Douluo Dalu – 326 – Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light

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32 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 326 – Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light

    • For what? Bad grammar? Spelling mistakes or typos every two words?
      My eyes are almost bleeding from reading this… the author should learn English and re-read this shit before posting it. Looks worse than the homework of a 10 year old fag.


      • If you truly believe the quality of this translation is that bad, I can only imagine that you’re one of the authors of the Oxford/Cambridge English Dictionaries. Anything less and you’re simply a spoiled, arrogant, entitled and obnoxious individual. But given your rude commentary, this is evidential.

        Bagelson is one of the finest (voluntary) translators out there. His efforts are appreciated by me and many others, which is why we continue to give our thanks. If you don’t like his translations, simply do not read them, as you’re not being forced to do so. In fact there already is a complete translation of this series posted online somewhere. But if you think Bagelson’s work is bad, the quality of that translation will make your head explode. So by all means, please go look for it and enjoy the read. I’m sure we will be able to endure your absence.

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        • well even if it’s voluntary he could do a better job than that. re-reading isn’t that hard…. and by the first time he did that he would see a lot of mistakes….


          • Well, then volunteer yourself to be an editor and/or make a list in a post about errors you’ve spotted and how they should be corrected. I can understand how some spelling errors can piss someone off. Every time they (consistently) switch up ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ I want to punch something. But you just don’t go ranting in a post like a madman. It’ll get you nowhere and only causes our volunteer translators to be demotivated.

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          • Lets see you do some translating and keep up with schedule then Mr. Oh So Perfect translator. Do you even read chinese? SMH ungrateful trash these days…..

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            • lol all of you are spouting bullshit. I could do that with google translaitor, just like your fanboy crush did and I would also reread it to make the text fluently. But hey thats my opinion and by the way I found that other translation. I must say its not that bad at least not worse than this shit.

              All of you who say I’m mr. perfect in English, you just accept things as they are. I at least can criticize, when I think somethings not good. You wanna get at me for not comprehending Chinese? lol I would do a hundred times better just with google. But why should I? Because some pu++ys can’t even criticize some random idiot who lets google do his work and gets money form all of you? HAHAHAHA I belittle all of you. Get some backbone this writing is garbage and everyone who opposes this opinion should re enter preschool.


              • Hmm oh I wonder, if you find this quality ‘bad’ I wonder how you would stand to read through Google translate quality of English, much less have the patience to read through the whole translated chapter and idk, spot those mistakes you stated. Also, you have to yet again remember how long these chapters are, instead of just spouting nonsense. Bagelson has a schedule to keep up with and spending the time to go by line by line making sure everything is correct is quite hard to do, especially after being tired after translating. Along with that, you who doesn’t understand Chinese thinks that “I can do it just with Google” is wrong on soo many levels. If you go and translate the chapter with Google translate you’ll end up more confused than ever as you translate Chinese idioms that you clearly won’t understand, have no clue what is going on in the story and based on your attitude, give up. I like to see you try to translate something comprehensible from Chinese at the same length of a normal Douluo Dalu chapter faster than Bagelson does without any spelling or grammar mistakes.


              • You said form not from… reread your crap before you post it. You were just talking about that, remember. Honestly I don’t understand why people do stupid stuff stuff like this. You’ve been reading this for 326 chapters, and all you’re doing is complaining and making people hate you. If you have a problem with something then stay away from it. Don’t stick around and fuss whenever they do something you don’t like. I can guarantee that people would like you more.Just my 2 cents. Also feel free to correct me on any grammar mistakes i made, you know, since you’re a pro and everything.

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              • Fck you..You even misspelled translator.. You’re an annoying cunt wanted others to be perfect yet you’re way worse than them. Go somewhere else and don’t spouting your shitty brain here. What fcktard.


      • there is a pattern on how chinese words are phrased. and if you know singaporean english, it’s quite acceptable and in a sense, it gives more details with less words. it’s not commonly used in your standard old english, but the world is not made for your convenience. i’m kinda curious now how i am not having the same problems as you do. i suggest you read shakespear’s works, if you are really bent on what proper english really is.


        • you want to compare Shakespeare with modern times? well go on I’m listening. How can a writer from the 17th century be compered to 400 years later? I’m curious tell me.
          I read Shakespeare but what that’s 1st a theater and secondly from a different time so go pull your head out of your ass and restudy English


  1. Half Again Diamond Sausage can make your ability half your opponent.
    If you and your opponent at same level and tired, you use this sausage, you will become half strength of your tires opponent..
    Your opponent stamina is 2/ 10, you will be 1/10..


    • It says later on the the effect is to restore your stamina and spirit power by half (of its maximum, presumably). So in a situation where you and an opponent start and 100/100 and get to 0/100, you can instantly (or rather, in 3 seconds) get back to 50/100; this your total potential stats are “half again” higher than your opponent. The author also mentions that these should be called “double” instead because the erect gold fly makes them recover all your spirit power.

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