Sniper)
Wargod No 1 (Optional weapons)

Among these, the Demon Wolf and Wild Beast were beast type series. Demon Wolf was extremely agile, suitable to hills and complex terrain, leaning towards assassin. Wild Beast was specialized in storming fortifications, breaking forts. Bata and Hunter were humanoid mech armors, Bata comparatively balanced, and also a common training mech in the army, very classic, by now it was already on the fifth generation. The Hunter was a sniper type, expert and stealth and long range sniping.

Wargod No 1 was a humanoid mech specially for newbies…… Without notable features, mainly suitable to help familiarizing with and understanding basic operations. It was equipped with a choice of alloy war blade and laser rifle. The most common type, newbies could use it to fight bots.

“Have that newbie hurry up and choose, don’t waste time.” A voice came through, ID: Fanatic Soldier, his main was bronze level two, the highest among the three bronze players, and with the worst temper.

Yan Xiaosu hurriedly nodded, “Boss, just pick one, as long as you make up the numbers.”

Wang Zheng originally wanted to look them over first, but seeing Yan Xiaosu was in a hurry, he casually picked the Wargod No 1. The name was quite catchy.

Light flashed, presenting the five mech armors of their side. Small windows listed the details on the other four.

Yan Xiaosu’s ID was Tall Rich Handsome, no title, Wild Beast Type 3, thick skinned, ferocious, assault type mech armor. But movement was its weak spot. Not unexpected with student Yan’s fear of death.

Wang Zheng used Xie Yuxin’s account, ID Xie Yuxin. In keeping with this guy’s character, he directly used his real name.

The portraits of the other three flashed bronze, this was the symbol of their status.

ID: Fanatic Soldier, Demon Wolf Type V

ID: Love Beating Noobs, Bata Type V

ID: Beating To Death Without Speaking, Hunter Type 3

The three were all assistants Yan Xiaosu had paid to invite, the captain was without a doubt Fanatic Soldier.

He had played such promotion matches a few times before. Basically, as long as they were a bit dependable, it wasn’t much of an issue. The three of them were in charge of fighting, it was fine if the other two noobs cleared away those robots.

But…… the three were all stunned when they saw Wang Zheng’s choice.

“Fuck me, kid, how come this guy is using brittleskin, is his head broken!”

Fanatic Warrior blew his top.

The others’ expressions were all a bit speechless, “What rock did you crawl out from? Fuck, stay in the fort later, don’t go out, don’t feed!”

Fanatic warrior said: “Tall Rich Handsome, this increases the difficulty, twenty percent to the reward!”

Yan Xiaosu wiped his sweat, “No problem, thank you guru, I really am sorry, I’ve caused you trouble.”

Yan Xiaosu really was too hurried, he’d forgotten Wang Zheng had never touched this thing before. He promptly explained to Wang Zheng.

Wargod No 1 had an impressive name, but wasn’t much use in a fight. That wasn’t to say the mech armor was no good, it still functioned, balanced offense and defense, but the biggest problem was that it didn’t have an energy shield. Mech armor without energy shield was equal to being naked against someone fully armed, completely undoable, even a mindless cannon fodder bot could finish it.

The mode was team 5v5. Each side had a fort which would produce robots to attack the other side at fixed intervals. The ultimate goal was to dismantle the enemy fort.

Free matchmaking. You could invite friends to help, but you didn’t know who the opponent was. It was all down to luck.

The five counterparts appeared. Wang Zheng completely didn’t care about the disdainful gazes. He couldn’t describe his current mood. He hadn’t expected such an intensely lifelike feeling, it was no wonder so many people were attracted.

Battle countdown.


Light flashed, everyone entered the battlefield. The tactile sensation was no different from reality. The other four completely entered battle readiness, but Wang Zheng was like a newborn baby.

He had dreamt about piloting mech armor, but he hadn’t expected it to happen this way. Wang Zheng tentatively took a step forward.


A completely real feeling of mech armor stepping on the ground. Wang Zheng gazed up at the sky, he really wanted to howl.

It was really fucking fun, no wonder Yan Xiaosu would be so obsessed!

The other four were already rushing toward the outside. The three bronze level players ahead, Yan Xiaosu in the middle, bringing up the rear. Yan Xiaosu really was too excited.

At this time they remembered the forgotten Wang Zheng.

On the screen, Wang Zheng exercised the Wargod No 1’s arms, turned his head, twisting lamely, slowly stepping forward, then back again.

Fanatic Soldier and the others also noticed Wang Zheng’s behaviour, “Tall Rich Handsome, from what kindergarten did you get that top quality child.”

Yan Xiaosu choked back a reply. He wanted to curse, but couldn’t. Gurus couldn’t be offended, let alone when the other was part of the Hunter Legion.

“Haha, guru, it’s my brother’s first time playing, beg your pardon.”

The three faced the calamities of others in return for money, and also couldn’t be too excessive. Actually, in his heart he was also a bit choked. He had planned to share some of their burden, but now it was completely hopeless.

The opponents were also pushing forward. Matched with Yan Xiaosu, the opponent’s wouldn’t be too lacking either, but facing three sock puppets, they would still have to surrender.

Wang Zheng suddenly accelerated, and the mech armor immediately swayed and almost fell. But in the cockpit, Wang Zheng revealed a brilliant smile, like a child with his favorite toy.

Even though it wasn’t real mech armor, Wang Zheng was still enchanted.

On the other side, the cannon fodder bots produced by the forts had already fought some, artillery fire exploded, flames shooting all around.

Left behind, Wang Zheng was like a baby learning how to walk.

Wang Zheng didn’t follow. Since his mission was to stay here, then he’d stay here. When he had time later he’d really play a bit. Ever since being bullied by Bonehead, Wang Zheng had moved on. Life had to be enjoyed!

Fighting over the centerline, the war was already underway in the middle battlefield. Over the radio came Fanatic Soldier’s curses.

“Fuck, there’s sock puppets on the other side too, everyone be careful!”

Fanatic Soldier and the others were still very professional. After all, this related to their reputation. Business relied on public image.

Yan Xiaosu’s intestines trashed. They’d unexpectedly encountered someone else doing promotion. It had turned into a fierce battle, but he didn’t believe the other party could spend as much money as him.

Indeed, the other side had only invited two, but their level was higher than Yan Xiaosu, and they had the numerical advantage.

There was a burst of chaotic fighting in the central battlefield. Yan Xiaosu’s laser rifle vented ruthlessly, when suddenly alarms blared.

“Tall Rich Handsome, retreat, you’re exposed.” Fanatic Soldier yelled, but it was too late.

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  1. What? Large numbers of girls joined? Bah, impossible! This breaks every known law of online gaming!

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!


  2. So many weird sentences… i dont even know anymore. Had the problem in last chapter aswell. But this sentence

    ”The professional terminology was, brother, you’re finally not a noob.”

    Made no sence whatsoever. Also terms like ”Grandma’s legs” wtf is up with that.


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