71 thoughts on “077 – Vigorous God, Grandpa Really Came

  1. OMG, why did you leave us at THE cliff hanger! !!!!!!
    I’m dying like the many for sure, but thanks so much for the release.


  2. Thanks for the Chapter. Nice and clean. Minor mistake though “Hist Mysteriou..” might be “his”. I might be wrong though. Thanks for the fast release.


  3. I laughed so hard when Oscar said “Fuck me” lmao
    Also, the cliffhanger gets me everytime…

    Thanks for the release. Keep up the good work… can’t wait to read the next chapter

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  4. Welp, it is over for Tai Tan. Once you see those eyes, your pants automatically fill with whatever you drank and ate that day. The abyss gazes back.


    • is grandmaster gonna comeback with his wifey preggy? hahaha @,@ would be really funny if i was right


      • hell no,, he’s a bit wimp,,,

        well this is a bit

        it’s a bout tang’s secret or a thing that tang sang never know about himself.
        or so the story goes.


  5. I know why this author more famous than i eat tomatoes, eventhough both of them create good story but this author can completely create nice pshylogical attack to the reader, i was also read kuangshen it really good, eventhough i read his work via systrans…. its feel like read a gu long story in his prime era.


  6. Thanks for the release.
    Looks like next chapter we might finally get some information on what the upgrade to his eye skill is.
    I was wondering if he was going to pull out his hammer as well, but I guess he won’t.


    • his Purple Demon Eyes ranked up from the Detailed stage to the Mustard Seed(huh?) stage. he now see’s much more clearly and much further, thanks to the herb. and it is no longer just a passive either it has effects on the people who lock eye’s with him which partially affected one of the other Shrek Seven Devil


  7. Thanks for the chapter! ^__^

    arghhh too good! >w< can anyone share just the title of the next chapter please? just the title ok? haha. if anyone thinks this is a spoiler though, just comment "NO." and lets just go fight the wait hehe


      • ohhh i didn’t know that, i actually started reading this novel here in wordpress hehe >w< much thanks!! for the help, the chapter, and the bloody good work! ^w^


  8. For some reason I have a feeling that he went back in time when he died and then later become the founder of the tang sect which he was formally in- reason is everything in the sect book is exactly what he see-
    well it just might be me who thinks this way.😂


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