Stellar War Storm – 1.12 – Soy Milk And Fried Breadsticks

Gazing at these people, Aina only nodded slightly. This moment she wasn’t little Shi, but rather the first heir of the Aslan Empire. Not Earth, not Sol, but the focus of the Galactic Coalition.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were also shocked. They had guessed that little Shi might be the child of a wealthy family, but this was still too exaggerated.

Yue Jing, this so-called princess, was a ground beetle in front of a true princess.

What was a ground beetle? A soft shelled tortoise!

Unable to withstand a single blow!

Gazing at Aina Aslan, Yue Jing opened her mouth, but no words came out.

But the princess paid no attention to her, instead walking directly towards Wang Zheng.

Their eyes met, and Wang Zheng exposed a brilliant smile. Friends didn’t need to care about status.

The accompanying guards didn’t care what place this was. Wherever the princess went was an Aslan diplomatic area. Unrelated people were separated.

The princess extended a hand. Yue Long and the others were all stunned, the princess wouldn’t do that even for the Asian region speaker……

“Today’s little Shi is really beautiful, really smart!”

Aina smiled slightly, winking stealthily, then immediately returned to her princess demeanor, “The Asian region is the cradle of humanity, I really am very happy to be here, especially to meet a lot of new friends. Before coming I believed that only the Aslan Empire was elite, but Wang Zheng has let me experience my ignorance. He is the future pride of the Galactic Coalition!”

This assessment was high enough to alarm Heaven!

The whole banquet changed flavor. Yue Jing was dumped as thoroughly as menstruation. It had to be said that Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu had firmly made their mark.

These two were the princess’ friends?

What was the connection here!

The princess’ visit to the Asian region formally began.

The next day it was the lead story of every newspaper in the Asian region. Of course the focus wasn’t Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, but rather her highness’ compassionate image. The Aslan Empire had a system of power centralized under elites, and their diplomatic image was excessively unyielding, but had begun to change in recent years. The princess’ compassionate diplomacy obtained very good results.

Of course Little Lucky Star sanitary napkins sold well, old Yan was so cheerful he couldn’t hide it. To be able to be mentioned in relation to such major news was equal to the most major advertisement.

Yan Xiaosu was always like he was dreaming. He had never thought despair would one day through twists and turns suddenly end up like this.

Next the channels were practically all about the princess’ appearance in the asian region.

Aina Aslan conquered Earth with beauty!

The most beautiful princess praised the Asian region, the Asian region looked towards rejuvenation!

The lingering Aslan princess was conquered by Asian culture!

The Aslan princess praised the Asian region’s educational system, this was an advanced system that could match the Aslan Empire!

For a time, the entire Asian region hung in a royal whirlwind. Aina’s every move and action became trends, star eye cosmetic lenses also became in vogue on a large scale, and at the same time even more people started to pay attention to Aslan culture and philosophy.

Of course the whole process maintained the highest level of security. The princess was gentle outside and firm inside, she wouldn’t be frightened by some domestic terrorist actions. The more it was like this, the less she would yield!

At the final press conference, more than a thousand media outlets swarmed the Shangri-La grand hotel, cameras constantly flashing.

“Your highness, I’m from the Daily Times, may I ask whether you will come to the Asian region again?”

Aina smiled and nodded, “Yes, if there’s an opportunity I will definitely come again, the beauty here is unforgettable.”

“Your highness, I’m from the Financial Weekly, may I ask how you regard the continuously falling influence of Earth in the Galactic Coalition discourse, will the Aslan Empire launch any strategic cooperations with the Sol Federation?”

Watching the calm and unruffled little Shi on the monitor, Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were both dumbstruck. They were just eating fried breadsticks dunked in soy milk.

“Boss, this really is that little Shi. Oh god, I should have asked for her autograph, it would definitely sell for a lot!” Yan Xiaosu gaped. That hair really wasn’t dyed, purple hair and star pupils were the symbols of the Aslan imperial family, but who would have believed it? Even if little Shi said it herself, nobody would have believed it.

Right now Aina was able to answer quickly and fluently, invulnerable, and the press conference proceeded quite smoothly.

“Your highness, I’m with the Daily Entertainment, I represent all the single men in the world to ask one question, what are your requests for your other half?”

When this question appeared, the whole press conference quieted down, rigidly watching the princess. The romance of this beautiful princess was undoubtedly the focus of the whole galaxy. A press officer was already walking over from the side to curb it, “I’m sorry, the princess won’t answer personal questions.”

Aian suddenly raised her hand, standing up, her face revealing a crafty smile, “One day, he will take me home, make me breakfast of fried breadsticks and soy milk, and softly call my name.”


Yan Xiaosu sprayed a mouthful of soy milk in Wang Zheng’s face, “Boss, you are my idol, no, you’re godlike!”

The press conference ended satisfactorily with thunderous applause, especially the last answer. Fried breadsticks and soy milk was a local specialty of the Asian region, and this showed that the princess really understood them, winning the good impression of a lot of people. And along with the princess’ endorsement, fried breadsticks and soy milk became the latest popular snack in the galaxy.

The princess set out on her way back home. Her visit to Sol had ended satisfactorily. The princess’ beautiful and compassionate image had subdued the entire solar system, and also considerably softened the Aslan Empire’s unyielding diplomatic image.

A week after the princess left, the enthusiasm of the news gradually faded. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu also returned to their normal lives. Of course Yan Xiaosu would still brag from time to time, but basically nobody believed him. Even though there was a brief interlude at the birthday banquet, people just thought this was the princess “acting bravely in the face of injustice”, teaching a tiny lesson on bullying.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu also formally graduated, one just as bad as the other. Worth congratulations was that Yan Xiaosu officially passed the entrance exam for the Wargod Military College interstellar business program. Wang Zheng energetically prepared to enlist.

“Ah, little Yu, you’re too unbrotherly, you don’t even show your shadow at the key moment!”

Yan Xiaosu grumbled, this fellow seemed to have gone missing.

Xie Yuxin, their other brother, but different from Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu. Xie Yuxin was a genius with a gene score over ninety, his achievements even more matchlessly outstanding. In the whole school he was the only one who was recruited to Wargod College, and moreover to the military command program, the cradle of officers.

This was the coexistence of handsome and wise, and he really was horribly handsome. Even though his expression was always distant and cold, schoolgirls still advanced courageously in waves.

Xie Yuxin placed an envelope on the table, “Wang Zheng, this is for you.”

“Damn you, don’t think a letter can make us forgive you. If i don’t give you a beating today I’ll take on your surname!” Yan Xiaosu grabbed it, but when he saw the letterhead he looked distracted.

“This is qualifications for Wargod Academy’s special entrance exam. I can do this much at least.” Xie Yuxin smiled slightly. He only ever smiled when together with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

“Fuck, darling little Yuyu, I accused you wrongly, come, give your brother a hug.”

“How did you do it?”

“It’s nothing, I sat in front of the headmaster’s house for half a month. Originally I thought it would take a bit longer.”

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu looked at each other, then gave a thumbs up. Brother, you’re shining, nobody would have thought this grimly handsome guy would play the rogue so awesomely.

“Wang Zheng, I’ve always felt that gene score is just a reference, your strength is enough and spare to enter Wargod College.”

Xie Yuxin said. Actually, when the three first met they had been at odds. Xie Yuxin was the pride of Dawnbreak, but Wang Zheng had let him realize the meaning of heavens beyond heavens. His learning basically wasn’t something he could compare to, just that he didn’t score so well on exams.

Wang Zheng was also helpless. Because old merchant said that he had to maintain his score at passing, unless some day he wasn’t there.

“Come, congratulations in advance!”

“Haha, Boss will definitely pass, we three brothers will rule the galaxy!”

The three raised their beers. This was just a youthful joke, but legends all began from jokes……

“Headmaster Gute, you know I’m very busy, I still have a lot of experiments to do!”

In the office was a spirited and healthy silver haired old man, this was Wargod Military College’s twenty third headmaster, general Gute.

The other person was a woman, seemingly twenty something, but still a top scientist on Earth. At thirteen she obtain dual doctorates in space and physics, a genius physicist with a gene score of ninety eight.

“Cough cough, doctor Xiao Fei, there’s a special student who might require your examination, reportedly he’s very talented in regards to physics.”

The doctor in front of him gave even Gute a headache. Geniuses were practically all monsters, especially in space physics research.

“Really, I hope you’re not wasting my precious time.”

Gute nodded. Xie Yuxin was his grandson, and that little bastard actually sat in front of his house every day. Gene score really was just a reference, but by unwritten rules it was actually the first criterion, and until now there still hadn’t been too large discrepancies, it could also greatly raise efficiency.

But if it seemed there really was a talent, then it couldn’t be missed.

Outside the office, Wang Zheng was also preparing. He didn’t know what the test was.


When Wang Zheng saw the examiner he looked distracted. It was a female teacher at most a few years older than him…… Ah, if all the current teachers were this beautiful, it really was a benefit.

Xiao Fei pointed to a chair, “Sit. Firstly, I am exceptionally disapproving of entering via back channels, I hope you aren’t wasting my time. Let’s get to the point, tell me your thoughts on space.”

Xiao Fei was very proud. Originally something like this didn’t sit well with her, but the headmaster was after all the headmaster, she couldn’t refuse to give him a bit of face, doubly so when it related to her funding.

Wang Zheng put his thoughts in order. This question was too wide-ranging, but it was actually something he had debated with old merchant at length.

“I personally believe that space technology should be the main direction of mankind’s development, but this depends on the foundation of the space theoretical framework. At present the mainstream space theory is a bit one sided…… Curved velocity theory is just a shallow understanding of space, humanity’s future definitely lies in the direction of spatial jumps and folding. I believe that some parts of parallel space theory can be examined, and specially merged with the current space system. Some parts of such a theory are a bit advanced, but some can be researched right now.”

Wang Zheng didn’t mind, speaking at length. It had become a dispute between him and old merchant, and back then they had argued it until they were red faced. Old merchant was too stubborn, disdainful of the idea of theory “declining”, but Wang Zheng still felt it was the best fit.

(TL Note: Teaser OVER! Looking for more? Radiant Translations are planning on picking it up!)

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