Douluo Dalu – 305 – One Step Short Of God, Million Year Spirit Beast

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25 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 305 – One Step Short Of God, Million Year Spirit Beast

  1. still translating? the story is already translated since half a year ago on wd.
    dd2 and dd3 also have faster realeases than this site…


  2. To Bobr => the quality of those translation ..
    actually calling those for translations is blasphemy.. as they are as much translations as a 2 years old kids doodle are high class art…

    To everyone else.. hang in there.
    Bagelson, great work. Thank you for staying with us and continuing translate this masterpiece.


  3. Not trying to be rude, but why does it take that long to translate a chapter? Is there a donation i can do to make it faster. I’m willing to help out financially if thats the rpblem


  4. Bagelson and team,

    Thank you ssssoooooo much for your efforts translating this awesome story. I think it’s worth the wait to get a high quality translation; rather than being impatient and reading a poorly executed robotic translation.
    Please know that there are patient people who still look forward to your translations. Thanks again for all of your hard work!


  5. Why didn’t the whale swim to the deep sea and smash his tail to the sea floor.. The whale would’ve also been much better off fighting deep sea rather than on the surface


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