Douluo Dalu – 193 – Self-created Spirit Ability, Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance

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101 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 193 – Self-created Spirit Ability, Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance

  1. I still check the website every 6 hours knowing there will be no update until next week.

    But it paid off!
    What a surprise bonus chapter yay!
    Thx bagel sama and piggybottle teams


  2. This must be what it feels like to have an addiction no matter how many chapters I get I just want more. Please give me another.. Just one more… And another one and a…

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  3. I don’t understand why Tan-San never used his Blue Emperor Domain at all in this battle? Wouldn’t 2 overlapping domains against one help bridge the gap in spirit power? In addition, shouldn’t the his blue emperor domain help against the purification effect of the angelic domain (at least inside Tan-San’s own body)?

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  4. WOW, AMazing PerFEct etc r far too LOW comments. I LoVe, UNIQUE things. LOve You guys from the bottom of my heart. First time ever to write any comments. bse i never did bother to do it. I just simply read the comments. OOps. hahaha.sorry !!!!

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  5. thank you for full 3 chapters this week!!! Although I sort of wish I held off until next week to read the whole fight at once and not be left with a cliffhanger :O Now to restrain myself from looking into the spoilers for a whole week XD


  6. lol i think tang san won remember xiao wu’s spirit ability is capable of activating on its ownusing her soul to power it and when she uses her 8 stage drop LMFAO he is gonna get THE RIDE OF HIS LIFE 😛 litteraly also probably the last one of his life XD

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  7. Those limitations for his self created ability are so high. Guess there is no way to teach it to others. Thanks for the chapter


  8. Can’t wait for his sect’s help to come, like i’m trying to imagine that xue quinghe’s face when “o shit” …
    Thank you translators!


  9. I get the feeling the Shrek’s Seven Devils will come to the rescue. It’s been so long since they got to fight, I just have this feeling they’ll save Tang San and back him up against the crown prince.


  10. “Although he had at last broken Xue Qinghe’s Angelic Domain, at the same time he exhausted his spirit energy. Unable to sustain the eight spider lances on his back, he withdrew it into his body.”

    Huh? Since when do the spider legs require spirit power to keep them out?

    In all the chapters before this they used to always give him a boost when they were taken out and required a ton of spirit power to put them back in… how can he put them back in when he has no spirit power?


    • I think as he got more used to using the spider legs the cost was reduced (and when it was upgraded). I don’t know about him ever needing to use spirit power to keep them out but it’s probably something like “you have to spend money to make money”.

      Completely unrelated.
      Xue Qinghe has an older sister and Bibi Dong’s other spirit is unknown so…


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