19 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 015 – Thousand Year Spirit Ring Ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation

  1. This is not really a translation. It’s google translate massaged to look a little better. while its passable its nothing close to a real translation. Still thanks for making it look way better than native google


    • No, it is in fact a manual translation, done painstakingly by dictionary. It’s not a very good translation, but that’s mostly because it’s written horribly, not because it isn’t accurate.

      Rewriting the early chapters where I still wasn’t comfortable with translating is on the To-Do list, but it’s still ranked lower than translating new chapters.


      • I personally think the translation is way more than good enough. It has all the vital, detailed information that you can vividly picture a scene. I’ve tried google translation and read through an entire series before. Even if you “massaged” machine translation many times over, it’s not going to be anywhere near as good. Comparing manual translation, such as this, versus machine translation is like fairy vs an old maiden. Please ignore the original poster translation-san, we truly appreciate your time and effort. In my humble opinion, your time is better spent on new work rather than go back to rewriting the previous works. It may bore you and cause you to drop the entire project altogether. It’s always more interesting focusing on new project.


          • ok , the i’am a new reader , i came from CD and ST

            ok i admit the translation in these first few chapters are alitle bit … messy

            but like soyster said i get the point of the paragraphes

            ofc i strugle alitle but they are not worth you VALUABLE time

            i’ll just take this moment to thank you for you great work , and i just hope that your translation gets better in the later chapters (yeah i know it’s alote to ask , what can i say , i get spoiled by rens’ and thunders’ translation xD )


        • Is it worth putting a series through google translate? The author has another series called Kuang Shen that’s been dropped so I want to know if it’s even worth the effort of doing it myself.


  2. Thanks For The Translation,

    ” Insteed Of Insulting/Point Fingers At The One Doing The Translating,
    Maybe you Should See If you Can Do It Better,
    There Are many Blog/Forum based Services Out There ”

    I Do Like the Translations,
    Even if Not Perfect, It More Then Enough To Leave A Good Picture in My Head,
    I Can Still Picture Everything Quiet Well

    ” The Run Down Shop, Being All Gloomy & Grimm, Dusty And Cheap,
    Its Almost Like A “Fright house” In A Theme park
    The Spirit Items, All Sending Mystical Energies, seemingly shivers down Their spines”

    At the Store, I Got A Pretty good Idea About the Crystal Situation,
    Something Stirred Up Tangs Thoughts, Somthing Tells Me That Crystal
    May Not Be As Common As Xioa Wu Thinks, Id Love To See What it Is

    Good work On Descriding “The shop Keeper” Spot on! ( “sole of a shoe” , HaHa True enough)


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  4. Seriously, who are these Chinese authors, none of them can keep the details right.

    >For these several years, although Tang San passed a monotonous life, it also made him form very good habits, not only was strength promoted, his will also became even steadier. Even if he was still only twelve years old, he already conducted himself somewhat as an adult person. Of course, in Xiao Wu’s description, he was aging prematurely.

    I’d say that author is getting senile prematurely, and that’s just one of many examples which finally made me comment even if no one will ever read it…


  5. Thanks for translating this! Just picking up this novel. I noticed that this chapter seems to be worded a bit worse than some of the earlier chapters. Are you currently looking for editors?


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