37 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu – 290 – Childhood Battle, Clear Sky Hammer Fourth Spirit Ring

      • At the beginning of Heavenly Jewel Change, written by the same author, the main character finds a small pearl falling out of a tear in space that appears in front of them, and accidentally ingests it. This pearl was the crystallized abilities of a powerful tiger beast, and gave him abilities with multiple elements, including Time, Lightning, Darkness, Evil, Space, and Wind. After reading to this point in Douluo Dalu, it is fairly clear that the pearl was the same one that Tang San wasn’t able to retrieve from the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

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        • Your slightly mistaken, it clearly states that the Tiger had 3 elements and the most important reason for the success of absorbtion was that the MC had already dark element like his father.


          • Given the fact that one of the key abilities that the MC of HJC gained directly from the pearl included the Dark attribute, I would find it difficult to believe that the ‘Dark’ Devilgod Tiger didn’t have access to it as well, at least to some degree.


              • Also, in regards to the 3 elements that this tiger is said to have, it is fairly clear that it also has access to the Space element, seeing as it created the spatial rift to send its core away.


            • Also when he goes into his demon change state he has dark tiger strips and his right leg becomes a tailhook.


              • He has even seen the dark devilgod tiger in the volcano and he did have the heritage from his father s darkness attribute but he had never been able to awaken his gems so he didn ‘t really posses more than a compatibility to accept those attributes and during the fight the Tiger showed all of those attributes though Tang San only managed to recognize some after all space and time where not used till the end in his ultimate move


  1. Alternative Version:

    After realizing what had happened Tang San reached for his spirit tool. Even if he had been returned to childhood he still had his hidden weapons. To his shock there was no spirit tool there. ‘That makes sense, if it was able to keep out a Divine Weapon then removing a spirit tool is easy. I handt made that many weapons at age 6 either so it wouldnt have been that useful.’

    Seeing the Devilgod Tiger charging at him Tang San just sighed, “well fuck” he said before having his head bitten off.


    • The trident was there, it says it was on the ground. But without seagods acceptance which he didn’t have at six he couldn’t use it.

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  2. Another Man Faced Demon Spider? By the time Tang San becomes a god, he’s gonna go on a crusade to eradicate all the Man Faced Demon Spiders isn’t he?

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    • Remember when Man Faced Demon Spiders, especially those with higher cultivation, were supposed to be super rare and all that? Well, apparently Tang San is not only a chick magnet, but also a spider magnet…especially those Man Faced ones. I almost feel bad for them. I get the feeling the author either really hates or likes spiders


  3. Wait… Is that Devil God Tiger spirit ring is his first ring on his hammer… What are the other two ?! I know the first one is the Ginat Ape who used sacrifice but… Did I forgot something here?


    • I meant if the Devil God Tiger is his FOURTH spirit ring on his hammer… What are the other two?!

      I know the first one is the Giant Ape who used Sacrifice but… Did I forgot something here?


      • Chapter 268:
        Even though there weren’t a lot of spirit beasts with over fifty thousand years of cultivation, they absolutely weren’t as rare as hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Only, after Tang San’s looting this time, almost half the fifty thousand year or higher spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest were eradicated. Besides recovering the nine rings of the Blue Silver Emperor, his Clear Sky Hammer also absorbed two spirit rings. All spirit rings were fifty thousand years or higher.
        The reason why he didn’t add any more spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer really wasn’t because there were no more fifty thousand year spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, but rather because there weren’t any that suited the Clear Sky Hammer.


  4. So the author hasn’t forgotten about the spider lances. The conclusion being that the author deliberately handed the idiot ball to Tang san during his battles with the spirit empire the devil tiger.. All those battles could be made largely trivial with the spider lances 50% spirit boost as well as absorption (even working through the domain) and the sheer boost to combat ability. Not to mention the whole spirit bone fusion armor.

    Looks to me like a clear case the author writing himself into a corner by making the MC too OP. Tang San was already OP before, but the seagod 13 helbreds pushed him into completely broken territory. Too bad the author didn’t give any real excuse why he didn’t use them and just made him forget about it temporarily. This is even more glaring as Tang San is supposed to be a cold and calculating genius.


  5. Correction: She shouldn’t have more spirit abilities than him, or even fewer. ===This is awkward phrasing, it’s basically saying she should have the same number as he does.

    I believe you meant to say: She shouldn’t have more spirit abilities than him, and might even have fewer then he did.

    seven spirit rings, but one thing was certain, the way to truly deal with his present problem was spirit ability combination.
    -This is also poorly written. It should be either:
    seven spirit rings, but one thing was certain: the way to—
    seven spirit rings. But one thing was certain, the way to…



  6. very good novel. If you want to be ahead of the game go to freewebnovel they have already copied and paste most of the novels already. bluesilver is late in the game. nin


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