Douluo Dalu – 285 – True Clear Sky Hammer, Fully Restored Clear Sky Douluo

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46 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 285 – True Clear Sky Hammer, Fully Restored Clear Sky Douluo

    • Enter super saiyan of course, then use bankai, channel the energies of the 9-tailed fox, 3rd gear, and, use qi to enter the true immortal realm, what I’m saying, is, get a broken powerup, I’m thinking a chest-spirit-bone from that whale, then handing in the sea god’s quest,

      Either that or a real plan… but, honestly? I’m struggling to see when the author will fit in that MASSIVE powerup if not now


      • There’s no way Tang San can afford to leave long enough to finish the Sea God challenges. If the Seraphim Douluo showed up when he was gone the Heaven Dou Army would be screwed. He probably is going to pull out some BS overpowered ability he’s never shown before, though. Like doing a Deathgod Domain Fusion with his dad or something else that wasn’t ever possible before.

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          • Actually, it sounds like the most likely method to me. 🙂

            Dad teaches secret technique to fuse spirits or something like that… Clear blue sky hammer twin spirit domain fusion power. It’s the only spirit in the world that can do it and that’s why clear sky is number one blah blah blah. Then Tang San learns it in 1 hour because Tang San is Tang San lol.


      • lol. You listed all the famous ‘break throughs’ and I find that strangely funny.
        Maybe it’s because most of those shows/novels are childish ‘power of friendship/love/plot amor’ types, which isn’t Douluo’s style at all.


        • ^^ I was ofcourse exaggerating for effect, but, though I know what you mean, and duolou dalu is no naruto for it’s cheap fast powerups, it’s still been predominantly friendship based (until really recently when the others of the 7 devils have been mainly outclassed) with an overpowered m-c crushing bad guys, it is an action based romp, with a group of friends, and an op mc, tang SAN is mainly op by knowledge, planning and working hard, but that doesn’t make him any less op than someone who blindly generates a more powerful rasengan for his power ups

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  1. He’s probably just gonna yolo it and be the artillery and try to break the walls down. OR rely on the flying sausage and go around the pass since the summer shouldn’t be too disparate now right?


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Tang San really needs to mass recruit/train more blacksmiths so he can get more hidden weapons as quickly as possible and in large enough batches to equip the entire army.


    • Do remember that blacksmithing has been looked down upon for who knows how long. Hence this war will be the turning point for recruiting/training blacksmiths as non spirit masters realize the awesomeness of Tang San’s weaponry.


  3. Thank you for the chapter! 🙂


    My latest fanfic chapter is up! Click my username to see the only pure Douluo Dalu fanfic on! 🙂


  4. Hmm… have speed clan fly over pretending to be the Tang army and drop poison gas, retreat while drawing out as many flying spirit masters as possible, using seagod shroud Tang San infiltrates the army under the confusion and assassinates the leader and have Xaio Wu teleport him to safety… or something.

    As a side note, I think it’s about time to give sword Douluo a new arm… I mean, sure, it’s time consuming and spirit bones don’t grow on trees but I find it hard to believe that the Ning Rongrong’s papa is incapable of such.

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    • Tang hao’s limbs can be regrown due to tang san’s leg bone, and it’s only possible to grown others limb after tang san enters 90th rank, what can ning fengzi use to do that?


      • I think the idea was that if Ning Fengzi can supply the spirit bone, then Tang San could do the healing. I feel like there were too many special conditions helping Tang Hao, though. They were spirit bones he had before he lost his limbs, and he’s a blood relation to Tang San. It probably wouldn’t work as well for other people.


  5. Thanks for the chapter Bagelson !

    Some mistakes :
    At the moment, thi rank ninety seven -> this
    Back then Tang Hao har relied on -> had
    But the Clear SKy Hammer in his hand -> Clear Sky
    Tang San, and shoutd -> shouted
    otherwise if the numerous corpses turned into a plague, than that would be a true calamity -> then that would be a …
    he didn’t hesitate to address Tang Ha -> Tang Hao
    differs too much between our arm and theirs -> our army
    it’s not enough to chance the overall battle -> change


  6. Say, is there some reason Tang San isn’t using his external spirit bone? He usually used them in all the mayor battles, but now he’s not using them even when things are desperate. It’s like the author had forgotten about it.

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    • I’m of the same opinion. It could still make excuses for it when he was fighting Bibi Dong, but that long distance spirit power drain ability would have saved his ass if he had started using it after the Spirit Hall elders showed up. The fact is, he would have died if his dad didn’t show up, and he was still not using his full power.

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      • It maybe is also that Bibi Dong’s spirits are superior. If I remember right she had spider emperor somethings; maybe the manface given spider legs, altough being godranked now, would be supressed by that spirits. Weren’t there lots of kinda such scenes before in the novel?


  7. So, how was the lvl 99 Seraphim Douluo unable to kill a lvl 91 Tang Hao? After fighting him several times? Seems like BS to me. Also, wasn’t Tang Hao only at lvl 96 after recovering? How did it just jump to 97.


      • Thanks for the chapter.

        I had the same question. The only answer I can think of is that Tang Hao gained some insights about the Clear Sky Hammer, after recovering :
        – Back then, after he fought against the previous Superme Pontiff, he reached the 95th level.
        – Thanks to Tang San and his help for the 8 meridian, he reached the 96th level.

        But I can’t accept he didn’t think about another ways for using the Clear Sky Hammer. He has had 24 years for that. Even if he hadn’t the mood for it, Tang Hao was the youngest Title Douluo in history, a true genius. Anyway, after he severed his arm and his leg, he had to think about it.
        So I think it isn’t an error, even if it isn’t explained.


  8. Thank you for this marvelous translated story! I’ve binge read it for the past few weeks, mostly staying up way later than I should have but I kept saying, “just one more chapter then sleep!” Before I knew it I was three more chapters in! Very very happy with the work you do!


  9. very good novel. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game. nin~


  10. “If I was in your place, I might also have made the same choice. No need to blame yourself Your Majesty, seeing victory around the corner, some impulsiveness is human nature »

    What a bad teacher.. this is a whole hundred thousand’s lives! He needs to blame himself and reflects on it!


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