Douluo Dalu – 287 – Angel’s Ninth Trial, Inheriting Divinity

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84 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 287 – Angel’s Ninth Trial, Inheriting Divinity

    • I guess he leaves one hell of an impression, on both princesses and goddesses alike; at the same time too, from her image of him playing the harp, now that I think about it. That scene is hilarious now in hindsight.

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    • Of course she did. *sigh* Because, apparently, every single remotely powerful woman does. (Exception made for prior obsessions with other male main characters – Bibi Dong or the other female Shrek Seven. Since they are already taken. But as for the rest…). Why am I even surprised.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    What do y’all think the chances are that Tang Chen will end up going in a similar fashion to pass on for Asura?


  2. Thanks for chapter. I’m calling it now though, Angel God & Sea God vs Rakshasa God. I think they’re going to team up to defeat Bibi Dong.

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    • What I thought was that Tang Chen would sacrifice himself to give the Asura seat to Tang Hao and there would be a 2v2 battle. Mother and daughter vs father and son. After all, Qian Renxue may hate her mother but they both serve the Spirit Empire.


    • Man just you wait, you have no idea what an epic fight awaits you 🙂
      And to all those who think tang San’s clear sky hammer is equal to the blue Silver emperor just you wait, tang san is gonna go full on berserk.
      Breaking limits, No. 1 tool spirit,
      Mortal vs God

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    • Yeah it bs, he is more talented and has higher cultivation. Not to mention his trial are deffently harder, and he has to get the spirit bones on his own and kill 100000 years beast and above. While she got the spirit bones on a silver platter, and help from her grandpa.


  3. she is, but then she is also only dipping her foot into the pond while he goes for a swim in the sea. her trials weren’t exactly on par with his …

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  4. I think I found a translation error. “Unfair! Who knew you’d react so strongly, not even waiting for me to finish?” should have been: “Sorry, I was just trolling the audience.”

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  5. Have some shame grandpa, your son stole Bibi Doug from GM, raped her cos he want strongest offspring from strongest chick and you dare call that “a bit devious”.
    Your son change innocent Bibi into current wicked Bibi.
    Not to mention that you probably forcefully separated mother and child when you realize she’s angel.
    Make her hate her mother.
    F*ck you, Spirit Hall is anything but Angel.

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      • Well I have to say that it really isn’t fair for Bibi Dong and Qian Daoliu to push previous Supreme Pontiff’s death on Tang Hao. He only INJURED him, was literally non-life threatening. And Bibi Dong like many before her take that chance to kill someone stronger than them in a moment of weakness.

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        • From what I remember the injury was pretty serious – maybe not life threatening in direct sense, but pretty serious. Bibi Dong, was able to kill him without much of a fuss, which means, he was either incapacitated or unconscious (don’t forget the fact that no one pushed the blame on her straight away, which means that the majority was assured it was during injury with Tang Hao)

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  6. Thank you for the chapter Lord Bagelson

    Everyone seems to fall for Tang-san, this girl though, your only real interaction with Tang-san was him beating the ever living daylight out of you, where did she find the time to fall in love? In between the battering? Clear Sky hammer must have hit her too hard.

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    • 1) Strength is absolute in this world. Hence, having the daylights beaten out of you counts as the best date ever.
      2) Women love to go after things they can’t have
      3) Absence makes the heart grow fonder

      Sounds legit? 😀

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    • What’s bothering me is that the whole time she’s been saying the reason she had a good opinion of him is because of his strength, talent, and intelligence, but the image that popped into her head at the critical moment was him playing the harp that one time. Doesn’t that make it the moment she fell in love with him? But that was when she didn’t know his identify or anything about him, so she would just be falling in love with a pretty face which is pretty shallow. Par for the course in this story, but still pretty shallow and disappointing.


      • Theyre actually really similar… parental problems with a shitty childhood. Great talent but Tang San was able to peruse friendship where she only had loneliness. And both are set on revenge

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  7. Haha what a beautiful tragedy.
    The son of the High Priest make Bibi and Grandmaster break up, and turned her into a Monster, and forced Tang Sans mother to sacrifice herself. Bibi killed ´her husband and hates her daughter, giving her a similar bad childhood as Tang sans.
    In the end, nobody is wrong, and nobody is right.
    Lets see how the author Ends it. But, when everything is said and done, revenge can only lead that far…

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  8. Charm School has its perks.

    If Tang San Made a true harem this battle would have ended far sooner.

    Basically – Angel God/Qian Renxue switches to Tang San (Instead of trying to dominate him and overpowering him for her love and becoming Angel God XD) – Hu Liena switches from Bibi Dong (already tried to suicide a few times to his attacks only for Tang San to ignore that so clearly she would join his harem if offered love, even Bibi called that one out and told her that they were both meant to never be loved by the ones they loved) – Xiao Wu after Tang san going that far to revive her shes already deeply in love with him so she would be pissed but overpowered by the other Tsundere girls xd.
    The Core Shrek Seven if Tang San didn’t pair them off to the other Shrek brothers. And a few other girls I forget like the princess of that country etc.

    The web-novel could be called
    Love and Peace by Tempting your Enemies with a Charm School and would become a xianxia Rom Com XD

    *After Bibi Dong and Grandmaster break up though since they started it all, Qian Renxue and Hu Liena only appear cause of Qian Daoliu aka Grandpa paired his son with Bibi and created the fiasco that caused Hu Liena to be her apprentice and who she treats as the true daughter and that gap leads to Doulou Dalu.

    Would be the long way to create a xianxia harem novel 😛


    • Forgot to fix a few ends like the fact that Tang Chen and Tang Hao are in the plot and add a few spices into that harem habenero XD.

      Tang Chen pairing Bo Saixi via Tang San

      Revive Grandpa after leaving Slaughter City and acquiring the Sea God Powers remind Grandpa about Bo Saixi and his love for her during their battle triggering a love flag where he heads back to Sea God Island and consummates that love.

      Tang Hao and Qian Daoliu (Grandpa Feud)

      Tang Hao and Qian Daoliu do not know that Tang San was charming Qian Renxue and Tang San succeeds in converting her to his harem in charm school planting the initial flag with the harp constantly saturating her heart and with his faint smile, gracefully and softly plucking the strings, as if narrating Qian Renxue’s thoughts.

      Later in Tang San revives his mother and so asks his father Tang Hao to make an exception to Qian Renxue sealing the flag.

      Route 1:

      Qian Daoliu learns the truth of his daughters love and disowns his daughter and battles on Spirits Hall side while Qian Renxue joins Tang Sans adding in more drama but Tang San ranks higher than Qian Daoliu in her heart as we just read although she would not be able to acquire the Angel God this way.

      Route 2:

      The other route being Tang San earned his fathers tolerance and forgiveness by reviving his mother so Qian Renxue is allowed in the harem allowing the grudge to resolve, Qian Daoliu dies after making his daughter the Angel god.

      Due to the Angel God trial she realizes who she truly loves and switches sides realizing how much she loves Tang San and hates her mom. Making that other dude that loves Qian Renxue even more pissed as a side note no need to change the rest ^^.

      Another route was secured for the harem later if only Tang-San would accept her love.

      Hu Liena Route:

      Hu Liena sneaks into the harem after being given a choice in the Soul Society battle and switches sides on Bibi for love during that battle refer to previous.

      Route already Secured for Hu Liena if only Tang-San would accept her love by this point

      Added Challenge

      Bibi and Grandmaster peace route:

      Bibi and Grandmaster make peace before Bibi raises the super death flag route of killing Grandpa’s whole family.

      Grandmaster extends a harem flag seeing his adopted grandson Tang San build his harem and learns to accept more than one girl in his heart but I doubt Bibi will get a happy end regardless due to Liu Erlong.

      Route Adjustments:

      After Qian Daoliu sacrifices himself for his daughter In the Angel god route she links with the Tang San route and joins against Spirit Hall since she hates her mom but loves Tang San more.

      If Bibi Dong makes peace then the main enemy weakens considerably and the plot deviates to a new end that was not created yet with the main antagonists joining for the most part the protagonists.
      Tang San and Tang Hao hold a grudge against Spirit hall after all but main villain can change depending on the circumstances.

      Other routes follow this version of Doulou Dalu while remaining consistent and with a few tweaks could literally flip the narrative to harem.

      (I feel like Tang Jia San Shao built in a secret harem route in the story that would be plausible if made into an eroge game)

      Well played
      Tang Jia San Shao


        • Your right Donald, I made a mistake and meant Tang Chen thanks for the clarification, her Grandpas dying request was If you meet Tang Chen, help me beat him.” In the current plot that thorny issue needs to be resolved in activating Qian Renxue’s route or added as fuel to the harem mix ^^.

          The Tang Hao part was in part due to him being blamed for killing her father but since Qian Daoliu knows it was really Bibi Dong who done it the plot that part is resolved. In the backstory for route two as a dramatic truth he reveals as he is dying and frees up Qian Renxue to side with Tang San against Bibi Dong guilt free.

          In route two Qian Daoliu didn’t tell Qian Renxue that truth because she ran away with Tang San before she became the Angel God and that issue would shake things up in the Tang San Harem route.

          The Grandfathers peace route is assuming he did the deed with Bo Saixi and does not interfere in the Spirit Hall battle so it’s possible he doesn’t appear to battle Qian Daoliu hence he is dead and at peace without knowing about the harem.

          In route one they would fight and it would lead to a Grandpa battle story-line and would also be the time to reveal about who really killed Qian Renxue’s father as it would be dramatic if Tang San and Qian Renxue are also involved in that battlefield, depending on the outcome he either sides with his daughter where his true loyalty lies and betrays Spirit Hall resulting in a grudging peace. Or keeps fighting based on what other flagged routes Tang San activated.

          Which bring us back to Tang Jia San Shao
          Building secret harem routes throughout the series and logical places to fill those routes in ha-ha.


          • Edit:

            In route (ONE) not two Qian Daoliu didn’t tell Qian Renxue that truth because she ran away with Tang San before she became the Angel God and that issue would shake things up in the Tang San Harem route.

            Sorry lack and edit button on here ^^


  9. Did she honestly think it would be someone else? Well other than the fact that she believed her grandfather to be #1.


  10. Thanks for the chapter.
    Qian Renxue’s pace of improving is the same as Tang San. When they fought, they had less than 10 levels of difference. They have now 7 levels.
    Her talent is quite frightening too. Unlike Tang San and Bibi Dong, she doesn’t have a second spirit to gain free levels by adding spirit rings.
    And her training’s conditions in the Spirit Hall were somewhat similar to those Tang San met on Seagod Island.


    • Well, I think the main reason she has an advantage in spirit power is because her spirit had a head start of about 7-8 ranks since it starts off with at rank 20; not to mention the fact that she’s probably not at the 99th rank, she’s probably around Tang San’s level, or slightly less. Honestly, in her case, it really feels like it’s the spirit doing most of the work, since it’s only because hers has so many natural advantages that she was able to fight Tang San before.


    • Not really. Qian Renxue was helped by Qian Daoliu (her grandpa) to rocket through the levels, whereas Tang San had to rely on his own (I believe there will be remarks about that later in the novel).
      Also, remember that Seraphim spirit was unique, if my memory doesn’t fail me – it was the only spirit that started with a ring and 20 rank.


      • She gained a lot with Qian Daoliu’s help, but Tang San has been helped a lot : Seagod’s Light (rank 67->70+++, one year), Seagod award with the best ring possible (70->74, 100 days), Evil Orca (80->83, 1 week at most), Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifices (85->91, 1 day), another rank gained from adding ring on his Clear Sky Hammer…
        More than half of the 26 ranks Tang San during those years came from 3+4 spirit rings’ absorption. Qian Renxue only could absorb 2 rings… That’s why I say her latent talent is quite frightening.


      • During they’re duel it was 75 vs 66 in terms of spirit power. She’s also like 9 years older than him. Realistically, if Tang San never obtain a 100k ring he’d be about the same spirit power by her age. So talent wise I think they’re equal…. her head start is because of age. Tang San is only close to catching up because of his luck


  11. Great work @Bagelson, any idea what you gonna pick up as your next great work?;) will be honored to read it aswell:) ps Card Creator looks nice to finish


  12. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game.


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