Douluo Dalu – 284 – Defeat, Rank Ninety Six Priest Brothers

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63 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 284 – Defeat, Rank Ninety Six Priest Brothers

  1. No! I wanna see this make wait. Thank you for the translations. I went to check another site,it was horrible,I’m not going anywhere else.

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  2. Papa is lv96 with the same set of spirit rings as Golden Crocodile.
    I’m dying to see how he overcome the different of 2 level with quality of spirit alone.


    • Don’t forget he had all eight of his extraordinary meridians opened by Tang San which gives him more regeneration as well as more spirit power then a normal lv 96. So he probably gon’ injure the opponent badly and then fail to kill him because of the support of another or two other priests, ending this assault on Jialling Pass. But he’ll surely once again assert his dominance over the Spirit Master world by defeating this peak power

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  3. Thanks for the chapter Bagelson.

    Where’s this guys head? Tang Chen? If Tang Chen was there he’d destroy you instantly, not give you respect.

    And did the author change things again? He said Tang Chen took 1000 years to reach his level, but now he’s the same age as Qian Daoliu? Should we just disregard what Bo Saixi said about the time frames before? Because that didn’t make too much sense then looking back on it.


    • Never said Tang Chen has 1000 years where did you read it?
      As for what Bo Saixi said, those were years needed for people without any talent, so they didn’t really matter.
      it was like ”oh anyone can get to level 99 if they lack talent, they just need 15 times their lifespan and they’re good to go”


      • Oh right yeah, I double checked what she said again.

        The Seagod took 1000 years to become a god himself, but it sounds like that was after he reached rank 99; I thought she meant he took the usual amount of time to reach rank 99, and since Tang Chen took 3 years less than the Seagod, I thought that meant he took around 1000 years.

        I think you do need some kind of prerequisite talent to break through to the 96th rank and beyond though from what the sword douluo said, he said it involved comprehension towards your own spirit on top of reaching the bottleneck; so Tang Chen and the Seagod were probably talented enough that they had enough comprehension to break through once they reached the bottlenecks for each rank, whereas most people would take centuries to have enough understanding to break through.


    • Qian Daoliu, Tang Chen and Bo Saixi have known each other for a long time, and Tang Chen and Qian Daoliu are the same age (approx.)


  4. I usually don’t comment out of sheer admiration… but with this chapter along with your previous releases of 3 chapters a week.. Bagelson…. will you marry me?

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  5. Hello Bagelson, thanks for the chapter ! Great work as always !

    Some mistakes :
    If tank ninety six Title Douluo -> if rank …
    he was inferior to the two of them in spiri power -> … in spirit power
    why he could contens with Bibi Dong -> .. he could contend …

    Can’t wait for next chapter *o*

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  6. Thanks bagelson!
    I was reading this chapter while listening to this:

    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans ost.
    That was just perfect 🙂


  7. I feel like this world has an unexplained shortage of phoenix spirits. They always say its a top tier spirit, and strong spirits are supposed to be genetically dominant, but nobody has it. Ma Hongjun’s is a variant of a chicken spirit, and besides that all we’ve seen is the one ice phoenix. Shouldn’t the real fire phoenix be out there somewhere? If the spirit hall elders don’t have it I don’t know who’s left.


    • no. while the theory behind where the spirits originate still hasn’t been expressed, we can see by the treasure glazed tile sect that after generations the spirits appear to go through degradation.This is probably because ‘mix breeding’ causes spirit variations which are like genetic mutations or an instant evolution and these variants can be either strong or weak so spirit master families often find their spouses within the ‘family’. Over time I believe the spirits weaken without variation and becomes degraded. Tang San gave Ma Hongjun a miraculous plant which awakened the dormant power within his spirit allowing it to regain it’s proper form, Ning Rongrong is a similar example… likely all of the spirits are actually interrelated to some degree and they all likely originate from 100,000 year spirit beasts that took human form millions of years ago becoming the ancestors of all spirit masters. of course ancient bloodlines thin and odd variations ensue (dont ask me how the spirit tools and food would come about in this theory..?) but I imagine everything will eventually be made clear, maybe…


  8. i ve been reading this novel for a long time now but that is my first comment, this was the one that made me look for more web novels, but the fact is that not only is it still one of the best i ve read, but the community here is always so good and grateful and it s just perfect
    thx a lot bagelson for the hard work and i wanted to share the link for your drive folder for those who are interested in more details
    thx again and keep up the good work


  9. about time…
    I feel like his father was waiting in the background for the last possible moment so the clear sky school could show the world that they are still useful… considering the dominance of tool spirits and how Tang Hao has the worlds strongest tool, the clear sky hammer, as well as 8 opened channels his explosive power should be able to overwhelm this fancy lizard… actually i was just reminded of a quote;

    “What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth ? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad.”
    -Dave Berry

    yeah, I don’t things will normally go smooth in this kind of story, but when a character pops out of nowhere I assume they are expendable to the story line until the author puts a little time into them. In this case, I feel like the author set up some shinny bowling pins so big daddy Tang Hao can show off a little and give some props to clear sky school. well, that’s my theory anyway


  10. “And that, kids, is the story of how grampa got the materials to make enough golden crocodile leather clothes for all his future grandkids and their children.”


  11. Thanks for the chapter bagelson, I’ve finally caught up after about 2 months of reading it, in between work and a newborn. Just wondering if you will pick up where cookie pasta stopped for dd2? Or if anyone has a decent dd2 English translated link?


    • True, Wuxiaworld has picked the DD2 translation. The only problem is that they choosed to translate from the beginning so it’ll still be some time until they reach where Cookiepasta dropped it (they are currently at the 13th chapter)


      • But his translation is SO much better than Cookiepasta, its way more detailed. No offense to Cookiepasta but Sean is doing much better.


        • Without confronting both translations, I believe too that Sean’s doing a great job but I do think Cookiepasta’s translation was already pretty good too 😉


  12. very good novel. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game. nin~


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