Douluo Dalu – 167 – Oscar, Ning Rongrong

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71 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 167 – Oscar, Ning Rongrong

  1. Wow..! Bagelson mate, have your exams finished or something..? This is way too awesome! So many chapters in a few days thanks 🙂


  2. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂


    Sect master ning, hello.

    Ning Fengzho looked over his daughter

    Sect master ning, don’t worry


  3. Damn, oscars OP! Imagine him ruling the seven glazed tile sect, he has the opportunity to create so many mirror sausages.


  4. With that 6th ability, if he gathered blood from the right people he could become an epic control spirit master since he could potentially have a sausage to counter any spirit he runs in to. Essentially it makes him the most versatile character in this story since he can literally copy any spirit abilities he encounters (minus domains and spirit bones I’m guessing). If these sausages can be consumed by others then he could essentially make it so everyone functions as having twin spirits and can provide others with a sausage the can plug any weaknesses in their spirit (think of how some spirits are suppressed by others naturally).

    Oscar really is only second to Tang San in potential, and a lot of that is because of twin spirits and tang sect skills (half of which could be taught to Oscar).


  5. Thank you soooo much Bagelson.

    I’m LOVING Oscar’s fighting skills; with how other people can use those mirror sausages, Ning Fengzhi should be foaming at the mouth


  6. Ning Fengzhi somewhat gasping in surprise said:
    “Little San, each time i see you, you’ll give me some massive shock. It seems this time is no exception.”
    i –> I

    While speaking, he put the silvery sausage in his hand into his mouth. Among all his six spirit abilities, only this sixth spiri ability wouldn’t lose effectiveness because he ate it himself.
    spiri –> spirit


  7. “Sect master.”
    Gu Rong stood quietly at ning Fengzhi’s side, a somewhat beseeching light in his eyes.

    Its a capital ‘n’



  8. Damn!!! I love this manga and since today I lov u too…. great job man !!! I offer u a beer anytime u want …… TY very much


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