143 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 141 – Blue Silver Domain And Deathgod Domain

  1. That girl has really earned my respect. I also feel pity for her cause I really did like her chemistry with Tang San as much as I liked his chemistry with Rongrong… in fact, this girl was better, since she was the 1st to sexually arouse him….

    If only he didn’t already have a lover and wasn’t a part of an enemy faction…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    So Tang San can simultaneously use 2 domains at the same time? Nice 😛

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    • I’m pretty sure he was sexually aroused by Xiao Wu before once or thrice. They just never explicitly said his lower parts got excited then, but going by the the mood, atmosphere, circumstances, etc. described I’m certain Xiao Wu was the first to arouse him. He just always held back.

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      • I doubt it, cause at the time, Xiao Wu was a little girl… and then they didn’t get into such compromising positions by the time she was older… yet…

        Right now, he was seeing this girl in her underwear and feeling her sensual body while she was an adult.

        He didn’t get that luxury with Xiao Wu yet…. so she wasn’t his first in this regard.

        While Xiao Wu may be the same level of beauty, Tang San was with her when she was younger, and again, not in such compromising positions when she was older…..

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        • I’m going to agree with question here. Chapter 108 part 3:

          “Right now looking at Xiao Wu at such close range, Tang San’s gaze froze somewhat. A ball
          of flame ignited deep in his heart, and his breathing clearly became more ragged.
          Xiao Wu very quickly discovered the changes in Tang San, and the smile on her face
          gradually faded. Staring at him equally fixedly, slowly moving the arms twisted around his,
          releasing Tang San’s arms, but both her hands still embracing his neck, her small butt right
          now stuck to Tang San’s abdomen. Her breathing also started to become equally rough, and
          she could even hear her own heart beat faster.
          Tang San’s hands subconsciously embraced Xiao Wu’s slender waist, pulling her closer.
          Xiao Wu’s arms also used strength at the same time. A trace of confusion spread through
          their hearts simultaneously.
          The call of a nocturnal bird suddenly smashed the tranquility, clearing Tang San’s mind, and
          he hastily curbed his state of mind.
          ‘She’s my little sister, what am I doing?'”

          There was also that time at camp in the forest when they were hunting for rings where Grandmaster also almost had an intimate moment with Liu Erlong, but that might not count because it was more like Tang San was at the brink of getting aroused.
          And I think there was one more time where they were getting intimate on Tang San’s bed but was interrupted by Oscar?

          Although you can view these incidents as merely romantic, but I think as they were getting touchy-feely and passionate it leans more towards sexual arousal.

          But yes DMR, this time with Hu Liena, it was clearly without a doubt sexual arousal.

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          • I don’t think that was arousal…. I think it was more romance centered…

            Now though Xiao Wu ain’t gonna be a little girl and he is clear about his feelings.


            • Could you umm… explain why you don’t think that was arousal? I could understand your line of thought if it was something like combing her hair, kissing, or holding her hand. But he’s grabbing her waist, pulling her closer, roughly breathing, and thinking what am I doing? It’s possible for there to be romance and arousal at the same time. Don’t forget that Tang San’s mental age is 40ish and Xiao Wu was oddly developed for her age at the time. But maybe I’m over thinking things?


              • At the time, Xiao Wu showed a bit more sexual arousal, but he just seemed more smitten…

                Now, it may have been something more if it went on (cause she’s quite a beauty for her age), but a night bird ruined it and didn’t allow anything to happen.

                But at the time, he was just being attracted… more like pure romance.. or that’s how I see it. He was feeling the more pure love for her and was trying to suppress that…

                Hu Liena was the first time he showed pure sexual arousal. Where he was being attracted to the woman as them being a woman rather than romantically liking them.

                That said, he might have easily have fallen for her if he didn’t meet Xiao Wu first (but he didn’t).

                He was trying to hold her closer, not necessarily sexual… ya know. He could be thinking “what am I doing” just for feeling romance towards her, for wanting to hold her. Seemed more pure at that moment.


                • Nah, he loved Xiao Wu AND he lusted her at that moment. It was a mix of both.

                  For Hu Liena, it was mostly sexual arousal FIRST but lots of respect after. Her sincerity still touched him and if if he didnt have Xiao Wu, Im sure he would have fall for Hu Liena BUT still goes his seperate ways because of their background. Both heart would have being torn instead of just one.

                  And it would have made the story so much better. I really hope now that he lost Xiao Wu just like in the mamhuwa now, forever. I know it seem cruel and everything but she had no personnality expect being in love with the hero and being childish. His connection with Hu Liena had so much potential, wasted because of their background.


                  • So evil, but it will never happen though. You know that Hu Liena can never hold a candle to Xiao Wu, so now you are looking forwards to Xiao Wu’s separation with Tang San, so Hu Liena will have a chance? Too bad, even if Tang San lost Xiao Wu, Hu Liena will never have a chance. Just don’t talk BS

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                    • I know it will never happen… The author is making a parallel between Grandmaster life and Tang San life. The fact that Grandmaster and Bibi Dong could never be together, same for Tang San and all that.

                      The fact Im hoping Xiao Wu very little to do with Hu Liena though. She just proven other females character, more devellopped and interesting, can fit Tang San better then a flat character who only trait is to love Tang San.

                      I know she dont stand a chance, even if Xiao Wu was going to die… The author made it very obvious.

                      It doesnt mean I wanna ship Xiao Wu and Tang San together however. Xiao Wu is a boring character in my book and thats all.


                    • This whole novel is for day-dreaming purpose, you know that? Its not a auto-biography or a science magazine LOL 😀

                      I prefer Hu Liena to Xiao Wu. End of story. To each their own. Im not judging so no complaining hahaha!


                  • Rather than Xiao Wu having no personality… it’s just that the MC didn’t have much lose and in the end, while she was a lovable character… her issues are just too big a chance for growth.

                    And I don’t think he had lust towards her at that time (cause it was ruined before he could… trolling bird… maybe it would have became lust, but it was stopped).

                    But lets just agree to disagree for that fact since it could be taken either way…


    • I feel the same, i knew this would end up like this but still its very sad that she found someone to truly love and have it end without a chance to start.

      In the end i kind of prefere it like this, because if not harem then been involve with her would be cruel to her since in the end she would end up alone because he love Xiao Wu more.

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      • Ya, but I wanted a harem… in this series, I really wanted a harem….

        Some series, I don’t support it, but this one, I do… in fact… I’m more supportive for it in Xianxia novels than most others… cause it feels like they are going so far in the badass, they should go all the way….

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        • Yup like in “A step into the past” badass MC and have a harem, although he can get away with that because he is in ancient china and there its not strange for men to have harem (At least thats what the novel says).

          BTTH is another that i feel could use an harem but i feel this series could use it even more than BTTH. I dont think the harem should be big since his partner should be someone that can stand at his side like Xiao Wu, Hu Liena or Rongrong (before she fell in love with little Ao ofcourse).

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    • we can only blame the author for not making this a harem

      this kind of problems can easily be solve if we add harem to it lol

      and here I was hoping some tragic love between mc and her

      just like mc master lol but the author didn’t get to that point *sigh

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      • For me harem sucks in serious (or supposed to be serious) stories. Harem is OK for comedy type when you have harem as the main plot or equally important sub-plot. (Ya I am thinking about manga here, never liked harem in LN/WN. I think Novel is the wrong media for Harem, decreases the essence of story).

        PS: Just a opinion, do not put a argument, I don’t wanna debate. You can accept it OR just say you don’t agree but no debate.

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        • Yeah I feel like the quality of the story would drop at least one level if a harem was stuck onto Tang San.
          His character is not the type suitable for it

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          • Mad god is a good story and has a harem of two sisters going on and i get a feeling someone else might join in since the mc is such a savage xD

            The relationschip of Tang San and Xiao Wu is kinda similar to Layson and Jisue,just like Hu Liena and Tang San,Layson had a little adventure with Jisue’s sister Jiyan who is as beautifull as Hu Liena.
            When Jiyan confessed her love for him,i was expecting him to react like Tang San since his heart belonged to Jisue completely.

            At first i was against it,but Jiyan turned out to be a great girl,after confession we got to know a whole new side of Jiyan which suprised me alot!
            Now i am asking myself what could’ve been with Hu Liena if started to get to knwo her and see all the sides to her :/


  2. His requirement, is to be able to with absolute certainty, destroy spirit hall, or at least Bibi dong. Knew it was coming, but still feel bad for Hu Liena, one of those times you wish the MC had a harem. On the other hand tho, i respect him for not even giving someone like her a chance, only one women has been able to worm her way into his heart. Sadly i feel as though their love is going to be even more bitter. What with some of the most vicious, and powerful people in the world after her.

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    • I think the requirement would be to forgive spirit hall. That would be the hardest requirement to do. Forgive the enemy who killed his mother, who injured his father nearly killing him, and who tried to capture and kill the one and only girl in his heart.


    • Harems and reverse-harems are entertaining and all and as men we’re more comfortable with normal harems, but personally I tend to like stories without harems more. It’s more realistic and relatable and strong pure love between only two people involve feelings that are a lot more potent and sincere. I’m not alone in liking how this story doesn’t have a harem right? Anyway I agree and like how you respect him for it.

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      • I am reading fantasy base novel because of how unrealistic it is
        if it became more realistic then it well be boring just like watching some random drama in the movie


        • lol if you think there is pure love between 2 people in real life. In real life it’s a reverse harem. Girl cheats on the male partner behind his back and then kissing him in them right after talking about “love”. Guys cheat too but mostly occurs with females


          • OK, your views are a bit twisted? There are certainly people like that out there, but there are also good people too. I at the very least believe in myself and my family in rl. Maybe you have been hanging around with the wrong people? Viewing too much twisted fiction? (cough ntr cough) I think guys and girls out there cheat generally almost evenly but don’t know much about that so won’t comment much on that.


        • Yes, that is fine. But unrealistic things aren’t just harems. And realism in fiction is a whole other argument I won’t get into. Just saying characters not in a harem are more relatable and I think dig their way deeper into your heart. I’m sure you would not want to be harem member B in a reverse-harem. I for one would not feel too much love from that. But anyway like I said before I still find harems entertaining, I just like stories without them better.


          • I like harems as well, that being said, in some stories they have no place. coiling Dragon, is a prime example, i could not for the life of me see Linley with another women, other than Delia. Sadly in Tan San’s case, since the author seems, to keep putting him in a harem like setting, i can see him in a harem, despite how much he loves Xiao Wu? i think is her name. Point is, both are good in their own right, but it depends on the author and target audience. For instance, Against the Gods, versus heavens lost property/ Sora no Otoshimono. One is a pervert, who does not even remotely deserve even one of those women. Where as ATG, Yun Che, would literally do anything and everything, for the people he loves.

            I find it hard pressed to see Yun Che love someone as much as Linley does Delia, (spoiler) of course in the past Yun Che might have been the same, but due to some “circumstances” he never got to that point.


  3. Am i the only one that thinks he should have let her die? Hes said a couple times already that letting an enemy live is doing a diservice to oneself, well shes an enemy. Might as well kill her now since he fully knows he will have to fight her later.

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      • One miniute hes cold calculating man of logic and reason. Next hes a white night. The writer is starting to make him pretty hypocritical in my opinion.


          • I don’t think it is out of character, he has always been developed as a prideful person by the author. Getting helped out by her just to coldly kill her off would be out of character for him.

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        • Do you even pay attention to the story or do you browse through this like its a picture book? Everything in this trial seemed pin point how Tang San has always acted, I don’t see how you think the author has his personality washing around.

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    • He may let her die. But if she is alive, he can use her as a tool to get information out of spirit hall. As long as he stays loyal to Xiao Wu, I am happy

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      • As If, She is more intelligent than Tang San, she just rode easy way out. She is much more cunning, Tang San would instead get used by her more (yes I said more as he was already taken advantage of).

        She will use him to find where Clear Sky clan is hiding and just give the info to her master (She knows Tang San as Yin as of now).

        If she finds Tang Yin is Tang San she will just locate Tang Hao and Xiao Wu and now both will be hunted easily. Then his friends would die next.

        Tool for information would never work. Never. She is best utilized dead.

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        • Nah, she may be cunning, but not that clever. If she was, she could figure out Tang San identity already.

          Before that happen, he can try to extract information from her like their plan to capture Xiao Wu. Tang san has no feeling for her at all, so it is almost impossible for her to do the same thing from him.

          For now, i am ok with how the story progresses. Maybe we need to suffer that fox a bit more (i also hate seeing her again), but may gain some information in the future


    • You guys forget one important thing
      at that time they are not Enemies but teammates
      killing her when they are teammates is the same as betraying a friend
      and mc knows that if he kill her he well lost his last sense of being human

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      • No they are not teammates. She is just the leecher.

        Tang San is being hypocrite. He just poisoned everyone in Slaughter City. He has killed before with his teammates another group of Spirit Masters (The match where grandmaster wanted them to know what it means to kill) and that was just murder.

        What Last Sense of being Human? Not killing her is in-human, you are putting your family and friends in danger.

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  4. Wait, so did Hu Liena ever find out that Tang Yin is Tang San? There was “He lay within blue silver grass, and this blue silver grass was sending him trace after trace of warmth and nourishment.” Is this normal blue silver grass as in him laying on the ground or his spirit? If it was his spirit then I would expect that Hi Liena would have found out while he was unconscious. Or did I miss something and she found out before? Right now I’m thinking she did not find out at all yet and will not for a while.


    • No, the blue silver grass was just normal blue silver grass growing on the ground, and it only gave him energy because of his blue silver emperor. He couldn’t even use his blue silver emperor at the moment because of the released clear sky hammer. And Hu Liena couldn’t know that he was receiving support from the blue silver grass lying around.


  5. … Luckily this is Mc world , so he can’t be affected by the bad decisions LOL , if this was normal world he just fucked himself , but Mc world for win

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    • I want to say true that but there will be consequences later, he didn’t just let any enemy live but a enemy who would be biggest threat to him and his family and his friends.

      PS: I hope author would do it properly. There are 190+ chapters to go, I really want to see something really bad happen because of this decision.

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  6. I feel sad. ‘Twas a bittersweet blooming of unrequited loved. Even if there would have been anything, they would have been star crossed lovers.

    How tragic that her first love was someone whom she was fated to struggle against, probably to death. Entranced, enticed by fate much like a moth to the flame. Irresistible damnation.


  7. *sigh the saddest part is the girl didn’t even kiss the mc
    its your first love for crying out loud lol
    even that other girl manage to land a kiss to mc

    can’t wait for the time they well meet again


    • Agreed. She gets a shoulder pat like a kid playing tee-ball from the coach with the attendant, “better luck next time champ.”


    • Practically first love but technically second love actually. She fell in love/admiration with Tang San (after the match) and then Tang Yin (Slaughter City). 😛


    • As if. Hu Liena would herself have rejected him because of circumstances, so it is mutual rejection.

      Ya she fell in love. She admired Tang San after the match. Then she admired Tan Yin (San) because of slaughter city not knowing he is Tang San. If she knew she would have killed him right there. A Preudo-Love.

      She took advantage of him, got a easy pass out of slaughter city. People can say all they like that she did it because of love but I consider her cunning, she did things knowingly and to have best chance to get out. She would have eventually got out herself but she would have needed at least 1 more year or maybe would have died actually since Tang San poisoned the Blood River (or whatever it was).

      She got the proper Wisdom Skull and Tang San got cheated out and was given Dumb Skull 😛 (Don’t comment on this)

      PS: I doubt this girl even knew how young Tang Yin is compared to her and she changes crush so easily. Ya same person but……..

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      • At first, I am too but I was satisfied with Tang San’s reason to let her live and then I was kinda hoping that she won’t attain the domain but alas, she did

        but still, her circumstances make me feel bad for her


        • I understand, she would have been a good team mate if she was not from Spirit Hall and not competing for LOVE for too long.

          Yes I said not competing for LOVE for too long because it would be distraction for Tang San if she pressed on if she was a team mate. I get that it adds drama to story but where life it at stake it is kinda annoying.

          PS: I would call her Aunt Hu Liena, Tehe 😛

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  8. thanks for the chapter, i’m very curious about those requirements and i can’t wait till the seven devils meet again)) i’m curious if xiao wu will recognize tang san


  9. Thanks again for translating Bagelson your doing great work 🙂
    To bad cloning is not a thing i could soak up the work af 10 bagelsons a day 😀


  10. Wow another wonderful chapter and yet I feel I need more…….. This story is getting more and more addictive with each part ….. Thank you for the transition sir.


  11. Thank you for the chapter.

    Could Tang San’s refusal be a little blow to the Hu Liena’s spirit ? She whose spirit is the charming fox couldn’t seduce the man she loves.

    Another point : she guessed he has an innate domain, but it seems she linked it to his Clear Sky Hammer. I find it strange : Clear Sky Hammer is not a spirit which can soften the environment. She is intelligent but never noticed the contradiction. As the disciple of Bibi Dong and with her hate of Tang San, she should be aware of twin spirits…


    • She is convinced that Tang San isn’t Tang San, as it was in an earlier chapter implied that she ‘had ways to make sure that he wasn’t concealed’. Twin Spirits themselves seem to be such a rare occurence that there have only been 3 known cases in the last 40 years or so (including Bibi Dong and someone not mentioned), as Grandmaster stated somewhere in an early chapter, noone would just assume that someone had twin spirits on their own.
      Innate domains are probably similar in rarity and he did not have it before, so how would she connect an innate domain to tang san who did not have one before. His spirit is a unique one, no other spirits have mentioned to need another awakening so he probably is a unique case.


      • Actually Hu Liena should have doubted him as Clear Sky Hammer is in his left hand and he is rightly (not difficult to find out he is rightly – she saw him for 2 years). I am just assuming this should mean he should have a spirit in his right hand.

        But maybe it was the Love factor. Love makes you blind 😛

        Don’t mind my comment much if my assumption seems wrong (since this is not a strong argument but I was expecting Hu Liena to be super intelligent and to at least think about it). I have stated this before once.

        Does my doubt/statement make sense to anyone?


          • But he is only half right.
            After all
            1 his aura and appearance changed drastically
            2 she did not know tang sans personality
            3 he never released his lances or grass spirit
            Also I believe Grandmaster said that Twin Spirits cant be used simultaneously

            Yes love makes blind, which likely dampened her insight, but could she have found out that it was tang san like that, I highly doubt it

            with Tang San at 19.1-19.5 years of age I hope his special training I wonder if he is also going back to shrek academy when he turns 20 laos 😉


            • I don’t want Hu Liena to doubt if he is Tang San or not. I have never said that. I want her to doubt that if Tang Yin is rightly and has a spirit (Clear Sky Hammer) in left hand, than does he has a possibility of twin spirit too.

              I want her to doubt about his not figure out he is Tang San.

              Why should she have doubts? Well her master is Twin Spirit. Her enemy Tang San is Twin Spirit. This makes are a prime candidate who should have doubts.

              That is all. I completely understand your arguments.

              The titles of next few chapters are out. If you have seen them you will know where Tang San is going as of now.


  12. Hu liena should switch sides when Tang gets pinned and she sees him, would be a good edition to the team. Sadly I bet she will be Last Boss after he kills Bibi Dong


  13. I saw that the people document still had the comment that Baggle wasn’t too sure on what was meant when they described the inner and outer sect so I think I’ll pose a suggestion. You see, in many similar series which involve such forms of clans and martial arts, often there will be main families and branch families, with the main families being the direct descendants of the main bloodline who had inherited titles, similar to the royal family and the branch families being those who were related however did not inherit such as younger brothers, sisters and partners.

    Of course, the inner family may create an honorary position, such as what was done for Tang San in the end of the prologue however the earlier seems to typically apply. As one would guess, those in the main family are those who would undergo specialized training so to speak and would be the best taught within the clan whilst the outer families would undergo a more generalized regiment. This seems to be the case here due to the way Tang San refers to his techniques and his ability to make hidden weapons, along with how the inner sect is referred to. In any case, it is enough to presume that the inner sect has a higher standing than the outer sect for now and that those in the inner sect are the more powerful of the two.


    • Could you tell me what document. I don’t know the document you talk of, so I can only give answer as per the TL I have.

      Here is what I have

      “Tang Sect was from its founding divided into two inner and outer sects. Outer sect disciples are
      all not of the same blood but are given the Tang name, whereas inner sect are direct blood
      relations of Tang Sect subordinates”

      Tang San was a orphan, he was taken in by Tang Lan a Outer Sect Elder. Not of Tang Blood. So was in Outer Sect. Inner Sect are only blood descendent. He was never going to get in. He stole all Inner Sect Secrets.


  14. Thanks for the chapter, and I got to give you credit where credit is due. Translating the chapters is very hard work and It’s rewarding for all those who read. Got to say you do a much better job then any web translator I’ve found.


  15. Thank you for the Chapters 😄

    Though I find the outcome rather distasteful for me. Hu liena does not deserve her death God domain. She explicitly failed the last test, succumbing to her killing intent. Her so called debt of “you spared me, I spared you” is unnecessary.

    In hindsight, the tang-hu cooperation wasn’t even needed. Tang San could pass all three test by himself. He only found it difficult on the bat gnawing bridge because he limited himself to only using his clear sky hammer and hidden tools.


  16. I feel bad for her greatly !! Tang San should have atleast comforted her a little before leaving.
    Why is this story filled with so many tragic and complicated love situations?
    Maybe less problems would occur if the story was turned into harem!!


  17. So Tang San is allowed to claim the deathgod domain for himself and greatly boost his own power, but other people in the future aren’t allowed to? Everyone that suffers in Slaughter City does so by their own choice. Tang San is such an asshole honestly, still pretending that he’s a good person through it all


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