14 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 012 – Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method

  1. Way cool. To see him using his forging methods again is wonderful. I wonder will he teach the blacksmiths the art? Its not even that complicated just takes a moment or two of learning. Would assuredly increase the worth of blacksmiths everywhere.


    • I can come up with a couple of reasons why he wouldn’t be able to, one of which being the severe trauma to the wrists and fingers. Tang’s bone structure is altered and hardened which is what allows him to do this however if a normal person tried this the strain applied to their wrists and fingers would be enormous. If someone were to try this without thick gloves then the vibration of the hammer would rattle the bones in the hand and arm causing a lot of damage.

      Furthermore, Tang’s abilities overall are very much abnormal due to training both in this life and in the previous life. Teaching other blacksmiths therefore… Would take more than a few days, it would take years. The coordination and reflexes required to hit the metal dead on every time would be impossible to maintain and even in this novel, the fact that he’s able to do it is emphasized as being amazing. This may not be real life but the worlds in literature still need to abide by the standards the literature itself sets and thus this honestly could not be taught to most characters.


  2. I really like the story and everything but the English in the translation is very weird, “This time room seven wasn’t again deserted.” is a very confusing sentence. There are several other sentences like it that make the story kind of hard to get the flow of sometimes. Thanks for translating it though!


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