Douluo Dalu – 289 – Highly Intelligent Super Spirit Beast

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50 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 289 – Highly Intelligent Super Spirit Beast

    • That’s what I was just thinking. Even went through and checked to make sure that they were written by the same person.


  1. Oh, so it has a hook… now I know why HJC MC has one… and so he gained “Evil, Wind, and Lightning” from the tiger… so MC naturally had dark, time and space… he’d have been a genius even without the core then…..

    Thanks for the chapter XD


    • Nah, without the core he would have just been trash. Don’t forget he had already passed the age where he could awaken his jewels so he was useless till he got the core, in fact he was about to die when he got it.


      • I meant in the case he if he was able to unlock his talent on his own, he would have been a genius.

        He had no choice but to use a suicidal technique that only worked with that core, but, in the hypothetical case where he’d have been able to unlock his jewels on his own, he’d have been a genius…


      • nope what was wrong with him was that his meridians were blocked, the age to activate jewels was 16 and he is 13 when he receives the pearl


    • He gets ALL attributes from the tiger.
      So far Wind, Lightening, Evil & Darkness have been revealed with Evil understood as ‘evolved darkness’ by Tang San here.
      The last two attributes will become clear when this final attack is explained.


      • Remember that he had to have had the hereditary darkness attribute he got from his dad, otherwise his blood wouldn’t have been able to attract the tiger in the first place.


    • the tiger itself had the dark, time and space abilities. the skill that the tiger created now is obvious that it is a combination of space and time technique which brings the opponent into a space created by the skill and turn them to their younger self. and the name of the tiger itself is dark devil god tiger. its actually dark type which is possessed by the evil god.


  2. Finally a 1v1 battle that isn’t one-sided. It seems like the author intentionally ignored or forgot one of Tang San’s greatest defense to make the fight tougher though. When using blue silver avatar and blue silver domain he can instantly switch his body to the location of any blue silver grass right? No reason he couldn’t escape.

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    • Thanks for this excellent chapter.

      The author wrote Tang San didn’t want to always rely on blue silver grass, because there aren’t grass everywhere. He ignore this ability on purpose.

      I like this connection between stories. Had the author already thought about Zhou Weiqing when he wrote this 289th chapter ? Or did he think it would be a waste to not develop novel on such a strange power ?


  3. I always feel that it’s weird when there’s a power labeled as “good” or “evil”…

    In our society owning a slave would be considered “evil” but in societies throughout history it isn’t anything weird. It could even be a status symbol.

    Well, it’s basically just a label for naming it… I guess that the thought process would be
    “So, this energy makes me feel uncomfortable and it is exceedingly volatile, wreaking havoc on anything it comes into contact with. How should we name it?”
    “Let’s go with evil.”

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  4. lol, I feel like Tang San and the Devil Tiger have some serious relationship potential, Tang Sans powerful, the Tigers powerful, they could be partners… but alas just the dream of a creative guy 😥


  5. found something interesting 100 jin is roughly equivalent to 50 kg so the sea god trident weighs about 60 US tons


  6. Thanks for the chapter bagelson.
    What i read in this ch was just a rehash of a yugiho battle *mc plays a card, opponent plays their own* kinda hard to enjoy battles on this scale imo..i really miss the times of the shrek seven devils being geniuses but still underdog..alas. The author should just add omniscience to tang sans abilities since he seems to know everything (every thing is just has i planned):?:?:? Aizen


  7. The Dark Devilgod Tiger is very scary. However, we must be able to face our fears. I think this the core of what it means to conquer the mind. You must be ready to face any advanced management problem with the proper mindset.


  8. very good novel. If you want to be ahead of the novel go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game. nin~


  9. Am I the only one who feels like there was some information missing, like some sentences were left out?
    Specifically the mention of the tiger having to do with increased gravity. The only ability that increases Gravity is Er Ming’s spirit bone, but that wasn’t mentioned as being used until after the Gravity was talked about, and only then for he firmament breaker which isn’t the gravity ability.


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