29 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 189 – Tang Sect’s Five Halls

  1. thanks a lot!
    cool, the official establishment of tang sect! woo—! yay to meeting flender and grandmaster again! great, great! well now, dugu came on time, to save the emperor, go—-!


  2. Thanks for the chapter😄

    Btw, Tang San also uses tool spirits -_-

    And Ning Fengzhi isn’t the greatest “Tool Spirit” master, but the greatest “support spirit” master😛

    I think you need to change the wording a bit😛


  3. Why didn’t Liu Erlong say anything about Xiao Wu? Isn’t she her adoptive mother? I don’t think she already knew about her, if she did then Grandmaster would have known too.


  4. Ive been waiting for the translation all week. You guys are the BOMB!!!!! Thank you sooooo much. I really appreciate the translation.

    Thanks a Ton!!!!!


  5. Bagelson & to any others supporting ur efforts, I appreciate the works on this Duoluo Dalu 1…..
    After attempting the machine/computer translations & it turning out gabbage translations, I then began to appreciate all the guys tranlating all the Xiaxians available out there for us to read.
    Once again, thanks for the good works!!!!!!!


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