099 – Another Spirit Bone

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  1. Thank you so much for the fast chapter. Also I’m interested in finding out if tang san doesn’t trade with rongrong’s dad for a more suitable spirit bone.

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  2. good thing he didn’t fuse with that trash spirit bone from that trash Spirit Sage, Tang San should prepare for his Clear Sky Hammer, and strengthen himself…


    • I wonder… wouldn’t that spirit bone have been good for his ocular abilities? And rather than trash spirit sage, wouldn’t it be better to call him careless… though to be fair, Tang San did have a super weapon that shouldn’t exist and an ocular ability that also shouldn’t exist… so it couldn’t be helped that he was careless…


  3. Rapid progress like this is very much appreciated by us leechers,but is there a way to donate as I can understand how a chapter a day can be difficult to maintain in the long run.


  4. Thank you! I can’t believe how fast the chapters are rolling out! Keep it up!

    Good set up for the next chapter…glad there’s more info on spirit bones and negative aspects!


  5. hehe deep down I’m hoping for you to keep up this speed, but please make sure you don’t burn out 🙂 there are after all still more than 200 chapters 🙂
    Although wanting to know what he would do with the spirit bone or how/to who he would be saying “I killed Shi Nian” was eating at me 🙂


  6. It is time my brethren. The signs have been sown, raining radiance on all, clearly showing that we must worship these gods that gift us chapters each day. All hail the great and mighty god Bagelson!!! Upon every new week, we shall offer up a blood ritual sacrifice to feed and sustain our god, and stay in his favor!!!!

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  7. Tang San’s Grass is resistant to fire now, isn’t it?
    I wonder how well the Cage + Binding combo would work. Unlike the Elephants, the poison should have at least some effect on most/all of them.

    Also, that skull will probably be given to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.
    I really want to see some spirit bones in action~

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    • it does, remember when fatty took down that scorpion and he noticed that tang san’s binding didnt burn off? Cant wait to see the look on their opponents faces when they cant burn it like planned XD


  8. Thanks for another chapter!

    Returns to square 1: spirit bone is inadequate! (feel it free to cry 2 rounds)

    Six spirit bones to go! (add 1 exchange slot to your treasure)


  9. S.S. Stronger than SupermanTheLivingTribunalDarksideGalactusandTheRedLanternCorpsputtogether says:

    thanks for the 3 day release


  10. When you remember that Tang San has the Ice and Fire Protection in the Ice and Fire Well, you remember why Tang San chose to go with a regular team. With that kind of power in his internal strength, he can probably nullify the effects of their fire by giving his blue silver grass his internal strength. No problem. 🙂


  11. Mmm. Another step in a nice direction with Tang San and Xiao Wu. *nods*
    I was wondering if he was going to give the spirit bone to someone, but I guess it doesn’t sound useful for anyone in Shrek.
    Thanks for the chapter!


      • Yeah. But neither of them has a skill even closely related to illusion. It might be “more useful” for them than Tang San. But a waste is still a waste regardless of more or less.
        It would only be useful in the sense that it’s slightly better than nothing. Which is close enough to useless.
        They can get better spirit bones later that are actually related to their abilities.
        But who knows. Maybe in the future that will change and it will be useful for one of them. *shrugs*


          • Hrm. Possibly. But the real benefit should be the skill boost it’s related to. With no skill even close to it, it should just be a mild strengthening in general.
            Of course, that’s using logic. Logic and fiction don’t usually go together, lol.
            The author could literally turn the world upside down and make everything said so far be wrong, lol.


  12. A few things I thought during this chapter.
    1. Since the spirit bone didn’t suit him, I thought he might give it to one of the two auxiliary spirit masters they have since it is suitable for that type.
    2. Then I thought, maybe he can trade to Rongrong’s clan. They are more trusted and the power behind them could result in the ability to acquire a spirit bone suitable for Tang San.
    3. With the blue silver grass having heat resistance, will it be enough to eliminate the threat of the opposing team’s fire? I think it would be awesome if he took the team out all by himself haha.


    • man I thought of the first two also and it’d be cool if he had given the bone to a teammate. Although, I guess the sb are too precious to give away. They mentioned before that fire was his natural enemy, since it’d burn the spider web. So, how resistant to fire is he now that he’s taken the fire plant? Guess we’ll have to wait and see


      • Remember when they went into the forrest to get the foyrth spirit rings. There his web endured the full brunt of fatties flames. So i think it might have a decent fire resistance since they keep talking about his pure and hot flames. Might be something else completely


    • It might help Oscar enhance his sausages…but don’t think it would really help out Rongrong, to be honest. No other person deals with illusions and she uses pure buffs, so I think it wouldn’t really help her any.

      Oscar might get a boost to his status-curing sausages, possibly…though I think he should just keep it to trade off in the future for a good offensive bone like grandmaster said.


  13. damn ! thanks Bagelson. nearly 100 chapters. i noticed the blog when it was around 30ish. It was my bridge to wuxia. thanks for that. !!




  15. Now the blazing academy members are doomed. Tang san’s blue silver grass can’t even be burned by fatty’s fire with his fire sky strike not to mention tang san still didn’t have his fourth spirit ring at that time. Haha.

    Thanks for the chapter. 😄


  16. Honestly I thought that once the yamas invitation was that deadly I thought it would kill all the surrounding grass,trees,and wild life in atleast a half kilometers radius but it’s actually quite economy friendly


  17. Thanks For The Translation

    Being One Of Myths & Legends, I Draw A Few Assumptions Here

    These Of Course, Can Be Viewed As Theories.
    Since I Dont Know, If They Can Be Put Into The Story.

    As Solid Info On The Matter Has Not Yet, Been Mentioned ( What I Know Of )
    However, Just By How Close To The Legends They Are Going Here,
    It Seems To Be Likely,

    We Will Have To Wait And See

    GEMS, Are A Kinda Mineral In Legends And Myths, Relating To Mystical Powers.
    These Mystical Powers Are Often Very Powerful And Has Many Types.

    Few: *Ilusions, *Dreams, *Telekinetic, *Telepathy And So On

    The Only One Considered A Mystical Spirit Type User.
    Within The Seven Devils Is Actually,
    RongRongs ” Seven Treasured Glazed Pagoda ”
    Jiang Zhu ” Healing Sceptre ”

    Outside What I Can Think Of Would have To Be, ” The Meng Family Staves ”

    Powerful Pagoda User Need To Use The
    ” Heart Seperation Control” Ability,
    To Manipulate The Flow Of Spirit Power Useage And Ability Utilization.

    Heart Speperation Control” Ability, By It Self Opens The Minds 7 Senses
    Yes, According To Legends There Is An
    6th ~ Enlightment ( Taking In Everything in The surrounding Area )
    Also A
    7th ~ Tranquility ( Total emptyness Within Ones Mind, Closest Explanation Hard To Explain )

    We Often Regard These As, ” States Gained Through Meditation “, But,

    Legend has It:
    You Can Use Them As Easy, As One Breathes & Observe With Ones Eyes
    Adding Them To The List Of Senses
    When You Have Mastered Them, They Are Also Regarded As Hevenly Senses

    Above Legends Would Also Explain,
    Tangs Ability To ” Communicate ” With Wild Silver Grass, While Meditating ( Cultivate )
    Belonging To The 6th Sense Enlightment, Through The Use Of The 7th Tranquility

    These Senses By Them Selfs Are Viewed As ” Ilusions Of The Mind “Once Reached
    Because They Are So Hard To Use Without Meditation
    Some Even Uses Them Unconciously With Zero Control

    Hence Why, Tang Has A Hard Time Using:
    ” Heart Speperation Control ” In Combat
    ” Communicate ” With Wild Silver Grass, Without Cultivating

    Hopefuly Tang Will Master These Two Soon

    I Might Have Mixed Up The Words, Enlightment & Tranquility,
    Thats Why I Put ( ” ” ) After them To Explain What I Meant.

    Take Care & Of Each other


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