Douluo Dalu – 303 – Target, Deep Sea Demon Whale King

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23 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 303 – Target, Deep Sea Demon Whale King

  1. Qian Renxue definitely wouldn’t act towards Qian Renxue like Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi did to us

    You mean Qian Daoliu definitely wouldn’t act towards Qian Renxue the same way Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi did to us

    And Qian Renxue didn’t disappoint her, finally breaking through the last distance.

    You mean him not “her”.. right??

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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  2. So she decided to wait by the shore. It makes sense, but it’s a little bit too convenient. Tang San’s luck is about to go off the charts.
    The battle with the Sea Whale is where we’ll see him truly shine (I hope).

    Thanks for the chapter.


    • Luck is always off the chart in every chinese light novel I saw. Sure they can be witty, smart and talented main characters but theri is always something they have who feel like a cheat. Only “Battle Throught the Heavens” felt different for me on that aspect (at least at the start)


  3. I know I shouldn’t ask here but I being writing a Douluo Dalu fanfic myself and I would like some feedback on my latest chapter.

    Otherwise, I think I might take a small break from writting it to start other projects or at least slower the writing pace. My got the feeling I revealed too much in my latest fanfic chapter but in the same time, most are unpolished skills (maybe they feel… OP or weird for some reason?)

    In any case, I love Douluo Dalu and I really wish we could have seing more how it worked outside of Tang San perpective. But in the same time, their is other things I love so unless people take the time to tell me, I might start, for exemple, a Hero Academia fanfic. Being thinking about it for a while and wanted to show that world perspective from the USA and/or Canada :p


  4. I was making a list of Tang San’s abilities for an argument with a friend, and realized that I can’t find some stuff.

    Does anyone know what Spirit Beast Tang San killed for his Sixth Ring (to replace the lost ring of Xiao Wu)? Or what abilities it has?

    What about the second ability of the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear (ring 5)? I feel like I may have read that it is one of his 100,000 year rings with just one ability, but I’m not sure. Any idea?

    Now, I’m fairly certain we don’t know this, but I’ll ask anyways: Do we know what Tang San used for the 2nd and 3rd rings on the Clear Sky Hammer? I know that he got 2 rings for it before leaving the Sunset Forest, but I don’t know which ones. I think one is implied to be the White Eyed Tiger King, because he gave the bone from a 60-70,000 year one to Dai Mubai, and Tang San doesn’t kill needlessly.

    Has Tang San ever used the Blue Silver teleportation ability he got as part of his Seagod Condensed 7th ring (ch224)?

    What are the abilities of the Sky Blue Bull Python 9th ring? The bone has the Slowing God Claw and Fading Thunderclap abilities, but what about the ring?

    Again, fairly certain we don’t know, but have we seen any abilities for the Clear Sky hammer aside from the ones in the last four chapters (Force of Earth, Bulwark, etc)? Have we seen the Dark Devilgod Tiger 4th ring’s power? The Man Faced Spider 5th ring’s power?

    Do we know the names of the left leg spirit bone attacks? I’ve confirmed that the Evil Spirit Orca King let him shoot sharp blades from his leg, but I can’t find the name anywhere.

    Have we ever seen even the names of the remaining 8 Clear Sky Absolutes abilities? We saw Shock, but I don’t remember any other ones. I really thought that their ‘thing’ was going to be that since they aren’t spirit abilities, they can be used simultaneously with the Great Sumeru Ring Detonation ability, but we didn’t see that.

    Overall, Tang San should have (by my count, assuming you guys can’t find any of the above) about 15 abilities he hasn’t used yet, which is crazy. Any other of the Shrek Seven Devils doesn’t even have as many as he has but hasn’t needed. 8 Clear Sky Absolutes, Blue Silver 5th ring’s second ability, Blue Silver 6th ring, Clear Sky Hammer 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ring abilities. 6th ring second ability, either 7th ring ability. And Tang Sect’s Second: Bodhi’s Blood.


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