Douluo Dalu – 150 – Void Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track

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      • They are a goddamn clan with blacksmithing hammers as weapons. I REFUSE to believe that they don´t do some sort of weapon production, or at least Tang-san can get some mass production going. I´m also playing with the idea that maybe Tang-san has been reincarnated into the future or something, seeing as there are a lot of similarities between the tang sect of his previous life, and the current one, just the name is something to consider. Personal spirits and spirit beasts can be explained by them being a phenomenon that happened at the same time, personal spirits being some sort of evolution of mankind to battle the monsters. It would make sense that it´s the same world, seeing as the fauna is the same, and if Tang-san was reincarnated into a different world, the plants shouldn´t coincide with the ones from his world.

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        • That would be completely badass if the world he lived in was the future of the past ones, and tang sect was some forgotten legend that accidentally created spirit power from mysterious heaven skill, and some enemy tang san would face long from now was also a reincarnate cheat guy who would actually challenge tang san at the same rank, maybe someone who wasn’t an outsider to the dojo, thus having complete mastery over the martial arts and poisons, due to the fact that they got to practice the insider skills, or if the two worlds were parallel in time, and some people could accidentally travel between them through death, or maybe spirit hall was what tang sect had reduced to.


  1. About ten minutes ago, I was thinking to myself that a chapter was probably coming out today, so when I didn’t see one in my feed I was somewhat disappointed. After reading the other updates, I returned to my feed and saw there was a new post. While thinking “please let it be blue silver translations!” Over and over, I waited for it to load and lo and behold, it was! Yay!


  2. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Tang San defeated his first Title Douluo… and it seems that if he could stab a Title Douluo with his Spider Lance, he could take them down…

    So Tang San should learn to be an assassin… then he’d kill all his enemies 😛

    That said, what is up with the chapter’s name? The move was used once, and it wasn’t significant yet it is the title? It was barely mentioned….


    • He technically only ‘defeated’ a title duolo at 40% strenght, and he only really won because he forced him to use more strength. So it doesn’t count as defeating his first real title duolo.


      • Considering he forced a Title Douluo to that point, it is still significant…

        And it was against a Title Douluo with one of the most Tyrannical attacks

        And because his hidden weapons techniques are supposed to be unexpected, he’d probably have a chance at killing a Title Douluo before they get serious…

        And if they get serious… he’s screwed…


        • I agree that forcing opponent to use more power than agreed upon is his victory.

          On the other hand he is currently not powerful enough to use his hidden weapons to kill title douluos or so. It’s been pointed out time to time during series. He killed Shi Nuo (was that the blue sunshine academy guy’s name?) with Yama’s Invitation with luck and surprise.


          • But that is the point of hidden weapons… surprise.They aren’t meant to be straight forward.

            A Title Douluo, underestimating him could be thus be killed by him.

            If they knew about the hidden weapons, they’d be useless; and if the Title Douluo starts by using their whole power, they’d crush him.

            But if they underestimate him, then his hidden weapons could give a surprise attack that’d kill them….

            And if it fails (which it’d still have a chance of doing)…. then he’s probably screwed.


  3. “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe i would lose to a twenty year old child.”
    i –> I

    “No, I disagree.”
    The second elder shook his head, speaking in a low voice.”
    Remove extra quote

    Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted to see? Second uncle.”
    Add the missing quote

    Twenty years have passed, why can’t we wait another few?”
    Maybe add ‘years’ to that sentence? Twenty years have passed, why can’t we wait another few years?”


  4. After a long waiting, finally an epic chapter is released.
    Thank u Bagelson.
    I wish other translators would also join you so the release could be faster.
    Anyway you guys have done a great job!
    Many thanks *tears rolling*

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  5. Yeeeessssss!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!, for a long time I thought this chapter not coming out will be the early death of me. Thanks to your eminence, KING Bagelson for gracing us with this chapter!!!


  6. Thanks bagleson.

    I am trying to figure out how they are calculating how many spirit rings the elder could use in the fight. He was only supposed to use 40% but he used his 7th ring so I really want to understand how it’s calculated.


      • it does not necessarily require a direct exponential increase as x^ring number. it could be x^(1+ringno/10), or x^[*pi] or any other exponential equation you can imagine.

        and also weight doesnt affect falling speed. sure it changes the effects of air resistance, but it doesnt directly affect the acceleration due to gravity, unless in the douluo dalu, world physics works in a different way.


    • Power levels in DD are not linear, so you can’t really determine how it is calculated. Just know that 40% of this title doulou’s power is around 70-80 rank. Look at Tang Hao, even enough he is at 75th rank, he still have power comparable to a title doulou’s cause of his spirit bones and other nonsense, so yea, like what other said, exponential increase, especially once you hit the 90th rank, each level give an enormous power boost.


    • He was only going to use 40% of his spirit power, he could still use any spirit abilities that would add up to. Sort of like being restricted in how far he could press the gas pedal, but still allowed to switch to any gears he had.


    • The gap between is not constant for example a jump from lvl 11 to 12 and the jump from 31 to 32 is not the same the jump gap is larger as you lvl up example you need to have a too spirit power to hit lvl 3 and to hit lvl 4 you need 130 and for lvl 71 you may need 40k and for lvl 90 you need 100k and to jump from lvl 90 to 91 you nay need a power of 92k


    • I doubt that there is much reason behind it. The basic message is always the same…

      Once upon a time…

      there is some opponent that is older and way stronger than Tang San, but Tang San
      has x spirit bones skipped levels and rings, bla bla domains and didn’t even use
      his hidden weapons to prevail although he is only 20 years old.

      The End

      PS: Don’t get me wrong, but I’m a bit disappointed by the story.


  7. Just wondering…. but how far does a 3k jin hammer fall in two seconds?
    A: The same as a 1 jin hammer falls…
    The difference is just the impact when you reach the ground or the energy needed to stop the fall.
    Not really good comp


        • It would, but not very much. The meat of the pie lies in the difference between having a hammer and not having a hammer. I did some cursory calculations (and no more, because that’s a non-linear DE), and modelling the seventh elder as a rough sphere with a 1 meter area, his resulting acceleration at 20 m/s would be 8.2 without the hammer and 9.76 with it. That doesn’t count for anything specifically, but it illustrates that he wouldn’t have fallen quite as far without the hammer.


    • Absolutely not. A falling body outside of vacuum is impacted both by the gravitational force and drag force. The latter may not have a very large impact at low velocities, but there would still be a difference.

      In this case, however, this is mostly just semantics.


      • sorry, absolutely yes,
        they possess different energies
        but the same velocity,
        the increase in accelerating force is offset exactly by the increased momentum of the objects
        this was famously proven by Galileo
        it all stacks up if you compare the equations for acceleration under gravity, velocity and momentum, the mass terms all cancel


        • Also, thanks for the chapter, loving that tang san is already being tipped as the next head of the clearsky school, i mean, i would too but ^^


        • Drag force is not mass-dependant, it’s dependant on geometry, physical constants, and velocity.
          Mass terms only cancel out in the elementary case where drag force can be ignored.
          With drag force, the resulting acceleration is given by m*dv/dt = m*g – k*v^2.


  8. Thanks a lot!
    Awesome stuff! Seventh elder, you’re admirable! As expected of a clear sky school elder! Wah—! I’m so touched…still, danger is approaching xiao wu!i’m sorry to be the one to burst the bubble..


  9. Thanks for the chapter!

    Oh btw, shouldn’t it be “If you feel you are taking advantage of me…” In the following part?

    Tang San shook his head,
    “It would be better with forty percent. If you feel I’m taking advantage of you, then let me pick the location of the battle, how about it?”

    Since letting one pick the location would be to even the odds? Perhaps I am interpreted it erroneously.

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  10. Thanks a lot for this chapter Bagelson! Now I’m more than satisfied with the result of the fight and I won’t have to daydream what would happen in the match anymore… The actual events are better than my imagination anyway 😁 But now I’ll have to wonder what would happen in the next chapters again. XD


  11. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m a little disappointed since Tang San didn’t use his Clear Sky Hammer. Even if it has no ring, he should have show his ability to use the clan’s tool. Some members could find it hard to accept Tang San as a member without a demonstration.


    • It could be that one of the test is to be able to complete the 81 swings, that would certainly cause great shock to pass that test so easily…


  12. Finally! My long wait is over. And now , im starting another one.

    Thanks bagelson, and keep up the nice work:)
    Seeing another chapter has been posted makes me feel really happy.


    • Oh! Its finally up! Thank you!

      I wish turb0 will change comment system to this kind.. so annoying to make an account to comment.

      PS:15_2 in gDocs..


  13. This light novel creates such delicious streams of endorphines within my brain every time a new chapter of it graces my eyes.

    Thanks for the fix, Bagelson.


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