19 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 333 – Soul Reseat, The Seagod Returns

  1. My heart that was torn out thinking this was a fool’s joke. Sadly, I can never undo the harm I did to myself but at least as i die here I have some solace reading this chapter.


  2. Ty Bagelson, it was worth the wait, now need to read from the beginning to refresh. Thanks for coming back, now hopefully won’t have to wait long for last three chapters, still haven’t read since you stopped!


  3. Last 2 chapters. Epic wait (long or short dont care) inbound. Reading Dai bagelson-sama’s finished work will put my soul at ease like playing Chrono Trigger

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  4. Very happy to see you are still around and finishing this. Hope everything has been going great for you. Will continue to wait for the last few chapters.


  5. Thank you. This was my first wuxia style novel and I am grateful that I can start and finish it with the same translator. I have been with you for a long time and while I could never support you, being a poor kid myself, I hope that you are doing wonderful things out in the world.


  6. Thank you for not letting us down in the end! Like many your work has been my entry step in the wuxia world. It means a lot, to be able to read the whole thing translated by you.


  7. I am back to checking every day for updates. I hope Bagelsan lets us know when he might finish and post for the loyal readers to finish.


  8. Late people join me, all hail Bagelson’s return!! Have faith in Bagelson, gain eternal life! When Bagelson appears who dares cause strife?!


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