097 – Spirit Master World’s Extreme Limit Flow And Balanced Flow

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65 thoughts on “097 – Spirit Master World’s Extreme Limit Flow And Balanced Flow

  1. woooow! everyone’s so fast today! Thank you soooooooo much!
    here I was worried about how to survive next week after last cliffhanger!


  2. oh man that sunshine academy teach is gonna attack one of the shrek seven devils. Then they’re gonna send all their remaining members and slaughter em. Just hope the shrek team doesn’t get a loss. I want a full sweep like the spirit arena arc


    • It most likely to be Tang San will be the target of that teacher but he also has not a regular eye. I can’t wait to read what’s gonna happen. Will he be able to overcome with his eyes…


  3. The more i read, the i want to read!!!
    I just to bad that the comic doesn’t follow faithfully the LN
    My imagination can make most part of the scenes but
    If i could see the same thing in the comic would make it easier to
    fill the gaps that my imagination failed to see

    Thanks for the release


  4. Amazing Novel..
    Great character development…
    can anyone tell me if Tang San is alive in Doulou 2. Also why the tang clan has declined…


  5. you know something is good when you find yourself rereading the story in your head even after you finish it. Thank you bagelsan for the translations. Wish we could help in some way!


  6. Many thanks for your fast update chapter. i cant wait for another chapter. thank you again.

    you have my sincere gratitude


  7. First huge thanks for the translations. and i’m new and was just wondering what the “normal” update speed for new chapers usualy are? Thanks again for your hard work.


  8. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂
    I’m acctrually quite worried about what the Blue Sunshine Academy’s teacher is going to do, and have a bad feeling about Tang San returing alone…. :/


    • hehe me too, it seemed like he was a devious old geezer.. btw am I the only one who thinks it’s a little too unusual for Tang San to be level 41 ? his spirit bone devoured that 6000 year demon faced spider and evolved and he exceeded the 4th spirit age limit by 5000 years.. it doesn’t quite fit with the level he had reached after gaining his 3rd spirit ring and the spirit bone..


  9. I have a little question: Between the manhua and the novel, which one is the original?
    I noticed there was a lot of incoherence between the two, certain thing are in the manhua and not in the novel and vis versa.


    • The novel is original. Mind you, this translation is of the Web Novel, I’m not sure what’s different in the printed version, which the manhua is probably based on.


  10. Thx for chapter,
    I have question, is this light novel compleated?
    if it is so , so how many chapters left till the end ?


  11. that douchebag teacher attacking student in the shadow with his illusion crap >.<"""" Hope they can pass thru this phase.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


  12. Gotta say, I thought that the other team didn’t actually forfeit, and the Grandmaster was an illusion made by that other team leader. Seemed highly likely until the chapter ended.


  13. Shrek. It would be nice if there is a spirit beast called shrek that looks exactly like shrek and cultivated for more than a hundred thousand years.

    Thanks for the chapter. 😄


  14. After Seeing How politically Based This Tournament Is,
    As The great powers Wanting Flex There Muscles And Also brag About It.

    I Find It Strange That No One Wants To ” Silence ” The Seven Devils Team.

    One Example Would Be:
    Sending Assassins After Them
    or Something . . .

    As The Shrek School Is A Seemingly ” Unheard Of School ”
    In Their Eyes Should Be Seen As ” Mocking Their Great Powers ”

    This thought Came After Reading How:

    Shi Nian stood with both hands held behind him, sweeping his gaze over the team,

    ” Blah, Blah, Blah, As for the Shrek Academy problem, I will deal with it.”


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