40 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 001 – Douluo Continent, Otherworldly Tang San

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Really enjoying this much more than the manhwa. Read to ch. 21 w/ manhwa and couldn’t go further, so i thought i give the web novel a try and this is definitely way better.


    • I must be significantly less picky than you cause i read further in the manhwa than that and thought it was..okay. Then I read this and now i can’t even stomach the manhwa XD


  2. Interesting. So he gained teh reincarnation card but its also different at the same time. I like that he isn’t like some other incarnation ones where they simply reject their families or something.


  3. I feel like I missed the prologue? It seems like the story is referring to past events as if I should know what they are talking about (This child, who had arrived in this world five years ago, was exactly that Tang Sect’s Tang San who leapt from a cliff for his ideals). Sorry, I just had a little confusion over this point and a few others where I felt like I should know what they are talking about but…don’t.

    Thanks, I like it so far. I’m really excited to see what happens at the awakening ceremony ^_^.


    • Wait after reading it maybe

      “As eleven days went by, Tang San had already swung the hammer more than 8000 times, the iron lump constantly becoming smaller.”

      should be “800”… either way, something is wrong with those parts.

      Cause he can’t have the 1000th swing after the 8000th…


  4. My third time reading and this time I finally comment. Absolutely love this series. Also the world’s of cultivators in generally. I even do role play stories with similar settings. I’m such an addict


    • @Ryuushiro13
      I hope you can get reported by Bagel or some other Team member for Copy&Paste their Translations. I really hope you get your Blog Deleted.

      (Tried to Report it, but apparently you need to file a CopyRight claim for your own Content, as I dont own the Translations I dont have the right to report it. Sadly)


  5. 玄玉手 may be more suitable to be explained as mysterious jade hand, which use 玄 as adj. instead of color
    because when Tang San uses it in maximum power, his hands turn to the color of jade (normal jade) , not black


  6. Lol, this is like Against The Gods XD. It seems like throwing one’s-self off cliffs is the new in thing. Should be a good read.


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