Douluo Dalu – 002 – Useless spirit with innate full spirit power

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23 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 002 – Useless spirit with innate full spirit power

  1. Thank you for translating this series. It fills the void of waiting for the comic to be translated. And you translate pretty fast. Hope you’re taking time out to enjoy the little things.


    • Nah i dont think so. Remember Tang San cant level up that skill like theres a barrier unlike the other world. I think its bcoz of the nature of the Dalou world mc at. How can you find/develop a skill if the worlds nature is diff. Ex martial world for Tang San no spirit echos.


  2. I’m so frustrated! I can never find good novel translations. Why are the sentences so weird?! I have to re read them at least three times to understand them. Bash me all you want people, but no matter what you say, this:

    “The only figure not immediately at the height of terror was Tang San, at Su Yuntao’s body transformation appeared immediate results on the whole body.”

    And this:

    “No, not right, should be he possesses wolf ability, right. Then, spirit master vocation, there should be a better use of spirit ability.’”

    Are not proper english sentences. This is just lazy editing. It’s pointless to translate a story if you aren’t going to edit it properly! If I wanted to read a translation that mangled the english language and made the story a rambling mess, I’d just google translate the original.


    • but you get the whole meaning right?… isnt that all that matters? i mean if you really cant figure out what a sentence means after reading the few sentences before, then just a few jumbled words in the next part; you really need to up your english comprehension skills.

      maybe bagel(translator) is an english as second language, or just rush edits to get the majority of it proper. its also at the beginning of story, could be first time translating and just happy to get it out for all his eager fans. i dont know, im not bagel.

      but in any case, it takes a lot of effort to translate a story to another language, painstakingly slow. and he was only working by himself at this point; so its pretty good in my opinion(like opinions matter though haha)

      and editing gets better as it goes on :).


      • Recently a few translators open up their older works up on a google doc which allows one to comment with highlights over things as well as leave easy to deny/accept into the doc suggestions so that the dedicated can help fix grammar with minimal effort for everyone involved. So that is a option if the translator wanted to take it.


    • But its not that bad. If youve read enough books or light novels( technically the same tho right?) then you would be able to make sense of it pretty quickly and not really be affected by it and if you havent read alot it would still be pretty easy, it would just need abut more effort. But i get where your coming from. You came here with the expectation that there would be no errors or incredibly few and now your angry. I get that. But please dont hate the author, translating is very difficult and time consuming, especially if your alone. So please just overlook the errors or maybe point them out for correction to make the translation better.


  3. Hm. BLue spirit grass instead of anything else. Its kinda interesting that his ended up that. Yet I feel that instead it might be due to his connection with nature. As such all those who have no spirit power via the method of cultivation that our dear mc has currently exhibited it should theoretically be possible for them to gain the ability to gain spirit power. It would mean spreading his technique and currently he is in no position to do that.


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