Douluo Dalu – 191 – Porcupinefish, Snake Lance, Soul Breaking Spear

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67 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 191 – Porcupinefish, Snake Lance, Soul Breaking Spear

  1. His second condition had Better be something ridiculous that Xue Qinghe could never agree to, I really don’t want them on the same side.
    Thanks for the translation, Bagelson!

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    • It will be something like “Die! We have seen through your plans and your dispatched spirit masters are currently being surrounded after I have the signal!”


      • It will be something like that. I think his second condition will be the destruction of Spirit Hall. Because of the people of Spirit Hall his mother had to give up her life, his father had to leave his clan, his clan had to be sealed and his beloved had to give her life and spirit to save him. All in all the Spirit Hall is the one thing Tang San will destroy without a doubt and what could be more unreasonable than the destruction of Xue Qinghe’s backer?
        In the next episode I already see Xue Qinghe with a “dark” face. The 2 Title Doulou will be like that, too and then we will see their possible deaths 😀
        I mean, the little bitch has 3 thousand people he can freely manage and 4000 he can more or less use of which 2000 can be dispatched quickly. So 5000 people. Tang Sect has 1000+ people, Rong Rong’s family has less than a 1000 spirit masters left and if you count Shrek Academy plus the four Elements Academies they should have quite some man power. I dare to say that at least 2000 spirit master could help Tang San and if they can kill the 4 Spirit Hall Elders the rest will be a walk in the park. As long as they kill the 2 Title Doulous in front of them they have a high percentage of destroying the plans of Spirit Hall lol.
        Man I want to travell in time to the point where Bagelson finish translating Doulou Dalu. If I could binge read it then I could die happy


        • I agree, it sure as hell would be some Condition like that.

          Also the Signal was surely neither intended to Signal Shrek, nor RongRongs clan.
          It signals TangSect. I bet those Title Doulo dont stand a Chance if they are up against the former 4 Single Attribute Leaders aswell as Tang and the other 4 Devils. They even had some Trouble against a fraction of whats coming to them.

          Anyway, thx for Translation, but damn thos Cliffhangers!


        • Actually, if you really wanna get ahead you can go to the spoiler’s section. Just click on the ABOUT button, then click on Blue Silver Translation Google Drive Folder. It opens another window. Click on the Spoiler Discussion Folder, and then choose Timeline – With Spoilers. It gives a brief summary of what happened to Tang San from the start of the story up to chapter 321 so far.


    • Well he does want to completely destroy soirit hall so one thing ikr that would not be a option for the prince since his “power” comes from them.


  2. That powerful ejaculation force also reached a frightening level XD….
    i think ejection is a better choice of words
    Thanks Lord Bagelson


  3. I’m betting on Bibi Dong’s head on a platter for the second condition. Either that or the total dissolution of the Spirit Hall and the heads of all of its elders, including Bibi Dong’s.


  4. I had to slap myself left and right for spoiling myself by reading the raws. I was so impatient! I’m an idiot…

    I can’t wait for the next chapters to come XD
    Thank you for the update Bagelson!


  5. thanks a lot!
    hmph, tang san’s teammates are the royalty of the other empire. i don’t know what tang san would choose, but he would never sincerely give his loyalty to xue qinghe. this kind of person is horrifying. i wonder if he still has ethics and morals?


  6. Thanks for the chapter^^

    Well.. I really think that the second condition will be something absurd. That’s for sure.
    But COULD happen a plot twist and Tang San’s allies temporally with Xue Qinghe and kills him from behind?? Kyaa~ Can’t wait ;-; Thanks again for translating _/¯\o


  7. Thank you Bagelson! We’ve been spoiled by Piggybottle and Owl. I wish them a speedy return to translating! Cheers to all.


  8. Thanks for the chapter, Bagel. =)


    “were enough for finish” – to finish

    “Yang Wudi along of of course wasn’t” – alone of course

    “didn’t even slow” – slow down

    “Porcupinefish Spirit Master” – shouldn’t it be Douluo?

    “relied on the powerful defensive” – defense


  9. I caught up this week and so have been painfully waiting for one more chapter since wednesday but what ? Not ONE but THREE new chapters ?! You are god damn freaking awesome son of baggle ! Many thanks fo making my sunday top notch 😀


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