082 – Scarlet Dragon Stepping On Giant Earth King

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100 thoughts on “082 – Scarlet Dragon Stepping On Giant Earth King

  1. funniest chapter so far rofl 😀 😀

    best couple award goes to erlong and grandmaster.

    runner up is zhao wuji x flender ???? i still laughing hard while typing this

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  2. Oh my goodness!
    The poor unlucky Giant Earth KIng!
    To disrupt Erlong’s chance with Xiao Gang…

    I was laughing a lot during this chapter.

    Thank you!!! 😀

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  3. who do you think get the spirt? ma hongjun? tang san? oscar? or rongrong?

    the most suitable would be ma hongjun. but i think oscar would be nice too. because of his chant could be something like this “i’m your father have a hot sausage” 😀


    • i have a feeling the scorpion isn’t gonna survive Erlong’s rage! hahaha >w< neither will Grandmaster afterwards


    • Doubt it’ll be Oscar/Rongrong, fire is not exactly a support effect.

      Hongjun have to hunt bird-type spirits iirc.

      Tang San should get it since his body have fire ice immunity, and scorpion should contain poison…and he’s already got spider before. Not to mention his eye technique might gain the dizziness effect of the scorpion’s pre-fire pillar attack.

      So now Tang San’s silver grass can – bind, stab (thorns), poison, paralyse, burn, corrode (acid) :v


    • i think for rongrong and oscar the spirt doesn’t matter. because toolspirts can take all spirts to cultivate.
      rongrong has her 9 treasur spirit with fixed abillities.
      maybe oscar can get something like purification.
      and i forgot, that ma hongjuns spirit is a bird.

      tang san get a mor op spirit as his 4th spirt 😉


  4. Ah, cool beans. Another chapter so soon. Thanks for the release.

    And…ha. I’m not even sure what to say about that. She almost had him, but under those circumstances… I’m almost scared of what the future holds, lol.


  5. Thanks for the chapter. Man…Interrupting a woman when they longed for having sex with their most beloved is scary…


  6. it would be funny if Grandmaster didn’t stop and kept going while the Shrek Seven Devils were fighting the scorpion thingy outside the tent ^w^ haha

    i, your father, have a grandmaster sausage! huehuehue >w<


  7. ROFL.. this chapter was hilarious.. the tent action.. too much for me lol.. thnx for the awesome chapter.. dam.. cant wait for next one.. need MORE RINGS!!!!


  8. I use the Google Drive direct link more but I’d like to support your website too. Is this wierd scrollbar format necessary? I much prefer the formatting in Google docs.

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  9. This is by no means meant to sound entitled, but I think its safe to say that we’ve all entered into an acute state of withdrawal.
    I believe I speak for us all in commending your efforts; in appreciation of both the story and the level of translation. That isn’t to say that we aren’t however lined up with our crackpipes outstretched, waiting for the next fix.
    Hope all is well with you bagelson.

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  10. Agreed. I’m like an addict suffering through withdrawals. Likely the translators are busy with one thing or another and I respect that. I really do. * waits patiently while pulling hair out * take your time *grinds teeth*

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  11. For those who aren’t aware as you guys haven’t been mingling in the Google Docs v13 comments file, Bagelson said he’s busy with upcoming exams (next week or so). Part 1 & 2 of c83 are available on the Google Drive folder though.


  12. I notice I do have the symptoms for withdrawal syndrome. Just like when you want to light that single stick of cigar but know that you shouldn’t b’coz all of your effort will be wasted.

    *shiver* (Looking blindly at F5) [nothing is happening]


  13. Thanks for the chapter!
    Sucks to hear that those two were finally, officially be husband and wife but then got interrupted…
    Flender and Zhao Wuji are the best wing man ever!


  14. i literally threw my tablestand when grandmaster was epicly cockblocked. mum came out the kitchen and whooped my ass with a spatula.
    after he finally gave up. damn


  15. Grandmaster sufferingly said:
    “No, Erlong, listen to me. Even if you take my body, you cannot have my heart. We cannot be like this, we are brother and sister!”

    Hahahahah!! >< i couldn't help imagining Grandmaster as a maiden. forever one of the funniest chapters, still feel bad for Erlong tho, he's such a cowered.

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  16. Practically speaking, all awkwardness could have been avoided with a simple suggestion: one tent for men, one for women… however that would have seriously cut down on the comedic value 🙂


    • Do you really think so? Picture this Grandmaster suggests one tent for males and one for females. Everyone agrees. Now in the tent with the males Flender calls Grandmaster a chicken for not going after Erlong. Ma Hongjun is so surprised that Grandmaster is a virgin that he comments without thinking. Oscar, being a bro, tries to cover for fatty but only ends up digging the pit deeper so Tang San jumps in to cover for both of them but gets shot down by Flender. Over in the girls tent Erlong has opened up to the others about her predicament and Rongrong comes up with a “great idea”: Outdoor sex. Now if that doesn’t stimulate your imagination I don’t know what will. If it did stimulate your imagination then fill in the blanks yourself.


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