Douluo Dalu – 009 – Blue Silver Grass First Spirit Ring

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28 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 009 – Blue Silver Grass First Spirit Ring

    • Seeing As Titled Daulou As Old Jack Said Is 9th Rank means, 9th Spirit Ring?
      Having Two Spirits, But, Only Absorbed By One Spirit As GrandMaster & Hao Asked Of Him
      Would That Mean He Could have More?

      Or could it Be Simply Because The Hammer Almost Drains him As It Is (As Written in The 2? Chapter)
      What Would happen If It Did Become Stronger?

      Love the Amount of Info Given This Time Around, Manhuwa Is Falling Steeply behind
      Or I Just Neglected The info HaHa


      • Twin Spirits means he can theoretically have 9 rings on each of the spirits, but twin spirits are so rare that noone knows if he will survive it.


    • Basically, right now, he can only absorb weak rings into his spirits. Grandmaster and his father want him to wait until he can start putting only strong rings on his stronger spirit. Thus, he can cultivate his weaker Blue Silver Grass normally, but later, he can make his hammer into a godly spirit with only the best possible rings.


      • This is my take on the situation as well, if he “levels up” using only his grass spirit, later he will be able to give his hammer a full set of the strongest rings. This will, I assume, give him an unparalleled power because Grandmaster has stated it’s not possible to replace rings.


  1. It. Actually. Attacks, With. Farting.

    Also, as soon as I heard that the limit was a 423 year old spirit beast… I said to myself “Well he’s going to find a god damn 423 year old spirit beast.”


      • in the manhua, they changed the fight too, into broad daylight and the master being knocked out so he couldn’t see tang san using the secret arts.
        because it would be too difficult to make the reader understand what’s happening if everything is just pitch black…


  2. Cool as heck. I’m glad he got such a useful SPirit ring. Toughness and poison aspects. Definitely something our assassin to be needs.


  3. Freaking manhwa isn’t an inch close in showing what really happened when tang san and Grand master encountered the datura snake , it official the manwha is only good for actually imaging the actual fight scenes in your head


  4. Part 3 seems very incoherent. Reading that part was quite a hassle.

    Part 5 has a little mistake.
    “…Plant spirits does not necessarily have to absorb…”
    Spirits is definitely plural therefore it should be do instead of does.


    • Another mishap in Part 5:

      “…Very quickly, the ring of yellow light reached the top of Tang San’s head, and without giving him without giving him any chance to react…”

      “without giving him” is written twice.


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