Douluo Dalu – 192 – Deathgod Domain VS Angelic Domain

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59 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 192 – Deathgod Domain VS Angelic Domain

    • Also:

      “Hearing these eight words” – seven words

      “whether Dugu Bo or Yang Wudi, increased their momentum violently” – both DB and YW increased…

      “summarized in three words” – four words

      “all kinds of of top” – remove one of

      “in the course of his flying” – flight path, but I would personally write this ‘in the course of his trajectory’

      “He fekt impatient” – felt

      “Tan San” – Tang

      “All of you, is already completely under my control” – I’d write this as ‘everything here is already completely…

      “him heavily,” – period at the end


  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’d change ‘could be suitably summarized in three words’ to four words so that people will STFU even if the original number was different.


  2. I hadn’t realised we’d meet the Seraphim Spirit so soon. @_@
    There’s sooo much to come, in the next few chapters. I’M EXCITED AS HELL.


  3. thanks a lot!
    eh–?! he was the previous pontiff’s son?! well, he and tang san wouldn’t be able to get along that way. anyway, the one at fault is the previous spirit pontiff, for hunting down tang san’s mother,after all. Now, how will tang san fight and escape this predicament?


    • Well Tang San is the one unable to give up his grudge against spirit hall, not the other way around (even if Tang San has been hurt more by Spirit Hall than Xue Qinghe by Tang Hao)


      • no, well, i’m talking about how the grudge started. tang san’s parents were minding their own business when spirit hall came and wanted to capture tang san’s mother. yes, i know, it’s normal for them to want to capture beasts, but in my opinion, a beast who has turned human doesn’t really count as a beast anymore.


  4. Ok, this chapter and Xue Qinghe’s spirit was a load of bullshit and actually kind of ruins the novel a bit for me. This spirit came out of absolutely nothing and feels completely like it doesn’t belong, between ‘Oh yeah it gets to always start at rank 20’, Xue Qinghe being stronger than Tang San when he secretly felt he was weaker than Tang Yin less than a year ago in story terms when he tested his strength and the utter lack of any foreshadowing or hinting at it in any chapter before this.

    It just feels like something a fanfic writer would try and pull for his super special OP self-insert MC character, unless I’m missing a bunch of big hints to help support the idea of this spirit previously or something it feels like the author is struggling to come up with an opponent that Tang San can’t easily beat and is just making it up as he goes along.


  5. As much as Tang San is OP you have to say that spirit Halls power is just as terrible! Should be interesting to see how Little San gets out of this one.


  6. Might be a cultural thing, but the whole eye for an eye, you hurt my relative and I’m going to kill your whole family is a good trait kind of deal bothers me a little. The story is still great and I enjoy reading it, but having the protag so hell bent on revenge yet get portrayed as a tolerant, level headed person bothers me.


  7. how could the bad guy spirit be soooooo angelic? i just can’t stomach this. let it be black crow. that would suit him more, or a bat… angles can’t be tainted with revenge… aiyah…


    • i take that back… as i remember, the existence of spirit hall is religious, the supreme pontiff is ‘god like’ no wonder he as he son from late supreme pontiff would have such spirit. possibly inherited from his late father.

      could it be, long time ago, the hundred thousand years old beast and human lived harmoniously? while humans at that time doesn’t posses any spirit power, the moment they married to the hundred thousand years old beast, their child posses the spirit. the parents then guide their own children’s cultivation leading to human evolution with spirit powers…


  8. when the puffer-fish douluo was described in here, i imagined his transformation as him turning into a ripped, stocky, tall, badass guy,, with needles stick out of his skin from everywhere. In the manhua he turns into a fat flying puffer-fish.


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