Douluo Dalu – 142 – Moon Pavilion, Aunt

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144 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 142 – Moon Pavilion, Aunt

      • If you are very eager to read them, follow the link of the Chinese chapters and use google translate for the page.
        Although it’s quite rubbish and doesn’t compare to the great quality and the effort translators put into these proper translations, it is still decent enough to read through the story line for the points that you wish to learn.

        Word of warning: it is horribly addictive indeed and does consume your entire life, so for safety do stick to proper translations here which are more reasonably paced 😉

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        • As a tip, I think the best machine translator would be It is more comprehensible than or google translate. Of course it won’t hold a fart against these quality releases.


  1. I loved Tang San’s reaction “You’re not joking?”
    This chapter is making me look forward to him reuniting with everyone even more; I really want to see their reactions.

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      • Indeed, even when I read the manhua I felt like I skipped a chapter or three. They made Xiao Wu look annoying and Oscar doesn’t look that good either… How about burning the people who made the manhua so they can never again destroy an amazing novel?


        • Thanks For An Awesome Translation !

          Burning Them Seems A Little Too Exaggerated, Perhaps,
          Impaling, Should Make Them Regret It More.

          Don’t You Think, A Limpy Arm Seems More Befitting Their Lousy Work

          Then Again, May Be . . . No No no, Lets Not Go There .

          Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other

          May be It Would Not Be So Bad …. Hmm?


  2. noble etiquette and music haha! Well, San will now be not only beautiful, but also will move with grace and captivate the world! mwahaha!

    Thanks for the chapter~ ❤

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  3. Thanks for the chapter~!
    This is great! The best~! Looks like things will still get more interesting, I wonder just how Etiquette and Music will affect Tang San, just how will he use it and how he will fare in learning it~! kukukuku..~!
    So Great~! Wonderful~!

    — Thanks again for the chapter~ ^^.

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  4. Thanks Bagel. Anyway probably a lot of people would have ask this but since the dalu one is going to be finishing soon, will you corroborate with the current translator for dalu 2


  5. Many thanks for the chapter, awesome translation rate as usual!

    In regards to the story itself I can’t help but feel a little bit frustrated with yet ANOTHER training arc for Tang San from his father. It’s feels like seeing a US Navy SEAL being told to go back to highschool, then college etc. I miss the carnage and camaraderie of the Shrek team 😦 This is turning a tad too shounen-y for me.

    However with the overall awesomeness of the series as a whole and the great translation pace I’m still gonna read through this arc like a happy fool 😛

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    • I think it might be refreshing to have a topic that Tang San has no past history to help with learning. IF, which is a big if, he has trouble, it’d be interesting to see how he handles the frustration

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    • This is a wuxia light novel. Training never ends lol

      The story is already finished so don’t blame Bagelson for translating it :))

      Anyways, be thankful that he’s still training since the next challenges he’ll face is hell. In other words, this is the “happy times training” arcs.


  6. Remind me of Zorro scene:

    Don Diego de la Vega: You have passion, Alejandro, and your skill is growing. But to enter Montero’s world, I must give you something which is completely beyond your reach.

    Alejandro Murrieta: Ah, yes? And what is that?

    Don Diego de la Vega: Charm.

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  7. the novel i love the most… getting more awesome by the chapter…..!!!!
    I just love the works of this author i don’t know the name of… ha..ha..ha.
    Thank you bagleson…for all your hard work….

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    • No dancing was mentioned. So I hope no dancing is there but it would be fun if he would be able to tango with Xiao Wu when they meet.

      But with Music and etiquette now when the Shriek Seven appears on stage or in fight we can have poses and background music – Think Power rangers 😛

      Tang San will be (Silver) Blue, Wu – (Silver) White, Zhu Zhuqing – Yellow, Dai Mubai – Black, Ning – Pink, Oscar – No Idea (Green – for food as in greenery), Ma Hong Jun – Red. Ma Hon Jun being Red will want to be the Leader but Leader is always Dai Mubai.

      Pose – Tang and Dai Mubai standing in pose in the middle with their wife standing besides them in pose. Ma Hong half seated in front of them in a pose and Ning and Oscar in similar positions on either side of him.

      Just Imagine. Please think of an appropriate Music, if anyone can.


  8. I think i shed some tears, im happy that he meet his aunt but im sad because their story (even if we do not know all the details).

    And its incredible the effect that this chapter has, i was just like tang san wanting for him to kill those how dare to step on the way and fill they hearts with fear, but after its revealed that he has an aunt the ambient compleatly changed and my heart melt and i though how much the hell road affect me as a reader wanting to keep going with the endless and meaningless slaugther and how silly that is. Its awesome how the story can affect you.

    Thank you so much for the chapter!


  9. Noble Etiquette and Music are Useless? ARE USELESS? Fuck your grandmother you ignorant prat. A calm exterior is the 1st step to a calm Interior. I’m not going to say more as it’ll become quite the rant but Fuck Tang San i thought you were a Genius.


    • In hidden weapons and marital arts. Nothing about being nobility..but he’s a G. He’ll perfect being a stuck up prick like a boss.


    • Calm interior leads to an calm exterior… not the other way around…
      Noble Etiquette on the other hand is extremely useless… this is just to create a façade, an appearance of elegance to cover the fact Tang San can murder your family, rape your girlfriend, then take you out for lunch like nothing happened while you still think he is your best friend.
      Music on the other hand… this is the most important thing for Tang San to calm his soul and cleanse his murderous urges. (Except for heavy metal, that shit is dangerous)

      TLDR: You rage with full of ignorance, my condolences

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    • Don’t you mean one HINT after another; and what hints at Tang San having a sister? And will this “sister” be a blood relative? a half-sister or a full sister? Or even an adopted sister?


  10. I usually dont comment but i really wanna ask if someone could tell me “Little ao” means/stands for, i originally didnt want to aks but i couldnt get it out of my head so i decided to ask eitherway . and while im at it thnx for the chapter bagelson i love your work


      • Yes i know its oscar but what i wanted to know was if that nickname has some kind of meaning because in the battle spirit arena the manager was called “manager ao” but bagelson mentioned that his ao was a different kind from oscars so i asked what oscars ao meant


        • I think it’s about the chinese characters. There are more characters with different meaning but same pronounciation, like if we read wu it can mean dance(or something similar,I don’t quite remember), like in Xiao Wu, with one character or five, with another character. in this case in Little Ao refers to the “Ao” character with which Oscar’s name begins in Chinese, but the manager ao was an other character with different meaning. This is my guess, hence my name.


  11. Thank you for the chapter.

    If Tang San learns about music and noble etiquette, he’ll learn dance too. It may improve his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. 🙂

    Moreover he’ll learn a lot about politics, which is a domain he lacks a lot, like Mubaï said. Don’t forget he has responsabilities as the leader of the Tang Sect and its subsidiary clan, the One Strength Clan.

    Perhaps he’ll learn about ways for earning money. Even if he isn’t interested in those matters, that’s definitly not a thing he can ignore. After all, he has already 5 millions which didn’t improve in 4 years.


  12. Thanks for the Chapter!

    Its gonna be a hard transformation as even though Tang San was never really lacking in manners to come out of a place of slaughter to then act like a noble will be hard, especially with all the rules they have to adhere to


    • Agreed. Coming out of somewhere without rules only to be thrown into somewhere that rules dictate everything…well…


  13. Being a noble… and learning this “useless” stuff…

    It is probably to counter act the effects of Slaughter City and help him gain control. And be better at dealing with people.

    And he meets for the first time, a super sexy aunt on the same level as Supreme Pontiff? (*pop*)

    Oh how I wish this of all series turned into a harem dammit!!!


  14. Usually the google doc is out before the complete chapter are posted here, but this time it isn’t (only 141-1 and 141-2 are out), was there a problem ?


  15. Thanks for the chapter! A good substitute for the washing away term would be refinement. So, “I will tell you after you jave been refined”


  16. I thought the new ring he gained from the Blue Silver King was an actual ring… I was really confused when it said he only had 5 rings.


  17. Thanks for the chapter bagelson! If his friends will have trouble recognizing him after his pretty boy transformation, they will be treating him like a stranger after he learns to play the guqin, walk with poise, and which chopstick to use for salad. Hmm… i just realized I don’t know what chinese etiquette lessons entail. Looking forward to it.


  18. Thanks for another chapter ^^

    A few fix up suggestions:
    “The difference was that she didn’t had Bibi Dong’s pressure” had should be have
    “Do you know what it is he left you here for a year to study with me?” what should be why


  19. Anyone know what happened to Slaughter City? Did Tang San’s flower or did Bibi Queen (for offending Hu Liena) destroy it?


  20. Each part is only a few hundred words less than the likes of a chapter of BTTH or Against the Gods, so each chapter of douluo dalu is actually like 2.5 chapters of those other xanxias


  21. Upupupupu HAHAHAHAHA! From controlling the killing intent in the world of slaughter to having to control his book on his head in the world of ❤ being a pwetty pwetty pwincess <3. Perfect!


  22. Thanks you!

    Awesome work and looking forward to future updates!

    Also If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


  23. First thing when I read Moon pavilion was it one of those thing in the red district

    I thought mc was brought there to cleanse himself by having sex with girls lol

    lol maybe he would but I highly doubt it ha ha ha

    thanks for the chapter!


  24. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back later in life. I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great job, have a nice weekend!


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