30 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 336 – The End, Final Chapter

  1. Thanks for the translation XD

    This was one of the first projects I’ve read, and to finish your translation of the series is a nice end… ya know…

    Thanks for all these years X’D


  2. I know this wasn’t for us specifically but thank you and thank you for broading my horizons into the wuxia and xianxia light novels


  3. Thank you SO very much for all the blood, sweat and tears you poured into translating this whole monster of a project. Words cannot expressed how grateful I am that you stuck with it to the end. It took a while, but it’s done, thank you once again for your hard work.


  4. Thank you so much bagelson! I’m super happy to see the rest translated by you. I’m so used to your translations I couldn’t even consider reading the other translations out there. I super happy and grateful you did this ^_^ Thank you for fully translating this novel, now time to go back and re-read it one time to completion. This book and your translation definitely deserves another re-read. Keep being awesome Bagelson!


  5. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it, I feel a little lost. This was the first chinese novel I was introduced to. Hopefully Duoluo Dalu 2 isn’t as disappointing as some sequels tend to be.

    Many thanks to Bagelson and the others for all your hard work!


    • Not sure if you already started with DD2. All I can say in DD2: the MC is nothing like Tang San and Tang San is nothing like Tang San either. Luckily Tang San is just playing a minor role there.

      I have also read another comment which I totally agree with, the author ruin the sequel by ruining the previous MC. You don’t step on a great character in order to pull another character up. But anyway, that’s what the author is doing already to a certain extent, stepping on Tang San in order to bring up Xiao Wu. What the F with sheath rubbish. She literally did nothing, half the time she’s just chilling as a spirit ring and suddenly she can be the carrier of a GodKing power.


  6. Haha I can’t believe this has been completely translated at last. I read this before I entered university and now that I’m out of university I can barely remember anything that happened. Not sure if I’m going to read it although I told myself not to read the sequels before finishing this one.


  7. First of all, I would like to thank everyone’s effort for their hard work in translating this book. It may not be perfect, but who cares! I absolutely loved it and I’m very thankful for being able to read it in English. It always feels weird, after reading a good book it becomes very difficult to pick up another one, but that’s me. Once again, thank you one and all for a lovely journey. Lily


  8. Bagelson Thank you! i started reading this in 2016 and have been checking every year. This novel introduced me to the Asian fantasy genre and brought me on a long path of enjoyment. Wish you the best.


  9. Hello buddy,
    It is my pleasure and honored to send you a message.
    Finally I am done reading your novel, it took me a whole week to read this novel. The first part of this chapters I watch it in the form of anime. Your work is beyond my words, I cannot describe it in the words. From the inner core of my heart I would like to thank you. THANKS A LOT.

    Your sincere reader.


  10. Thank you for everything, just wanted to drop a comment and say how much the work you have done is appreciated, this has been one of the few lengthy light novels that has been translated to the end and that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for all these years of continual work and updates!


  11. I literally waited over two years just for you guys to finish this series. MTL hurts my brain and just pisses me off instead of enjoying it. I’m currently making an EPUB just so I can start it all from the beginning and finish it all at once.

    Thanks for the effort over the last five years or so (at least according to NU you started back in 15) it’s very appreciated I respect the dedication in finishing it even though you guys weren’t making the big bucks.


  12. I am abit disappointed with the ending. although it is good, but i had hoped that there is another chapter detailing their lives after the war and marriage. Do the rest become gods also? does tang san and xiao wu go back to seagod island with his parents? did he managed to conjourn da ming and er ming like he promised earlier? maybe one more chapter just to give the readers a closure after this long journey and not just end the story at the battlefield itself. Also why didn’t his mom join in the battle? After all she got back her body and her powers, wouldn’t she want to accompany the father and son?

    Also, throughout the story, I am thinking why did Tang San love Xiao Wu so much. Like the jump from sister-brother, all of a sudden undying love. At 6 years old, his resolution to keep Xiao Wu save is due to her accompanying him to his home only to find his dad missing. So it could be anyone who accompanied him then. Really annoyed that after her sacrifice, most of the story, she is just an empty shell, didn’t contribute much. As the main lead’s gf/wife, her presence is just annoying. Even Boss Dai and Zhu Zhu Qing, Oscar and Ning Rong Rong love story seems more believable. To suddenly read that Tang San sprout undying love to Xiao Wu all of a sudden is like, “what the”…… At least Ning Rong Rong and Zhu Zhu Qing’s helped out more throughout this series.


  13. Just to add, even Bibi Dong and Grandmaster’s love story is more touching than Tang San’s and Xiao Wu.

    Honestly, Bibi Dong did so much for the grandmaster – from exterminating those who threaten or bully grandmaster (her teacher and the lighting dragon clan), even choosing to stay by her raper to avoid any harm to grandmaster.


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