16 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 026 – Star Dou Great Forest

    • I Dont See Why Anyone Would Accept The Treatment The Employees Of That Restaurant Was receiving
      From Blue Sunshine

      The Way I See It: “The Only Wrong They Did Here,Was Letting Go As Far”

      Naturally If I Would Have Had There power & Attributes, I Would definitely Had Acted Sooner


    • What part of the explanation you didn’t get, when Oscar said that the dean encourages trouble between spirit masters? Are really reading the story? Wake up!


  1. 400 Kilometers is ruffly 248.54 miles. They ran all day till night fall. They would have to be running at least 20 miles a hours for 12 hours.
    Monsters is a understatement.


    • You have to remember that as Spirit Rank goes up, and furthermore as Spirit Rank is amplified by acquired Spirit Rings, the body is amplified. Everyone here is over 25th rank and has two spirit rings of over 100 years cultivation.

      Then there’s the stamina support Oscar is providing, depleting his Spirit Power to maintain their physical energy.


  2. Sasauge…love it. I’m so enjoying this. I’m curious what kind of purifying effect and growth effect the future thousand year spirit ring of Tang San will do. Considering how the power actually pushes the body and changes it. It reminds me of some cultivation stories where the body releases impurities when it breaks through a level.


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