115 – Making Plans, Grandmaster

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28 thoughts on “115 – Making Plans, Grandmaster

  1. is he gonna become a playa??? damn he gonna get call the chicks and all the girls called Wu he will ‘woo’ them

    XD XD XD LOL LOL LOL such a great pun
    as always thanks for the chapter!


  2. I was wondering before, but the way the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s spirit works, wouldn’t there be an awkward period of time where they end up with mismatched, different length legs?

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  3. Thanks for the chapter 😀
    1. I’m positive that Xiao Wu’s braid is a tentacle now
    2. Xiao Wu gets shocked in a match and in retaliation you disintegrate a man’s arm -_-
    (if that’s not being a jack*** then I don’t know what is)

    Wasn’t it like 2 chapters ago Tang took a hit to avoid the hatred of the elemental clans only to cause the same effect now, risk your spin for nothing.
    Seriously, why disintegration, this leaves me with no choice but to want Mr. Blue Dragon to win
    (exceeding Xiao Wu’s level of cruelty is to much, ending people’s careers for fairly competing, just why)

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    • Yea, the author created an inconsistency here. While we have been presented to tang san’s anger when xiao wu is concerned, he is being a hypocrite right now. It’s understandable when that anger of his appears during an unsupervised fight, a death match, but here it was a duel, a fight both parts consented to..

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  4. Thanks for the chapters. Having so many chapters to read at once has made my week already, no its better its like Christmas has come early. Yay!!! Truly appreciate all efforts.


  5. Gosh so no one can lay a hand on xian wu and just let her brake every bone in there body, its bad enough she is way 2 OP with weak moves, she killing this who story for me, its bad enough she steals 2/3 of this story with this boring love story that everyone seen from the start, now the love story is in all the battles gosh. i dont mind the romance but its the least interesting out of all of them and its in ever chapter.

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    • I completely agree with you and in many aspects the whole storyline has mayor inconsistencies, the characters are outrageously powerful when they were able to even beat the lol 70+ teacher (sorry forgot her name) when a few chapters before it emphasized that lol 72 spirit master could kill Tang San with just his spirit power without using any abilities, next thing we will see when they break lol 50 + they are going to defeat a Titled Dolou. The more I read the more the story contradicts itself, kinda ruining it for me. Might be just me though and not sure why the author took this route of development


      • Thanks For The Translation.

        Sad That You Cant seem To Grasp The Concept Of Training And Sparring (Aka. Share Pointers)

        You Know, If You Were a Boxer.
        And Wanted To Get Pointers From lets Say, Mike Tyson.

        Do You Seriously Believe, He would Go All Out, Hmm?

        Most If Not All The Times, ” The Seven Devils ” Have Faced Higher Opponents.
        They Were Actually Testing Their Strength, Either As A Team Or Individually.

        Although, Some Were To Hot-Blooded, Almost Lossing Control, As They Got Exicted.
        Dugu Bo & Zhuo Wuji, For Example

        Oh, Liu Erlong Did To But, Considering Her Personality/Attributes its A , Erhm, Just Natural For Her.


        What This Tyrant Kid Did Just Now,
        Is A Mediocre Overclass Type, Using A Pathetic Statement.

        ” Damn You, For Doing To My Friend, What He Did To Yours ”

        I Mean, WHAT?! Seriously.

        Finish The Dragon-Mascot Already, Can Not Wait . . .

        Xiao Wu: Electrically Paralyzed And Poisoned To Unconsciousness
        Thunder-Spider: Slashed Into Unconsciousness

        If Your Talking Points, Xiao Wu’s Injuries, Would Obviously Be Most Fatal.
        As She Could Potentially, Fall Into Coma Due To, Poison And Electricity.

        A Very Ferocious Combination.

        Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other


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