65 thoughts on “083 – ‘Giant Earth King’ And ‘Pink Queen’

  1. I think it’s time Tang San make a queen bow to him..

    And ‘excitement’ poison eh…that seems….quite useful…*wink wink*


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I know they are both cousins and all but in Japan you can marry your cousin so Grandmaster needs to grow a back bone and take her before something tragic happens.


  3. Thank You for the translation


    …. wait, what advantage is there in allowing resentment?

    “One kind is when the spirit beast is brimming with extreme resentment, under such circumstances the chance of a spirit bone dropping is substantially increased.”

    Yet it makes it sound like there are no benefits

    “The other kind of circumstances is when the spirit beast dies voluntarily, voluntarily letting itself become a Spirit Master’s spirit ring, there’s practically a one hundred percent chance of a spirit bone dropping, and moreover the spirit ring will be perfectly absorbed, not suffering the restrictions of age limit.”

    By that logic, Fatty should have had the Spirit Bone… and there are no benefits from allowing the beast to have resentment… or is it a translation mistake???

    Did you mean that there is a “there’s practically a one hundred percent chance of a spirit bone NOT dropping”

    Or that “absorbing the spirit ring after the spirit beast died under these two kinds of circumstances will have benefits to the Spirit Master”

    was supposed to “NOT have benefits to the Spirit Master”…..

    It’s kinda confusing.


    • Nope. The less resentment, the easier to absorb the spirit ring.

      The more resentment, the higher chance of a spirit bone, but also more danger.

      The opposite is for the spirit beast to *willingly die* for the Spirit Master, in which case there’s a 100% chance of a spirit bone.

      The scorpion wanted the pain to end, so it had less resentment towards Fatty when it died, but it didn’t willingly die for his sake.


  4. It would be great if grandmaster’s luo san pao is truly the legendary golden saint dragon. That would be like a great blow to his clan. Haha. Also, i feel sorry for liu erlong having her long awaited wish get wrecked.

    Thank you very much for the chapter. 😄


  5. There is a typing mistake near thé top middle. It is close to the sleeping arrangements of Erlang and Grandmaster. The word “Thing” is suppose to be “think”


  6. Well children what have we learned? That it is neither wise nor nice to get in the way of a 30+ year old womans “Happy moment”. I loved it, I hope Grandmaster can finally put things in perspective and see that they obviously are the only people in each others hearts.


  7. ‘To the side Dai Mubai said:
    “Good how? You think it’s easy! Why would a spirit beast wish to let you kill it, wish to give you its spirit ring? This is only an ideal situation, one might say it’s basically impossible for it to happen.”

    Xiao Wu rocked the ‘Yearning Heartbroken Red’ in her hands, calmly saying:
    “Nothing is impossible. With a destined coincidence, perhaps it will happen.”’

    Oh god, the foreshadowing. Rereading from the start, you really notice things you wouldn’t before.


  8. if the theory of “xiao wu is actually 100k years old beast”, isn’t tang san’s explanation actually foreshadowing for xiao wu’s death?

    Ohhh god…. pls no… pls don’t do it author!


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