Douluo Dalu – 196 – Rank Ninety Nine Title Douluo

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37 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 196 – Rank Ninety Nine Title Douluo

  1. This is the one time I will actually point out that Tan San is an idiot. From a child-slave at a manufacturing plant with a few extra skills than most. To a person who knows better than to not leave a self-destruct mechanism on his hidden things. Sigh.


      • You create hidden things on your hidden weapons so that people can’t re-create them. Then you fail to think that the hidden passageway can be used hiddenly by your enemies. I also understood 0% of Tang San’s thinking. I wish he asked that question. I mean, why did he even train his tranquillity with his aunt?!


        • You’re wrong. And you can’t put all on Tang San. Even if they thought about this possibility, they couldn’t act.

          The only important thing was to protect the emperor. Unless he survives, nothing was possible. They had to wait, closed in the Shrek academy to avoid any fight against Heaven Dou imperial troups.
          Even if they all knew, beginning with Ning Fengzhi, the outer disciples of the Seven Treasures clan were in danger, they couldn’t move.

          Moreover, against one thousand masters from Spirit Hall including 3 Title Douluo, it was impossible for Ning Fengzhi to choose to rescue his men alone. A fight where both sides have the same number of fighter is too unsettled, with the risk of loosing several hundred of men to save only one hundred…

          Last point : Tang San was exhausted. He had to cultivate to restore his strengh. The others could have act during that 4 hours. But they didn’t…


          • I said Tang San because of the hidden weapons. Other than that, it’s pretty obvious to destroy a hidden passage after you walk through it to get away from enemies who vastly over-power you. I had more faith in Ning 😦


    • So Tang San is an idiot because he uses hidden weapons and the enemy escaped through a hidden passage?
      Despite the fact that those are two completely separate things, despite the fact that they had to wait for the emperor to show his face to the various guards and soldiers to avoid fighting innocent people, despite the fact that Tang San was only in charge of a part of their forces, despite the fact he had nothing to do with the hidden passage, despite the fact he had to recuperate for several hours, and despite the fact that none of the eleven people who were older, wiser, stronger, smarter, sneakier, and/or more experienced than him thought of it either, he’s an idiot because he has experience with things that have “hidden” in the name?
      I’m sorry, I know I’m responding to a two year old comment, but c’mon!

      Also, I’m pretty sure the reason the escape route wasn’t destroyed was with the idea that the remaining disciples that were left there might also be able to escape through it. That and collapsing a tunnel (I imagine it to be a tunnel vs just a hole in the wall) is hard to do quietly, and doing it loudly would make the escape attempt pointless.


    • Ning Fengzhi smiled: “If that day really comes, it will be thanks to you. Fine. Little San, go outside. I want to accompany his Majesty alone.”
      Tang San stared blankly a moment, his gaze at Ning Fengzhi suddenly turning strange.
      Ning Fengzhi helplessly shook his head, “Silly kid. Sometimes, being too clever isn’t a good thing. Go.”
      There was something in Tang San’s eyes as he looked at the unwavering light in Ning Fengzhi’s gaze. Finally turning to leave, he left with a somewhat difficult pace.


      • I thought so too. But well, who knows. Could also be some distant related cousin or something. I often don’t get the “importance” of far distant relations in this


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