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  1. Am I the only person here that doesn’t view Spirit Hall as a villain for doing what they are going to do, and think that for their organization and how this world works, their actions can be considered correct…

    but still want them to die? (Not the beautiful Bibi Dong or Hu Liena or any other beauty of course… just all the things that are not hot sexy women).

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    • They aren’t evil, and Tang San isnt good, it’s a matter of Self-Happiness. In a war, the winner is the right one since they write the story. Since we are following Tang San, Sprit Hall is evil.


      • Well, I don’t think they are evil… but I want all of their men to be killed…

        Don’t care as much for the other sects… and the beauties can be forgiven… just for being beautiful women…


          • Wait what? Putting them on a pedestal? I thought I was just thinking with my d*ck…

            I like sexy females in stories and don’t care as much for the males… especially the handsome males….

            Now, I’m more cool about this stuff in real life… but online is where I let my perversion and stress off…

            though I hope I don’t offend people when doing so….


          • Okay, in real life, I’d also be bothered with cruelty and unfairness and insults to females… but I’m also bothered by the horrible stuff that happens to dudes too….

            I’m a bit more concerned about men acting properly than women.. but that’s cause I’m a dude and all…. but even then, I’m fair…

            But in fiction… for fictional characters… I usually am completely (and proudly) unfair towards men and support women much more.

            I’m also okay with fictional incest and harems (though it bothers me in RL) and slaughter and killing is more okay in fiction too…..

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            • I can completely relate to this!

              I feel sorry for Hu Liena when she finds out that the person she loves is Tang San. I mean, she decides to only love him but it will never happen. It’s Bibi Dong all over again…

              In the end it’s the greed of mankind that is the cause of it all. A 100,000 year old spirit beast is so precious, even more than gold or platinum in our world that they are willing to overlook the fact that it’s a living being with thoughts, hopes, wishes, desires, etc.

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              • All Spirit Beast are like that… People kill each other, and Spirit Beast kill each other.

                Considering it is a Xianxia world, I can’t blame them for trying to kill her.

                Don’t like the action, but can’t blame them.

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      • Spirit Hall and Tang San are both evil. Fact is most people in this world are evil. The very culture of this world breeds evil. It might be entertaining but never forget they’re all really despicable people.

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        • I would say define despicable and evil. By which definition are they either of those two things? If you had the ability to ask then I doubt either of them would use that description to describe themselves but would certainly use it to define the other. Regrettably there is no good or evil, just opinions and majority rule. For what it’s worth I like Tang Sans way, “if you’re normal with me and don’t bug me we’re cool. If you screw with me or threaten me and mine, I’ll kill you no questions asked.” (I’m paraphrasing) At least he doesn’t randomly kill or put down others because he has an overriding superiority complex. Which is about all you can ask for in these kind of stories.

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      • They are not evil. However they are antagonists and instigators of undue violence for their own aims. Their intentions are by no means noble in any sense. Spirit Hall is an association of ruthless murderers. While they may have some sense of it being the right thing, it is not for any greater good. Twisted ideology, greed and desire for power are what motivates them. One could argue they are a terrorist organization and that their actions certainly warrant punitive measures be taken against them


    • I’d say that they’re still evil given the way they treat the functionally human 100k, human-form spirit beasts. Honestly, breeding with them would probably help humanity a lot more than stealing their spirit bone and ring ever could. Its not like either of them was particularly violent or savage or in any way more of a threat to humanity than the average human after all. The SH is basically just a group of murders and bandits in this situation. And I think we can all agree that murderous bandits are evil.

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      • This is different.

        This is a power based world where you over all need to kill or be killed.

        In this kind of world where strength is so valued, the strong will over power the weak to get the ultimate treasures.

        Xiao Wu is like a powerful weapon that the countries would fight over.

        Tang Hao admitted himself that he’d have killed Xiao Wu if she wasn’t Tang San’s lover.

        And breeding with them wouldn’t be much better.

        Twin Spirits is basically a miracle, and Tang San is only as amazing as he is because of his OP past life skills.

        In this world, if the powerful won’t join you, you kill them in case they become an enemy, or they have something that is too valuable to resist.

        Right now, Xiao Wu has 2 of the greatest treasures for Spirit Masters and most Spirit Masters would want to personally kill her in a normal situation.

        SH and the majority of powers seem to draw the line at senseless killing though. And even then, it isn’t like they’d wanna kill more than they feel necessary.

        So the reason to kill must be vengeance, threat/potential threat, much to gain from killing them, self-defense, battle.

        Xiao Wu is basically carrying a treasure that Spirit Hall would be stupid to not take (she’s carrying 2).

        Especially in a world where power is valued so much.

        And as a form of Government, Spirit Hall must also destroy the few for them many.

        Especially when the few wouldn’t be their ally, and the many would be their own people.

        And Spirit Masters kill Spirit Beast for power, and in the end, they kill each other anyways, and need every advantage that they get.

        In fact, it is Xiao Wu’s fault for knowingly having gone into such a dangerous situation despite knowing how much of a risk it posed her. Esspesially in a world where everyone is a killer and killing her releases the greatest treasure one could wish for.


        • Breeding with them passes on their spirit to their children and any creature capable of reaching 100k is going to have a strong spirit to pass down. That means that each one of them represents the possibility of new, powerful clan being created. That’s a power that will last for several generations rather than just one.

          Also, they never gave them a chance to join, they just jumped straight to killing at the first opportunity because they don’t care about morality in the face of short term gains and treasure.

          Can you imagine how much they would have benefited if they could have cultivated Xiao Wu as the Pope’s heir? She’s guaranteed to become an immortal and a Title Dulou of unordinary strength. She could lead the SH for millennia, granting them power and prestige that mortals have a hard time grasping onto. Instead, the Pope wants to kill her for the extremely short term benefit of her ring and the relatively insignificant benefit of her bone.

          Its also important to note what they lost with this mindless greed of theirs. They created multiple generations of implacable enemies in the strongest clan of spirit masters in the world. One known for churning out world class powerhouses. Whatever short term gains they would have gotten from killing Tang San’s mom can’t really outweigh the damage they did to their organization by creating such powerful and motivated enemies hellbent on their utter annihilation.

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          • Wrong, actually; only certain 100,000 year beast will have a super powerful Spirit.

            Xiao Wu doesn’t have a high level spirit, it is just that as a 100,000 year beast, she is able to fight more skilled and grows faster than average.

            Even then, a spirit master with a 100,000 year ring will have more power than a Spirit Beast in human form.

            And she would help the pontiff become immortal. And once it is known that she’s a 100,000 year beast, so many Spirit Masters would try to kill her to gain the powerful Spirit Bone and 100,000 yr ring which would allow them to contend with the best.

            And the only reason they created such a powerful enemy is cause they didn’t know that he was a Xianxia MC.

            If Tang San wasn’t a Xianxia MC, then they would never have to have worried that much about him cause they would have been able to kill him.

            It’s like they hit the lottery for worst enemies to make. If they offended ANYBODY else but his family, they would probably be the top empire and have eternal glory.

            And they would have made enemies anyways.

            And why should they act all moral when the rest of the world isn’t? Why should they take the risk of allowing another power to take the 100,000 year ring over them?

            If they killed Xiao Wu, they would have gained tremendous power and Spirit Hall really would have been invincible. She’s the final step they need to be invincible…. if Tang San wasn’t a Xianxia MC who defies logic and common sense and would be able to find level breaking power that crushes the greatest of the greats….

            and Spirit Hall unluckily will not gain the power to break the 4th wall and learn about him being a Xianxia MC.

            So considering how they don’t know he’s a Xianxia MC, they can’t be blamed.

            And this is a world where almost everybody else would do the same unless if they already got Tang San on their side (and as such, need him).


            • How would Xiao Wu’s ring help the pope become immortal? All it will do is raise her power a little. Not invincible, just slightly more powerful.

              As the pope and a Title Doulou, very few would dare to attack her. Especially if she was competent and made more friends than enemies.

              Even if he wasn’t a Xian Xia MC, his dad was still the youngest Title Doulou in history from the strongest school in the world. If he had wanted to, and the school and its allies had been willing to back him, crushing the entire SH, or severely wounding it to the point that its uncountable other enemies (like both empires) could destroy it, would have totally been within his capabilities.

              Also, the argument here is that they are evil because they chose murder for the sake of theft without considering any other option. The arguments that they live in an evil world or that if they didn’t do it, someone else would, doesn’t make their decision any less evil. It just makes the counter-decision that much more virtuous and brave.

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              • No, clear sky wasn’t THAT strong. If it did battle, Spirit Hall would destroy Clear Sky… just that Clear Sky would also damage it, but Spirit Hall was confident in destroying CS.

                In fact, Tang Hao can’t actually defeat Spirit Hall, he could just hold them off, and defeat the individual title douluo.

                And all Spirit Masters that reach the 100th level become immortals. That is why the Spirit Beast take the form of humans.

                And I don’t think of it as evil because what these rings represent. People want and need power. In the end, it is a killers world and if you want power, then you have to prepare to be killed.

                If you notice, most powers seem to ignore the ordinary people who just want to live in peace (though they don’t care much for them either).

                Spirit Masters are people who decided to join this killers world where they get killed or kill.

                It is like they are a part of a giant war the moment they decided to cultivate. (and rules of war are a more modern thing, in the end, there are just winners and losers in war).

                They aren’t ordinary people, they are Spirit Masters, people who joined the life and death struggle to cultivate and battle. People who will do what ever it takes to reach immortality, and take down their rivals.

                For individuals, they could show mercy, but large groups and sects are a different issue. They have to get rid of their greatest threats.

                And the only reason Tang San is gonna be such a threat is because he was a Xianxia MC and for some miraculous reason, got his past life memories and, is again, a Xianxia MC.

                If not, Spirit Hall would win. Xianxia MCs always do the impossible and crush their enemies no matter how strong the enemy is.

                If it wasn’t for Tang San’s Xianxia luck, he’d be in the 60th rank in his late 20’s early 30s at best, and he probably would have been killed a lot sooner.


                • You’re assuming that CS would fight stupidly. I am not. So long as they fought a guerrilla war, victory would be possible and extreme damage that would enable victory for someone else would be virtually guaranteed. With the SHs treatment of other powers in the world, they absolutely do not lack for enemies.

                  The spirit beasts that hit 100 become immortals, but I don’t think the same was true for humans, but even if it were, spirit rings don’t raise cultivation, so Xiao Wu’s ring would not help her become immortal.

                  Please, if an ordinary person had a spirit bone, regardless of how they came by it, the spirit hall would steal it from them in a heartbeat, even if it meant killing them and their entire family to do so. This attitude is why they are evil. This attitude is not necessary for survival. It is in fact counterproductive in terms of ensuring humanity’s survival as a whole as it prioritizes maintaining the power of the old by destroying the power of the young.

                  Honestly, the only reason humans still exist is because the various 100k spirit beasts haven’t banned together to wipe them out. Which is probably because humans are all the descendents of 100k spirit beasts. Which shows that this level of cruelty isn’t needed for survival. Survival is just an excuse that the evil people use to justify their evil actions and pretend that they are in some way righteous.

                  Also, I’m not sure what Tang San’s MC status has to do with whether or not the SH is evil. I can see it being an argument about whether or not they’re stupid for pissing off the CSS and Tang San, but not for anything to do with their collective moral compass.


                  • I didn’t use Tang San being an MC to prove they aren’t evil. Just that trying to kill him wasn’t stupid.

                    And you realize every power could thus be considered evil then, right? (though I guess almost every organization or power in a Xianxia could be considered evil… and most people in them could be evil.. and it’s just the degree of how evil each character is, since good people don’t exist in Xianxia).

                    Also, they wouldn’t kill for just any old Spirit Bone, and if Tang San wasn’t a part of Clear Sky and showed favor towards Spirit Hall (though not joining them), then they’d have left him alone.

                    And Spirit Hall could still crush Clear Sky. Why can’t SH also use guerrilla tactics?

                    And don’t add random made up facts (humans being from 100,000 year beasts) please.

                    And Title Douluo are about equal to 100,000 year beast, and there aren’t too many because Spirit masters and fellow Spirit Beast always kill creatures before they could reach that point.

                    And this is like war. The moment your a Spirit Master, you joined the war. Now, if your a weak Spirit Master, most people would still leave you alone (and Spirit Hall usually does).

                    And it isn’t counter productive since you gotta think of the 100,000 yr Spirit Rings as the most valuable thing to Spirit masters. And Bibi Dong is close to being at the end if she was able to accept the ring.

                    And frankly, not only are 100,000 year beasts rare (and raising one takes 100,000 years, so of course Spirit Hall wouldn’t raise one), but they are powerful, so Xiao Wu is just too much to resist. A weakened version of a 100,000 year old beast.

                    And Spirit Hall is not looking at HUMANITIES survival but their organization/nation over other nations and great powers.

                    And this is a great war they have joined. Spirit Masters are fighters, killers, and warriors in war.

                    Most Spirit Masters are soldiers (connected to a power, or lone soldiers) and are a part of a large war.


                    • I honestly believe that they would kill for any old spirit bone. They’re the top treasure in that world (disregarding rings which normally can’t be treated as treasure) and the SH has absolutely no regard for life. They pretend that they do when it suits them, but if you put a human life, or even a human town, on a scale and counterbalanced it with a high class treasure like a spirit bone, then the only way they’d just the city is if they were afraid of retaliation for choosing the bone.

                      Actually, it was made quite clear that his refusal to join the SH, combined with his superiority to the Golden Generation was more than enough reason for them to kill him even without him being from the CSS. This was as much to save face as it was to eliminate a possible future threat. If it had only been the future threat problem, they probably wouldn’t have bothered to attack him before he reached the city and would have simply sent a high ranked assassin to kill him after the tournament once his guard was likely to be down.

                      It should also be noted that they decided to kill him before they found out that he was from the CSS, back when they thought he was just some random genius without any backing they needed to fear who was refusing to join them. They didn’t even regard him as an enemy, they just regarded him as someone who wasn’t an ally and that could probably be safely killed. This is another reason that they are evil.

                      I’m also assuming that the CSS, once it chose to fight the SH, wouldn’t stick to its normal bases, thus invalidating guerrilla tactics.

                      Its supposition based on canonized fact, not made up facts. I was very clear about this.

                      Bibi Dong has twin spirits. Even if she’s just 91st rank, she could still use the ring. Heck, she could probably use 7 more just like it (honestly don’t remember how many she has at the moment).

                      You’re contradicting yourself. First you’re arguing that they have to do it for humanity to survive, and now you’re arguing that they aren’t doing it for humanity to survive but for their organization to survive. Not that it matters, since both statements are wrong and neither statement makes their actions any less evil. It can make them understandable. It can provide excuses to pretend that they aren’t simply doing this out of greed or the bigoted belief that nonhuman sentience doesn’t deserve to exist. But it cannot make them any less evil. They are still murdering a child to steal her soul and bone. If it were purely about survival, they could just damage her ability to cultivate and then release her back into the world. She could live a perfectly normal life as a perfectly normal person who can’t cultivate. Humanity would be safe, their organization would be safe and the “dangerous” 100k spirit beast would be subdued.


                    • No, your taking my words wrong.

                      I was stating the way humanity was doing things in this world and the danger of Xiao Wu was that another spirit master would take her Spirit Ring and be able to contend with Spirit Hall (like Tang Hao).

                      And you know, let us just agree to disagree on the subject of Spirit Hall being evil or not, and part as friends; cause we probably won’t be able to convince each other anyways.


                    • If that was the case, it’d would have been better to try to kill Xiao Wu herself and go with the group, so that there would be less issue…


              • Tang Hao still wasn’t a Title Douluo when Spirit Hall got into conflict with him, and SH would probably have been quiet happy to not see Clear Sky grow any stronger. They’ve never had any good relationship with the three upper sects, and would likely most prefer to restrict their growth and power as far as possible.

                That Tang Hao ended up becoming a Title Douluo and obtaining Ah Yin’s spirit ring was an event with a practically negligible chance of occurring.


                • If they were doing it to restrict their growth, or even if the other sects only believed that that was why they were doing it, they would have kick-started a war with all of the major clans and sects as well as both empires. After all, if they’re willing to do that to CS, they’d be willing to do it to anyone. Destroying them would become a matter of self-preservation. Honestly, if Tang Hao thought with more than his fists, he could have used this misrepresentation of the facts to destroy them long ago.


            • Why would they be invincible when they gain Xiao Wu? It’s ‘just’ a 100k ring and a 100k bone stored in a still frail container that you can keep accessible any time.

              If the story was written from the viewing point of Yan, wouldn’t we hate on Tang San a lot? Every person should have a rich backstory, but we only get to know the one of the MC.


              • It’s cause Bibi Dong would then have her 10th and final Spirit Ring and become an immortal and gain unmatched power…

                Btw, what I meant by getting Xiao Wu was by killing her…

                The Spirit Bone will probably go to her apprentice….


                • I thought one spirit can only hold 9 rings? I’m not sure how this rank 100 thing works, but if you really get immortal, why isn’t there a single rank 100 spirit master then?

                  I think they don’t want to kill Xiao Wu but rather capture her and store her until they can use the spirit ring, seeing how Bibi Dong does not even join the hunt (you need to kill the Spirit Beast yourself to be able to absorb the ring).
                  Oh right, Bibi Dong has twin spirits. Maybe it’s for her second spirit. We did not even see the first one, but Grandmaster stated somewhere that she overcame the problem with twin spirits and Tang Hao stated something that hints at her having spirit rings on both spirits in this chapter. So she’ll probably want Xiao Wu for her second spirit.


                  • I don’t think anyone was able to reach the 100th rank… most people can’t even reach the 70th rank… few reach the 80th, and there are less than 20 people past the 90s.

                    And I they did say to capture her, so she can’t use Xiao Wu yet (though the 2nd Spirit is a good idea).


                    • Actually, It Was Writen Way back, That There Was / Is One.

                      100th Ranked In The World
                      Wereabouts: Unknown

                      I Think GrandMaster Spoke Of This Very Early in The Story,
                      If Im Not Mistaken.


                      My Estimate Guess: Is That Being, The Slaughter King, Facts Drawn From:

                      Hes Feared like Hell ( Even More So Then Clear Sky Doulou Or Pontiff )
                      He Owns His Own City (Not Town, Not Outpost, A CITY)
                      He Is Semi-Hidden, Secluded From The Out-Side World ( Hidden? )
                      Hes Spirit Seems To Be Either
                      * The Slaughter Domain Itself, Or
                      * Blood?, What Kind Of Power Are Those, I Mean . . . .

                      There Are so Many Things That Seems rather,
                      Fishy about Him, Compared To Other Title Doulous.


                      Just Me Letting Out my Thoughts After All..
                      ( I Do Not Have Any Clue Who The 100th May Be.
                      Just that There Is ONE, Man or Woman? No Idea )

                      Thanks for The Translation !

                      Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other


    • I don’t know about you but

      Spirit Hall so far
      Created Slaughter City for training and execution purpose (There very own Prison)
      Destroy anyone who oppose them with out mercy(you Forgot they are willing to slaughter a bunch of kids just to ambush MC)
      They Monopolize and Control various strong figures in the world
      Control Majority of Criminal Activity
      And has the Goal of world domination

      That alone If you still feel Spirit Hall is correct then I won’t bother arguing with you lol
      and BTW perfect villains always fall to Perfect Girls there is no arguments about that


      • Ummm, actually, they didn’t create Slaughter City, but they left it alone, cause the evilest criminals just hide there and don’t hurt the world…

        So by leaving an escape for criminals, the ordinary world is safer.

        And Spirit Hall is like an Empire… and the 3 Empires are against each other, trying to conquer the other. If any of the 3 Empires had more power, they’d have taken down the other 2.

        So it was a 3 way battle and Spirit Hall is just getting the upper hand.

        And this is a world of war and combat. Any person that became a Spirit Master joined this war.

        Almost any and all Spirit Masters try to destroy threats to their organization or families.

        This is a freakin Xianxia world and the Children in this world are warriors, killers, and cultivators to the path of immortals.


        • I think I read it somewhere in the slaughter city arc that the backer of the slaughter city is Spirit hall so I just assume they created it
          Btw Spirit hall I think Is not like an Empire Its more of a Religious cult.
          Spirit Hall is just as Big as a City and can’t be consider an Empire at the moment
          unless they started a war and claimed more territories


          • They have territories everywhere and they actually are more like an Empire than a cult.

            They have no religion or worship…. they are an organization of powers that are spread throughout and ruling the land.

            And they control the world almost as much as the Empires. They are the number 2 authority in both Empires, and if they weren’t so powerful, the Empires would have crushed them already.


            • lol Bibi is God you know hahaha
              you should start participating Spirit Hall religious gathering and start worshiping Bibi’s Godly power hahaha


                  • Don’t you understand? This series is written in code…

                    Think about it… in Xianxia stories, only the MC should get the super lucky cheats and power ups… so that means that all the men are actually Tang San, and the author manipulated this story in a way to deceive us other wise by making them seem like separate characters…

                    So it’s a harem without us realizing it…. don’t believe the lies of the government!!!!


                    • Sorry Master I am just a humble reader naive of the laws of the hidden world..
                      Never did I realize that there was a deep meaning to already deep story..
                      Btw Government ALWAYS Lies so believing and not believing has no difference its already a matter of life..


      • True… if Spirit Hall is evil, then everyone in this world is evil (heck, they had other reasons for not wanting to kill Tang San – and Tang Hao admitted to be willing to kill Xiao Wu).


    • But the truth is Spirit Hall IS evil, the way they run things and abuse their power isn’t the nicest way yet they still do it, is what I’m saying.
      They get stronger by destroying others who get in their way and since it works without affecting their lives they’ve continued doing that, despite the fact the way they get people in the way, out, ruins that persons life and they know it is an example they are bad guys whether we see it from Tang’s viewpoint or not.


      • Well, I guess I don’t consider them evil because it is like an Empire trying to conquer other Empires and the fact that all Spirit Masters are a part of a giant war.

        And the fact is that all the great sects would do many of the same things in most cases…

        In fact, 7 glaze spared Tang San cause the leader felt that he was a powerful ally (cause of Tang San’s friendship and generosity towards their clan) and even in that case, it was an idea to kill him. The sect leader then thought that the 3 great schools might need to unite.


      • In Xianxia worlds, almost everybody could be considered evil (even Tang San), it is just their degrees vary…

        Even then, I put Spirit Hall as an organization in a different level (equal to the 2 Empires). Because it is 3 Empires ruling 2 lands (and each of the 3 organizations want to take the other out) I view their actions as less evil.

        You take out dangerous threats, you destroy the enemies weapons (Spirit Masters, Bones and Rings). That just seems normal and smart for them to do.

        And get rid of the opposing power that also rules the land with you… it just seems that Spirit Hall would be stupid to not do these things when it is at the peak of its power.

        If it doesn’t, then when the other powers gain enough strength, they’d either destroy or severely limit Spirit Hall.

        This is a world where too much kindness will kill you.


        • Comment to: DMR, to inform.
          Both your comments I’ve read, understood… and accepted (agreed 😦 with). Yeah… I can’t argue with what you’ve typed, in fact I agree.
          So thanks for responding quickly and changing my view to one made from more insight, I guess 😦 (just that I still can’t help but hate spirit hall, and wish for their deaths! So this new opinion in my head I… don’t like :/ ) Anyway ty and see you around.


          • Well, I dislike Spirit Hall too… well, at least the dudes.. Bibi Dong and her sexy apprentice… I want those 2 to join Tang San’s harem…..


  2. Hu Liena technically doesn’t deserve anything considering how she didn’t get out of that place herself. In fact she should have died :T Girl don’t bask in the glory your crushenemy gave you x’D

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    • Technicaly Tang san would hace died as well if she didnt help him they did it together and if she didnt control herself and allowed Tang san to knock her out he would have spent a lot of spirit power con her or maybe even lost and would have died so even though I dont like her she did her parte and deserves the glory.

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  3. Until she finds out who Tang San is lol.

    I’m sure Tang San can handle a Title Douluo if he can get them by surprised now, the rest should be easy with his spirit bones and double domains, or at least doable


    • I think he has a pretty good shot against the Chrysanthemum Doulou, since Tang San’s spirit will suppress his. Still, even with that and two domains, it will likely be a tough battle.

      Of course, there’s always the possibility of him switching sides once he realizes what Tang San’s spirit is 😉

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      • Also, there’s the yama’s invitation. With his current strength, I think he can take out a title doulou if he’s careful enough.


        • Aww cant edit, oh well. “Therefore, I’ve decided to send Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo” in chapter 98, he said he still have 2 Yama’s invitation left so he might use it on them.


          • it does, but you need to suprise them, like when he killed that illusion guy, yama’s invitation wouldn’t be able to hit him if he defended properly, if someone fails to defend properly then yama will invite them regardless of whether they’re a spirit king or a titled douluo


  4. Flay him and skin him alive eh? some weird fetishes you got there Hu Liena, When you see him i can guarantee you’ll regret what you said, unless of course you really are into that kind of thing.

    thanks for the chapter

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    • She well still skin him alive
      but for another reason
      Like wanting to preserve MC and put him in her closet (yeah she is a closet pervert)

      She well make a good love Doll from MC skin trolololo >.<


    • Don’t take the manhua as fact for this, it has already deviated on several factors both minor and major.
      Personally I view the two as completely different stories at this point.


  5. Hu Liena wants Tang San’s third leg bone(r) haha 🙂

    Anyway Spirit Hall can easily be considered the greater evil because of their arrogant and despotic attitude and actions. They impose their will without any regard for others and make decisions to kill too easily.


  6. Its like the Spirit Hall doesn’t know how to not make enemies. Everything they do seems to be designed to piss off Tang San and the Clear Sky School.

    I wonder if Tang San will kill one of the Title Dulou’s when he reaches 60th rank, or if it will be his uncle (who I assume will accompany him when he goes to find his new ring).

    I’m also wonder how they plan to deal with her hundred thousand year old spirit beast friends who will definitely not take kindly to the humans trying to kidnap her.

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    • The Titan Great Apes aren’t 100k year spirit beasts, its just that their power is so great that they would be as strong as a 100k year spirit beast. But the thing is Xiao Wu probably knows the great king of the Star Dou Forest which is that Ox-Headed Heavenly Bull Python who regards even Title Doulous as ‘lacking cultivation’, so they may not be able to even come near Xiao Wu, much less threaten her.


      • I think it was stated to have ‘at least 60000 years of cultivation’, but theres no definite number around. So it might be 100000 years. That’d be a great gap though.


  7. I keep reading this and thinking, ah yes, natural progression. Then I realize that his mom is a plant, his dad has only 2 limbs, and he at about 18 or so (don’t remember exact age) has already killed thousands of people. This really messes with my sense of morality and normality. Thank you very much!


  8. Thanks a lot!
    Yes…destroy spirit hall! How dare they hurt a harmless couple, and tang san’s parents!!
    Also, no—xiao wu—-! Tang san, you must save her!

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